Content marketing holds immense potential for taking your business to a whole new level. Over time, the content campaign provides steady organic traffic to your business, encompassing more prospects than paid marketing reach. Despite the strategies being highly efficient, the newbies fail to churn the desired marketing outcomes mostly. Consequently, they give up on the campaign and look upon content marketing as a Herculean task.

Content marketing demands experience, expertise, and carefully leveraging the strategies. The freshers in the content industry are likely to have a deficiency of these factors. For them, the campaign becomes almost equivalent to darting with the eyes covered.

So, how to achieve content marketing success when you have zero domain-experience? Well, seeking the assistance of some efficient content marketing tools, obtaining the desired results, and learning with time sounds great!

There are many content marketing tools available in the market that aids in curating better strategies, directing the campaign in the right direction, and tracking the metrics effectively. Are you wondering what are the best content marketing tools 2021?

Auxano Global Services, a top digital marketing company brings to you the ultimate list of the top 10 content marketing tools for newbies.

👩‍💻 Top 10 Free Content Marketing Tools 

1. BuzzSumo



“How to start?” is the most frequently asked question by the newbie content marketers. Besides, there are even massive worries like what are the trending topics in an industry, which are the most popular content, and how often were they shared.

A content marketing platform is an answer to all uncertainties. Wait! What is a content marketing platform? The marketing platforms prepare a pitch for you to work upon and create trending content in your industry. These tools assist you in jotting the sensational topics, analyze the competitor content, and even find appropriate influencers in your niche.

BuzzSumo is such a content marketing platform for beginners. Using BuzzSumo, you can identify the trending and internet-breaking ideas that are being used by your competitors to attract significant traffic. Writing content on such topics, and collaborating with suitable influencers for its marketing magnifies the success of your content marketing campaign.

2. Google Keyword Planner


google keyword planner

A researched approach towards content creation has higher chances of success. Do you know which content entity consumes the most time in researching? Keywords! Leveraging the right and high-target keywords provide a better picture of your content to the search engines.

As a result, the engines get to display your content to a bigger audience, eager to move down your sales funnel. But identifying all such keywords manually is a tedious and infeasible process.

The content research tools like Google Keyword Planner simplify the keyword hunting part for you. The efficient tool provides a list of all the high-target and traffic-driving keywords along with their CPC data. Incorporating the higher CPC keywords scale up your marketing campaign like no other.

3. Canva



Visual content attracts more eyeballs and is largely-shared across social media platforms. The inclusion of visual content on your website can heat the game unexpectedly.

Canva is one of the best content creation software that aids in generating captivating infographics and imagery. Canva’s free version has a massive library and numerous features that are enough to level up the content game for you. However, if you still require more, Canva offers a premium paid version, comprising even more features and tools for your content marketing campaign.

4. SEMRush



SEMRush ranks among the top content marketing platforms. It is a comprehensive marketing tool that generates valuable insights about an URL. You can enter any website URL in the SEMRush search bar and obtain eye-opening information on the high-target and attracting keywords.

This tool highlights all the keywords that are driving voluminous traffic for a given website. Many professional content marketers use SEMRush to analyze the keyword strength of their clients’ competitors.

5. MailChimp


You must have heard most marketing professionals emphasizing the impact of building a mailing list. Regardless of the advancement in the modes of communication, E-mails are the life jacket to a drowning content campaign. Sending similar emails to several recipients at the same time is cumbersome. MailChimp is an automated content marketing tool that simplifies mailing list building, sending bulk emails, and tracking your mailing campaign.

6. HootSuite



Staying proactive on social media is given a good-eye for a content campaign. However, consistent and punctual social media posting cannot be feasible at times. Resorting to HootSuite for planning and scheduling social media sharing is a great option. You can integrate 35 plus social media accounts with HootSuite, schedule numerous posts at peak hours, and obtain a descriptive social handles’ dashboard simultaneously.

7. Kred



Content cannot jump out before your potential customers on its own. You have to make significant efforts to improve the visibility of your content using sure-shot marketing hacks. One such high-yielding tactic is collaborating with active influencers in your industry. Kred helps you in influencer marketing. Using the Kred tool, you can find popular influencers to spread the word about your business to the masses.

8. CoSchedule



No matter how much effort you put into creating content, it goes in vain if no one reads your content. There could be many problems behind inactive content – lack of keywords or a dead headline. CoSchedule’s headline analyzer aids you in writing catchy and click-bait headlines for your content, having higher chances of getting clicked by the audiences.

9. Evernote



A lot moves across the mind when you are focused on creating wildfire content for your marketing campaign. Remembering all the ideas is impossible, and missing out on any of them brings immense loss to your campaign. Evernote is a content marketing software for jotting all your ideas in one place. You can access Evernote, and the saved ideas, images, and documents from any device. Also, you can allow your teammates to gather on Evernote, and discuss the saved content ideas.

10. Grammarly



Who likes spelling and grammatical errors in content! Even the search engines hate erroneous content. But you are prone to make mistakes when you are writing in a flow. So, post-writing analysis becomes necessary for the finishing touch of your content. Grammarly is such a free website content marketing tool that analyses your content, scores the writing, gives readability remarks, and suggests several improvements to increase engagement.

With the assistance of real or virtual marketing experts, content creation and marketing become a cakewalk for even beginners. High-utility content marketing software floods the market for helping the content newbies, intermediates, and professionals.

The experts have much experience in weaving a successful campaign without any external help. However, the tools make it easy even for a noob to curate a content marketing campaign that converts well with time. The content marketing tools shape up the campaign from scratch while aligning with the trending norms of the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is content marketing?

    Content marketing is a part of digital marketing, and is used to create quality content for targeting audiences. Content marketing leverages all kinds of content i.e. text, images, audio, and video format to lead generation.

  • 2. Why use content marketing tools?

    Content marketing demands experience, expertise, and carefully leveraging the strategies. A content marketing tool helps users in curating better strategies, directing the campaign in the right direction, and tracking the metrics effectively.

  • 3. What are top content marketing tools?

    Content marketing depends on various types of content format that’s why content marketing tools are also divided as per content format and uses. Top content marketing tools are BuzzSumo(Content marketing platform), Google Keyword Planner (Keyword research), Canva (Visual content), MailChimp (Email marketing), Kred (Influencer marketing), and HootSuite (Social media tool).

  • 4. Which tool is used for content ideas?

    The top content ideation tools are SEMrush, FAQFox, Google Search Console, Google Trends, Quora, Keyword Planner, and social media platforms. For quick content ideation, try to find out what your targeting audience is searching and create something relevant.

  • 5. Which is the best content marketing company?

    Auxano Global Services is a top content marketing company having immense expertise in all aspects of digital marketing. Our top digital marketing services include content marketing, rich content creation, social media marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, SEO, and search engine marketing. Contact us now to leverage profound content marketing strategy.

  • 6. Where can I go for more information about content marketing services?

    To know more about our content marketing services and to hire creative content marketers, contact us at or can call us at +1.209.736.5046.

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