Want to know how to utilize the trendy marketing strategy? This guide will help you in understanding all the aspects of Email Marketing Strategy. Being the oldest form of digital marketing, Email marketing has won over other marketing channels. It’s the direct way of communicating with target customers and earning potential buyers from it.

Although there are newer ways of marketing with better speed, when it comes to effectiveness nothing can beat email marketing. It is a personal form rather than a generalized one. That can prove to be both a relationship-building and profile building tool.

Statistics About Email Marketing

Before getting into the fundamentals of Email Marketing let’s get its market status clear. Here’s a list of Email marketing facts.

1. With 4 billion users, 355 marketers send their customers around 4 emails per week.

2. 4 out of 5 marketers stated that they would rather give up social media than email marketing.

3. 20% of companies for retail, e-commerce and consumer goods and services are personalizing the email messages based on gender, race and ethnicity.

4. According to Statista 2021, the global email marketing in 2020  was valued at $7.5 billion and is predicted to increase to $17.9 billion by 2027.

5. As researched by Content Marketing Institute in 2020, 81% of B2B marketers said they used content marketing for their Email Newsletters.

Defining Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a branch of marketing that can make potential consumers aware of your product, discounts, and other services, by email. This is a powerful channel that uses direct marketing as well as digital marketing.

As the Email Marketing Definition suggests, it plays an important role in marketing strategy by generating leads, building relations and keeping customers engaged.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

Type of Email Marketing

Before going further hers are the 4 types of successful Email Marketing Campaigns you can use for your business.

1. Email Newsletters

These are the most commonly used email marketing tactics. Any level of business can engage their customers by providing options to subscribe and provide them with helpful knowledge and tools.

Subscribers here can have added value to their inboxes. The senders of messages can use the space to create engaging content, including sections that respect their opinions and ask for their reviews for specific topics.

2. Acquisition Emails

Acquisition Emails are email marketing campaigns that can engage the leads through the conversion funnel faster. Through attractive offers and informative content, you can let the readers know the value of being your active customer.

These emails can help small businesses acquire consumers. It can assist you to grow your business faster, drive additional revenue and target users who have shown interest.

3. Retention Emails

These types of Emails are used to keep the consumers engaged and with you. Businesses can send a message requesting some kind of feedback or response and also offer to subscribers who have decreased the interaction.

4. Promotional Emails

A great way of driving sales, signups and new product offerings for your business. Promotional emails are about offers and encouraging the target audience to buy a new product/ service.

By using promotional emails for rewards, you can engage your consumers with exclusive offers. Also, this can help to drive new products or services to subscribers and cross-sell to potential consumers.


Benefits of Email Marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing

It is important to understand the advantages of Email Marketing so that you can resonate with why and how Email Marketing will help your business.

1. A Space to Create Personalized Content

Direct marketing is a form of personalized marketing channel. Unlike other marketing options, email marketing focuses more on customized creating and curating of messages. Through personalized communication you can build long-term relations with your consumers.

Personalized content can include the contact’s name in the email. The content can also be relatable to your segment of audience and it can be highly personalized to your audience’s needs.

2. Direct and Faster Feedback

Direct marketing lets you have a high feedback rate. Consumers can read the content and feel personally contacted. Due to this, they tend to give more responses and feel accountable for giving a potential reply.

For any business customer experience is ultimately valuable, you can understand how they are interacting with the content, products, and services. Their responses can facilitate you with better insights leading to better business outcomes.

Customer satisfaction surveys for obtaining customer feedback are super easy with email campaigns. Know your customer and deliver what they demand.

3. Spike up the Sales

Email marketing can increase your sales. Featuring products or services encourages the customers to buy a product/ service. Without letting the marketing go in vain, Email lets you find the potential consumers who are interested and communicate with them.

This type of marketing is usually automated with minimal efforts at the sales process and also helps in increasing sales.

4. Generate Traffic to your Site through Email Marketing

With email marketing campaigns you can guide the audience to your site. Plus, you can also keep your users engaged more with the site and the brand. Generate links of your sites in email and include Call to Action

5. Reach the Right People at the Right Time

It is important to reach the right people at the right time for having a successful marketing campaign. Email marketing makes it easier for people to reach you because mostly everyone checks their emails regularly.

6. Communicate Effectively With Your Consumers

As part of marketing, it is important to improve your communication with the audience. More the audience feels included and talked, the more they are likely to become loyal to the brand. Engaging emails helps you retain buyers.

Utilizing email marketing can help you reach the audience easily and let them communicate with you. Irrespective of season or scale of sales, with emails you can engage your audience anytime.

7. A Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is cost-effective compared to traditional marketing ways that cost more. As you don’t have to pay for designers, printing, location, placements or artists. All email marketing needs is a copywriter and in case you want images then a graphic artist.

Adding to that, email campaigns don’t take too long, in some cases, they can also be produced within a day.

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8. A Space For Self-Promotion

Self-promotion is the best way to attain customers. If you won’t promote your product and sell your brand then no one will be interested in paying for it. Email marketing is a great way to self-promote

Without promoting your products to random people, choose potential buyers and connect with them to make a fruitful relationship with them.

How to Make Money Through Email Marketing?

Here is the list of options or ways for you to make money through Email Marketing. Check this list and create emails accordingly.

1. You can sell your product or service very easily and efficiently.

2. Sell other people’s products, to monetize through email marketing. Work as an affiliate and get high commissions from the business you work for.

3. One of the best opportunities for making money with email marketing is upselling premium products.

4. Through every purchase, you can identify a consumer’s likes and interests. Cross-sell related products to the consumers who can enjoy them.

5. Email Marketing can help you get repeat purchases. This method makes money for you easily by creating a loyal group of consumers.

6. Create more money by engaging your consumers by keeping a check on their carts. Consumers usually forget, you can help them recollect what they were about to buy.

7. Use word of mouth that can have the maximum effect.

Why Should You Take Up This Process of Email Marketing?

During this time of intense competition, one should have a faster and effective way of direct marketing. More than traditional methods, direct marketing has streamlined effects. Among many ways of direct marketing, Emails help you have a premium mode of communicating your brand.

As a type of self-promotion, Email marketing assists you have a clear knowledge of the audience group and lets you design further marketing strategies according to it.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

Email marketing work

As you have observed the points and benefits of Email Marketing for your business, you might be wondering how it can be implemented?. So, here is a proper flow of an Email Marketing system, that you can

1. Create an Email List

For creating a successful email campaign, one needs to have an active email list. Create a database of email contacts by studying the people who have shown interest in your brand or services.

2. Employ Email Service Provider

Also known as an email marketing platform, this is software that facilitates managing emails, designing and executing automated email marketing campaigns. ESP lets you automate actions and enable personalized interaction with the audience

3. Define a Clear Set of Goals

Before jumping onto generating mails it is important to know what type of goals you have to achieve through communication. These goals will enable you to create content which is relatable and suitable.

Features You Need To Know For Email Marketing

Features you need to know for Email Marketing

These are the fundamental features recorded in Email Marketing. It is vital to have a piece of knowledge to these features to have a complete and successful email marketing campaign

1. Mobile Optimization

More and more users are now preferring to use their mobiles, so your messages should be easily read on a smaller screen. Don’t fail to optimize your content according to mobile, as it may invite negative effects

2. Robust Analytics

Digital marketing now is all about data from different platforms. You should be well aware of fundamental marketing metrics such as open rate, bounce rate, and click-through rate.

3. Third Party Integrations

There is specific integration to look for, it will facilitate audience segmentation and targeting with data reporting and social media messaging.

4. Customer Service

With minimal possible glitches and technical issues, some providers can offer responsive and more helpful customer service. Have a regular check on replying and solving queries of your customers

5. Automate the Marketing

Email marketing software can help you with automated marketing, this strategy is very efficient and rewarding.


Thinking About Costs Incurred For Email Marketing?

Well, on average a mid-size business needs to invest about $9 to $1000 per month if they decide to work for email marketing by themselves. Cost in this procedure depends a lot on what choices you make for templates, and designs.

Furthermore, it’s always better to hire experts for it, an agency will cost you from $300 to $500 per month. With more charges, you will have more opportunities to grow your business and have the full potential of your Email Marketing.


Why Hire Email Marketing Professionals from Auxano Global Services?

Our team is well-equipped with strategies, plans and experiences to facilitate your email marketing journey. Irrespective of your business scale and level, we here comply with the market, understand the consumer needs with proper research and deliver what is perfect. As a top agency, we have a way of understanding the client’s demands and fulfilling them timely. Don’t risk your time and investment with unknown professionals, work with the best ones from the industry.

The Takeaway Note

Email Marketing has a lot of alternatives now, but its competitors can’t make up for what it offers. Recent times have seen a little shift towards modern methods, but still, marketers believe that email marketing is the best option.

It is always better to align other marketing tactics with email marketing rather than debating on which one is better. Marketing through emails can amplify the effects of other marketing and advertising effects.

While other marketing options have wide and generalized results, email marketing is unique as it is a narrowed and personalized way to communicate. With better planning and strategies, email marketing can be fruitful for your business. As it lets you connect with your potential customer.

Due to COVID-19, there has been a little shift in email marketing to excel in it for 2023, this guide will help you. Enter the new year with the perfect way to use email marketing and shape your business the best.

Auxano Global Services will help you in this journey, to find consumers, communicate with them and let them be your potential buyers. Here we have expert marketing persons with field knowledge and experience. The professionals will build a perfect path for your Email Marketing campaign. Leverage cutting-edge Email marketing and surpass the competition with us.

If you want to create a successful email marketing campaign, Contact Us Now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is Email Marketing Still a Good Option?

    Email Marketing is the oldest form of Digital Marketing. The reason it stayed all through these years and survived the change is that its functionality can’t be compared. It finely blends every aspect of marketing and helps the business to grow.

  • 2. Are There Any Fallbacks of Email Marketing?

    Like any other thing, yes there are but with a well-aware agency, you can skip those disadvantages. A well-planned campaign will help you in minimizing the negative effects.

  • 3. How Can I Know More About Email Marketing?

    Our professionals will help you in understanding email marketing deeply and address all the queries.

  • 4. Is Email-Marketing A Long-Term Solution?

    Email marketing undoubtedly creates lasting relationships with consumers, but the only condition is to have regular interaction.

  • 5. What Are The Possible Changes To Email Marketing In 2024?

    Email marketing will invite more need for personalized messages, automated marketing and increased cross-channel interaction. Keeping these in mind you can excel in the market through email marketing in 2024.

  • 6. How Can We Find The Best Agency For Email Marketing?

    Auxano Global Services are the Best Agency for Email Marketing. Amongst the competitors, in all these years we have proved ourselves to be the best professionals.

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