“Ahh! I don’t get it”  – That’s the most common reply from even proficient marketers when asked about Paid Advertising.

The world of paid advertising is complicated. From beginners to experts, most marketers seem puzzled with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Consequently, they cannot bring the best out of PPC for their customers.

A sad reality. Isn’t it?

However, the revolutionary marketing agency- Auxano Global Services is here to break the monotony.

We will discuss everything about PPC advertising in this article; however, before beginning, let’s have a look at some of the eye-popping PPC statistics.

  • PPC generates the third-highest on-page conversions.
  • PPC is highly effective, says around 79% of digital marketers.
  • As high as 40% of businesses want their PPC budgets to be massive.

Let’s move further.

What Exactly is PPC Marketing?

We will begin the discussion by understanding the meaning of PPC right below.

So, what exactly is PPC marketing?

What Exactly is PPC Marketing

Abbreviated as PPC, the Pay-Per-Click advertisements accept some payment to bring your websites to the top Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) based on high-performing keywords. In this way, these PPC ads target the right audience, resulting in more website traffic and higher conversions, in turn.

It’s a boon for companies struggling with enough online exposure.

Since the promoted websites remain visible to almost all search engine users, they quickly get noticed and divert more clicks than ever.

Through PPC advertising, businesses can become successful brands in almost no time.

Honestly, PPC advertising is not as simple as it appears. You should leverage some of the proven strategies to ace the PPC game like never before.

Let’s take it slow and proceed towards the next checkpoint in our journey.

Why Should You Go For PPC Advertising?

Why Should You Care

As a business or marketer, you should know various PPC benefits. So, let’s find out why you should go for PPC advertising. Take a look below!

1. Algorithmic Change Resistant

Have you seen businesses getting ruined by search engine algorithmic changes? This is the worst side of online presence when all your efforts can go into the trash in some time.

Here, the Good news is that PPC is resistant to all these changes. Since PPC is a paid marketing strategy, it will continue to fetch excellent results.


2. Better Website Traffic

Harnessing excellent website traffic is all that a business requires. High-quality website traffic brings more ready-to-convert leads who can skyrocket your sales.

Luckily, you can get the highest website traffic from search engines through PPC advertising. Since the marketing method brings your website on the front foot, it will get better exposure and register overcrowding in a short span.

3. Higher Brand Awareness

Small and medium businesses might get lost in the massive online ocean. So, you should rapidly build brand awareness to sustain in this growing competition.

Do you know? Higher brand awareness is available through PPC campaigns. That’s another enjoyable PPC benefit for your business.

4. PPC has Measurable Outcomes

As a marketer, you need to showcase solid marketing outcomes to the customers. Also, they might ask you to leverage trackable marketing strategies for their businesses.

So, what can you do? Right here, you can provide relief to them with PPC advertising. These paid marketing campaigns let you identify all key performance indicators and measure them from time to time.

Isn’t it highly beneficial for marketers and their customers?

We have sorted out PPC benefits for you. Now, let’s move further to some more reasons.

Is PPC Marketing Worthy?

Should You Invest in PPC Marketing

You will find numerous marketers having such confusion. Are you one among them?

Worry not. We’ve got your back! Here we will discuss some reasons and answer you afterward.

1. Generate a Higher ROI

We tend to measure marketing success through investment returns. If you are one of them, PPC won’t disappoint you.

PPC offers around $2 for every $1 investment. That’s double! So, you can make almost twice the investment through PPC campaigns.

2. Cost-Effective

Most businesses get intimidated by paid advertising. They consider it to be an expensive method with unachievable results.

However, that’s a wrong notion. PPC does require some investment but that is completely worth every penny as you get the desired results for your business.

3. Ace the Competitive Market

The competitive industries might not fetch you enough online exposure. This may result in losing out on the ripest leads.

However, the paid marketing strategies will help you thrive in such cut-throat competition with minimal investment.

4.  Edge Out Competitors

Many of your competitors might be relying only on organic marketing.

So, it’s the best moment to leverage PPC and edge them out with more customers landing at your business.

PPC brings the best results when it comes to customers, profit points, brand awareness, and whatnot.

So, should you invest in PPC marketing? YES! You cannot say no to the above reasons, after all. Can you?

All these points support your decision to invest in PPC advertising. Now, the question is, how do you leverage PPC marketing?

Don’t worry; we’ll discuss the sure-shot strategies right below.

5 Steps to Build The Best PPC Campaign

Most marketers have a clear understanding of PPC. However, situations become challenging when it comes to leveraging PPC in real-time.

Build the Best PPC Campaign

So, how do you craft an impeccable PPC campaign? We’ve curated the five most essential steps for you. Here you go!

1. Predefined Parameters

The PPC strategies work wonders when you have predefined parameters in hand.

And it’s an essential step before even curating a PPC campaign. Your ultimate goals like brand awareness, conversions, and online exposure will depend on these parameters.

So, ask a few things yourself and get an overview of how your PPC campaign would appear in the future.

    • Who is the target audience?
    • How do you wish to measure the results?
    • What will be the campaign’s theme?
    • Which PPC marketing is best for you?

2. Define Your Goals

PPC marketing has different goals for various brands. What are your targets?

You should think about it before it’s too late! No, we don’t mean to scare you. However, you should take the required actions on time.

Here’s a list of all ‘targetable’ goals for your PPC campaign.

    • Brand Awareness
    • Lead Generation
    • Conversions
    • Website Traffic

The above listed are the most significant PPC goals. However, you can think of more targets and include them in your campaign outcomes.

3. Determine PPC Campaign Type

Now, you need to decide the best PPC campaign type for yourself.

But, what are the different types available in the market? Well, there are many- social, display, remarketing ads, video ads, and search ads, to name a few.

All these campaign types are placed at different locations with different strategies. For example- if you want to add a photo along with text in your ad, then display ads are best because these ads appear on Google’s partner websites. Similarly, other campaign types are for specific purposes.

It is up to you which type of PPC campaign you want to go with!

4. Keyword Research

The next and most significant checkpoint is researching some high-performing keywords for your campaign.

Now, you should be extremely careful while doing so. These keywords will determine the fate of your bidding and guide your PPC campaign towards success or disaster.

5. Configure Google Analytics

Finally, it’s time to think about measuring your success. After leveraging PPC strategies for your brand, you would require measuring the goals and different parameters to gauge the campaign’s success.

So, configuring Google Analytics is an essential step here. Google Analytics will enable you to understand your business and make smarter decisions accordingly. It will assist in monitoring all KPIs and gaining valuable insights to enhance the marketing campaign.

Tadaa! Your flawless PPC campaign is ready. All you need is to strategically leverage the strategies and wait for the efforts to produce the sweetest outcomes.

Moving on, let’s address another concern for you!

PPC Advertising: How Much Does It Cost?

After discussing so much about PPC, you might be thinking about your pockets. So, what’s the cost to leverage PPC advertising for a business?

How Much Does PPC Cost

Typically, a moderate PPC campaign has an investment range of $2,500 – $12,000 per month; however, the range may go beyond, if you choose a more aggressive campaign.

Furthermore, the exact price will depend on your individualistic PPC preferences- the type of PPC Campaign you want to opt for, or any additional services such as design, creation of landing pages.

Different organizations have different price ranges for PPC marketing and managing campaigns. At AGS, you can get services at a comparatively less price.


How Much Does It Cost To Hire Digital Marketing Company

How Can Auxano Global Services Help You?

At Auxano Global Services, the best PPC Marketing Company, we understand that paid advertisements are tricky.

So, we are here to help you out! Check out what sets us apart in the industry right below.

  • We house expert and experienced PPC marketers to work on your campaigns.
  • We remain up-to-date with the latest advancements in the PPC domain for your benefit.
  • AGS is a customer-centric company. We understand your requirements and deliver the best out of your investment.

PPC advertisements are revolutionary. You need to give it a shot and harness the benefits before others do. So, what makes you wait? Connect with us and take away the best PPC campaign for your brand today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are paid advertisements?

    Paid advertising campaigns like PPC accept a nominal fee from businesses and provide a higher rank on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) based on some keywords. These campaigns help the brands appear before the best audiences at the right time for optimum success.

  • 2. What are the benefits of PPC marketing?

    PPC encompasses tremendous benefits for brands. It lets them divert massive website traffic, get better online exposure, and access better than expected online conversions. Besides, it’s a fruitful step to get enhanced brand awareness and unbeatable competitive advantage in the industry.

  • 3. What is the cost to leverage PPC marketing?

    The exact cost to leverage PPC marketing depends on your specific choices. However, you can expect the investments to be somewhere between $2,500 – $12,000 per month for a moderate PPC campaign. 

  • 4. Why should I invest in PPC marketing?

    PPC marketing is a game-changer. You can get several benefits by investing in PPC marketing. It is affordable, produces higher returns, help you edge out the competitors, and provides you with an unmatched competitive advantage. All these reasons are sufficient to invest in PPC marketing.

  • 5. Which is the best online advertising company?

    Auxano Global Services is a top online advertising company having vast experience in online marketing. Our digital marketing services include online advertising, search engine marketing, PPC, and other paid marketing. We are masters in opting the top advertising platforms and get relevant results for your business.

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