Ludo is one of the most popular games that originated in India and got its name from England. Back then in ancient times, people entertained themselves by playing board games. The popularity of the game was similar for years, but the lockdown in COVID-19 boosted the user rate. It has held a successful track in the gaming market in recent times.

An easy and engaging game to play can surely become a leader. As the game is digitally available, people can play it anywhere, and anytime they wish to. Custom Ludo game development services can create an entertaining game by adding socializing features.

Auxano Global Services is the top bespoke game development company, where our objective is to give the Best Ludo game development solutions. We have hands-on experience in serving cutting-edge gaming solutions and maintaining a position as one of the best ludo game developer companies.

The popularity of the Ludo Game

One of the most popular “Ludo King” games was rated the top free game on the Google Play Store and App Store. The creator of this platform stated that before lockdown the total number of daily active users was 15 million, after lockdown their game touched 251 million.

This was an example of the game’s popularity. Even a child can play ludo with an adult who would also enjoy playing the game.

Ludo is a board game based on the strategical plat that can be played by 2 to 4 players. The players have to race from start to end with their 4 tokens, whoever finishes first with all the tokens is the winner. The number of steps a token can take is determined by the dice.

The rules of the game are easy to understand and the style is interesting. With digitalized games, the players can even play the game with a computer or with other players who are not present physically. Therefore, when the lockdown and digital ludo games aligned, the popularity of the ludo game was boosted.

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Must-have features in Ludo Game Development

Custom Ludo game development services create a personalized ludo game with functionality and design that is distinctive from competitors in the market. Although some features make an ordinary game a triumphant ludo game, these features are a must for the game.

Here is the list of factors and functions required for the admin panel and user’s panel.

Must-have features in Ludo Game Development

Admin Panel Features

Features for easing up the work of the app manager for handling the platform and the users are important. Have a look at the number of admin panel features.

Dashboard: Through these features, the admin can manage all the functions in the platform and get everything on a single screen.

Users Management and Reports: admin has to handle all the users and their experiences while using the app.

Push-Notifications: Timely general notifications for all the users can bring the user’s app back and increase the engagement and retention rate.

Payment Management: Many users want to increase their in-game currency and achievements, this feature helps the admin to manage the transactions.

Manage Sub-admins: Largely played games require more admins, the app manager should be able to communicate with other admins.

Rewarding points and achievements: the app manager can reward the players. Achievements increase the motive for the players to continue the game.

Revenue management and statistics: After managing everything in the game, the admin should be able to review the overall performance and app earnings.

Users Panel Features

After admin panel features, the functionality of the user’s side defines the engagement and repetition rate. Let’s count on the functions that a ludo game for users should not miss out on.

Log in/ Sign up: The users have to create their account with the profile details required.

Play games in various modes: One advantage of the digital game over physical is the player can play in local mode, when in a group. They can also play without any group through online mode or computer mode.

Invite friends and link to social media: This feature helps the players to socialize through the app and creates an auto-marketing panel for the game.

In-app wallet: Some users might want to upgrade their experience and purchase some game currency, in-app wallet lets the players conduct transactions for the same.

Chat Features: Inviting friends or playing with anyone from the game’s community is better when the users can interact with each other, the chat features enable conversations and hence, more engagement.

Coins and achievements collection: The players can collect and manage their earned coins and other in-game achievements in a library.

Feedback and complaint section: Any inconvenience or response to the platform’s working or performance can be reported to the admin through this function.

How to develop a Ludo Game App?

To count the cost of ludo game development, first, we have to understand the steps employed for a ludo game app development. Follow the steps mentioned below for the platform development.

How to develop a Ludo Game app

Defining the objective:

Although there is a general aim of the ludo game, to create a USP in the market you should clarify an objective that differentiates you from other competitors. Also, the objective will shape upcoming app design, development, and launch.

Sketch the target audience:

After determining the objective, mark out the target audience from the segment of consumers using the ludo game. Analyze their habits and plan for the game that suits their requirements.

List out the features:

Features play an important part in both the quality of the game and the investment required for the game. Consider your objective, target audience, and budget for listing the required features.

Draft a prototype for the game:

Before starting with the final development and design, consider making a dummy of your game with all the features. This will give an idea of what is perfect and how many modifications will make the game better.

Design the theme:

After finalizing how and what to include start with the designing part of the game. The design should be relevant to the objective, satisfy the target audience’s demands, and include all the features aesthetically.

Choose backend and frontend technology:

For development, choosing the libraries, frameworks, and languages plays a vital role. Each technology stack will have different rates and distinctive factors.

Integrate payment methods:

Decide which monetization model will be the best and how to use it, then you can integrate the payment model and gateway into the app.


Before launching the platform, make sure to test the app with a focus group. This stage will help with the modification required or any glitch present.

Cost of Ludo Game Development

Every game is different, and therefore, a custom ludo game development company will charge accordingly. Even the type and level of professionals you choose will define the charges and the complexity of development will determine the final cost.

For example, a small company will charge $15 to $40 per hour, a medium-sized agency will charge $50 to $100 per hour and a big established company will charge more than $100 per hour.

Get The Estimates Cost

Adding to it factors such as technology stack used, several features required, the complexity of the functions and design of the app determines how much time the development will take and also the cost of ludo game development.


The popularity of the Ludo game has increased in lockdown, while it has decreased as the COVID-19 eased up, but the user rate is higher compared to the pre-lockdown period. With such great demand, you can launch your own ludo game and position it into a segment where competition is lesser.

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However, for a successful app development consider the Best game developers For Hire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is Ludo Game development beneficial for small-scale businesses or start-ups?

    Yes, Ludo game does not require high-level functionality and diverse features like other games. Ludo is the basic game that can be developed and launched with minimal investment. Adding to it, ludo is a popular game, so you won’t require much marketing. Therefore, it already has a segment of consumers, and it is beneficial even for small-scale businesses and start-ups.

  • 2. How can one start with Ludo Game Development?

    You can take initial steps of research about the digital platforms of ludo game and their market. This will give you insights on how much market you can cover and then the game development can be led further.

  • 3. How can I know more about Ludo Game development?

    You can contact our professionals for any queries about ludo game development. Our consultants have excellent communication skills with technical aptness. They will be glad to address your questions.

  • 4. Is Maintenance required after the Ludo Game Development?

    Yes, Maintenance is essential to have consistent and scalable growth after launching the game. Maintenance will let the game be up to date according to the consumer and market requirements. Auxano Global Services provides services for Maintenance and updates.

  • 5. Which is the best Ludo game development company?

    Auxano Global Services is a leading online Ludo game development company India having an experienced team of mobile game developers. We offer responsive & robust design, smooth performance, secure data integration with an engagement-driven solution.

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