The life of your business depends on the decisions you make and the attitude you hold from the beginning.

Business is a wild race, my friends with hell lot of ups, downs and unexpected turns.

Whether you have a startup or your business is facing its tough time, it can be tempting that you go for every project you get by putting quality around the corner. But believe me, it’s the worst thing you can do for your Business. 

It takes bravery to behave differently. It takes courage to encourage something new. Trying new things will always scare you but the things that scare you can also take you to the top.

Take the courage to adopt the new market trends. By stopping your ego I meant that take some me time and have a thought that how you are contributing to your customers by maintaining the quality. 

If the answer will make your head high then yes you are on the right side but, if this sets your head to the ground you need to wake up my friend. 


Lagging behind from your Competitors? Implement these Tips in your Strategy NOW!


Market analysis plays an important role in a company’s growth but marking it with keeping your standards matters the most. 

The principles I’m going to share with you here will help you rule the competition. You can use them to get ahead at any point, and they’re especially helpful when you’re first making a name for yourself.

Be the one that others want to STAND AROUND

Standing out from your competition is critical but to understand that concept, far too many businesses fail to put it into practice. 

If you want to excel in business today, you have to differentiate your Business strategy from others otherwise you are just like other sheep in the flock. 

For being a flamingo in a flock of pigeons you must have the innovative idea or rather adopt the technology trends. 

There are many technological trends that can be beneficial for your business. Only a few firms have adopted the latest trends such as the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, mobile apps, etc. these technologies are proving their worth in the market. 

So, implement these in your Business techniques and be the first to set the trend. 

Having knowledge about the big trends in Business technology is an excellent way to keep yourself competitive in every aspect, be it technology or Business. Make yourself accessible to your customers by having your own mobile app will also help you. You can opt for a top mobile app development company to create your kinda mobile app. 

These trends in Technology present a great opportunity for skilled professionals to step in and thrive. 

Think of how you can create a story in your business. What can you do to create that picture in your client’s mind that he/she will always remember? 

Don’t compete with your competition, compete with yourself and analyze what difference you have compared to others. 

If you wanna make it worth. Be the difference you look in others. 

Business values Quality over Quantity.

Let’s take an example to know why is it so. 

What do you prefer? Having half knowledge in different streams or having specialization in one stream?

I think you got my point.

Despite this, many firms have developed a notion that focusing on quantity will get more money and that means getting success. 

A huge quantity of projects or clients can make your company profile look good but what if they are not satisfied with your products and services. 

Whereas small numbers of projects and a trusted clientele base will help you in the long run.

To become sustainable in the market, companies have to offer quality services. Even for creating productivity, generating quantity traffic is of no use focus should be on quality traffic.

The basic thing is a customer who is not satisfied with your services will never recommend your brand to someone. 

I know delivering quality products and services takes time but it’s the right choice. Quality can make you establish in the market.

So, instead of choosing the quantity, go for the quality for the sake of your company’s Big Picture. Delivering the best quality should be the priority in your Business strategy model

Raise the bars high!

Raising standards is all about taking whatever you deliver, making it better in every aspect possible. It means knowing what your current standards or expectations of quality and deciding what you want them to be. 

Setting standards is very crucial in the current business world. It makes you more effective at what you do. It helps you to improve and it challenges you to be your best more of the time. 

Do you remember when in school, the teacher told you that Wh-words is so important? 

Yes!! They are.

Whenever you get stuck in your Business just try to ask yourself these Wh questions and get the answers of these. 

You can be your own critics just be clear with your thoughts and vision. 

A consistent brand, based on effective standards can help you build new customer relationships and grow your company. 

Set the standards to remain true to your values and listen to your conscience.

Hell Yeah!! I can do it!!

Attitude plays an important role in every aspect of life. It affects everything from your thoughts to your actions. 

Being in the Business is very similar to a roller coaster ride, there are a number of lows and highs. You encounter the heartache, the fear, happiness, etc. 

The key is to know that what happens doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is how you respond to it.

Just remember one thing that after these hurdles in your path you will reach your destination. So, never stop moving ahead. 

Keep your head high and maintain a positive outlook. Have that energy that can inspire others as well as can make everything possible.

Have the excitement to achieve your target. 

Hard work, high energy, and an upbeat spirit will guide you towards success, in spite of all the challenges you meet in your way. 

Ability is what you are capable of doing, Motivation defines what you do, but Attitude determines how well you do it. 

A can-do attitude is all one needs. It acts as a catalyst for the growth of your business as well as a bridge between success and failure. 


You need to be aware of your competition because they are occupying your market share, but the key to mastery is to focus on your business and the things that distinguish you from others. 

The reason behind most businesses ‘ struggles and failures is that because they try to copy their competitors or they are very bad at describing why their service or product is better from others. 

Business standards, Business techniques, and Attitude are what your business strives to. Quality is of prime importance to a business than quantity. 

The major goal of writing this blog is to give a direction to all the entrepreneurs and to those who got stuck in the middle path. 

So if you are looking to take over your competition, here are the final words you should always keep in your mind. 

Stop Concentrating on your competition, and start focusing on yourself, your clients, your products and how you can win your client’s heart. 

Keep these points in mind and dream as big as you can. 

I bet you will not get disappointed. 

Chase your dreams…

In high heels of course.

About the Author

Nirav Upadhyay

Nirav Upadhyay

Nirav Upadhyay is a Digital marketing Head at Auxano Global Services, a renowned Digital Marketing Company. He started his career as an SEO Analyst in 2006 and has been in the field ever since. He excels at Search Engine Optimization, SMM, SEM and Product Marketing. Alongside his work as a Digital Marketing Head, Nirav also contributes to publications such as Entrepreneur, Bloomberg Businessweek, CIO, Huffington Post, The Drum and TNW.