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In accordance with the HubSpot,

🔸 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information.

✔️ 88% of searches for local businesses on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours.

🔸 61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile-friendly site.

✔️ 18% of local smartphone searches led to a purchase within a day, whereas only 7% of non-local searches led to a sale.

🔸 “Near me” or “close by” type searches grew by more than 900% over two years.

“When you have a local brick and mortar store, be it a bike shop in the USA, a restaurant in New Jersey or a well-established furniture shop in Houston, Texas, local SEO plays a crucial role in gaining more customers and conversions.”

Let’s assume that it’s your wedding anniversary and all of sudden, you forgot about it. And, before your wife finds out, you try to please her with flowers and decide to buy a bunch of beautiful roses.

You turn out to your reliable smartphone, opened the most trusted Google and typed “best florist near me”. In no time, Google serves you a list of top-rated and nearby florists including their shop address, contact details, and reviews and ratings. It’s quite obvious that you’ll save yourself from the trouble of scrutinizing the best one and will naturally go with the top result.

Now, let’s turn the table and think that you recently opened up a flower shop in New Jersey. You noticed that you are facing tough competition and want to break through the wall of search engines and stack yourself at the top place.

In such a case, what would you do?

If you’re serious about promoting your business in multiple ways, you’d find ways to implement local SEO tactics to turn your potential consumers into a happy customer.

In accordance with Google, 4 out of 5 customers want search results to be customized into their local communities.

For any business size, this should be enough reason to invest in local SEO Service in 2022. Knowing this, let’s find out how investing in local SEO services can prove to be fruitful for your business.

💥 What Are The Benefits Of Local SEO?

1. Building citation means more traffic and sales for your business

Building citations on some renowned sites like Facebook, Google, Tripadvisor gives your business more online visibility and exposure. It also yields your business to be found by the right set of people that are interested in your particular product or services in their area at a definite time.

Citations are one of the most important aspects of any Local SEO campaign. In fact, the Moz study says that citations are the fourth most important factor for local SEO rankings followed at the fifth position for the local organic rankings.

2. It’s easily trackable

As discussed earlier, local SEO is a trackable campaign which means it allows you to track, grow and update your strategies. You will always have an idea about how your campaign is performing.

With platforms like Google Analytics, you’ll always have a sneak peek about how your campaign is performing, what is not benefitting your campaign and will update it accordingly.

3. Optimizing Google My Business makes the most important ranking factor

The proximity of your address in accordance with the user search results plays a vital role in local pack ranking – but that’s actually a factor out of your control. You can’t change your physical location in relevance to the searchers but there are other factors too that can influence positively. And, one such example is your Google My Business profile.

It’s a directory of sorts and when you claim your listing in it, you need to provide a host of useful information such as business location, contact details, opening and closing hours, etc. This information is used by Google across several properties and listings including Maps and searches.

While the most ranking factors are often disclosed, Google states that GMB will improve local search ranking. And if your rankings are poor, you can maximize your local search presence by improving your GMB information.

4. More foot impressions to your physical location

It’s quite obvious that optimizing your business for local SEO will ensure more foot impressions to your business location.

Many people will search for ‘salon near me’ with an intention to visit the salon and avail the services near to them. This will allow your business to show up in the search result and attract them to visit your physical location.

5. Convert searchers to offline purchases

As per the Go-Globe, Almost 80% of the local mobile searches result in offline purchases within a day or two.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it!

The consumer’s intent to get top search engine results with local businesses is something that sets local SEO distinguished from the other SEO tactics. So, if your business can show up at the time when customers are actively searching, you might have a higher chance of converting those potential searches to actual purchases.

💥 Why Choose Auxano Global Services for Local SEO?

That’s because we are in this industry since inception. Auxano Global Services has been serving local and global businesses and SEO professionals with the best services to improve their positions in the local search market since 2015. Our strong vision and in-depth marketing knowledge have helped us in building a rich portfolio across the world.

If you’re looking forward to stacking your local business in Google’s top search result list, you’ve landed at the perfect place. Below are some reasons to partner with Auxano Global Services for Local SEO Services.

✨ It Helps You To Understand Your Rankings

Now, don’t miss an update about your keywords. Availing Auxano Global Services, you can track hundreds of keywords across multiple search engines, visualize in-depth breakdowns of Maps, mobile and organic rankings compare your keywords ranking with your competitors and what not! You can even generate reports to view and analyze ranking trends for different locations.

⚡️ Reputation Management

With us, managing your business has become so easy before. Now track and analyze your online reviews across multiple sites such as Facebook, TripAdvisor, etc., Guide customers to leave their valuable reviews and feedbacks to the sites that matter you most, revert to their queries and feedback with a single tool and grow your business more with our reputation management services.

🌟 Build Accurate Citations Effortlessly Yet Quickly

Whether you use our manual citations services or aggregator service, our citations building services can push your data to thousands of top-rated online business directories, mobile applications, and mapping services across the globe in a way that it ensures NAP consistency and high search visibility.

Boost Your Business ROI Using Our Local SEO Services!

So I hope that by now you’d have understood how optimizing local SEO for business is a crucial factor for establishing a stronger digital presence. Today is the best day to crush your competitors and establish your footsteps in the modern and fast-paced online marketplace.

Why Local SEO Services is Important For Your Business (2020)

And, partnering with Auxano Global Services will help you reach your business goal! We offer highly customized yet affordable online marketing services that will undoubtedly help your business to yield more ROI. From us, you can expect the best services at unbeatable prices.

All you need to do is just focus on your business and leave your website promotion dilemma to our team. Just give us a call at +1.209.736.5046 for a free 20 minutes SEO consultation and learn how our services can benefit your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Why Business need Local SEO Services?

    Local SEO lets you reach your potential consumers who want to take help from the companies near them. It enables your business to show in the locations your users are located and searching for the product. Local SEO helps your business stand out in the local searches and help people reach your business. If you want to improve your search locally, then contact our local SEO expert now.

  • 2. How Does Local SEO Services Helps to Improve Your Business ROI?

    Local SEO Services improves and promotes your business’s visibility on location-based searches. It makes sure that you reach your potential consumers around that locality. Local SEO makes sure that your potential consumers reach you as it delivers all the information about your business and eventually increases the ROI of your business.

  • 3. What is a Local Search Result?

    Local search results can be defined as the search results appear for people who search for businesses and places near their locations. You will be able to see the results if you will search for “best restaurants near me” from your device. This will show you the restaurants near you and is known as a local search result.

  • 4. Why is Google my business important?

    Google My Business helps you improve your search results when it comes to local searches. The best thing to boost your local ranking is to register yourself on free Google My Business listing. It is very important to ensure your GMB profile is created, optimized, claimed and updated regularly to help strong SEO for your business.

  • 5. How does local SEO work?

    Local SEO can help your business reach your local consumers who are looking for services and products that you serve. You just have to register on Google My Business, submit your business’s details such as address and other details. The search engines then look for the local content, social profile pages, links and citations to get the most relevant local search result.

  • 6. What are the benefits of local SEO?

    There are many benefits of local SEO for your business; some of them are:

    1. Your business will be in the organic search of users.
    2. Local people will prefer you because you will be available to them.
    3. Google will rank you higher in local searches.
    4. Your business will have quick access to your consumers.
    5. Local SEO will increase your website traffic.

  • 7. How Much Does Local SEO Services Cost in 2023?

    Best Local SEO Services in 2023 will cost you around $599 to $1999 per month, depending upon your business’s requirements. At Auxano Global Services, we offer affordable Local SEO Services that can boost your business’s online presence and will help you reach your potential consumers locally. We also customize our SEO plans as per the client’s needs, so feel free to contact us.

  • 8. Why choose Auxano Global Services for Local SEO?

    We bring results to the table. This makes us different from others. Our Local SEO services are customized as per the client’s business needs, and we focus on a results-driven strategy. Auxano Global Services have the best Local SEO experts who have shown their magic to many clients by boosting their business’s ROI. Know Auxano Global Services Local SEO Services Pricing, and let your business take its leverage to gain potential clients.

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