Look around and you can see the tremendous space of technologies, which is ever-evolving and giving enough opportunities to the businesses to evolve.

No doubt the amount of convenience and comfort that has come up from the tech-space is incredible and cannot be counted into few words only. Whether it is a small or big size of business everywhere technology is ruling the charts, and React Native app development company is helping businesses to get a flourishing future ahead.

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Today with this post, we are going to shed some light on the React Native app development. It is no more a technology that is getting popular only with the development sector, but even businesses are getting inclined towards it due to the multiple benefits it holds within its model.

To help you understand what React Native app development is actually and what all factors are affecting the cost of React Native app development. So let’s get on a quick tour with us.

What is React Native?

It would not be working if I will initiate this post with the basic introduction to react-native…

React Native is a JavaScript framework. It allows developers to write real, and native embedded applications for iOS, Android.

It is based on React technology, and apps are written are using JavaScript and JSX, HTML/XML-like structures.

Explore the advantages of React Native

✨ JavaScript 

With React Native, developers get to use JavaScript, which is one of the widely-used and fastest programming languages.

✨ Updates

Developers can push the updates directly on React Native apps, without downloading. However, Apple doesn’t entertain any sort of Code Push.

✨ UI and Performance

React Native ensures to translates the markup to real, native UI elements, leveraging. React Native works separately from the UI, letting the application to maintain high performance without hampering the capability.

✨ Cross-Platform and Code Sharing

React Native shrinks down the need for resources to be used, while developing the app. A developer holding expertise in React can work on React Native with the same skill set.

✨ Hot Reload

It allows developers to save time in project development, as they can see the changes made on the project immediately.

What would be the cost of React Native app development?

Just like any other app development process, React Native pricing also depends on various factors.

On the other hand, due to one code reusability feature the React Native is a much affordable option than any other framework possible.

The different sets of factors that can influence the React Native app development cost to a larger extent are mentioned herewith. Just take a look further…

⚡️ App Complexity

Any mobile app which is available on the store can be bifurcated from the range of low complexity to high complexity.

This set of complexity is driven from a different perspective of app development, such as:

🔰 A feature-rich admin panel development;

🔰 Deployment architecture model;

🔰 In-App Purchase;

🔰 Third-party integration;

🔰 Integration with legacy systems.

⚡️ Add-ons

An app that requires user authorization or login, the cost would be slightly higher than other apps since it requires the role-based checks that are usually set by developers. Also, the additional add-ons like social media buttons for sharing or call us directly buttons, these only enhance the user-engagement rate. However, when you integrate such minor but significant add-ons, then your development cost triggers.

⚡️ Feature-rich app

It is a great initiative to get your app designed and developed with many intricate features, but you must know one aspect that including many features & functionalities, drive you to the exorbitant cost.

Remember the formula for your app is simple; the more feature-rich app leads to more cost to be incurred on your app.

⚡️ App Design

An app gets the user-engagement with the creative design approach. Much before the app functionalities, something which captures your users’ attention is the app design.

Your app is supposed to offer a great transition in terms of usability and app flow. Here React Native app wins the race over any other hurdle as it takes design to be made only on one specific platform, and on the other, it will work itself.

This surely cuts the app development cost to a large extent, as the design team efforts get reduced.

⚡️App Distribution

The app deployment on different distribution channels also affects the pricing of React Native app development. Further, the hosting server in the context of compliance of standards and security policies also charges amount and affects the development cost.

After knowing the aspects that affect the react-native cost, another question comes, that what would be the estimated cost to build a React Native app.

An average cost to build a react app would be around $20,000- $50,000. However, the cost largely can go above and beyond this cost bracket due to the number of functionalities and features to be involved in it. Hire Dedicated Developers to explore the MVP for your app and build accordingly.

To conclude, I want to include one more significant aspect that can influence your app cost, and that is the hiring of an efficient app developer.

But how to hire a right and skilled app developer is a daunting task.

Yes, this is the question, which keeps on hoping in our brains now and then, and clearly state that it is not an easier task to search and work with an efficient mobile app developer since there is enough number of mobile app companies in the market, which keep on bothering us and make us get confused to make the right choice for our app development process.

Then what is the solution to pick that company which can make our app development process a successful destination for the business goals to meet and finds their niche???

Your app development partner must have the qualities, such as:

✔️ Your app development company must have a valid online presence;

✔️ Your app development company must have reviews from the clients;

✔️ Check their technical exposure;

✔️ Assess the number of industries served;

✔️ Understand how they prefer to keep the follow-up chain.

On the other hand, if you want an instant solution, then the solution lies in selecting the perfect app development partner, which has every possible ingredient integrated into it to make the app development a smooth and seamless journey to be experienced by the app users.

Bridging Differing Perspectives on React Native App Development Cost


A leading app development company always brings the best for the app concept, and can even turn your app development process into a successful journey. Therefore pick top mobile app development company, which holds the potential to bring your business app on the charting scale.

Auxano delivers high-quality solutions. We employ a development methodology that involves a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, designers, project managers, and QA experts to produce products that meet client needs and exceed expectations.

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We have a dedicated team of technology experts for Javascript, iOS, and Android, who are experts in handling all the technicalities of app development. Moreover, they have deep skills in implementing React Native technology stack for app development.

Contact now - BAWe are providing the best React Native Development Services in Singapore and across the world with an aim to provide a better user experience by doing away with cumbersome UI’s(User Interface) and UX(User Experience).

Our services are available in both offshore and onshore locations. We employ a development methodology that involves a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, designers, project managers, and QA experts to produce products that meet client needs and exceed expectations.

So what are you waiting for, get a React Native app developed for your business today, from one of the top mobile app development companies, and let your business domain to reach the vast audience base in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is a Cross-Platform App Development?

    Cross-platform native mobile app development refers to the development of an application that can run across multiple platforms, and they give a look and feel of a native app on any mobile device platforms from one codebase.

  • 2. What is React Native App Development?

    React Native is a mobile application development framework released by Facebook that is used to develop a cross-platform application that can run on various platforms.

  • 3. Why Choose React Native for Cross-Platform App Development?

    React native is the most popular framework in cross-platform app development, and it has the biggest community of developers to help you.

  • 4. Which language is used to develop React Native apps?

    To develop mobile apps React Native framework uses React.js, which is written in JavaScript.

  • 5. Is React Native right for Mobile App Development?

    React Native is the best mobile app development framework for cross-platform applications.

  • 6. What are the advantages of React Native?

    The advantages of react-native include delivering optimal performance, code reusability, hot reloading, simple UI, and cost-effective solution for app development. Apart from these, it is easy to code in JavaScript, and react-native gives you the look and feel of native apps.

  • 7. How Much Does React Native App Development Cost?

    React native app development will cost you around $25k-$50k; it also depends upon the complexity of the app. Generally react native app development companies charge approximately $25 per hour.

  • 8. Does react-native reduce the app development cost?

    Yes, react-native reduces the app development cost because it gives you a cross-platform app that directly saves the cost of developing the app twice for each platform. You have to code once, and the app will run on various platforms.

  • 9. How much should a React native app cost in 2024?

    A react native app costs around $20k to $50K depending upon the complexity of the application. If you want to hire dedicated app developers, find a top mobile app development company for your development needs.

  • 10. How much does it cost to build an app for a small business?

    The cost of developing an app for a small business will go around $15K to $25k. The price can vary as per the business requirement and app development company you choose.

  • 11. How much should a simple mobile app cost?

    A simple mobile app development cost starts from $10k and can go up as per the complexity, features you require. The app cost also fluctuates as per the region you go for app development and even the company you pick.

  • 12. How much does it cost to hire someone to build a React Native App?

    If you hire a react native app development company for your react native app requirements, then the cost usually starts from $20. Everything depends on your requirements and the hourly charges of the company.

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