Distributed and agile are the two buzzwords in the application development industry. Immense benefits like boosted productivity and enhanced performance credits to the hyped paradigm. Customers and developers both prefer agile projects developed through a distributed team.

Much like other stakeholders, team Auxano Global Services have adopted an agile development approach through a distributed team. So, throughout the article, we will discuss our approach towards following a distributed agile methodology.

What is Our Agile Project Development?

We energize your projects with fast and scalable development using an agile methodology. Our approach comprises breaking your project into multiple subtasks and following an iterated development process to deliver flawless products at the most minimal span. We keep backlogs handy and prepare ourselves for upcoming tasks well in advance.

Benefits of Following Agile Methodology

Agile methodology offers a gamut of benefits to our customers and developers. So, we follow an agile approach to edge our offerings with the following advantages.

Benefits of Following Agile Methodology

1. Bug-Free Deliverables

We subject your project subparts to multiple checks and iterations to make them bug-free at the time of delivery.

2. High-Quality Solutions

Frequent testing, iteration, and feedback collection produce superior solutions without bugs and errors.

3. Better Synchronization

Our team establishes better synchronization among different departments and brings well-laid and expected deliverables at the end.

4. Rapid Development

Agile methodology speeds up our development process and allows us to deliver your projects within a stipulated timeline.

5. Aligned with Requirements

Approaching your project as subparts let us align our solution with all your objectives precisely.

How Different is a Distributed Team from an Ordinary One?

Distributed teams comprise various members working from different locations on a single project in a coordinated manner. Such teams are in vogue. At Auxano Global Services, we depend on a distributed team to complete your project. But, why? It’s because you can access the following benefits with a distributed workforce:

How Different is a Distributed Team from an Ordinary One?

1. Unlocking Diverse Skill Sets

We believe in a distributed methodology to enrich your project with a variety of skills, coming from a diverse team.

2. Enhanced Productivity

Our distributed team remains productive throughout the software development lifecycle and comes with robust outcomes at every phase.

3. Budget-Friendly

We offer high-quality solutions against minimal costs through a distributed team having lower maintenance charges.

4. Higher Customer Satisfaction

Our agency offers the highest customer satisfaction with productive, bug-free, and requirement-aligned solutions, developed by our distributed workforce.

Our Agile Development Approach

We follow agile methodology to speed up your project and improve the quality of the deliverables. Being agile removes all product bugs during the developmental phase itself, saving your experience by omitting end-moment glitches. Do you wish to know the steps we follow in our agile approach? Here they are!

Our Agile Development Approach

1. Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD)

Our teammates assemble to listen to your exact requirements and extract the objectives before getting hands-on with your project. We connect you with experienced professionals in our team who jot down your demand and suggest effective improvisations to frame better-than-ordinary products.

2. Agile Modeling

We follow your requirement specification document to strategize the project for agile development. Our team divides the project into subparts and releases a plan with steady scopes of unexpected spikes. Once we fabricate a release plan, we move your project to the implementation phase.

3. Agile Testing

Our agile methodology keeps rigorous testing in the foreground. We subject each subpart to extensive testing to cite probable glitches and proceed towards yet another iteration. These processes continue until the outcome becomes flawless in all aspects.

4. Acceptance Testing

Our team sends the latest version to different stakeholders and asks for valuable feedback on them. We address unattended bugs at this phase and go for another iteration to produce impeccable solutions at the end.

5. Feature Release

We ensure following all the above steps to remove errors and align our solution with your requirements. Finally, our product becomes ready to publish and entails no technical glitches at the end.

Our Agile Methodology Features

Our well-stated methodology entails the following advantageous features.

Our Agile Methodology Features

1. Backlog Management

Our team keeps an eye on what’s pending and upcoming in the future. We prepare ourselves with subsequent tasks to streamline the entire development process.

2. Sprint Backlog

We develop a Sprint backlog to inform our Scrum team about what’s to be done during the Sprint.

3. Regular Scrum Meeting

Our Scrum team invests in regular meetings to state that every department belongs on the same page and discusses the project progress briefly.

4. Synchronized Iterations

Being agile lets us conduct iterations in a synchronized manner and deliver products that have no alignment errors.

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Auxano Global Services offers the most advanced agile products through a distributed team. With us, you can create solutions that check on all your objectives and attain your end goals precisely. From requirement specification to testing and iteration, our team aims at synchronizing your project for high quality and rapid delivery. Contact us now.

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