As time ticks, the entire human race is marching forward with a much higher degree of expectations. Career, financial, social, and even personal burdens are piling up his stress levels. Before the damage is done, everyone develops a desire for discarding all the worries, relaxing their nerves, and rooting back to the Earth. Well, meditation is the only path of grounding to the Earth and escaping out of the stress, burdens, and expectations.

Modern problems require modern solutions. Stressed people of the 21st century cannot afford to keep the technologies aside for long. Hence, the amalgamation of meditation with mobile apps fits in the landscape perfectly. With an increasing number of such troubled groups of people, the demand for excellent meditation apps is hiking.

Being a renowned mobile app development company, having immense expertise in meditation app development. So, here we are. Auxano Global Services is all set to break down the important points about developing a superior meditation app like Headspace. Follow along with the article to find more.

🔝 Top Meditation Apps Worldwide

Before diving into the technicalities of meditation apps, it’s time for you to learn about the leading players in the market. Some meditation apps are performing extraordinarily and gaining wildfire popularity worldwide. So, let’s take a look at the top meditation apps across the globe.

Meditation App

1. Headspace

Headspace app ranks highest in the list of top mindfulness apps worldwide. From expert-led courses and quick meditations to soundscapes and tricks to calm the thoughts, Headspace offers a host of mental escapes for the well-being of your mind and allows you to get a sounder sleep.

2. Calm

The calm app is all about calming down the mental excitement and turmoil. Through regular meditation practices or problem-specific routines and treatments, all your worries are bound to disappear using the Calm meditation app.

3. Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind aims at bringing peace of mind for all humans of all ages. Educators, psychologists, and experts integrated into a team to form one of the best meditation apps in the world, the Smiling Mind. The app comprises a plethora of unique courses and resources for directing the mind in the right direction and towards positivity.

4. Aura

Aura has a target audience of busy souls. Aura is for those users who need to calm themselves down within a strict deadline or achieve peace of mind in a narrow timeline. Brief rejuvenating sessions of three minutes or thirty seconds in the Aura app is all you need to relieve your worries in a critical scenario.

5. Inscape

Inscape has all the features to become one of the top meditation apps in the world. Through guided meditation, courses, sleep enhancers, and stress busters, Inscape helps you to reduce the levels of stress impeccably. The soothing and specifically-curated soundtracks in Inscape distinguish the app from all others out there.

Now that you have some knowledge of the best meditation apps in the world, you must be intrigued enough to unveil the technical aspects of developing such apps. Halt! Do you know the difference between the supreme meditation apps – Headspace and Calm? Before going anywhere, let’s take time to extract the distinguishing factors between the two apps.

🕵🏻‍♂️ Difference Between Calm and Headspace

When it comes to two of the best meditation apps available in the store, it might get slightly confusing to notice their difference. However, if you observe, you will realize that subtle variations in the working methodologies differentiate both the applications. An overview of the differences between these apps is listed below.

✔️ The Headspace app is slightly more expensive than Calm. Though the monthly rate stands equivalent to $12.99 for both the apps, the yearly and lifetime charges vary. The Calm has a cost structure of $59.99 for a year and $299 for a lifetime subscription. Whereas, Headspace charges $95 and $399 for yearly and lifetime subscriptions respectively.

✔️ The duration of meditation in Headspace is 3-20 minutes. On the other hand, Calm encompasses a meditation length of 3-30 minutes.

✔️ Calm is more goal-oriented, with options of several goals to pave your meditation path. The Headspace app developer has carved the meditation journey through the phases of life and experiences on meditation.

✔️ Headspace offers guided meditation paths, whereas the Calm app has non-guided pathways as well.

✔️ Calm boasts a plethora of calming activities like soothing playlists, wallpapers, bedtime stories, narratives, and breathwork sessions. The Headspace app provides the users with satisfying explanations of each meditation by the monks.

As you can see, both Headspace and Calm work wonder in healing your state of mind through their ways. After knowing about the features of the top meditation apps, do you want to create your own meditation app? Keep calm, and read further to know all about developing a meditation app.

📲 How Do I Make My Own Meditation App?

With an increasing level of burden, stress, tension, and expectations, people are seeking getaways to peace of mind, primarily, meditation. In such an intense scenario, developing a meditation app for curing the mental turmoil of the users and churning revenue simultaneously is a win-win approach.

Knowing just the top meditation apps and their offerings are not enough to bring out the best meditation app for your users. Developing an all-new meditation app or a meditation app clone is as difficult as nailing jelly to a tree. There are a host of considerable aspects before developing a meditation app. Below you will find all the important things to consider while building a meditation app like Headspace and Calm.

How To Hire Best Mobile App Developer Near You

An easy way of creating a flawless meditation app with an organized set of features, backend technologies, and crucial entities, is by handing over the task to a top meditation app development company, like Auxano Global Services.

📝 Things to Consider While Creating a Meditation App

Before developing a new meditation app or a Headspace app clone, you should abreast yourself with some crucial points. Adhering to the things to consider ensures that your app is scaled-up to perform the best among the rest. Here you go with the things to consider while creating a meditation app.

Consider While Creating a Meditation App

1. Clear your Goals

First things first, get in touch with a Headspace like app development company for devising the best app for your business. Then, clarify the type of meditation app that you are thinking to launch. Meditation apps, Sleep Meditation Apps, Yoga Apps, and Music Therapy Apps – there are several categories of trending meditation apps.

2. What about the App Platform?

Now you should think about the platform that you are willing to serve – Android or iOS. Even better it would be to create an app that works fine on both of these mobile platforms.

3. Use MVP Model

Using the MVP model for your meditation apps not only saves a lot of bucks but also enhances the user experience. With the MVP model and meditation app template, you can integrate the most popular features into your meditation app.

4. UI/UX is Important

Most of your app users will belong to the class of overwhelmed beings. Over-illustrated graphics will buzz their minds further. So, be careful when designing the app interface. Use soothing colors and subtle patterns that will calm their nerves down.

5. Streamline your App with Wearable Devices

Streamlining your meditation app with fitness trackers and smartwatches propels the popularity of your app among the users. As a user, staying on his smartphone might not be feasible every time. So, integrating the app with wearables provides ease of usage and real-time fitness tracking to the users.

6. Meditation Programs are the Key

The users of your app are unaware of the suitable meditation track. You must assist them in finding the appropriate meditation path that suits them the most. Integrate multiple meditation programs in a large library for the ease of your users.

7. Provide Expert Assistance

Users rely more on the experts and their advice. Bringing an expert into your app provides you with an edge over all the competitors in the market. Assimilate virtual assistance by the experts and drive humongous traffic towards your meditation app.

8. Consider All Age-Groups

You might commit a blunder if you stick with a particular age group as the target users of your app. For the vast popularity of your app, consider reaching out to all the age groups as potential app users.

9. Relying on AR/VR

AR/VR can assist in boosting the confidence of your users about the meditation app. The cutting-edge technologies help bring down the levels of fear, anxiety, stress, and depression among the app users. So, you can consider integrating AR/VR into your application for a better user experience.

10. Monetization

Know the monetization strategies before jumping into the Headspace app development. There are two ways of monetizing your meditation app. You can either opt for subscription charges or rely on in-app ads to churn revenue.

👩‍💻 How to Create a Meditation App?

Your meditation app can lead the race if it contains all the expected features for your users. Beyond the framework and meditation app source code, sticking around with the basic features covers most of the considerable aspects of your meditation app. Moreover, if you keep launching newer pathways of meditation and problem-based solutions you will end up turning multitudes of users in your favour.

If all of these sounds overwhelming to you, then you can even consider collaborating with the experts. Hire meditation app developers and forget all the worries about layout, experience, and features. The expert developers will integrate all the necessary, relevant, and trending features into your meditation app for appearing among the best applications in the market.

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Meditation app is a profitable business. Beyond just generating large revenue, you have the satisfaction of helping out a bunch of helpless beings through your app. What makes you wait? Get in touch with Auxano Global Services, the leading Headspace clone app development company, today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is a Meditation App?

    Meditation apps aim to bring down the levels of stress of the users, caused due to the fast-paced life activities. Through guided meditation courses, the users can get better mental health in-between their regular activities.

  • 2. What are the Top Meditation Apps Worldwide?

    🔝 The top meditation apps across the globe are as follows:

    1️⃣ Headspace

    2️⃣ Calm

    3️⃣ Smiling Mind

    4️⃣ Aura

    5️⃣ Inscape

  • 3. Why Should I Hire a Meditation App Development Company?

    Beyond just the framework, a meditation app has a lot more to consider. A good meditation app has essential features like soothing graphics, animated videos, calming soundtracks, expert assistance, a huge library, and guided courses. All such top-notch features are easier to achieve with a Meditation app development company like Auxano Global Services.

  • 4. What is the Cost to Develop a Meditation App?

    On average, a fully-functional meditation app like Headspace or Calm costs around 💲50,000-💲60,000 for the backend, iOS, and Android app development.

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