Are you planning to develop a Unity game but don’t know which approach is suitable for your project? Well, there are various solutions to this problem. You can choose to hire an in-house development team, outsource your project to a Unity game outsourcing company, or even hire freelance game developers for your project.

Outsourcing is clearly the most popular and widely chosen approach out of these all. Factually speaking, the market for game design and development outsourcing is expected to grow at a remarkable CAGR of 9.5% between 2024 and 2029. In this approach, you need to find an IT outsourcing company offering Unity game development services and appoint it for your project.

However, doing so can often be a challenging task, especially for businesses that lack experience in IT outsourcing. But worry not, as in this blog, we will guide you through your way to efficiently outsourcing Unity game development. By the end of this blog, you will be able to easily outsource your Unity project and find the best way to hire Unity developers to build a powerful Unity game for your requirements.

Let’s start the blog by understanding more about the gaming industry and what exactly makes developing a game a great idea.

Global Digital Gaming Industry at a Glance

Global Digital Gaming Industry at a Glance

1. The global gaming industry is expected to of USD 281.77 billion by the end of 2024 and cross the USD 665.77 billion mark by 2030.

2. There is a large and active community of 3 billion video game players across the globe. This includes video game players on PCs, tablets, mobile phones, the internet, and gaming consoles combined.

3. China and the United States currently dominate the global video gaming market, with a revenue of $50.18 billion and 47.62 billion, respectively.

4. The global revenue for virtual reality-based gaming is expected to reach a value of USD 3.2 billion by the end of 2024, making it a prominent game development trend.

These statistics prove that the gaming industry is highly lucrative and is expected to become more profitable in the coming years. Owing to this factor, investing in game development is a great idea with billion-dollar potential.

However, in order to develop a successful game, it is essential to choose the right game development engine for your project. There are mainly two choices here- Unity Engine and Unreal Engine. As an experienced game development company, let us tell you that the Unity game engine is the most popularly chosen technology to build games.

In case you are wondering why, keep on reading, as in the coming section, we will discuss the benefits of choosing the Unity game engine to develop a game.

Why Choose Unity Engine for Game Development?

Based on C# and JavaScript, Unity is a highly popular game development engine used by numerous world famous game publishers. Businesses often choose the Unity game environment for a wide spectrum of game genres across different platforms.

This powerful game engine is also highly popular among game developers, with as many as 61% of game engineers preferring Unity to create games. Let’s take a look at some factors that make Unity a great game engine.

Why Choose Unity Engine for Game Development?

1. Rapid Programming

Time-to-market is a critical factor for every business planning to launch a game concept. The more time your game’s development lifecycle will take, the longer you will have to wait to launch your game in the market. Therefore, every game development studio must focus on minimizing this timeline and facilitating quick programming.

It is a commonly known fact that Unity is one of the easiest game development engines to work with. This is because the Unity engine requires minimal coding, making it easy for Unity developers to program your Unity game. This directly reduces the development timeline of the project and reduces delivery time.

To add to that, with Unity, it is possible for programmers to debug the application in real time. This not only enables the development of high quality games but also reduces the time requirement for your game development project.

2. Multi-platform Support

Every business wishes to generate exquisite returns from their investment in game development. This requires optimizing market reach and ensuring that your game is available to a wide user demographic.

By choosing Unity for your game projects, you can increase your game’s market reach and make your game available to a wider target audience. This is because Unity supports multi platform game development, meaning that your Unity game will run seamlessly on multiple operating systems like Android, iOS, Steam, etc.

This way, you can launch your gaming solution to mobile phone users, tablet users, desktop users, and console users through a single program. This factor makes using Unity technologies a great idea in terms of low investment and high-return game production.

3. Rich Asset Store

Whether you want to outsource your Unity game development project or want to develop your game with an in-house team, it is essential to ensure that your game development process is efficient, quick, and quality-focused. However, this requires choosing a game engine that nurtures these factors.

When you develop games with Unity, you can leverage the wide Unity asset store that this engine has to offer. Simply put, Unity developers benefit from a wide range of readily available animations, effects, 3D models, and other features and functionalities available on the asset store.

Having access to this asset store makes creating Unity games an efficient and less time-consuming process. You can easily upscale your game functionality with this asset store and experience successful game production.

4. 2D and 3D Game Development

The present-day game development industry is driven by innovation and trends like augmented reality, virtual reality, 2D, and 3D gaming. Present-day gamers prefer games developed with high-end concept art and visuals for a rich user experience.

Therefore, as a market-leading game development company, we recommend that you choose technologies that facilitate the development of such gaming solutions. This is why many businesses prefer the Unity engine for their project.

Through Unity, you can easily make visually rich 2D and 3D games for your project. Whether you are planning to build a simple virtual reality console game or need metaverse game development, you can use Unity to build all types of gaming solutions with its 2D and 3D enablement.

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5. Exquisite Graphics

The present-day gaming market is heavily influenced by the quality of user experience that gaming solutions deliver to their users. This user experience, in turn, is based on the quality of graphics and visuals of the developed game.

Unity engine is known for its ability to create games with high-end and visually appealing graphics. From smooth animations to high-end motions and beyond, Unity is capable of developing mobile games that are laser-focused on boosting user experience through stunning graphics quality.

Regardless of the number of OS platforms that you want to launch your game on, you can stay assured that your gaming solution will deliver consistently excellent UX and graphics appeal throughout.

6. Analytics Enablement

In order to succeed in the gaming industry, it is essential to understand consumer behavior and adapt to the gaming trends that align with this behavior and preference. Of course, this requires analytical data on user trends and habits.

When you opt for Unity game development for your project, you get access to built-in analytics that the Unity game engine offers for your solution. You can use this analytics feature to get real-time information about the users playing your game and understand their preferences and behavior.

Based on this understanding, it becomes easier for game publishers to optimize their games for better success prospects.

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These were a few benefits of choosing the Unity game development engine for your project. Now that you know why you should choose the Unity engine for your project, it is time to discuss why outsourcing your Unity game’s development is the right choice for your project.

Benefits of Outsourcing Unity Game Development Services

Earlier, we mentioned how outsourcing game development services is a popularly chosen approach by game development companies. Today, it is easy to hire Unity game developers for your project and overcome all the technical limitations that you would otherwise face in other development approaches.

Let’s discuss the benefits of outsourcing your Unity engineering project to an game outsourcing company.

Benefits of Outsourcing Unity Game Development Services

1. Reduced Project Costs

It is a commonly known fact that developing a game often requires tremendous amounts of investment. Generally speaking, these high project costs are one of the major challenges among businesses planning to develop a game.

However, by outsourcing game development, you can easily bring down project costs and get high quality games based on Unity engine at a relatively low investment. This is because here, you do not have to invest additionally in hiring Unity developers, maintaining development infrastructure, and administrating employees.

All the aspects of HR management and infrastructure are taken care of by the Unity development company that you choose to outsource your project. This directly contributes to reduced capital requirements and aids cost efficiency for projects.

2. Access to Wide Tech Talent

Developing a high-quality Unity game requires having high-end programming skills and world-class experience with Unity technologies. When you outsource Unity game development to an agency, you get access to a global talent pool that you can hire for your Unity development project.

You can find and hire experienced Unity game developers from all across the globe and leverage their expertise. This factor is often missing with in-house development, where your access to tech talent is often limited to your own city or, at maximum, your country.

3. Seamless Scalability

Scaling a game is as important as developing it. The better the development process will be, the easier it will become for the programmers to scale your game later.

By outsourcing Unity game development, you can build games that are based on seamless scalability and growth for world-class business success. Most Unity development outsourcing companies offer post-launch maintenance and support services for easy scalability, meaning that you can easily grow your gaming solution as and when required.

4. Exquisite Code Quality

It is a commonly known fact that the better the quality of your code is, the more successful your game idea will be. Therefore, it is essential to write high-quality and optimized codes for your game project.

When you outsource Unity game development to an agency, you are certain to get high-quality codes for your project. This is because most of these companies have experienced Unity developers to work on your project.

On the other hand, it is difficult to determine whether or not the hired in-house Unity developers will be delivering optimal quality codes until the program has actually been written. In conclusion, the outsourcing approach is better in terms of code quality and readability.

5. Reduced Launch Time

We discussed earlier how time to market can be a critical factor in determining your game’s success. Minimizing this time to market is highly important for businesses looking to gain early market access and leverage the early bird benefits.

When you outsource your Unity game development projects to an agency, you get access to a complete team of project managers, game designers, Unity developers, game testing experts, and more working on your project.

This team ensures speedy development of your Unity game, escalating delivery and reducing the launch time. Moreover, numerous Unity game development companies also offer additional resources for businesses looking to further reduce the game development timeline. Therefore, choosing to outsource your project can help you reduce your project’s time to market and boost its launch.

6. Enhanced Business Focus

Starting a gaming business requires intensive planning. Of course, it is difficult for most game development studios to focus on other aspects of the business while also working on developing a Unity game.

However, when you avail Unity game development services from an outsourcing company, you are left with more time to focus on growing your business. This is because all the aspects of the game development process are taken care of by these outsourcing agencies.

These agencies designate specialized project managers that not only handle your project on your behalf but also provide constant updates regarding its progress. This aspect is often missing with other development approaches like in-house teams and freelance development.

These were a few benefits of outsourcing Unity game development to an IT outsourcing agency. It is clear by now that outsourcing is an ideal approach when it comes to developing Unity games. You can choose this approach to streamline the Unity game development workflow and improve programming efficiency.

Naturally, you must be wondering, ‘how do I find a Unity game development outsourcing company’, right? Moving further, we will be providing information on how you can find agencies to outsource game development services and develop Unity games.

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How to Find a Unity Game Development Company?

There are various options through which you can search for a Unity game development company to outsource your project. In this section, we have mentioned the most popular and efficient ways to find a development outsourcing company offering game development services.

How to Find a Unity Game Development Company?

1. Google Search

The easiest and most popularly chosen way to find a Unity game development team is to conduct a simple Google search. This search engine will enable you to connect with the leading Unity game development companies across the globe.

Moreover, you can easily filter your search to find a development company from a particular location by modifying your search query, like ‘Unity game development outsourcing company in India’, or ‘game development company in USA’.

2. Contact References

One of the most reliable ways to find the right Unity outsourcing company is to get their reference through a contact. You can use your network to find agencies offering Unity game development services and build high-quality Unity games with ease.

It is commonly understood that your contacts will only refer an outsourcing vendor they have experience working with. This way, you can leverage your network’s experience to find the right development team for your Unity project.

3. Listing Portals

There are various business listing portals dedicated to helping Unity game developers connect with potential clients. Some of the most popular portals among all are Clutch and GoodFirms. You can use these portals to find an exhaustive list of companies offering Unity game development services.

Most of these portals also have additional features to filter out the listed companies based on their location, rating, experience, reviews, etc. This way, you can easily refine the search results and find the best Unity game development team for your project.

4. Social Media

Social media is gaining popularity among businesses and is enabling them to find the right vendors for their projects. You can easily use social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to find a Unity development partner.

These platforms make it easy to find companies that have experience developing games with the Unity engine. All you need to do is create a post on these platforms stating your project’s requirements and the interested companies will reach out to you with their offerings.

These were a few ways through which you can find a Unity game development agency for your project. However, let us tell you that while finding a Unity game developer is easy, what most businesses struggle with is finding the right game development partner for their project.

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In the upcoming section, we will be discussing the process of hiring the right Unity gaming solution provider for your project.

Process to Hire a Unity Development Outsourcing Company

It is important to follow the right process to hire a Unity game design and development agency to ensure that your harness all the benefits of outsourcing your Unity project. In this section, we will discuss how you can find and select the right Unity game developers and avail Unity game development services. Without further ado, let’s take a look at this process.

Process to Hire a Unity Development Outsourcing Company

1. Pitch Your Game Idea

The first step to hiring a Unity game solution provider is to pitch your requirements. You can use any of the options mentioned in the previous section to find a list of all the Unity game development agencies and pitch your requirements to them.

2. Get Inputs

Based on your requirements, the game development studios will send you their input. This often includes a list of all the features and tech stacks, a portfolio of their previous projects, and demos. Getting this information from a pool of different Unity game development teams will enable you to leverage a larger perspective and clearly define your project’s scope.

3. Assess Prospective Companies

Based on the input provided by the prospective companies, you need to assess each Unity development agency and its offerings. This often includes checking portfolios, client testimonials, Google Business reviews, service catalogs, etc.

By the end of this step, you will be able to determine the top few development companies that are fit to handle your project.

4. Conduct Interviews

This step involves interviewing each prospective development outsourcing agency. Businesses often asses the technical aspects and expertise of the development team in this step. You can also use this step to determine the communication efficiency and willingness of the prospective Unity game development agency and further shortlist agencies.

5. Negotiate Quotations

Here, you have to get quotations for your Unity game project from all the shortlisted game development companies. You can further negotiate these quotations with the prospective vendors. Once negotiated, you can choose a Unity game development partner or even appoint multiple vendors for outsourcing Unity game development requirements.

However, having wide experience in offering Unity game development services, it is our advice not to base your entire decision on the price quotation. This is because while some companies might offer a high quotation, you are likely to receive a high-quality solution and generate exquisite ROI from your Unity game in the long run.

6. Close the Deal

Once you have negotiated the quotation with multiple outsourcing vendors, you can go ahead and select the best vendor to outsource Unity game development. All that is left now is to sign a contract. Once you have finalized all the specifications of the project, the selected development outsourcing company will start working on your project.

By the end of this step, you will be able to find and hire the right development partner and avail their game development services.

By now, we have covered almost all the aspects of outsourcing Unity game design and development. However, another important aspect of outsourcing your projects is the capital investment that will go into the process. Let’s discuss the cost of outsourcing Unity game development in the next section.

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Unity Game Development?

It is established that outsourcing Unity game development is the most cost-effective approach for game creation. This approach enables businesses to save up on capital investment, which they can otherwise use for other business growth activities.

In case you are wondering how much it will cost to outsource your Unity game project, let us tell you that an average Unity game developer charges anywhere from $25/hour to $35/hour for their services.

In this case, the cost of outsourcing Unity game development can be anywhere from USD 5,000 to USD 55,000. However, this is not a final price, as numerous factors collectively contribute to the overall cost.

One such factor is the complexity of the Unity game that you wish to develop. Here is the cost of developing a Unity game of different scales and complexities.

Wondering what exactly these game complexities are? Here’s a simple explanation:

MVP-level Unity Game:

A basic version of your gaming solution with only minimal features and functionalities. These types of games are great for cutting down the project’s development cost.

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Unity 3D Game Development:

Here, the Unity game is developed using 3D concept art and delivering a realistic gaming experience. These type of games are highly popular among present-day gamers, especially among game streamers.

AR/VR Game:

Integrating your Unity game with virtual reality and augmented reality technologies to offer a hyper-realistic gaming experience. This is usually done with gaming console integration.

Apart from the game’s complexity, there are various other factors as well that can influence the cost of creating games with the outsourcing model. Some of these factors are:

1. Development company’s location

2. Development technologies

3. Number of features

4. Outsourcing engagement model

Being an experienced Unity game development company, we recommend you consult with our Unity game developers and get a personalized quotation for your project. We are the leading destination to outsource Unity game development and offer cost-effective game solutions for a variety of game genres and have rich experience in offering gaming software development services.

By now, we are sure that you have all the information you need to outsource your Unity software development project. It is also important for you to know that IT outsourcing is not always a smooth process and that there are various problems and challenges that you can potentially face.

In the upcoming section, we will be shedding light on these problems and will be providing a solution to them. Do read this section carefully to ensure smooth and hurdle-free outsourcing of your Unity game development project.

Bonus: Common Problems in Outsourcing Unity Projects + Solutions

Outsourcing, while being an excellent approach to game development, can be quite tricky at times. It is essential to be aware of the common challenges that businesses face while outsourcing their Unity game development projects to efficiently avoid them.

Knowing these challenges and their solutions will ensure that your future game development partner will be able to deliver high-quality results. Let’s discuss these challenges one by one.

Problem #1: Disputed Code Ownership

One of the major challenges that businesses face when outsourcing their projects is the code ownership of the developed game. This challenge can turn out to be a major IP violation concern if not resolved. There are various cases where outsourcing partners exploit their client’s code by reusing and reselling it to different clients for their game projects.

Solution: Discuss Code Ownership

Before signing a contract with a Unity game development company, you should discuss the code ownership of the project. You can opt for singular code ownership and have all the codebase or code repository transferred to you after your game has been developed.

Alternatively, you can also go for collaborative code ownership and manage your code along with the selected Unity game engineering agency. This approach makes it easy for the development partner to upgrade and maintain your gaming solution after its development.

You can also choose to protect your Unity game content through copyrights, patents, trademarks, and other IPR protection tools.

Problem #2: Compromised Project Confidentiality

It is essential to maintain the confidentiality and uniqueness of your game idea at all times. Doing so is important to maintain your leverage in the gaming market and ensure that your ideas and trade secrets are protected from being misused by your competitors.

However, by outsourcing your project, you are exposing your gaming concept to third-party vendors, putting your project’s confidentiality and integrity at risk.

Solution: Ensure NDA Protection

You can easily protect your idea’s integrity by signing an NDA with the selected development company. Doing so with legally bind the development team to protect your idea’s confidentiality and reduce the chances of compromising your project’s integrity.

Additionally, you can also sign an NCA with the hired Unity game development company. Under this contract, the development partner will not be able to work with other clients having similar requirements, further preserving your idea’s confidentiality.

Problem #3: Increased Development Cost

While it is true that outsourcing is the best way to control the cost of your Unity game project, there are several cases where businesses end up spending more on the project than required. This can not only compromises your project’s cost-effectiveness but also impacts its profitability and put you at great financial risk.

As a result, it is essential to take steps that help you reduce your game project’s cost while also maintaining the final result’s quality.

Solution: Optimize Costs through Location

One of the best ways to harness the cost-effective benefits of IT outsourcing is to optimize project costs through location. As a matter of fact, choosing the right location for outsourcing your Unity game development can be a make-or-break factor.

You need to find a Unity game development company from a location where the development rates are low, but tech talent is of superior quality. The average hourly rate to hire a game engineer is $41/hour. However, by outsourcing your Unity game development project to locations like India, you can get a Unity game developer for as low as $20/hour or even less.

To add to that, India is known for its robust IT infrastructure and growing STEM scope, ensuring that your game will be developed with the highest quality and coding standards. Other popular and cost-efficient locations to outsource your Unity projects are Indonesia, Russia, and Ukraine.

Problem #4: Lack of Accountability

Having optimal accountability is important to ensure that your project is developed efficiently and with optimal quality. However, in the outsourcing approach, it is often challenging to maintain accountability as the development team working on the game is not a part of your workforce.

In the end, businesses often struggle with low development quality, faulty gaming solutions, and compromised user experience.

Solution: Thoroughly Document Progress

The best way to maintain accountability in the outsourcing approach is to thoroughly document everything throughout the game development process. You can request the designated project manager to document everything related to the project, from communication to the project’s progress and beyond.

The project manager assigned to your project by the selected Unity game development company will take care of this factor for you to ensure optimal accountability and transparency. You can also choose to hire an agency that follows an agile development methodology.

In this approach, the project is divided into different modules, and the client and vendor coordinate at each development stage after its completion. This approach is known for its efficiency, practicality, and ability to streamline project workflows.

Problem #5: Disrupted Communication

Having clear communication at each development stage is paramount for the project’s success. However, when you develop games with the outsourcing approach, you are likely to experience disrupted and compromised communication many times.

This is primarily due to the many differences between your team and the external development team working on the project. Not streamlining communication often results in deviations between the project’s requirements and the final results.

Solution: Streamline Communication

Having a streamlined communication strategy is essential for outsourcing game development. When having your game developed by a Unity game development company, you need to pre-determine communication strategies to ensure smooth development and on-time delivery.

The best way to do this is by conducting follow-up meetings with the selected Unity game developers after each development phase’s completion. Most businesses also conduct follow-up meetings after each of the project’s modules is developed.

You can use these points as a checklist when finding a vendor to outsource your Unity project. Being a globally renowned Unity game design and development company, we ensure to meet all these criteria and deliver state-of-the-art Unity game development services to our clients that help them impress their target audience and win over the market.

Looking to Outsource Unity Game Development Projects?

If you are looking for an experienced Unity development partner to outsource your project, you are at the right place. Auxano Global Services is an award-winning Unity game development company offering world-class services to businesses looking to outsource their Unity projects. We hold wide Unity platform expertise and use this expertise to build remarkable Unity game solutions for our clients.

Whether you are looking for Unity game art services, need help navigating your way through the Unity game environment, require assistance with Unity 3D game development, Unity consulting solutions, or any other service for your gaming project, we are a one-stop destination for all your requirements.

Get in touch with our team today to harness the wide potential of Unity technologies for your project and work with the best Unity game developers across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is outsourcing Unity game development better than hiring an in-house development team?

    Outsourcing and hiring an in-house programming team are two major approaches through which you can develop your Unity project. The former option is more popular owing to its ability to deliver high-quality results while also maintaining the project’s cost-efficiency and feasibility.

    In-house development, on the other hand, requires extensive capital investment. Not only that, developing a Unity game with the in-house approach will require you to manage the team, requiring additional time commitment. You can hire team leaders and project managers for this purpose, but that would lead to higher labor costs.

    These are a few factors that prove that choosing to outsource game projects is a better approach than developing your game with an in-house team.

  • 2. Is outsourcing a good idea in terms of project communication and coordination?

    Yes, outsourcing your Unity project to a Unity game development company is an excellent idea in terms of project communication and coordination. All you need to do is choose an engagement model that suits your project’s communication requirements.

    For businesses with projects that require thorough communication with the developers, it is recommended to go with dedicated development and hire Unity game developers. You can even deploy this team to work with the on-site model for more rigorous communication and easy project coordination.

    We at Auxano Global Services offer high-end gaming solutions based on client-centric engagement models. You can hire our Unity 3D game development experts today to leverage our expertise and experience world-class project development.

  • 3. How much will it cost to outsource Unity game development?

    Outsourcing your Unity game’s development can cost anywhere from USD 5,000 to USD 55,000. Do note that these figures are based on our experience as the top Unity game development studio and can vary from one project to the other. We recommend you consult with our team to get a personalized quotation for your project.

  • 4. How can I build a Unity game at less cost?

    There are ways and approaches through which you can control the cost of your game design and development project. Some of these approaches are:

    1. Clearly define project’s scope

    2. Hire an Asian Unity game development studio

    3. Go for MVP development

    Following these approaches will help you bring down the project’s costs without compromising the code’ quality.

  • 5. Which locations are the best for outsourcing Unity game development?

    Locations like India, Ukraine, Russia, and Indonesia are highly popular for outsourcing game projects. You can find a Unity game studio based in these locations to get a high-end Unity solution with low cost and the highest project quality.

  • 6. How to hire dedicated Unity developers?

    Hiring dedicated Unity engineers is the ideal approach to getting high-quality gaming solutions in less time and cost investment. You can hire dedicated Unity game development experts for your project from a Unity game development company and deploy these programmers to work on your project.

    All you need to do here is send in your requirements for dedicated Unity engineers, and the hired Unity development agency will reach out to you with their best possible options. If you are looking for experienced Unity developers for your project, you can reach out to our team and hire our dedicated developers today.

  • 7. What is your Unity game development process?

    Being an experienced Unity game development agency, we follow an exhaustive and cutting-edge development process for each of our Unity projects. The key steps of our Unity game development process are:

    1. Project discovery

    2. Market research

    3. Feature validation

    4. UI/UX design

    5. Agile programming

    6. Release & post-launch support

    Our project managers provide an update on the completion of each development stage for optimal project efficiency.

  • 8. Can your Unity developers work on my office premise?

    Yes, we offer our clients to hire our Unity developers to work with the on-site model in their office premises. This hiring model is popular among our clients with highly complex project requirements, like that of VR, augmented reality or metaverse games. These types of projects usually require constant communication with the hired developers.

  • 9. Which engagement models do you offer for Unity outsourcing?

    You can outsource your Unity game project to our team with various high-end and client-centric engagement models. Some of our key engagement models are:

    1. Dedicated development model

    2. Time and material model

    3. Fixed cost model

    4. Staff augmentation

    You can choose any of these models and build a world-class Unity solution for your requirements. Consult with our experts unity game developers today to find out which of these engagement models will be ideal for our project.

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