Games are fun indeed, and to add to the enjoyment most game developers bring the element of unpredictability. Random Number Generator does this and makes any game, especially those of cards entertaining with “randomness”.

To develop a top-notch game the developers put in their technical intelligence and hard work. The source code is written to furbish the functionalities of the game to the best. However, another essential element of a game is its quality.

For ensuring top-notch quality the game has to go through several quality checks. It not only includes end-to-end testing of the code but also making sure that the game meets set quality standards. For the RNGs, it is crucial to get the randomness correct for the game to keep bay from the complaints of injustices from the players.

Auxano Global Services is a leading RNG testing and certification company as we handle the RNG quality check for those seeking a pass in the RNG gaming industry. Our expertise speaks for the efforts we put into the quality check of the RNG. We have performed RNG audits on several platforms like C, C++, Javascript, Java, NodeJS, C#, and many more.

Auxano Global Services verify the following for evaluating Random Number Generator:

Auxano Global Services verify the following for evaluating Random Number Generator

What is RNG?

Before you resolve to have testing and certification for the Random Number Generator, it is needed to have in-depth knowledge of RNG and why it is needed. Random Number Generators are used in a lot of games to incorporate “randomness” in a game.

You must have come across games of die numbers, cards, rummy, slot games, or simply giving the players unpredictable jackpots. All these games are widely loved by the players for their fairness and “hit and miss” gaming outcomes.

For a game provider, the RNG has to be “randomly” accurate such that no player gets unjustified results. To ensure this, the RNG has to be tested completely and you have to upload a certificate of successful passing of random Number Generator.

Stages of RNG Testing:

Auxano Global Services tests RNG in a step-by-step manner. There are tests pre-determined for a Random Number Generator based on requirements. There can be two types of testing for RNG that are, Software and Hardware RNG testing. We perform different quality checks for both of these.

Software RNG Testing

1. Examination of Source Code and Compilation

This testing includes verifying the internal state of RNG, minimum seeding, and non-repeatability. It also involves checking scalability, shuffling, and resolving issues followed by a compilation of the source code.

2. Diehard Tests

The diehard tests are a series of statistical tests performed to check the randomness of a generated number.

3. Chi-Square Tests

A Chi-Square test is performed to measure the “goodness” of the RNG. It is a statistical hypothesis test that is performed on chi-squared distribution.

Hardware RNG Testing

1. Evaluating device specifications and potential failure

Hardware test focuses on the device specification on which the game would be played. The source code is also evaluated on this device to determine potential failure points and their handling.

2. Statistical Randomness

The second hardware RNG test determines the statistical randomness of the RNG compiling to the gaming standards.

3. Unpredictability and Non-Repeatability

The final test is performed to make sure the numbers generated are random with no pattern between them. It is also determined that the numbers should be non-repeatable to a great extent.

Why Software Testing Is Importance

How do we help in Testing and Certification?

If your game has a Random Number Generator then you must have it tested for accuracy and compliance with the standards. It is determined by the certificate provided by a renowned RNG testing and Certification company.

At Auxano Global Services, we help you get a verified Random Number Generator without any hassle. As a part of which we have certain requirements to better understand the game and your expectations from the RNG. After examining these we offer the certificate along with other post RNG testing deliverables at an affordable price.


If you want a pseudo (Software) RNG, then we would need the source code for evaluation. Otherwise, for hardware RNG, details about the target devices are required. Another important thing our team asks you is the scaling or shuffling code which will help us to test the scaling or shuffling abilities of your RNG.

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Auxano Global Services Deliverables

At the end of the RNG testing process (software and/or hardware) we provide you with the following:

  • A detailed report of the tests along with the plus points and weaker sections of the RNG.
  • Results of Diehard and Chi-Square tests
  • A pass certificate mentioning the compliance with the RNG standards
  • A seal/logo for your gaming website

Get in touch with the experts of Auxano Global Services and explore the scope of RNG testing and certification for your games.

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