This digital era has brought tremendous changes to our life. With this pace of time, it is the need of the hour to match the pace. You might have noticed shopping patterns from the past few years, people are shifting to online shopping nowadays.

Numerous apps have been built like Amazon, Myntra, etc. with a motive of online shopping. Everything from clothes, makeup, medicines, to grocery, one can easily find such kinds of products at online markets. But the question is- who is behind these functional apps? The idea is definitely brought by owners, but those are developers who bring this idea into reality.

Auxano Global Services is one such agency, built by a team of developers, designers, and testers. We are a renowned grocery app development company, with thousands of successful projects and happy clients. Our well-versed grocery app developers fully understand the needs of the clients and bring out an exclusive grocery app that can play well in this competitive era.

Our motive is high i.e. go unique and bring functionality. All our grocery apps till now have managed to hit the milestones without any bugs. One can simply recall various other online grocery stores like BigBasket or Grofers; so in such a case, how we are going to make your online grocery store stand out from others- is a challenge that we accept. Nothing can stop us from building unique and friendly apps that are just beyond your imagination.

In this particular article, we are discussing how to create your own grocery app, the needs of the grocery app, top grocery app features, and grocery app development cost. When it comes to grocery app development, things are not so easy as it appears. Pursue this article till the last to find out the exact cost of grocery app development.

Why should you go for an online grocery app?

Why should you go for an online grocery app?

Well, building a brand is not a cup of tea for everyone. A strong desire with dogged determination is the key to build a successful venture. Competition is everywhere! If you look for general stores, then the list of such stores is already full; talking about the clothing section, every second person is thinking about starting an offline or online clothing store as the margin is high in the clothing sector.

However, our experts say if everyone is going right, you should go left. You might get more opportunities because you will come across less competition and high profits. Here, a ready-made grocery app could prove to be a boon for newcomers. Not many people are into this venture, so you could make a profitable move.

What Features Should A Grocery App Have?

What Features Should A Grocery App Have?

1. Easy registration

In grocery delivery app development, the main point that we must consider for the ease of customers is easy registration. There should not be too many processes while registering, rather it should be straight and simple like name, address, email, and phone number.

2. Easy search

Any shopping app must be quick and easy to filter products. A simple search icon in the app will let the users find their desired product without scrolling for a long time.

3. Real-time tracking

In the present scenario, almost every app uses the feature of real-time order status. Thus, including this feature in the grocery app will enable buyers to track their shipment and they will also receive alerts related to their order through SMS or email.

4. Range of products

With grocery apps, customers can browse a wide range of products under different categories. Some developers even add categories to differentiate the products and make shopping easy.

5. Quantity of product

It is also important to add this feature in the grocery app because some users might need less quantity of items while some may need more quantity.

6. Delivery

It is good to add a customizable delivery time slot. With this feature, customers can choose their delivery time and day at their convenience.

7. Offers and discounts

Customers love discounts. To remind of using the app or to attract them, an online grocery app development company can add this feature. It is also a great feature to lure a first-time buyer.

8. Payment mode

Your grocery app must be friendly with various payment options such as Paytm, Paypal, Google pay, credit card, cash on delivery, etc. With a wide variety of payment options, users feel free to order grocery items without worrying about payment.

9. Re-order

Well, this could be an added advantage for a grocery app to include a feature of re-ordering. With this, customers do not need to look for the products again and can simply repeat their previous orders.

10. Settings

Give power to users. Add the “Settings” feature to your app so that your customer may alter their details anytime, anywhere.

11. Feedback

Leave a feedback feature in your app to let the customers review and rate your app. This will assist in improving brand awareness.

How Does A Grocery App Work?

How Does A Grocery App Work?

Working on a grocery app is described in a few simple steps by our experienced developers. Users will never find any difficulty in using such apps.

First of all, the user will sign up by entering his/her details. An account will be created with a personal email id and password. Browse the desired product with its name. Select the item you want then, you can add the product to the cart. After this, add your address where you want to get it delivered. Now, select the payment mode and order the product.

Your request for the order will be sent to Admin from where it is forwarded to the grocery store manager. Now, the ball is in the court of the store manager. He can either accept or decline the order. You will get a notification from the Admin. The delivery partner will collect and deliver the order. Whoo! The customer receives the order successfully.

Admin Panel

  • Interactive Admin Dashboard
  • Order & Store Management
  • Real-Time Analytics & Reports
  • Payment History Management
  • Content & Product List Management
  • Multi-tasking Sub-admin Creation

User Panel

  • Easy Social Media Login
  • Pick Address From GPS
  • Custom Order Placing
  • Real-Time Order Tracking
  • Engaging Push Notification
  • Personalize Home Page for Users

Delivery Panel

  • Nearby Store Locations
  • User’s Address Tracker
  • OTP For Secured Delivery
  • Review & Ratings By Users
  • Push Notifications For Orders
  • Payment Transaction History

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Grocery App?

To create such a profitable online venture and make it visible to the whole world, it would cost around $20000 to $50000 in India and $40000-$80000 in Europe or the USA. Grocery app development cost is totally based on the hours devoted to the project and the number of features included in it. This cost is truly justified by the hidden hard work of the developers and the company.

Remember one thing, the money that you will invest in building this revenue-generating grocery app will come back to you in double or triple amounts.

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Building a grocery app for individuals will enable them to order various grocery items at a simple click and they do not need to wander shop to shop to buy necessary items as these online platforms will offer doorstep delivery.

To become one of the favorite brands among online grocery stores, you need to hire online grocery app developers from reputed grocery app development companies like Auxano Global Services. Our dedicated app developers have immense expertise in Grocery app features and the latest technology. We will provide top-notch services with 24/7 customer service. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is an on-demand Grocery delivery app?

    As the name consist, an app is used to deliver grocery as per the user’s requirements, is known as grocery delivery application.

  • 2. What are the top grocery apps worldwide?

    DoorDash, TaskRabbit, EatClub, Grofers, and UrbanClap are voted as the top grocery app worldwide.

  • 3. Why use the Grocery app?

    The main benefit of using the grocery delivery app is buying online groceries at the doorstep. No parking and queuing hassle, quality food assured, save extra money on grocery shopping, and much more advantages.

  • 4. What are the main features of the on-demand grocery app?

    Any grocery delivery app should contain basic features like easy registration, quick search, real-time tracking, quality product, range of products, ratings, and reviews.

  • 5. Which is the best on-demand grocery app development company?

    Auxano Global Services is a leading grocery delivery app development company, having immense experience in developing world-class on-demand mobile applications. Our dedicated app developers are inquisitive as well as stubborn to create something beyond your expectations. Let’s contact us now to know more about us.

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