2020 is about to end…2021 is a matter of a few days…Just can’t wait for the upcoming year which is going to come with lots of hopes and ambitions. The current year has failed the expectations of many business owners. And, you are well aware of the reason!

Well, when the year is going off, then we should also leave all the negativity behind and focus on the new goals as a new year resolution. Without any doubt, the coming year is expected to bring various new trends in technology. We all know how today’s business is affected digitally. When everything can be accessed online, the urge of making it better is also increasing.

So, we could expect that many new software development trends may emerge in 2021; which could be interesting to watch and use. To grow any business online, developers and businesses could be seen using these trends in the upcoming year.

Before you plan anything related to your business for 2021, we are sharing some relevant information and insights that could result in a fruitful venture. Below listed are 5 major software development trends that you can expect in the new year.

1. Blockchain

Accessing security, transparency, and efficiency was never easy as now, using Blockchain. Since Blockchain came under the limelight, the enterprise systems have gone far off in terms of security and reliability. The leveraging of Blockchain technology ensures that the systems in a network become tamper-proof, unbreachable, and transparent.

Being relatively newer in the market, governmental agencies and researchers are experimenting with the potentials of Blockchain, and deriving more of its implications. The current technology trend has a host of implementational scopes, and use cases. Some of the unique use cases that make Blockchain a surging technology are as follows:

  • Supply Chain Management encompasses several loopholes, causing manual inefficiencies and consuming a host of time and resources. Using smart contracts, immutability, and smart ledger, Blockchain can synchronize all operations and scale-up the functionalities for faultless management of the supply chain.
  • Blockchain provides better analytical support to the enterprises using audit trails and immutability. The outcome of leveraging Blockchain is high-quality and reliable data, which can be transformed into meaningful insights and forecasts.
  • With an increasing emphasis on IoT devices, Internet usage for communication has hiked up. IoT devices rely on the web for all operations resulting in ease for hackers to breach our confidential data. Blockchain emerges as a saviour and provides supreme security to both the IoT devices and the data generated.

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2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Among the various software development trends in 2021, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning stand concrete. The amalgamation of both these technologies gives birth to incredible machines that are ‘trained’ to imitate human intelligence and the art of taking decisions in a given environment.

AI and ML allow bots to acquire the capacity of performing such tasks that were considered humane earlier. While several implementations of AI and ML have been commercialized, the technologies remain under the microscope for further investigation and research. Enterprises can extract vast implications of AI and ML. Some of the popular use cases are listed below.

  • Chatbots, trained using AI and ML, are here to enhance consumer interactions more than manual communications. Retail, Solution Support, and many other industries benefit from chatbots in improving user experience.
  • AI and ML can be leveraged to automate several low-end tasks in the software development industry.
  • AI holds robust abilities for image and video recognition. Security agencies can utilize these potentials to provide better solutions than ever.

3. The Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is yet another sought-after trend in the software development sector for the next decade. From commercial to domestic, IoT has scopes to improve the business processes and day-to-day lives of every household. IoT weaves several physical objects into a network for performing operations and tasks.

The IoT devices like gadgets, appliances, and vehicles drive useful information about their environment using sensors. IoT is not alone in serving mankind. Integration of AI, RFID, Big Data, ML, and APIs empower IoT to become what it is today. Want to know about the business benefits of IoT? Get down below to get familiar with the IoT use cases.

  • For running a successful business, it’s crucial to monitor all the expenses, especially energy expenditures. With real-time tracking of the energy-consumption in the workspace using IoT devices, expenditures can be analyzed and planned accordingly.
  • Predictive maintenance becomes essential for enterprises that require the optimal operation of their expensive equipment and machinery. IoT provides the ability of predictive maintenance to businesses through sensitive cameras, gadgets, and sensors.
  • Tracking vehicles ensures improved fleet management to the logistics industries. IoT offers enhanced fleet tracking potentials through its high-tech devices and gadgets.

4. Flutter

Flexibility is the futuristic trend in the app development horizon. And when it comes to flexibility and comprehensiveness, Flutter gets recalled automatically. Flutter, by Google, has become one of the most asked-for frameworks for mobile application development. Software developers are adapting Flutter widely.

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The popularity of the Flutter framework is mostly due to the fact that it provides a native interface for iOS and Android. Moreover, the MVP development feature and easy learning curve of Flutter makes the framework even more popular. Wondering about what are the advantages of using Flutter? Here you go with your answer.

  • Flutter omits all complications and provides a single UI for all platforms.
  • Flutter provides a specific rendering engine.
  • The performance of Flutter apps is very close to native apps.

5. DevOps

DevOps is a perfect amalgamation of Development and Operations. It aims at providing rapid product delivery while eyeing quality maintenance, simultaneously. Over time, DevOps has emerged out to become an essential trend in the IT sector. Much like before, the new year will witness exponential growth of DevOps in the software development niche.

The enterprises are adopting DevOps to automate many business processes and bring synchronization to the working of various teams involved. The enterprise use cases for DevOps are:

  • DevOps can be used to automate testing and development in the financial trading industry.
  • Enterprises benefit from DevOps in the areas of high-speed computing, reduced operational time and dropping expenses, all at the same time.
  • DevOps assists in detecting the bugs and errors in the initial stages itself. Such an early detection ensures that the errors are removed in the beginning only.


All the above software development trends will rule in 2021. Hence, it is the need of the hour to have thorough knowledge about them or have one expert in your reach who has highly skilled and knowledgeable developers. It would be good if you have a powerful team who can offer services beyond your in-house technology stacks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is software development?

    Software development is the phenomenon of developing software applications that could be anything like small websites or multi-platform mobile applications. It could be the most promising career for individuals.

  • 2. What are the current trends in software development?

    The software development industry is so vast that developers are always looking for innovative ways to stay ahead of the competition by utilizing the latest trends. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are considered popular trends in software development. To know more about other trends that could rule in 2021, read this article.

  • 3. Can anyone become a software developer?

    Well, a software developer is not a hard nut to crack. Anyone with adequate knowledge of coding can become a software developer. Also remember, development requires dedication, if you are not dedicated then you can’t become a skilled developer.

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