Worldwide people spend almost five or more hours on their smartphones daily. Not only this, daily we spend practically nearly more than 3 hours on communication activities like social media, texting, phone calls, instant messaging apps, etc.

Yeah right, every single day.

And with the technological advancements, the way we communicate has changed drastically. We’ve moved from phone calls to text and messaging apps. This is the reason for the popularity of chatbot development.

According to Dharmesh Shah, Hubspot Founder, “What’s in the ’90s was Internet & browser, now is of bots.”

Chatbots have introduced a new way of interacting with the world. The chatbot industry is gradually and slowly getting flooded. In the Statista report, it is estimated that the chatbot market will touch 1.25 billion dollars by 2025.

Now let’s dive into the reason for the rise in the chatbots, what benefits they offer to the customers.

Concerning customers, it is essential to ask queries and doubts they have regarding the product. They need someone who could guide them and recommend them the best alternative. And it’s a fact that conversation drives sales and maintains the relationship.

What benefits do chatbot services offer to customers?

Instant and Consistent Response

It is proven that rather than humans bots are better at handling customers. If customers don’t like the representative they call again to talk to another one, this issue will also be solved via bots and even provide an enjoyable experience by instant and consistent replies.

24*7 Availability

There are no doubts about the considerable benefits that impact the business. More than 65% of the people are happy and support chatbots for the whole day assistance.

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Endless Patience

While humans as customer representative sometimes lose their patience, bots prove to be a great asset in this situation.

Smart bots

Bots can be used to automate tasks such as arranging meetings, advanced search functionality and even they can talk as well as perform like humans. Chatbots are the perfect chat solution.

The recent data from Google Trends depicts the search volume of chatbots grew more than ten times over the last five years, and businesses began to realize its value.

Hubspot also showed in research that over 71% of people use chatbots to solve their problems fast.

What benefits do chatbots offer to businesses?

Improved Customer Service

A survey shows that around 83% of online shoppers need support during shopping.

Chatbot assistance can offer interactive communication to understand the real problem and can be the helping hand.

Chatbot app can present customer rich content using text and voice with product images, videos, etc. This represents that chatbot can provide extensive and proactive customer assistance as well as give a boost to the business’s customer service.

Better Customer Engagement

Engaging the customer through the different social media platforms comes under the essential tactics, and it works well. A chat application can add experience to it and help the business in engaging their audience.

Cost Saving

Implementing a chatbot application is cheaper and faster than hiring employees for every task. Chatbots are automated solutions that can handle many customers at once and simultaneously. It doesn’t only save the cost but also can do multiple jobs at once without errors.

Gaining Insights and Monitoring Consumer Data

Bots are great tools to communicate with customers. Chatbots can provide the business with detailed, actionable data of the customer and their pain points that can help any business enhance its product and services.

You can also trace the customer’s purchasing pattern and behavior by monitoring the user data. According to Hubspot research, 48% of customers prefer connecting with a company through live chat app than any other point of contact.

Now I hope you will agree that chatbots are genuinely adding value to businesses worldwide by delivering AI capabilities to help intelligently communicate with candidates, customers, and employees in no time.

You can adopt this revolutionary technology for both B2C and B2B purposes. Besides the enterprise chatbot solution is helping businesses to leverage AI based bots to enhance business operations.

Forrester report states that “57% of companies are already using Enterprise Chatbots or have plans, to begin with, one this year.”

Well said by Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO “Chatbots will fundamentally revolutionize how everybody experiences computing.”

Let’s jump to the part which I love the most ‘Develop chatbot application.‘ Yes, you can do it on your own.

Step 1. Start by Creating the Layout of the Bot




Step 2. All We Have to do Now is to Initialize the Firebase and Recycler Adapter with FirebaseRecyclerAdapter


Step 3. It’s Time to Implement First, Let’s Create an Agent in and Enable the Small Talks

The reason for enabling small talks is that it allows you to import a bunch of predefined answers for simple queries and phrases.


Step 4. Now Configure in the Java Code 

Configure api

Step 5. Implement the Voice Command in the Chatbot 

Voice Command

That’s it, guys! Your chatbot is ready you can start talking to it.

In the market investigation, it is predicted that chatbots will be able to perform far more advanced services that improve relationships with customers soon.

According to a Forrester report “In the next three to five years, messaging apps will rise with adjacent technologies. Technology innovation in natural language processing, semantic search, image and voice recognition, and especially A.I. will progressively blur the lines between messaging apps, bots, and voice-based assistants.”

Chatbots are no longer limited to handle customer services, but now they have become a way to automate the businesses as well as to streamline the internal and external operations of companies.

Opting instant messaging programs of chatbots will help in leveraging AI-powered technology to save the operational time and also to promote active interactions that can benefit the business.

By all this, it is pretty clear that chatbots are here to stay and its development will impact both businesses as well as the customers.

Many AI chatbot developers are redefining the combination of machine learning and AI to analyze the user’s data to turn the raw data into successful insights. So, gear up and adopt this trending technology if you don’t want to lag behind.


Chatbot Development Company - Auxano Global Services

Chatbots are potent tools for the businesses not even in communication it can go beyond that with the power of AI and also will help companies to reduce costs and resources.

The reason for the popularity of this technology is the rise of mobile messengers and extension technology of Artificial Intelligence.

Now all the companies prefer chatbots as their means of interaction with the customers. If you want one for your business, many firms provide chatbot development services.

It’s time to take this revolutionary tech into account and to implant it in the communication strategies to strengthen the presence of the businesses.

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So let’s talk about your requirements and get lighted with your custom chatbot application.

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