You would not believe that there are 2 million active monthly users of android! This report is provided by the tech giant Google.

Nowadays people are crazy about new technology and spend most of the time using their smartphones.

The great thing about technology is that it continuously evolving.

I just loved the way Google introduced its brand new Google OS by celebrating the 10 years of Android ruling successfully the market.

“If you believe in openness if you believe in choice if you believe in innovation from everyone. Then welcome to Android.”

Time runs at skyrocket pace, I never realized that it’s been 10 years to Android. The idea of bringing Android was thriving and people around the globe rely on their devices more than anyone else.

Every time when Google comes up with new technology or new updates it is really not possible to hold ourselves back. Google proves to be the most amazing tech company by offering ease of using technology to the people and by bringing new technological advancements to life.

This time Google is thrilling us by the astonishing new Android P features:

Bringing Machine Learning as IT’s Base for Better Understanding

The latest OS Android P makes your smartphones even smarter by helping it learn things from you and adjust according to you.

Let’s introduce to the first exciting feature i.e Adaptive Battery. We all wish that our phone’s battery never dies. So, this time Google heard you and came up with a brilliant solution.

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This feature prioritizes the apps you can use to help you squeeze the most out of your battery. Google partnered up with the DeepMind to build the adaptive battery.

With the help of Machine Learning, Google also created Adaptive brightness feature which identifies how you like to handle the brightness of your phone according to your surroundings. Now you don’t have to do it manually.

The navigation feature is also upgraded. Now your phone will assist you in navigating your day by using context to give you the smart suggestions on the basis of your past activities such as what you like to do the most and will suggest you the next action. This feature is known as App Action.

What if the apps will help you right when you need them the most? It can happen with the help of machine learning. Yes, the next feature of Android P does that, it gives you a deeper look at your favorite apps.

Google wants to give you the best and smart experience with not only the OS but with the device as well. So, it is bringing the power of Google’s machine learning to app developers by launching the ML Kit.

This is the latest set of cross-platform where APIs are available via Firebase.

This kit allows the developers the on-device APIs for the features like text recognition, image labeling, face detection, etc. With these amazing features, the latest Android P provides vast opportunities in the field of android app development.

Making it More Easier Than Ever – The More the Merrier

Google is focusing on keeping it more handy and simple this time. It will save you from handling the big phones by making things accessible so that you can operate your phone by using one hand.

You can now swipe between the recently used apps with the full-screen preview by using the home button and you can also jump into one by simply tapping.

Good news for the people who constantly use different apps, now you have a Smart Text Selection feature, it works in the overview by making it simpler to perform your desired actions.

Android P brings the Quick Setting feature to take and even edit the screenshots without going to the gallery, also makes the control of volume a lot easier as well as enable you to manage your notification in a much simpler way.

Now Your Phone will Maintain the Balance of Life and Technology

The main aim of technology is to help you in your life, not distracting you from it.

Google kept this in mind and added some key capabilities to help you achieve your balance with technology.

By introducing the new feature named dashboard now you will be able to see how much of the time you are spending on your device and on the apps. Not only this feature will even tell you how many times you unlocked your phone and how many times you received the notifications.

After analyzing this data you can set time to the apps, with the help of App Timer. It will bump you when you will be close to the limit you have set and will also gray-out the icon so that you can focus on your goals without wasting the time.

As this OS has many features and it is also enhancing the capabilities of the device, it proffers various opportunities to the android app development company.

The best ever feature is DO NOT DISTURB mode. This will not only silent the phone calls and notifications but also the visual notification that pops up on your screen.

And for more amazing experience Google created a new gesture that if you will turn your phone on the table it will automatically enter to the DND mode.

Now your phone will remind you that hey it’s time to sleep. You just have to choose a bedtime then the Wind Down feature will switch on the light when it will get dark and also will turn your phone on DND mode as well as will fade away the screen as the time will be close to your sleeping time.

There are several new features in this OS and it is still under development phase as it is the beta version of the OS. So, hire app developers to identify the vast capabilities of this OS.


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These are the most exciting features of Android P, although they are not the only ones.

Besides these, there are hundreds of additional enhancements in the Android P like it is more secure, privacy improvements, protected confirmations, etc.

It is the best step taken by Google to bring the Machine Learning to everyone with an OS that learns from you, adjusts according to your needs, and even helps with your daily tasks.

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The Android P Beta is now available on Google Pixel, Sony Xperia XZ2, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s, Nokia 7 Plus, Oppo R15 Pro, VivoX21, One plus 6 and Essential PH-1.

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