The UAE population has taken the use of applications like fish to the water. On average people in the UAE spend around 3 hours daily on smartphones. The number of smartphone users in the UAE is estimated to reach 4.3 million users by the next year.

The UAE is clearly trying to turn into a Leading Technological hub.

According to the report of World Economic Forum UAE recently announced its national technology and innovation strategy that has been compared to the fourth industrial revolution.

When it comes to seeing the potential for New Technologies, embracing the Developments, implementing change and innovation to enhance the efficiency the UAE comes in the first position.


Whether rolling out apps to help everyone with their day-to-day interactions, developing a smart portal to help employees and employers find new opportunities.

Since the UAE region is amazingly technical and is among the international pioneers to try out new technologies and make the ordinary life of its residents “smart”, no wonder there are a hell lot of options lies for app developers.

✨ With all this information what do you think about how good is the UAE market for App Developers?

Without a doubt, it has an enormous amount of possibilities resides in UAE.

⚜️ What are the technologies where developers can flourish their skills???

✨ Best Treat for Blockchain Developers


Early this year Government of UAE declared that it will turn all the transactions to Blockchain an online encrypted database for paperless document processing by 2020.

“According to a statement by Smart Dubai adoption of Blockchain will unlock an annual saving of 5.5 billion Dirham which is almost equal to the value of one Burj Khalifa’s worth every year. “

By 2020, the Government of UAE wants all visa applications, bill payments and license renewals, which account for over 100 million documents each year, to be transacted digitally using Blockchain.

But the scope doesn’t end here because the Blockchain Development has vast scope in every industry be its music industry, video industry, etc.

The director of Smart Dubai also stated that UAE is aiming to be the Blockchain capital of the world.

So, if you are a Blockchain developer or a Blockchain Development Company then the UAE market is the diamond mine for you.

✨ Artificial Intelligence is going to Shine


According to a recent Accenture report, AI has the potential to boost the total economic growth in the UAE by 1.6 percent and will add $182 billion to its annual gross value by 2035.

By taking this figure into account it is likely to say that the level of growth that AI holds to bring to the UAE’s economy is extraordinary.

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And recently UAE appointed the first Minister of AI who will help the country become more prepared for the challenges of Artificial Intelligence.

Gitex also mentioned that the average annual growth in AI, UAE will be the highest contributor by leading the chart at 33.5%. between 2018-2030.

This is the welcome invitation for the AI development companies as well as the developers. If you have expertise in AI then UAE is the best ground for you.

✨ Robotics is at its Boom

According to the latest Human Development report UAE ranked amongst the 50 most advanced countries in the world.


I have no doubt that it has the best futuristic plans. They know that just being an Oil distributor is not their identity so they are proving themselves in the Technical world.

Every police officer you have ever met till now has been a living, breathing human being, but that might change if you will take a tour to UAE.

Yes, UAE knows the future of robotics as well and they even implemented it to their advantage.

Not only this more hospital in the UAE is now turning to robotic surgery to perform some of the most complicated and dynamic procedures.

At the center of Robotics, Drones, and 3D printing innovation in the Middle East in the UAE, with government ambitions leading the way.

Robotics is the new future!!! It’s true and if you have experience in this field and even your company have expertise in the field the UAE market is waiting for you.

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The scope of development will never gonna come to an end. The technology is growing at the rocket’s pace and it will grow continuously. There is no sign of slowing it down.

And most significantly with the rise of technology the use of Applications will also boost.

So this is a wake-up call and a great chance for the app development companies as well as the developers who can build the app for various platforms.

The great news is for those companies that UAE is the fresh market if you have an expert and trained geeks who can work efficiently in the latest trending technologies such as Blockchain, AI, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Mobile App Development?

    Mobile app development is the process of developing mobile applications that are used in mobile devices. This process contains various steps, and you need a mobile app development company for this task.

  • 2. What is a Cross-Platform App Development?

    Cross-platform native mobile app development refers to the development of an application that can run across multiple platforms, and they give a look and feel of a native app on any mobile device platforms from one codebase.

  • 3. What is On-demand app development?

    The on-demand economy allows users to order services right where they want as per their demands. To develop an application that fulfills users’ demands exactly when they need it is known as on-demand app development. From ride sharing, food delivery, to any services that you need, today’s tech now has your back covered.

  • 4. What is Flutter App Development?

    Flutter app development refers to mobile app development in the Flutter framework. The framework is backed by Google and can be to develop apps for various platforms such as mobile, web, and embedded devices.

  • 5. What is React Native App Development?

    React Native is a mobile application development framework released by Facebook that is used to develop a cross-platform application that can run on various platforms.

  • 6. Do Cross Platform apps support all iOS and Android features?

    Cross-platform apps support almost all the native features of iOS and Android platforms. It depends on which framework you pick for your cross-platform app development.

  • 7. How much does it cost to develop an On-demand app in 2024?

    Developing the cost of an on-demand app in 2024 will start from approximately $20k depending upon the type of app. It also depends upon the features, the complexity of the project, the mobile app development company‘s hourly charges, and the region you choose for the development.

  • 8. How Much Does React Native App Development Cost?

    React native app development will cost you around $25k-$50k; it also depends upon the complexity of the app. Generally react native app development companies charge approximately $25 per hour.

  • 9. How much does it cost to build an app for a small business?

    The cost of developing an app for a small business will go around $15K to $25k. The price can vary as per the business requirement and app development company you choose.

  • 10. How much does app development cost?

    App development can cost around $10k to $50k depending upon the type of app, features required, complexity, and hourly charges of app developers.

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