Technology has an enormous impact on all industries, and on the way, businesses function around the world. With the technical progression, things have changed, such as now mobiles have become an essential human need and also a way for businesses to reach their audience at their convenience.

Through mobile app development, both B2B &B2C businesses have found their way to reach and engage their audiences more than ever. As technology is making things easier, the conventional businesses found their way of selling and buying services and products using the tech offering. This is why all businesses are shifting to the online world so that they can reach a larger audience and can grow without hindrance.

Now let me introduce you to the new talk of the town Udaan. A B2B networking platform that connects traders, manufacturers, wholesalers, vendors of all kinds of businesses. This app has become popular around entire India because the primary mission of this app is to act as a perfect solution for all the B2B requirements and it is really helpful and brings value to people. This platform keeps supplying people with all the business resources, requirements, and connections that are necessary while running a business.

This mobile app is available on both the major platforms iOS and Android. It also has a web app and is targeting every platform. This marketplace app can be defined as the Amazon platform for B2B businesses. It offers great deals to business people and provides heavy discounts on services. Udaan is moreover a platform that acts as a mediator among businesses and helps them extend their business to their desired limits.

An app like Udaan holds great potential in today’s world as business people around the globe are keenly focused on developing b2b marketplace apps and are eagerly looking for the cost to develop a b2b app like Udaan. This article will help all the people who want to build an e-commerce app like Udaan along with cost and features. Let’s dig deep to address all your concerns.

Important features of an app like Udaan 

If you want to develop an app like Udaan along with all the high-end features, it consumes lots of time and research. This demands access to great resources and efforts. Let’s go through all the features of Udaan.

Account registration

As a vendor, you can register your account on Udaan by filling your required information. You have to enter your details such as business entity number, and other necessary details so that u can access all the services of Udaan.

Profile Management and Subscription

This platform is designed for vendors to manage various activities on their profile.

Product listing

Through this feature, sellers can list the details of their products and services on the app which will help your potential consumers.

Add/Remove Products

It allows you to add or remove products and you can make necessary alterations to your product as you need.

Order Management System

From here suppliers can manage their orders and various information under the order management system.

In-app Communication

This feature is the most trending feature currently that helps engage users. It allows proper and efficient communication among the buyer and seller. The buyer can communicate within the app and vendors can share additional information and can stay regularly in touch without spending any additional money on other communication platforms.

Admin Panel

Admin panel is the most important feature as it allows the owner to monitor the app and gives access to administrator level settings where admin can make relevant changes.

Analytics and Reporting Tools

This tool helps you monitor and analyze your sales and in tracking various analytics as well as reports based on your business performance.

Payment Management

This feature has become a must for all apps because your users can pay you directly within the app and let vendors manage their payments.

These are some mandatory features that you must have besides these features you can include various other features to your e-commerce app. For instance, customer verification, a unique dashboard to manage everything for vendors, product recommendation, wishlist, cart, AI-enabled search, ratings, and feedback.

As the market is rising businesses are moving towards mobile app development and are reaching their audience where they are and giving them value by providing what they want. E-commerce app development like Udaan can take some time but will provide you long term results. So don’t lag behind your competitors and remodel your business process by introducing mobile apps to reach your audience at their comfort.

Ask yourself whether you want to create an app like Udaan or you have different requirements. Is your current platform or strategies are working as you wanted or you need to furnish them again? Grab the opportunity to enter the market now by introducing powerful, feature-rich. and user-friendly mobile apps like Udaan.

Don’t forget that still there are ample opportunities in the e-commerce industry and with technological advancements you can leverage this emerging B2B e-commerce trend. Even if you have a platform but it isn’t working as per your expectations then now is the time to make the right investment to help your business flourish.

Gather all your app development requirements and hire an experienced software development company that excels in delivering the best mobile app development services.

Choose the right fit for your requirements and hire mobile app developers who are reliable and can render great experience to your consumers.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Udaan?

Creating such a B2B e-commerce mobile app with the above-mentioned features will approximately cost you around $10,000 to $50,000. This price can vary on various things such as platform, features, region you choose for mobile app development, etc. if you want to spend less and still want to get a quality app then look for leading mobile app development companies in India like Auxano Global Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How long will it take to develop and launch an app like Udaan?

    An app like Udaan can take 6-8 months to develop if we consider developing only crucial features as the app can have many features. This type of app is considered as the marketplace, and it comprises many complex features too. So the time taken can vary as per the number of app developers you hire and also will differ if you hire freelance developers or a software development company.

  • 2. How much does it Cost to Develop an app like Udaan?

    A simple mobile app development cost starts from $10k and can go up as per the complexity, features you require. The app cost also fluctuates as per the region you go for app development and even the company you pick.

  • 3. How much does it cost to hire a dedicated Mobile app developer?

    Hiring a mobile app developer can cost you from $18 to $50 per hour, depending on the location you choose. At Auxano Global Services, you can hire dedicated mobile app developer at $18/hr, and we also offer various hiring models as per your project requirements. 

  • 4. How Much Time Will it Take To Develop an App for My Business?

    The time to develop an app depends upon the application; sometimes, it takes 4-6 weeks, or it can also take months to build an app.

  • 5. Why should you hire mobile app developers from Auxano Global Services?

    Hiring mobile app developers from Auxano Global Services will help you bring your project to life without investing in the cost of hiring resources in-house, and we offer a very flexible and affordable price structure. Besides, our experienced developers are available to you whenever you need them, and before hiring, you can interview them and test their abilities. Feel free to reach us for your hiring demands.

  • 6. what makes Auxano Global Services better than other Mobile App Development Companies?

    Auxano Global Services is a leading mobile app development company which renders best-in-class mobile app development services. Their mobile app developers stay ahead of the cutting-edge technology and have years of experience in working on various domains.

  • 7. Where Can I go For more Information?

    To know more about our mobile app development services, and to hire mobile app developers, contact us at or can call us at +12097365046

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