The poker game is widely played through cards in which players win over the best game. This game’s popularity has given rise to its online version, which expanded due to its simplicity and engagement level.

Online poker games are there since 1998 and geared up the popularity since then. Many people are benefiting by developing poker games with unique themes and storylines. However, it requires investment. The simpler and more attractive you want the game to be, the more money it demands.

To help you with counting the expenses of hiring a poker game developer, As a leading Poker game development company, Auxano Global Services has created a blog explaining how much does it cost to hire poker game developers.


First, let’s get to know some interesting facts about the poker game and its market analytics. This will help you in understanding the market position of poker games and their investment worthiness.

1. Talking about online poker games, it is projected to increase to 92.9 billion U.S. Dollars by 2024. The size will double up in the coming years.

2. Relevancy of online poker games can be observed when in 2020, 70% of the betting revenue was generated from mobile gambling.

What is the work of a developer for poker games?

A poker game developer understands and executes a game plan that converts the client’s imagination into reality. The developer is responsible for research, planning, coding, and launch. These stages have other sub-stages that require a professional.

Some top poker game development agencies also have different professionals for different roles. Developing a poker game might seem easy, but it requires ultimate expertise for planning strategies and implementation.

Types of Poker Game Developers

There are several types of Poker game developers, let’s segregate them and understand how their budget template works.

Here we have segregated types of developers into two broad categories: one is with the type of development and the other is a way of the hiring process.

Poker games are played widely on many types of operating systems, and devices. Different platforms require different types of developers with niche expertise.

Here are 4 broad types of developers according to the type of platform’s requirements.

Types of Poker Game Developers

1. Android Game Developers

Developing poker games for the android operating system includes skills and frameworks that can utilize its functions in the best manner possible. the charges may depend on an hourly basis or according to the company policy.

2. iOS Game Developers

Developing games for iOS is different from Android because of different operating systems, and launch processes. The developer needs a different type of specialization in frameworks and languages. The charges may also vary with the location of the developer.

3. Hybrid Game Developers

You can also go with hybrid game development that works with both the Android and iOS systems. Working separately for two operating systems costs more than hybrid app development. The charges may also vary with the  experties & location of the hybrid developers.

4. Windows Game Developers

A windows game developer works specifically for the system and charges accordingly. The development demands of windows are very different from other operating systems. The charges vary a lot according to the features of the game.

Hiring Process

Based on the hiring process, there are three types of poker game developers who can work for you. The types are segregated on the basis of their working style and with different working styles, their payment methods also differ.

Hiring Process of Poker game developers

1. Freelancer

A freelancer works as an independent professional, without any contract, or agency. Their payment process is generally hour-based and the charges depend on their expertise and industry demand.


Freelancer developers are mostly easier to find and cost lesser.

When looking for a freelancer you will have many options to look from a pool of talent.

Freelancers demand lesser time investment and allow their clients to focus on other business essentials.


Freelancers are quite unreliable for a long-term commitment. Their services end with final payment after the delivery.

Quality of work is also not guaranteed because majorly freelancers have a monetary focus.

Their hourly rate is approximately between $15 to $35 per hr. The location of the freelancer also plays a crucial role in determining their charge.

2. In-House Professional

Hiring an in-house professional is a long-term commitment and demands various legal contracts and finance management. An in-house developer demands insurance money, salary, infrastructural requirements, and much more.


An in-house team has guaranteed availability and work quality.

Employees have a better understanding of soft skills like communication, teamwork, and commitment.

In-house professionals are able to apprehend corporate and business demands.


If you want an in-house professional, then you should be ready for higher money investment.

The recruitment process is also lengthy and demanding.

Their salary depends on their experience, location of work, and many more factors.

3. Hire Game Developers Agency

Preferably the best option to go with because of the cost-efficiency factor. The price ranges between freelancer and in-house professional and the level of expertise is at par. Expert developers in the game development agency are hired with utmost delicacy.


Hiring a game development agency helps in saving time and cost.

They are adept with communication and legal issues of development.

An agency delivers everything under an umbrella, from counseling, QA, marketing, and support & maintenance.

Their charges are determined by the level of development with features and functionality, research, analyses, and some more determining factors.

How Much Does Poker Game Development Cost

Cost of Hiring Poker Game Developer

The cost of hiring a poker game developer depends on various factors and categories. Firstly, the amount of features and functionality on demand determines the cost. Here is the list of determining factors: –

Animation and Gifties, Design and theme, Prototype and testing, Development and Programming, 3D and 2D art creation and design and Other prices determining factors are:

1. Location of the developer

A developer hired in the United States approximately demands more than $1,00,000. A European developer’s tentative charge is $65,000 and when talking about Asian nations like India, the developer approximately charges $45,000.

2. Per Hour basis

Developers also charge on per hour basis. The charge varies according to their market demand and expertise. The more hours they have to work, the more charge they will count at the end. Charges for android, iOS, and hybrid development differ.

Per hour rates of several Global areas

United States – $70 to $170 per hour

Australia – $69 to $110 per hour

Canada – $50 to $75 per hour

Western Europe – $50 to $125 per hour

Asia – $25 to $50 per hour

Want to Hire the Best Poker game developers

Why Hire Poker game developers From Auxano Global Services?

Auxano Global Services is the top poker game development company with a vast client base for the same. Our agency manifests what they intend to serve, and has experienced great success with previous game development clients.

Poker game development might seem simple but requires expertise for deciding themes, storyline, design, and development strategy. We also offer marketing, support and maintenance services that aren’t part of development but are crucial for the app’s success.

Our poker game experts are industrially trained and have hands-on experience in the job they are working for. We have different professionals working on different tasks, and they have their expertise in it. We hire experts with a thin filter of professionalism, experience, modern knowledge, and communication.


Poker game development is in demand and is increasing at a great pace. The reason behind this is its functionality, engagement capability, and attractiveness. It is an investable business because of its huge target audience, and the opportunity to have a low infrastructural investment with quick returns.

Auxano Global Services is a leading Bespoke Poker game development company and has proven itself through the years as the best choice for poker game development services. Our experts are not only profound with industrial experience, but they also keep themselves updated with the latest poker game trends and work accordingly.

If you want to have cutting-edge poker game development, then Contact us now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is poker game development an investable business?

    Yes, poker games are popular and with their digitization, people love to play them in their comfort. The demand has increased and is projected to increase in the upcoming years, it is completely worth investing in poker game development with a suitable group of professionals.

  • 2. Can a start-up choose to employ poker game development?

    As a start-up, it might be a little draining for the investment but if you have money to invest, you can jump into the market and extract the best returns.

  • 3. Does AGS provide Maintenance and support services for poker game?

    Yes, we are always open to maintenance & support services and any kind of service our client demands. Our services and client relations don’t end with project delivery.

  • 4. Which is the best company for poker game development?

    When you are looking for the best poker game development company, consider Auxano Global Services like the one. Our specialists are up to date with the latest poker trends, as well as have a tremendous amount of industry knowledge. Contact us now!

  • 5. Why Hire Poker game developers From Auxano Global Services?

    Auxano Global Services is a leading Bespoke Poker game development company and has proven itself through the years as the best choice for poker game development services. Our poker game experts are industrially trained and have hands-on experience in the job they are working for. We have different professionals working on different tasks, and they have their expertise in it.

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