We all are facing a significant crisis due to Covid-19. This has changed many everyday things such as consumer habits, market requirements, and various other changes that were seen in 2020. But there is still a solution to let things continue by opting for new ways of working and living. If you want to recover from the loss this year, then stay tuned.

Tech companies were the first who opted for remote work culture to prevent this situation, and it has now become a new way of working. Besides, outsourcing has also increased due to this culture, and companies are relying on overseas talent. Isn’t it a great sign in the darkness?

The global outsourcing market was worth $92.5 million in 2019. Statistics show that revenue in the application outsourcing segment is projected to reach US$108,748.6m in 2021.

According to Forbes, by 2025, 70% of employees will work remotely. One of the most popular options for hiring remote developers is outsourcing. It lets organizations focus on core business tasks and save precious time.

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Qualified and skilled remote developers have never been in higher demand. Hence, you might have a few questions in mind: What will be the best ways to hire remote developers in 2024? How to manage remote developers? What tools for remote teams do you need to set up a smooth remote collaboration? We’ve outlined the answers based on our decade of experience in building remote development teams for our patrons.

How to Hire Remote Developers in 2024?

The COVID-19 Second Wave pandemic has influenced various industry verticals, including IT, poultry, seafood, consumer durables and electronics, tour and travel, hospitality, apparel, gems and jewelry, automobile industries, etc.

But for a few industries like IT, the best way to operate has become working remotely. Hence, hiring a remote workforce as your development team is the best-fit solution that can help you earn a lot higher than last year and recover your losses.

Still not sure, read out the entire guide because we talk with facts and figures.

Evolution of Remote Jobs in Remoters.net

Let’s have some light on the current facts:

We Believe In Facts –

  • A startup, online business, or conceptual venture needs a talented developer to win the competition and complete your customer expectations.
  • 83% of employees feel they don’t need an office to be productive, according to Workforce Futures.
  • Among performance-based remote work statistics in 2020, 94% of surveyed employers report that company productivity has been the same (67%) or higher (27%) since employees started working from home during the pandemic.

Number of software developers in the world in 2018-2024

Let’s list out the primary reason why to hire remote developers:

Why should you as a company opt for a remote workforce?

Nowadays, companies are shifting towards remote collaboration; let’s consider why it is the best option and what advantages you get when you hire remote professionals. Businesses have realized the power of remote development and are increasingly adopting this with wide-open arms.

Why should you as a company opt for a remote workforce

Cost-Efficient Approach – No overhead cost

Remote work helps companies reduce their operational costs because you don’t have to pay the rent for space, types of equipment, software, furniture, etc.

In the various regions, hiring talented developers is way more costly than we think, and you can take leverage of the remote working culture by hiring skilled developers across the globe.

Utilizing remote developers or outsourcing development projects overseas can save businesses a lot of money to further expand their business.

Not only is remote working an excellent gig for workers who enjoy versatility, but it’s also advantageous to companies worldwide. Hiring a remote worker concedes you access to talent across the globe at affordable rates.

According to a survey by FlexJobs, 95% of respondents say that their productivity has been higher or the same working from home, and 51% report being more productive when working remotely.


When you hire remote engineers or a team overseas, they do take you and your privacy seriously. The service providers handle all required safety measures to keep your data protected.

Most companies sign NDA that helps businesses and confirms that their data is safe with the service provider.

Access to More Suitable Development Capabilities

When you choose the remote team for development, you get the opportunity to hire the most talented pool of developers at a very affordable rate compared to in-house development. This leads to enhanced development skills. Also, you work in a flexible environment where you can focus on other primary tasks that require your attention.

Remote Teams Are Reliable & Technically Abreast

By outsourcing development, hiring mobile & web developers is the need of the hour for almost all companies who seek technical help to bring their services and products available to the internet and accessible to people across the globe.

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Grab Opportunities by Developing Sustainable Products

When you develop new products with the help of a remote team using the latest technology, it allows you to grab new opportunities in the market.

Remote work opens the door to worldwide hiring and lets you have a product built by the most experienced and skilled professionals. This makes your product highly unique as well as technically unparalleled.

You can find a remote software engineer or an entire team and outsource your project to popular destinations like India to get a lower and affordable rate along with highly skilled expertise.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers

Benefits of hiring remote developers

Hiring across the globe lets you attract different developers with a wide range of skills and unique experiences.

But finding a high-quality remote employee with the potential to work according to your concept is hard to find. It is time-consuming & costly. Thankfully, some steps, checks, and procedures can help you make the right decision.

Now the first task is how do you hire your remote developer, so stay connected, and let’s begin-


How do you hire remote developers?

If you want to hire talented remote developers, you need to have an effective remote hiring process. So following step you need to find out –

How do you hire remote developers?

1. Set Clear Requirements

Before making a hiring decision, you need to figure out your project requirements and consider what platform or technology you would like to go for.

Define the project:

Define your product’s core requirements, what difficulty it solves, and your target audience.

You want to list features you want to add:

Describe the core features to know what type of technology you need and developer requirements according to the technology.

Choose a platform:

Decide which platform you want your product, according to the budget.

So, before you start looking for a remote developer, determine the core requirements for your project.

It’s better that you find an experienced remote development team that can fulfill your requirements.

We are listing the languages that you might want to build your software in:

Programming language for software development

After getting to know these aspects, you will be able to hire remote software developers and describe your project to your hiring team.

2. Thorough Screening Process

Hiring a remote development team is quite complex if you don’t follow the right approach. You should understand the sincerity that you have to share your secrets, and you want to get high-grade work from a team that sits thousands of miles away.

Therefore, you must know the capability, competence, and how much your remote team is dedicated. To identify these, you must have a thorough screening process, such as handling interviews yourself and evaluating the capabilities and making sure that you get to know that the team can’t handle your project.

3. Pick Suitable Destination For Development

Global Developer poppulation and Demographic study 2019

Many factors make a few destinations suitable for hiring remote web & mobile app developers.

Let’s find out the best destinations.

Top destinations to outsource software development:

Top destinations to outsource software development


India has become the first choice of everyone worldwide when hiring offshore developers at an affordable price. Simultaneously, an average hourly rate for the developer is $25 per hour compared to $80/h in the USA.

India is an ideal choice for clients in the UK and the US for outsourcing as it’s the second-largest English-speaking country in the world. India was nominated as the country globally with the most significant number of STEM graduates – 2.7 million.

United States:

The US is the hub of developers and has topped the chart in the number of developers. But when it comes to cost per hour, this is the most highly rated place, and that’s why if you want to recover your last year’s losses or wish to develop a cost-friendly product, then look for other options. The average hourly cost of a remote developer in the US is $78 – $125.


Canada is also a very popular destination for hiring remote developers, but the cost per hour is also high compared to other countries. Approximately 18.6% of annual graduates in Canada have a STEM degree. If we talk about the average per hour cost of hiring in Canada, it is around 55-80 Canadian dollars per hour.

United Kingdom:

The UK also comes on the list of places where you can hire remote developers. The firms in the UK also accept outsourcing projects, but some firms still hire remote developers from India due to quality and cost while they become the mediators without letting the client know. According to research, the average cost per hour of a software developer in the UK is £70-£120.


This place isn’t the most favorite place for hiring remote developers due to the high wages charged by developers. Australia is the most expensive place for hiring remote developers, with an average per hour rate of AU $70-$150.

Average hourly Rate for Software Development

Average hourly Rate for Software Development


Tips To Hire Top Remote Developers

Tips To Hire Top Remote Developers

Recognizing the project challenges:

We understand offshoring seems quite complicated, but it is incredibly effective if you clearly define your expectations. No doubt there will be a few differences such as time and culture, but it does wonder by saving your cost. You need to strategize appropriately by defining the timeline and keep your objective and goals transparent with your remote team.

It is Highly Profitable & Incredible:

We have discussed many times above that outsourcing is highly profitable as the cost of development varies as per the region you choose to hire your remote development team from India. But do remember to hire a professional and experienced team that can exceed your expectations by properly reviewing their work and by interviewing them.

Pick A Company That Seems Reliable:

While having communication with many companies, do check how promising and reliable they sound and whether they will go beyond the limit to provide you the best fit solution or not. Ensure that they understand your ethics, goals, and company’s vision.

Discuss your contract before signing an agreement:

You should understand that offshoring also needs attention. Even though this option solves many challenges and opens various opportunities, be careful while signing a contract. Offshoring also has its benefits and challenges that you should be aware of.

Hiring a Remote Team? Consider the Below Points

Hiring a remote web and mobile app development team can be really advantageous if you first finalize your requirements and goals. Share your objective with the team you want to hire and then streamline communication.

Hiring a Remote Team? Consider the Below Points

Set Outline of Your Development Needs

You can think of hiring a dedicated remote talent or choose to engage remote freelancers based on your requirement. Also, your development needs will also help you realize how skilled and experienced a developer you will be required to fulfill your goals.

Hire After Thorough Research

You should have a defined process that helps you understand the competence, caliber, and commitment of the remote workforce. Define a set of activities and make a standard process to help you get the people you are looking for through your screening process.

Communication Is Must

If you do not communicate the task properly even, your in-house developers won’t deliver the right product that you require. Hence, you should emphasize communicating timely and adequately with your remote team to ensure they meet your defined goals.

Set A Project Timeline

When you work with a remote workforce, it is essential to have a detailed roadmap that explains the project’s scope and timeline.

Are you looking for a perfect remote development team to outsource your project?

If you are looking for a robust yet skilled development team that can work remotely, then follow the steps mentioned above to hire. These tips and steps will help you in your journey and will also lead you to a perfect development team. If you want to save cost and still need the best quality work, we recommend hiring top remote developers from India.

India has all the benefits of considering this place as their go-to destination for hiring a remote workforce such as advanced IT infrastructure, skilled professionals, and professional work culture.

Picking the right remote developers can be pretty complicated and challenging nowadays. But if you know the right approach, then you can hire a remote workforce that can bring your beneficial results in the long run. It’s very crucial to hire an experienced and reliable technology partner.

When it comes to deciding who you should hire as your remote development team in India, you should consider Auxano Global Services. With immense experience in web and mobile app development, we have been serving Fortune 500 to startup firms from across the globe.

AGS is an outsourcing software development company in India that has more than 8 years of experience in rendering full-cycle software development services; from designing custom software from scratch to developing mobile applications, we do everything.

We have a team of business analysts who successfully define our clients’ requirements that help us deliver technical solutions that our clients desire.

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At AGS, we understand how long-term relationships work, and for that, we help our clients take their decisions wisely and let them check our work without charging a single penny. Our different hiring models make your task too easy, and you only hire our workforce for the time you need them to work on the project.

Enterprise or Startups, We Make It Possible!

Dedicated or On-demand, High-performing Talent Pool of Developers available for every single need.

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Hire Remote Developers from Auxano Global Services

Hire top developers in India as your extended team and conquer your development capability. You can hire a coder for web, mobile, eCommerce, CMS, game & SaaS solutions according to your need.

Why choose AGS?

We are affordable and 2x more dedicated than other professionals in the market.

Why choose AGS?

Flexible Engagement Models

We offer various hiring models for your convenience and needs. You can hire our dedicated resources based on your project, such as part-time, hourly, weekly, or even at a fixed cost. Flexible Engagement Models give you the advantage of picking your resources as per your wish.

We understand that not every model is appropriate for all types of projects. Hence, you need to pick the suitable model based on your project type, work type, budget, availability, & model workflow.

Flexible Engagement Models

You can choose different models for different resources in the same project. If you want to get a detailed explanation, we are here to elaborate. Give us a call, and let’s make remote development a cakewalk for you.

How to hire dedicated developers from Auxano Global Services?

Hire mobile/web/game/custom software app development talents strongly capable of deriving outstanding outcomes to your development project’s evolving demands.


How to hire dedicated developers from Auxano Global Services?

Auxano Global Services has a pool of skilled and experienced developers who have expertise in various latest languages and advanced technologies. So without further ado, reach our experts and give your business the push it needed to grow and reach another level.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How to hire remote developers or remote development teams?

    If you want to hire a remote developer or a remote development team, then a few steps can help you. You should first decide your budget and then a place where your budget fits and then check for the quality of work. We recommend you to choose Auxano Global Services’s dedicated remote professional from India to get affordable rates and the best developers for hire.

  • 2. Which country should I pick while hiring remote developers?

    There are many options when it comes to outsourcing, but if you want to hire experienced and highly qualified mobile, web, and game developers at an affordable rate, then India is the best place. At AGS, we charge $25 per hour. Connect with us to start working now.

  • 3. Is it cost-effective or expensive to hire remote developers?

    It’s a fact that outsourcing overseas is way cheaper than hiring in-house developers because you don’t have to pay rent for a place, software, furniture, and many other things. When you hire from a country like India, then you only have to pay $25per hour, whereas if you hire an in-house team in the USA, you have to pay $78 to $185 per hour.

  • 4. Why is it recommended to work with remote developers?

    The main benefit of hiring remote developers are:

    1. Lower Cost

    2. You Can Hire Talent Globally

    3. Flexibility

  • 5. How do I test your remote developer experience?

    At Auxano Global Services, you will get an experience certificate, and you can also take their test to ensure they are experienced enough to carry out your task efficiently. We also let our developers work for a week on your project so that you get to know their capabilities without charging a single penny.

  • 6. What If in the middle of a project I need to change remote developers?

    We’ll replace the developers with the other one, as simple as that. For further queries, you can contact us.

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