It sounds so good, and soothing when you learn that your app has garnered more than 1 Million downloads and it is the latest sensation in the app market.

I am sure every app owner dreams of such a journey, and always looks for the best ways possible to make this happen in real-time, but sadly not ever mobile app savors this success.

I know it heart-wrenching, but not impossible…

Yes, you heard me all correct, this indeed not an unachievable task for the top mobile app development companies, but if you give attention to your app’s performance. Just read ahead to know further…

Users’ experience has a huge role in making an app successful because it is their experience which they share through reviews, which incline the users to see the potential of your app. If your app is slowing down, due to the excessive animation or the bigger image size, then don’t sleep on it, rather bring the best possible solution to help your app, come out clean.

Check whether the on-boarding process of your mobile app is taking a long time for the users to access the app, if it demands number of steps to log in, you are certainly going to lose a massive chunk of users, as users don’t prefer to entertain a page-length details, just to access the mobile app.

Your app is crashing, has bugs and you are doing NOTHING about it…C’mon wake-up, this is not the part you can delay further, but you need to be smart enough to test the app not just once, but on the regular basis to check any bug or error in the app.

Now when you have learned the basic aspects that can help you gain the massive user-attention, one more fact that cannot be given a miss is; utilizing innovative technology.

In this run, one of the most trending and sought-after technologies used in the current spectrum is Flutter technology.

🌟 What Is Flutter?

As we all know that one of the most trending technologies, that is creating a stir in the market today, is none other than Flutter.

Flutter is an open-source app development platform. Since its founding year in 2015, this very platform has gone through many distinct changes and has come up with a wide variety of its updated versions.

The sole reason it has become popular among Flutter app developers & businesses is due to the advanced widgets and tools it has.

These widgets & tools help in offering aesthetically appealing mobile apps on both the platforms- Android and iOS.

🔱 Some other benefits Flutter brings along with are:

✅ It is free for all;

✅ Flutter is based on a dart- purpose-oriented programming language;

✅ There is a larger variety of widgets available.

✅ Flutter apps are supposed to have alluring UIs, due to the widgets option.

Now another million-dollar question pops-in, that why businesses must invest in Flutter app development. So let’s read ahead…

💥 It is Time-saving

For a business to get the app developed faster, is the prime motto. With Flutter, the same code can be used on any other platform, without a need to re-write the code.

Since developers are no longer required to write the code for different platforms, this helps developers to save their time and deliver the app faster.

💥 Lesser testing time

An app can only be called successful, once it is free from any bug or error. Within the Flutter platform, the base code is written once for all the platforms, letting app testers to test the application only once.

This helps the QA team to reduce the testing time to 50% lesser.

💥 Is more popular

Eventually, the popularity spectrum of cross-platform is much larger than any other platform. This makes Flutter for cross-platform, a chosen and widely popular platform globally.

💥 Enhances productivity

Flutter requires no-double coding, giving developers to recompile the code. And within this recompilation developers can see the changes immediately. This enhances the productivity of developers to a larger extent.

💥 CD assistance

Google always tries its best to bring the best to the users. In this run, to reduce the developers’ workload, there is Code magic- a CD solution.

The Code magic helps developers to automatically detect, test, develop and package the Flutter mobile app application. It does not require any sort of configuration and is easy to be implemented.

After learning about the benefits Flutter offers to your business, the very next question, that must be bombarding you right now, would be the cost.

The cost of app development, whether with Flutter or any other technology, is largely dependent on various factors. A team of expert flutter developer can help you figure out the actual cost.

Let’s read ahead to know more…

🌟 What is the Cost of Flutter App Development?

Indeed to decide the app development cost, just after listening to the idea, is not at all feasible. Rather multiple factors are involved in deciding the overall mobile app development costs.

To help you understand those facts, let’s get on a quick tour of different aspects, that are affecting your Flutter app development cost.

⚜️ App Complexity

Each of the app available on the Google or Apple store is divided into 3 sub-categories based on complexity, such as Low, Medium, and High Complexity.

This set of categories also influences the app development cost, as it involves; the deployment model, third party integration and many other aspects.

⚜️ App features

Every app has its own set of features & functionalities. Some of the apps even include AR/VR technologies to allure customers. But you should know including many features & functionalities within your app, only triggers the cost.

⚜️ Choice of hardware

The inclusion of different hardware means more money to be invested. If you are planning to connect your app with wearable technology or any other trending one. This would incur more cost to your app development budget.

⚜️ App Maintenance

You need to understand one fact very clearly, that app development for your concept doesn’t end with the deployment. But there are multiple other aspects as well, which have to be taken into consideration.

✨ App update

Technologies keep on evolving, leaving no space for the older version to stay intact. Hence every business owner needs to pick the app update, and that requires money.

✨ Bug-fixes

Every app gets a bug with time. To fix those bugs you need to track the app health constantly.

✨ App design

The design of your app needs to be transformed regularly to help your users to stay engaged with the portal.


These are some of the factors that largely affect the app development cost. To help you get the estimated project cost, we would require you to share your concept with us. And our team of experts would help you to get an accurate app cost.

Get in touch with our flutter experts today..! Contact us now to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Flutter App Development?

    Flutter app development refers to mobile app development in the Flutter framework. The framework is backed by Google and can be to develop apps for various platforms such as mobile, web, and embedded devices.

  • 2. How much does it cost to hire cross platform app developers?

    Hiring cross-platform app developers can cost you around $25 to $100 per hour as per the requirement of your application. It also depends on the region you choose your cross-platform developer from.

  • 3. Does Flutter reduce the app development cost?

    Yes, Flutter reduces the app development cost because Flutter allows you to code once and run on different platforms, which ultimately saves your app development cost. Otherwise, when you go for native app development, you have to develop two separate apps, which multiply the cost of developers and the time taken too.

  • 4. Is Flutter the future of mobile app development?

    The future is not certain, but Flutter has the potential to become the future of mobile app development. Flutter offers native feel to the apps and is what developers look for when it comes to cross-platform app development.

  • 5. How much does app development cost?

    App development can cost around $10k to $50k depending upon the type of app, features required, complexity, and hourly charges of app developers.

  • 6. Do Cross Platform apps support all iOS and Android features?

    Cross-platform apps support almost all the native features of iOS and Android platforms. It depends on which framework you pick for your cross-platform app development.

  • 7. Why Choose Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development?

    Flutter provides access to nearly all the native features of iOS and Android. Besides, now flutter is not restricted to mobile app development; it has gone multi-platform, which makes it a perfect cross-platform app development framework to go for.

  • 8. What is the advantage of Flutter?

    Flutter enables developing seamless and exceptional mobile applications. It is also known for fast app development because of its features such as hot-reload, widgets provide native performance, etc. There are many advantages flutter offers in mobile app development.

  • 9. How much should a Flutter app development cost in 2023?

    The app development cost in Flutter can start from $15k to $50k depending upon the complexity and features. The cost factor also depends upon the app developer’s hourly charges, and the time your app will consume for development.

  • 10. How much does it cost to hire someone to build a Flutter App?

    The cost of developing the Flutter app depends on the mobile app development company you choose for your app development. If you are hiring someone, then do check their hourly charges. The cost can vary from $10k to $50k as per the complexity of the app.

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