Food Delivery apps are in great demand because people like the idea of having food without leaving the comfort of their homes. Many apps have come up in recent years and have observed a great rise in demand. One of those apps is DoorDash.

DoorDash compared to other food delivery apps is extremely user-friendly and feature-rich. This is the reason for its popularity and success. Food delivery apps not only benefit the users and the owner but the restaurant businesses too.

During this great spur of demand for food delivery apps, an idea for developing an app like DoorDash is enriching. Therefore, Auxano Global Services has gathered important and fundamental information about developing an app like DoorDash.


Before diving into the fundamentals of developing a food delivery app like DoorDash, let’s have a look at market analytics and statistics of Food Delivery apps and DoorDash.

Food Delivery Apps

1. Revenue of the Online Food Delivery segment is predicted to reach US$3339,257m in 2022.

2. The market of food delivery apps projects the greatest revenue from platform-to-consumer Delivery. This segment is predicted to increase to the market volume of US$ 215,955m in 2022.

3. 31% of the consumers from the survey stated that they use third-party delivery services at least twice a week.

4. Love for food delivery was observed when 57% of millennials said that they prefer restaurant food delivered, as they can watch films and TV shows at home.

5. Online Food platforms are great with engagement rates. 80% of the users rarely or even never leave once signing up.

6. According to research, 63% of people aged between 18 to 29 are likely to use food delivery apps.

DoorDash App

1. DoorDash is among the top Food Delivery apps in the United States.

2. Jumping up from $850 million to $2.9 billion, the DoorDash app witnessed a 241% of hike in 2020.

3. As surveyed by Edison Trends, the DoorDash app has a holding of 45% of the US food delivery market.

What is DoorDash App?

What is DoorDash App?

DoorDash is a food delivery app that started its journey in 2013 in San Francisco. The app lets its users order their desired food from a variety of nearby available restaurants and plays a vital role in connecting consumers with sellers of food.

This app can be used by three ends, the one is consumer, the second is restaurant owners, and another is a delivery person. The delivery person is nicknamed Dasher. It helps in connecting restaurants to their consumers and lets them serve food to their office, home, or any other preferred space.

The popularity of this app is resonated with its superior functionality. It benefits the restaurant owners by cutting their costs down for delivery charges, generating employment for dashers, and providing food at consumers’ convenience.

The app enables the consumers to find eateries and has tied up with well-known restaurant networks in the urban communities of the USA. With a significant strategic plan, the DoorDash app has been projected exceptional growth in the coming years.

Top 10 Alternatives of DoorDash App

As we move forward with the understanding of DoorDash apps and how to make one like it, let’s first get to know other leading food delivery apps. We have listed here the Top 10 Alternatives of DoorDash App present in the market with their little description.

Top 10 Alternatives of DoorDash App

1. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is an easy way to get food delivered at home with superb usability, and support of rich features. It entered the market in 2014 with a great alternative to traditional food delivery methods.

2. Swiggy

Initiated from Bangalore, India, Swiggy is easier to do business with and backed with complete technological support. The app helps its users with food and its essentials like groceries. Starting in 2014, the app now reaches more than 500 Indian cities.

3. Zomato

Bringing the fastest way for the consumer to search about great places to eat and order food from. Zomato food delivery app is serving 23 countries globally. Initiated in 2008, now this app is a multinational restaurant aggregator and food delivery app.

4. Slice

Working since 2012 with a determined niche of pizza, Slice connects local pizzeria to their consumers. Aligning with data, technology, and marketing, Slice brings Pizza to the next level. it provides handcrafted pizza with extreme convenience.

5. Olo

Founded by GoMobo in 2005, this app works for developing an interface between restaurants and the on-demand world of consumers. Olo food app not only engages more than 100 million guests but powers 200 food brands.

6. Tapingo

Tapingo is a complete mobile food ordering solution. The unique feature of this company is that they provide food for campus and campus dining. It was founded in 2012 as a consumer eCommerce mobile app.

7. GrubHub

GrubHub was founded way back in 2004 as a mobile and online solution for restaurant pickups and delivery orders. Working with food and beverage technology, GrubHub is situated in Chicago and New York.

8. HelloFresh

This mobile app works by providing food subscriptions to users. through the feature of subscription, the user can get pre-portioned ingredients to their doorstep. Since 2011, HelloFresh gives incredible food and essential delivery solutions.

9. Deliveroo

This online food delivery company operates from the United Kingdom and allows users to search local restaurants and order desired food. Founded in 2013, it has signed contracts with some of the most famous food brands like Pizza Express, KFC, and many more.

10. ChowNow

Unlike other delivery apps, Chownow works on a commission-free online model and operating system that powers restaurants. Since 2011 ChowNow facilitates the building of online ordering systems for an independent restaurant.

These were 10 alternatives or better to be said competitors for the DoorDash app. As we observed in the description, each app has its different objective, way of functioning, and type of food delivery. The uniqueness builds the brand. DoorDash has competitors, but it can’t be completely replaced.

How does DoorDash generate revenue?

It is apparent to wonder how does this food delivery app makes money? DoorDash has a simple business model of generating revenue by maintaining lasting relations with its three significant role players: Restaurants, Dashers, and Consumers.

The app makes money by offering food delivery services at consumer’s demand. It partners with local restaurants and offers delivery services in exchange for a service charge. DoorDash earns through three channels: commissions, service, and delivery fees.

DoorDash also operates a logistics service that partners can white label. It also generates revenue from premium subscription plans and provides catering services for business customers.

New Updates in the pricing model of DoorDash

Intending to charge 15% lower commissions, DoorDash announced a new pricing method for restaurants. The new plan, offers three plans: DoorDash Basic, DoorDash Plus, and DoorDash Premier.

1. The basic plan helps small restaurants by supporting small delivery areas and only charges a 15% commission on the delivery.

2. DoorDash Plus is where the restaurants pay 25% and earn better visibility on the search results and more delivery area.

3. The Premier Lakes restaurant pays 30% in exchange for the lowest customer fees, gives the largest delivery area, and guarantees growth to at least 20 orders per month.

Benefits of developing an app like DoorDash

As we go ahead with the understanding of DoorDash, let’s take a pause and count on its benefits. Developing an app like DoorDash is immensely beneficial for today’s market conditions of increased customer usability of online services.

Businesses can benefit from food delivery app development due to its demand and consumer awareness. Let’s understand the 8 basic benefits of developing an app like DoorDash.

Benefits of developing an app like DoorDash

1. Expanding market share

Around 10% of the market share is of on-demand food delivery apps, and with amazing services, these apps have observed millions of app downloads and satisfied customers. Consumers are using food delivery apps like never before.

Food Delivery apps had a good market share, but a behavioral change due to lockdown in COVID-19 has increased it. Although restaurants witnessed loss, people developed a habit of staying at home.

2. Convenience of usability

Food delivery apps increase the convenience of consumers, restaurants, and delivery men. Customer can choose their favorite dish from various restaurants, compare them and choose the most suitable one.

Even for the dashers, delivering the food is easier and more comfortable. With an accountable mapping system, consumer profile, and payment methods, the dasher can easily deliver food without any hassle.

Even for restaurants, it becomes easier to reach out to people. Imagine the amount of money an eatery owner would be spending for advertising and marketing. The objective can be fulfilled with the app by being available on the consumer’s screen.

3. Live Tracking and Consumer details

While signing up the consumer is asked details relevant to the app. With the information, you can know their profile and what they are demanding. This helps in understanding the consumer base and delivering better services.

Live tracking is the system that connects restaurants, dashers, and consumers on a map. Restaurants and consumers can know where the dasher is, and rack his/her position till the order is delivered.

4. Secure and Easy Payments

With the increase in online payment methods, the food delivery industry demands better security for payments. Apps like DoorDash can work with that and facilitate restaurants and consumers with secured payment options.

The payments sometimes can be great chaos due to the unpredictability of any situation. But DoorDash comes with a solution for that. Apps like DoorDash have a simple procedure for transactions and therefore engage users more.

5. Complete customer support with understanding their reviews

Food delivery apps should be open to any type of complaint and solve it as soon as possible. Apps like DoorDash has features to directly connect with the user-facing issues, address them, and solve them directly.

Even with reviews and ratings, one should be well updated. Consumer reviews will speak about the preferences and let you customize their pages of suggestions accordingly. This app is excellent for interaction and integration with consumers.

6. Admin Dashboard and Push Notifications

The dashboard for admin brings all the important features and functions of the app on a single screen. This feature eases the control of the app and addresses user queries. The admin then easily monitors the whole app without switching windows for the same.

Push notifications are essential for improving and maintaining engagement with the users. Push notifications might be with advertising purpose or informative objective, but it helps in keeping the user tied to the app.

7. Increased convenience for consumers

With all the points mentioned above, the fundamental benefit of the app is the ease it provided to the consumer for its usage. Various features build trust, engage them, interact with them, and cater to their needs.

For instance, on the app DoorDash, the consumer can arrange events and manage them easily by pre-ordering the food up to four days in advance. It also caters to options from selected restaurants, so that consumer has what they want.

With the various discount, gift cards, royalties, and rewards, you can keep the consumers engaged. These features help in boosting up the sale.

8.  Boost up sales and business scalability

Bringing all the benefits mentioned above into a single benefit of developing an app like DoorDash is to talk about its capability to increase your sales. As a business, you first have to identify the problem, and with DoorDash it has done for you.

Consumers require a bridge between them and the restaurants, restaurants also require a platform to amplify their presence and even the delivery men need some way of employment. By catering to this vast problem, you can generate easy sales.

For instance, a restaurant owner can also wish to develop an app like DoorDash. For restrain, it is beneficial because it increases the scalability of the business and decreases the costs of delivery.

These were just a glimpse form the benefits of developing an app like DoorDash. More and more benefits can be invited with better planning and strategy for market research, app launch, and advertising.

Restaurant App Development Features And Opportunities

How to develop an app like DoorDash?

Developing an app like DoorDash includes a clear strategic plan of research, app development, app launch, app marketing, and app maintenance. For incurring the benefits of an app like DoorDash it is important to follow a step-by-step procedure.

Here we have described the layout of the procedure for developing an app like DoorDash.

How to develop an app like DoorDash?

1. Start with Consumer and Market Research

Before getting into app development, it is necessary to know the market you are entering into. With complete business analysis, competition analysis, and consumer analysis, you can draft a research result.

The result will help you in making a plan that compliments and scales up your business. Understand which eatery and restaurant work where and consumers prefer which restaurants for a particular type of food.

2. Draft a Complete plan

After the research start preparing your strategy to work with. If you hire a Bespoke mobile app development agency, then the planning and strategizing are done by them. Drafting a complete plan includes laying out how the app development project should be guided.

It also includes finalizing the restaurants to include and localities to work with. Strategic planning helps you reach goals in a more accountable manner.

3. Confirm your platform choice

An app can be launched on two platforms, one is Android and the other is IOS. You can either select both platforms or go with only one of them. the choice is clarified through research of market understanding that consumers use which platform dominantly.

You can also go with both platforms, and hire two developers. If you have hired a Bespoke Mobile App development company, then there are no efforts needed for finding two developers. You can also go with hybrid app development.

4. Start the process of app development

App development includes designing and development. There are generally two different professionals for this work. You have to find the most suitable one if you go with freelancers. However, the agency has everything ready for you.

This is the central phase of the app development process. Paying complete attention helps in getting an app that speaks about your business ideas.

5. Take a round of test

Take a testing round through which you can find out the needed improvements of the app. Also, tally the developed app’s analytics with a drafted plan to see whether the app has succeeded in fulfilling the objective of app development or not.

Observing how the app interacts with users, you can improve the app’s functioning for a better User Experience and User Interface.

6. Launch a Beta Version

Launching the Beta version helps you in understanding its real-world exposure with the target audience. The lunch is to know how your app will perform and feel in the hands of its actual users.

Beta version launch includes: Determining the number of testers, deciding the type of testers, developing a beta version, providing a time frame for the test, finding the target testers, delivering the app to them, keeping the testers engaged, and noting their opinions.

This helps in apprehending the working of the app. You even modify the final app if needed and assure a complete app that aligns with business ideas and interacts intellectually with the target audience.

7. Launch the final app

After the launching of the Beta version of the app and improving the final app according to its result, consider launching the final app. Take into account the research analysis, strategic plan, choice of platform, and testing of the app.

Launch the app on the decided operating system’s platform with complete assurance of good functioning and minimal risks of fallbacks. It also includes creating content that supports the app and informs the audience about it.

8. Marketing and Advertising

Informing the audience about the app is essential. Without knowing the existence of something, how can users decide about using it? mobile app marketing helps you reach the target audience warily and enables you to communicate with them.

Through marketing and advertising, you can place the app in the market and leverage a good amount of user download rates. It facilitates a good business with complete market positioning and communication about the app.

9. Maintaining and updating the app

App development doesn’t need with launching it. The modifications and maintenance in the coming future should also be included. The updates might be general because of changes in comp temporary trend or maintaining the app’s functioning to assure minimal glitches.

Different agencies have different contracts and fees for app maintenance. However, freelancers’ journey ends with launching an app. You can sign a new contract with the freelancer or find another one.

Regular updates are extremely important because of the changing market and consumer demands. To comply with the competition, it is important to be ahead of it.

Hiring an app development agency makes the working of the process simple and streamlined, they know how to get further. The professionals there know how to develop an app with the complete procedure and are experienced in it.

Also, they are experts in their field, and you get all types of required expertise for app development under a single umbrella. An app development agency has every type of professional working under it.

Even if you decide to go it, app development freelancers, choose them wisely. Many platforms help you find a suitable freelancer, but you have to do complete research. The research planning will indicate what type of freelancer you want.

Features to Include in your app

Now, let’s have a look at the essential features of a food delivery app like DoorDash. We have aggregated the features into three categories: Restaurant Panel, Dasher’s panel, and user’s panel. Each panel’s requirement for features is different.

Restaurant Panel

The restaurant panel’s features center around the usability of seeing consumers, receiving payments, tracking the dasher until the order is delivered. The list of features to include is: –

1. Managing food items and menu

2. Handling payments for orders

3. Live tracking system for dasher

4. Consumer’s profile

5. Managing orders

6. Observing reviews

7. Updating the delivery provider status to the consume

8. Records of previous orders

9. Daily analytics

Dasher Panel

The features of the Dasher panel should be centered around the deliver ‘man’s usability. The dasher is to going to use the app like a restaurant owner. A dasher’s panel should include features that make delivery and receiving payment for it easier and simpler.

1. Consumer’s Profile

2. Location and address of restaurant and consumer

3. Payment method for a smoother transaction

4. Section for receiving ratings and reviews

5. Receiving an order of delivery

6. Handling the delivery

7. Sending regular delivery status to the consumer and restaurant owner

Consumer Panel

Consumers use the app with a different objective and expect different features in return. The consumers are not using the app for making business or receiving some money. They want the ease of online food ordering and simple procedures for doing so. Here are some essential features for the consumer panel.

1. Search bar

2. Restaurant suggestions

3. Order History

4. Live order tracking system

5. Section for reviews and ratings

6. Transaction methods

7. Customer support

You can add to the features listed above and increase the User Experience and User Interface. Above listed are the basic app features ideas, that are essential for a successful food delivery app like DoorDash.

Cost of developing an app like DoorDash

Determining the cost of developing an app like DoorDash depends on a lot of factors. It is difficult to set a budget template before knowing the business requirements for features and the app’s functionality. Although, we have generalized the pricing and presented the tentative charges for several factors.

The cost of developing a food delivery app like DoorDash ranges from $10,000 to $70,000. The charges and final price depend on various factors like the number of features, app’s quality, market needs, and business requirements.

Important features that affect the pricing of the app most are: –

1. Search Menu

2. Customization for food items

3. Section for customer reviews

4. Managing staff and profile for the app admin

The list of features can go longer, but the fundamental punt is that number of features raise the price of the app. Now let’s understand the pricing model from the perspective of dissecting the app development into three broad categories: Customer app, Restaurant app, and System Admin app.

1. Customer app

The customer app includes functions like login, catalog management, menu viewing, placing orders, and much more. The price of developing a custom app for a single platform starts from $10,000. The cost of developing a cross-platform app starts from $12,000.

2. Restaurant app

The restaurant owner app has different features compared to the user’s app. The features are likely to be restaurant management, handling orders, Payment management, delivery tracking, etc.

The cost induced for developing an app for restaurants and partners is more than $10,000 for each platform and cross-platforms starts from $13,000.

3. System Admin App

System Admin app is to be handled by the app’s admin, therefore requires features that make handling app simple. The features include payment management, handling different profiles, and many more.

The price of developing an app like DoorDash for admin purposes starts from $12,000 for a single platform and reaches up to a starting of $16,000 for cross splat from app development.

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Why Choose Auxano Global Services for developing an app like DoorDash?

Developing an app like DoorDash requires the expertise of experienced, dexterity, and contemporary market demands. Hiring a top app development agency can help you in developing a complete app that speaks up for business and surpasses the competition.

A good app development agency can help you with business analysis, understanding the app requirements, setting up the target audience, app development, app design with complete user interface, app launch, and extending the services to maintenance.

Auxano Global Services, the top bespoke mobile app development company has extensive experience in developing food delivery apps. We have an expert for every need in the app development process. Every expert works for their specialization.

From a researcher, business analyst to a marketer, we have every expert your app development will need. The app developers and designers we have are adept in coding and understanding the app’s aesthetics.

Every professional at Auxano Global Services is chosen from fine filters of professionalism, communication skills, experience, knowledge of contemporary trends, and industry exposure. The experts have delivered successful food delivery app development projects.

As a Top app development agency, we believe that developing an app is more than the technical aspects. With coding, it is important to understand the client. Our consolation team briefly understands the client’s perspective and communicates the requirements to the Research and app development team.

If you are looking for the best mobile app development agency for developing an app like DoorDash for your business, then end your search and hire Auxano Global Services.

The Takeaway Note

Developing an app like DoorDash is extremely beneficial for the current market scenario, the scales are projected to grow up. Having a great market share, the industry provides a good space for a new business.

Adding to it, with a lesser number of app businesses available for food delivery and more demand, it is the best time to enter into the market of launching an app like DoorDash. Consumers demand food ordered at the comfort of their homes, by developing a food delivery app you can cater to their needs.

Not only consumers, but the dasher can also benefit from the app. They can earn part-time or full-time money without any chaos. Generating employment makes a business immensely successful. The delivery men can find a source of income.

Also, a food delivery app like DoorDash helps small and new restaurants to increase their business, by bringing it on a digital platform. People can get to know about its market presence. This makes the restaurant owners give a part of their income.

Auxano Global Services develops a Food Delivery app like DoorDash for Admin’s panel and user’s panel. The user’s panel for these types of apps has three categories: Consumers, Restaurants, and Dashers. We here develop a complete app with rich functionality that helps you stand apart from the competition. Our dedicated app developers are well-trained to develop Food delivery apps.

If you want to make a successful food delivery app like DoorDash, then Contact us Now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is developing an app like DoorDash beneficial?

    Yes, recently the demand for food delivery apps has increased, as people started to stay at home more often. The market observed a shift towards online food ordering after the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, due to immense demand, an app like DoorDash is beneficial.

  • 2. What about the level of competition in the market?

    The level of competition in the market is very high. Many new businesses are entering and the current market giants for food delivery apps have captured more than half of the market. But the competition is predicted to increase.

  • 3. As a restaurant owner, can I develop an app like DoorDash?

    Yes, food delivery apps like DoorDash can be beneficial for a restaurant owner. It reduces per head cost for delivery and communicates about the restaurant’s presence to many places.

  • 4. Is it beneficial for a start-up to develop an app like DoorDash?

    Starting a new business in the food delivery industry can be a little difficult due to the level of coemption, but by strategic planning, you can earn many advantages through it. The investment is beneficial because the level of competition is going to increase shortly.

  • 5. How may I know more about DoorDash and developing an app like it?

    We have a team of consultants who can help you out with any query or question regarding the agency, the DoorDash app, and developing an app like it. Kindly feel free to contact us. Our technical consultant is available to facilitate a better understanding of the app development process.

  • 6. Which is the best agency for developing an app like DoorDash?

    Auxano Global Services is the top bespoke app development company with extensive experience in working for food delivery apps. Our experts have developed several successful food delivery projects. If you are looking for the best app development agency, then consider Auxano Global Services as one.

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