Digital transformation emerges as the savior for many businesses, primarily the restaurant industry. The intermix of fine dining services with technology lets restaurant owners access higher customer engagements and better sales avenues. Premium restaurant apps, a brainchild of digital transformation, are penetrating the industry and surfacing enormous benefits that no one had imagined.

Being relatively new to the restaurant app development landscape, learning about the opportunities generated by the application can be a good start. Furthermore, you can chalk out a restaurant app development blueprint by accessing the must-have features and functionalities. So, here is a comprehensive list of restaurant app features and the opportunities provided by it. Stay tuned!

Top Restaurant App Opportunities

Before creating a restaurant app development strategy, feeling clouded by second thoughts is common for almost everyone. So, spare some moment to know about the best opportunities a restaurant app brings to your doorstep.

Top Restaurant App Opportunities

1. Achieve Higher Sales

The digital ordering capacity in restaurant apps brings your venture before a massive customer base. Consequently, your sales point takes off!

2. Better Staff Management

Staff management is no more a headache for restaurant owners with efficient applications. So, getting a custom restaurant app gives you an overview of the entire staff effortlessly.

3. Enhanced Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Restaurant apps share frequent correspondences and notifications with your customers, keeping them tied to your business. Result? Higher customer engagement and loyalty.

4. Get More Customer Feedback

Restaurant apps take feedback collection to all-new levels. Simple rating and anonymous reviewing features encourage the users to tell their likes and dislike about your business freely.

5. Process Seamless Payment

Getting a strategic restaurant app for your business keeps payment processing issues at bay. These solutions boast robust payment gateways that carry quick transactions while keeping security in the foreground.

Must-Have Restaurant App Features

The mind-boggling features in a restaurant app make it unique and comprehensive. Before executing the developmental strategy, you should stay well-aware of the critical features that your restaurant app must possess.

Being the leading restaurant app development company, Auxano Global Services enriches all the offerings with premium features to edge your business like never before. Our apps comprise separate panels for users, waiters, admins, and super admins. Here are the must-have restaurant app features we provide in your custom restaurant app.

Must-Have Restaurant App Features

1. User Feature List

The user version of a standard restaurant app must comprise the following features:

  • Food menu with photos and corresponding rates.
  • Filters to screen services by price, restaurant branches, offers, and much more.
  • Table reservation
  • Order placement
  • Seamless payment
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Customer support via in-app messages
  • Push notifications

2. Waiter Feature List

You can aim at achieving the below features for the waiter version of your app:

  • Viewing orders received
  • Managing orders
  • App settings

3. Admin Feature List

It’s good to have the following features for the admins in your restaurant app:

  • A comprehensive dashboard for easy app navigation.
  • Manage customers
  • Manage waiters
  • Manage orders

4. Super admin Feature List

You should have the following super-admin version features at the least.

  • Managing app-specific content
  • CMS management
  • Notifications management
  • Profile management

Know Our Work Better – An Illustrative Restaurant App Case Study

Auxano Global Services is a well-known name in the restaurant app development industry. We hold prolonged experience working with various businesses in the domain and serving everyone with premium digital solutions. Our team evaluates your specific requirements and builds classic solutions that no one had imagined.

One of our best works as a restaurant app developer is Fast Menu. Our solution provides users with a unique chance to automate food delivery effortlessly. The waiters can attend to the customers better using our restaurant app. Also, the admins and business owners have a complete restaurant overview using our rich utility.

While developing the Fast Menu app, we faced the challenges of restricting users from ordering outside the restaurant. Also, maintaining a multilanguage database challenged our team. Indeed, the project was unique and required extensive creativity from our dedicated offshore developers.

However, we strategized efficiently and addressed each of the challenges that came our way. We leveraged precise Geo boundaries to eradicate the issue of customers scanning the menu QR at your restaurant and ordering somewhere outside the premises. Also, we managed to create separate tables to translate the relations and resolved the multilanguage database issue.

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Besides, our app manages users and waiters efficiently for admins and super admins. Furthermore, the waiters can get a list of all orders on our app and manage them without any difficulties. Additionally, we give them settings features to personalize the app according to their preference. With upscaled order placement and payment options, the restaurant app becomes a favorite for every audience, hitting your business.

Restaurant apps are a must for every business owner nowadays. Bring better staff and user management to your business by hiring us to develop your unique application. Contact us now.

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