Nothing can be more satisfying than watching your SEO efforts become fruitful. However, you get a significant turn-off when SEO keyword ranks start dropping, and you recognized that all your strategies went into the trash.

Sounds relatable?

You’ve made the right choice by visiting us if that’s the case! We resonate with your feelings at the moment and have something to boost your morale and help you get things back on track.

Among the 200 factors that Google uses to rank a website, keywords have a substantial role. As these phrases can boost your SEO game, they can chain it down as well.

But why are keywords revengeful? Well, keywords are not revengeful, they keep fluctuating from time to time. These phrases are nothing but lost keywords! Consequently, websites with keywords get differently impacted by the SEO results with time. So, it’s completely normal if your site has registered some SEO loss.

Do you think these facts are overwhelming? Don’t freak out! At Auxano Global Services, we are dealing with lost keyword rankings. Stay tuned to get some helpful tips by the end of this article!

What Exactly are Lost Keyword Rankings?

What is Lost Keyword Ranking

Let’s think from the beginning.

So, you leveraged keywords into the website and enjoyed your rankings going higher and higher.

But, Alas! The merry bubble breaks and you come into reality. All of a sudden the ranks started decreasing.

And you are wondering what went wrong?

It’s not about you, but the keywords. The keywords face rank fluctuations continuously. What does it mean?

It means that the high-target keywords you find today might become low-ranking tomorrow. This becomes pretty difficult to find which keywords will go lower in ranking.

Consequently, you leverage the high-performing keywords in your website, receive a higher site ranking for some time, and the performance degrades when the keywords lose their rankings.

It is nothing but a pure case of lost keyword rankings.

Moving on, let’s discuss why keyword rankings fluctuate and many more things.

Why Do Keywords Have Fluctuating Rankings?

Fluctuate Keyword Ranking

Lost keyword rankings have become a common phenomenon like breathing.

Although the impacts can be scary, you should not worry much. As opposed to the earlier scenario, an SEO expert cannot peacefully sit after leveraging premium strategies to websites.

Sooner or later, they will witness lost keyword rankings, compelling them to rework their strategies from the grassroots level.

But, why do keywords fluctuate? The reasons are pretty apparent. See below.

1. Google keeps testing its algorithms and lost keyword rankings might be its consequence.
2. Users’ search intent varies from time to time. So, the keywords get higher and lower ranks accordingly.
3. Even a minute technical glitch can impact the rankings of your website. Hence, lost keyword rankings might be due to any internal fault.

Many other reasons prevail in the market, attempting to justify the keyword ranking fluctuations phenomenon.

Always remember that it’s not about ‘why’ but ‘how’.

Yes. Now that you are already affected by lost keyword rankings, you should think about repairing the ranks.

Why Should You Invest in Repairing Lost Keyword Rankings?

So, you are pretty familiar with what has happened to your website. Now, you might be thinking about why to invest in repairing the impacts. Right?

Firstly, it’s because you have no other option.

Secondly, here are the reasons justifying your investment. Take a look!

need to hire SEO Services

1. Gain the Sheen Back!

You already know that your website has the potential to climb higher positions on the Search  Engine Results Pages (SERP).

You would like to get the superiority back. Wouldn’t you? Without investing in repairing the effects of lost keyword rankings, you cannot reach where you were a few days back.

2. Stop the Rankings from Going Down Further.

If the loss in your website rankings were due to some technical faults, then you need to invest in its repair as soon as possible.

Google has a bad eye towards technically faulted websites. Consequently, it will degrade the ranks further on SERP.

However, you can conduct site audits to identify the internal faults that degraded its SEO performance. So, investing in repairing the loss is mandatory for you.

3. Your Competitors will Overtake You

Believe it or not, your competitors are trying to defeat your website and overtake you on the SERP.

A delay in repairing the impacts will provide a golden chance to your competitors to strengthen their SEO game, and win the SERP like never before.

Repairing lost keyword rankings is essential to continuously lead the industry and the SERP in your domain.

Hopefully, you are convinced of investing in lost keyword rankings. Now, what? Look below for some actionable insights.

How to Address Lost Keyword Rankings: Your Response Strategy

Every disaster has a response strategy. Such measures reduce the impacts of the failover and help your business maintain its continuity in the most unpredictable times as well.

Similarly, you can prepare an effective strategy to deal with lost keyword rankings.

But, how do you do so? Here’s the little secret from industry experts and SEO professionals. Watch out!

Address Lost Keyword Rankings

1. Combatting Google’s Algorithm Update

Google frequently rolls out new algorithms to help websites and their users with a better experience. However, the transition can affect the websites dramatically. Many times, Google’s algorithm updates are the significant reason behind lost keyword rankings. You can easily find it out by investigating the SERP for a relevant high-performing keyword that you have embedded in your website. Google has made substantial changes to the algorithms if you find a considerable change in the search results on the SERP.

But, how to fix that?

Here are some tips:

1. Read quality forums, blogs, and articles to understand what’s new in Google’s algorithm updates.
2. You can analyze the incompetencies of your website and make changes according to the latest update.
3. You should produce high-quality content that resonates with the users.
4. Finally, you need to rework the keywords strategy to identify high-performing keywords in your niche.

2. Search Engine Penalties

Apart from an algorithm update, your website can get penalized if it does not align with Google webmaster’s guidelines. Consequently, you can experience a loss in website search rankings.

You can encounter two types of search engine penalties: Manual (operated by the webmaster employees) and Automatic (offered by algorithms).

If it’s a manual penalty, the webmasters’ team will inform you about it in the search engine console.

Yes, you can prevent your website from penalties. Here’s how.

1. Stuff your website with high-quality and informative content. This will help you in keeping such penalties at bay.
2. You can get better rankings with structured data by microdata markups.
3. Webmasters have a negative perspective towards inferior backlinks. So, keep checking your backlink profile to avoid such situations.

3. On-Page Technical Faults

Another reason behind degraded search engine rankings is on-page technical faults in your website.

With time, your site can come up with numerous faults like broken links, loading time delay, etc. These are nothing but technical faults operating in your website that you should remove at any cost.

When website structure changes to robots.txt file, anything can impact a website’s performance on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Not to worry. Here’s the perfect resolution for your website.

1. Conduct SEO audits and look for weaknesses and errors in the website.
2. Find a top-notch company to analyze your site and identify its shortcomings.
3. Conduct regular checkings and analyze the issues from time to time.

4. Degraded Content

Content quality has a significant impact on search engines. You can find degraded content on your website and watch the rankings turn miserable in some time.

So, poor content can be a reason for unfavorable search engine rankings on your website.

Here’s how you can solve the concern.

1. Find out what’s working in the industry. Prepare a content strategy to align with the SEO game.
2. You should avoid adding degraded content into websites as that brings no value to the audiences. Such an aspect will deteriorate your website rankings dramatically.

5. Backlinks

The most overlooked aspect of lost keyword rankings is the backlink. Many times, backlinks can harm your rankings if kept neglected.

Here’s how you can prevent backlinks from affecting the SEO game.

1. Lost Backlinks: Broken backlinks affect websites dramatically.
2. Build Superior Backlink Profile: Never compromise in building a nice backlink profile. This will help you keep the websites away from lost keyword rankings.

How Can Auxano Global Services Help You?

Auxano Global Services is the Best Digital Marketing Agency to help you combat lost keyword rankings. We have the following features to assist you.

1. Our team has extensive experience in helping clients suffering from lost keyword rankings.
2. We have pinpointed strategies to revive the original website rankings.
3. Our team can help you weave a shield around your website and prevent common factors from affecting your search engine rankings.

These factors and their resolution strategies can be overwhelming for you. So, do you need our assistance in refining your lost keyword rankings? Connect with us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are Lost Keyword Rankings?

    Keyword ranks fluctuate. So, the associated website rankings change from time to time. When a high-ranking website gets lower search engine ranks due to low-performing keywords which were impactful earlier, the phenomenon is called lost keyword rankings.

  • 2. Why do Keyword Ranks Fluctuate?

    Keyword ranks depend on several factors like Google’s search engine algorithm, ever-changing user’s search intent, and several other entities. All these reasons affect keyword ranks and influence the relevant websites as well.

  • 3. Why should you invest in repairing Lost Keyword Ranks?

    During the time your website gets a poor search engine rank, your competitors get enough time to create compelling strategies and climb on the SERP. Also, your website risks getting further down on the search engine result pages if some errors remain in the website. So, it’s beneficial to repair the effects due to lost keyword ranks at the earliest.

  • 4. What are some excellent response strategies for Lost Keyword Rankings?

    Lost keyword rankings will strike your website and degrade its performance on the search engine results pages. Some excellent response strategies to the phenomenon include removing technical faults, understanding Google’s algorithm updates, preparing valuable content, and building a fantastic backlink profile.

  • 5. Which is the best Lost Keyword Ranking Company?

    Auxano Global Services is the best lost keyword ranking company. Our experts have years of experience in understanding Google’s algorithm updates, developing excellent response strategies to lost keyword rankings, and reworking on another impactful keyword campaign. Also, they are proficient in optimizing the website aspects and have immense industry knowledge in shielding your business from stuffed ranking deterioration. Do you want us to work on lost keyword ranking impacts for you? Get in touch with us now! 

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