Are you searching ‘SEO company nearby me?’ As we have reached the new year, we all should stay updated with the trends of everything. This time we are discussing SEO Trends for 2023.

Trends change every year; sometimes, these trends change a few things, but sometimes they change everything from the way you used to work to the strategies you opted for your business.

SEO can be used for any business, whether you belong to the healthcare or construction industry. You can take advantage of it. Ecommerce SEO benefits in 2023 are also in trend for eCommerce businesses.

And SEO is what makes your business visible, so it becomes essential to stay updated with the trends if you want to maintain top rankings.

So in this article, we are focusing on the latest SEO trends 2023. We are following these SEO trends to make your business stay ahead of your competitors.

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Latest 5 SEO Trends that Rank your website

1️⃣ Optimizing content for the featured snippet

We all search for answers online, and we want our answers quickly, easy-to-digest, along with excellent user experience. For that, we need to optimize the position of zero content.

What is position zero ( P ‘0’ ) featured snippet/rank zero?

Position zero can be defined as the first Google result that you see above the organic SEO listings. It is also known as a featured snippet, which intends to answer searcher’s questions directly; you don’t even have to click the search result link. Position zero is also called Rank Zero.

Position zero optimization will be even more critical in 2020 because it helps you connect with voice searchers. Comscore has predicted that by the year 2020, almost 50% of all online searches will be performed with voice search.

As voice search devices pull the answers from Position zero, you need to rank your website/products/blogs to rank in Position zero voice searchers.

In case your site is not optimized for voice search, then you are missing out on valuable leads. Be prepared to cover voice search optimization techniques this year.

🔎 Let’s find out how you can improve the SEO by earning Position zero rankings.

If you are optimizing your Position zero content then you should know it can typically include these formats:

🔸 Short paragraphs that answers the question directly

🔹 Try to keep points highlighted and numbered

🔸 Table Format

🔹 Videos

🔸 Images 

🔹 Charts

Google Snippet - SEO Company in india

Including Position zero content will help you in making your site rank in your desired search place, and it will also reach voice searchers.

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2️⃣ Focus on search intent will gain the traction

Google, as a search engine, ranks the content that answers the user’s query and provides a great experience. Search intent means what users are searching for. What are they looking for?

The search intent generally falls into three categories.

1️⃣ Informational

Searching for data about a topic or question. For instance: ‘Which is the best mountain bike?’

2️⃣ Navigational

Searching for specific information such as ‘Mountain Bike From Canyon.’

3️⃣ Transactional

Search something to make a purchase, for example: ‘Buy Mountain bike Strive CF 9.0 from the canyon.’

If you wish to rank at the top of search results in 2020, you need to create relevant content that meets the search intent of the users. 

❌ If you target the keyword ‘buy mountain bike’ and provide informational content about ‘how to choose the best mountain bike,’ then you will not rank in the search results.

✔️ If you want to target the keyword ‘buy a mountain bike,’ then you need to create the product page that lets people browse the inventory and allow them to learn more about your product.

Latest 5 SEO Trends that Rank your website

This year, it will be more important to select keywords related to your business goals and create content that matches the search intent.

The Google SEO trends 2023 focuses on BERT for a better understanding and matching the search intent. This clearly states that in this year, the main focus will be on search-relevant keywords, which will help you in your SEO strategy. 

🕵🏻 Find Keyword’s Intent

Keywords are targeted because they have intent. Maybe the keyword has an intention to look at something, buy something or compare two products.

The better your content matches the search intent, the better it will rank on the search engines. So first, figure out the targeted keywords search intent.

👨🏼‍💻 Optimize old content for search intent

Search intent optimization is not just for the new content; it also helps you optimize your old content. You can modify your older stuff to make it better search intent fit.

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3️⃣ Don’t Forget To Optimize GMB (Google My Business)

In 2020, the Local SEO will continue to grow its importance. Don’t you want to be well-known globally, but more than that, you must focus on becoming famous in your local area.

Because now, almost 46% of all Google searches are local, and the number will grow only. The best to boost your local SEO is to register yourself on free Google My Business listing. 

Local searches consider your business’s relevance, prominence, and distance.

Creating and optimizing a Google My Business account enables you to rank higher for local searches. While creating the account, do enter the business info such as business name, address & phone number. The information helps Google to determine the relevance of your business, distance, and eminence.

It allows your users to find your business and the information they want quickly; this makes the users more likely to convert.

The study by Search Engine land has found a connection between the number of photos on your GMB account and ranking in searches. It is found that businesses with more pics get more visits, requests, and calls.

If you are among the 56% of local retailers who still have not created their business listing account, then you are missing most of your local users and losing the prime position for local search engine result pages.


Besides, the latest update is that Google automatically adding a button ‘Request A Quote’ to eligible business listings in search results.

Latest 5 SEO Trends that Rank your website

This option is specifically for the businesses that have opted for the messaging feature in Google My Business. It makes your user directly reach you from the search result page. Do not miss out on this opportunity.

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4️⃣ Is Your Website Secure?

Is your site secured? If not, then 2023 is the year to ensure your site

Check your domain, if you are using Chrome, then your domain will be marked with a locked symbol, or you will see ‘Not Secure.’ If your site shows Not Secure, then your domain uses HTTP instead of HTTPS.


The HTTPS indicates the HTTPS protocol, which protects information such as passwords for login and account data. With this protocol, the site’s connection is encrypted and much safer than the unencrypted domains.

Latest 5 SEO Trends that Rank your website

This also affects the rank of your site. Google has also pushed for 100% site encryption across the web. If your site is not encrypted, then you will be ranked lower in searches.

Latest 5 SEO Trends that Rank your website

To secure your website, you need to apply for an SSL certificate.

5️⃣ Visual Search is Booming

Visual search is not a surge currently, but in 2023 it will bloom.

It has been recorded that more visual searches are conducting than earlier. These statistics show everything:

➡️ Just take a look at these stats:

Latest 5 SEO Trends that Rank your website

According to Google, people have already used Google Lens more than one billion times.

Latest 5 SEO Trends that Rank your website

Pinterest is mostly used for visual searches every month. As per the report, it has been used over 600 million times a month.

Latest 5 SEO Trends that Rank your website

Another research by Business Wire concluded that visual search is winning users’ context, and 36% of American consumers have already used it.

Isn’t it insanely amazing? Visual search is the new trend in the market that is thriving, but it is in the initial stage and still working well.

If you want to try it out, just open your Google lens and scan stuff around you.

Latest 5 SEO Trends that Rank your website

In 2020, visual search is drawing the attention of users. Once you start using this, you will notice why it is becoming popular. It has already become a solution to search for shopping, getting directions, identifying landmarks, local business reviews, recipes, and a lot more, which is the reason why 62% of consumers want more visual search technology.

📝 Optimize Your Business for Visual Search

Want to show up as a visual search result? Image SEO is the solution for you. Write alt text and use descriptive file names for every image. It is just the initial step.

According to the tech giant Google, they want to feature Google Image results from those web pages that are authoritative.

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Latest 5 SEO Trends that Rank your website

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is the best SEO strategy for 2023?

    The best strategy for SEO in 2023 is to opt for the latest trends in SEO. Follow the 5 latest SEO trends in 2023 to see your business at the top of search results. Here are the five latest SEO trends in 2023 are:

    1. Optimizing content for the featured snippet
    2. Search intent will gain traction
    3. Don’t Forget To Optimize GMB (Google My Business),
    4. SSL will play an important role
    5. Visual Search will be on the rise

  • 2. Is SEO important?

    Yes, no doubt, SEO is very critical for any business. People now prefer what they see on the search engines over the Internet, and SEO makes your business on top of these search engine result pages.

  • 3. What is the benefit of SEO?

    There are many benefits of SEO. It benefits businesses in various ways and helps businesses rank on search engines which bring more qualified customers to your site and increases the conversion rates.

  • 4. What is a Featured Snippet?

    Featured snippets are search results that are featured on Google’s top organic search results. They intend to answer searcher’s questions correctly and directly; you don’t even have to click the search result link.

  • 5. Why are Featured snippets important?

    A featured snippet is important for both users and marketers. From the users’ view, they provide quick, easily accessible answers to the questions without going into the webpages.

    From a marketers point of view, they give website credibility, allows your site to jump to the top of search results, a great way to compete with larger competitors for a ranking position and opens up new opportunities to be found through voice search.

  • 6. What is Position zero?

    Position zero can be defined as the first Google result that you see above the organic SEO listings. It is also known as a featured snippet, which intends to answer searcher’s questions directly; you don’t even have to click the search result link.

  • 7. Does position zero help voice search?

    Yes, position zero helps voice search. As voice search devices pull the answers from P0, you need to rank your website/products/blogs to rank in P0 voice searchers.

  • 8. Why is Google my business important?

    Google My Business helps you improve your search results when it comes to local searches. The best thing to boost your local ranking is to register yourself on free Google My Business listing. It is very important to ensure your GMB profile is created, optimized, claimed and updated regularly to help strong SEO for your business.

  • 9. How Much Does SEO Services Cost in 2023?

    The cost of SEO services varies on the business. At Auxano Global Services, we have three plans for your business. Check out our SEO Services cost. We also customize SEO plans as per your business demands. For more details, contact our SEO experts now.

  • 10. What makes Auxano Global Services better than other SEO companies?

    We bring results to the table. This makes us different from others. Our SEO services are customized as per the client’s business needs and we focus on a results-driven strategy. Auxano Global Services have the best SEO experts who have shown their magic to many clients by boosting their business’s ROI.

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