One of the oldest games still played today is online gambling. Over thousands of years of gambling games, one thing has remained constant: people’s passion and mania for them. However, since its foundation, it has undergone significant changes like going digital!

Online casino games are a significant hit among players these days. People enjoy playing a top casino game app online in today’s technologically advanced world, where the idea of mobile casino applications comes from real life.

So, many investors are investing in a premium online casino game app to get better traffic toward their venture. Do you wish to build a mind-boggling casino game? Are you wondering about the costs? Don’t worry! We will talk about the prices and facets of creating an online casino in today’s topic. Before continuing, let’s glance at some eye-popping statistics of the casino gaming sector.

  • The U.S. mobile casino game spending is rising by 16% to reach the $4.8 billion mark.
  • According to the most recent projections, the market for casinos and internet gambling worldwide was worth 227 billion U.S. dollars in mid-2020.
  • Around 19 percent of mobile gaming app revenues in the United States as of the first quarter of 2021 came from casino applications.
  • During the height of the pandemic, mobile gamers reportedly spent $990 million on social casino apps.

These statistics are excellent. Aren’t they? These numbers might have compelled you to taste the waters of casino game development. So, let’s get the initial steps correct. We will soon start the discussion of the cost required for the casino game development process. Stay tuned!

The Must-Have Features of Casino Games

Casino game software drive players crazy due to their features. So, it’s best to plan the app features before accessing the best casino game development solutions. Here are a few crucial casino game software features that you can consider:

The Must-Have Features of Casino Games

Social Media Integration

Social media platforms have a significant impact on the world. For example, integrating social media with your online casino app will be advantageous. Social media can influence mass-scale decisions.

Users can get fulfillment by sharing their gaming experiences and outcomes on their social media accounts.


The excitement of the participants is maintained throughout the game by bonuses. As bonuses captivate many players, they have become a crucial component of casino games. Some of these benefits are free spins, internal purchases, fortunate draws, etc.

So, you can provide your users with various extras like rewards and benefits for higher engagement rates.

Payment Methods

There are many different payment alternatives available in this digital age. However, it’s best to offer enough payment choices in the app to enable users to complete financial transactions quickly. Cryptocurrencies, PayPal, online wallets, and other payment options are some popular integrations.

Security & Privacy

Do you know? People support apps that are backed by robust security protocols. Security and privacy are crucial factors in casino games. However, you can only consider your casino game development successful when you have robust security features.

Ensure that your online casino game development team works on robust security mechanisms and protocols for your online casino game development like TFA level of login protection, SSL authentications, and many more.


Factors Influencing The Cost of Developing a Casino App

Many factors affect the cost required to develop online casino games. Before calculating the actual expenses required, reviewing these aspects is best. Have a look below!

Factors Influencing The Cost of Developing a Casino App

Integrating simple or complex features in your casino apps

The feature set you want to add will significantly impact the cost of developing a mobile app. Integrating complicated features in a mobile app takes more time. Consequently, the costs to create online casino apps rise.

In contrast, your game development team will work fewer hours to create fundamental functionalities for your app. So, your budget will run on the minimal side.

Cost of choosing a platform – Android vs. iOS

The price of a custom mobile app will differ slightly depending on whether you choose to develop it for iOS or Android. However, cross-platform will have higher casino game development costs.

UI/UX design factors

One of the most important aspects of a casino mobile app’s success is its design. The UX design determines how the user will interact with your mobile app, while the U.I. design serves as its public face.

How many screens your app will have will directly affect how many hours of effort a designer must put in – remember that!

Casino apps maintenance costs

No manufacturer can provide a solution that won’t experience bugs at some point in the future since casino game software products can be incredibly unpredictable. So, you will need to continue maintaining and updating the casino apps as long as it is available on the market.

Therefore, as a casino app software owner, you will want ongoing technical support from qualified game developers to ensure your app’s proper operation and consistent experience. Thus, you will end up paying maintenance costs to the developers from time to time.


Hiring freelance casino app developers or an app development agency

Should you work with an app development company or freelancers? It’s time to make a significant decision after deciding on all the technical aspects mentioned above that affect the price of developing a mobile app.

Even if you keep everything else the same, this decision alone could drastically affect how much it costs to design a mobile app.

Location of developers

Everyone knows that developers have different charges depending on their location. For example, the cost to develop a casino game app might be higher in the U.S. compared to the work rates in Asia.

So, offshore outsourcing can be a great option if you plan to develop a low-cost casino app. However, if you want to get the app set in your region, you might spend a bit more than the minimal price points.

Budget You Need to Develop a Casino Game App

Your expectations for the app will have a significant impact on the answer. For example, what features do you want to include in your gaming application? For example, are you seeking a white-label or clone app that suits your budget? Which tech stack do you want to favor when creating a casino game?

The estimated casino game development cost ranges from $25,000 to $120,000 and requires a minimum of three months, but the budget fluctuates depending on various factors.

Get The Estimates Cost

Some of the top factors that might affect your final casino game development bill are the location of developers, the features you integrate within your app, the complexity of the UI design, and the platform is chosen. For example, your casino game development cost will be less if you integrate fewer features, target one platform, and choose a simple design. However, if you deploy more features, develop a cross-platform app, and provide an immersive UI for the audiences, the cost might shoot, eventually.

How Can Team AGS Help You?

If you have decided to invest in casino game development, it’s time to seek experts who can convert your budget into a better-than-expected product. That’s when Auxano Global Services comes forward! You can count on us to develop interactive and attractive casino games based on your demands. Contact our experts now to know all the ins and outs of casino game development!


Here’s why you should choose us!

  • We are the best bespoke casino game development company.
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  • We understand your requirements and deliver an app that checks your objectives.
  • Having years of industry experience, we know what works and trends in the industry.

Wrapping Up!

Casino game apps are on the verge of becoming more massive than ever. So, it’s the best time to get a customized casino game development by experts and roll it out in the market to churn a higher return on investment.

Are you all set for casino game development? Don’t settle for anything less than the experts! Instead, connect with our professional casino game developers and get custom casino game development services!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are the different types of casino games?

    The top casino game models you can consider are Fruit games, Branded slot games, AWP slots, Classic slot games, 3D slot games, Bingo, Mobile slot games, and Card games.

  • 2. What are the must-have features of casino game apps?

    Every casino game should have standard features like payment methods, social media integration, bonuses, and security and privacy.

  • 3. What are the factors influencing the cost of developing a casino app?

    Many factors are responsible for altering the costs required to develop a casino app, like the location of developers, features you choose, platform choice (iOS, Android, or both), app maintenance costs, UI/UX design, etc.

  • 4. What is the cost required to develop a casino game?

    Although the exact cost of developing a casino game varies, you can expect it to fall between $25,000 to $125,000.

  • 5. Which is the best bespoke casino game development company?

    Auxano Global Services is the best bespoke casino game development company. Having years of experience in the industry, we understand the benefits and merits of developing casino game solutions, and we never disappoint you with our services. Our team can understand your specific requirements and provide top-notch casino games keeping in mind the latest trends in the industry. Besides, we have a competitive price point that makes casino game projects reliable and comfortable for you.

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