The mobile app economy is one of the biggest industries on the planet, and it has turned ten this year with its commanding presence on the entire globe.

The mobile app development world is ruling the market right now, but the question is what holds in the future?

Do you think mobile app development company will rule the world with remarkable applications?

To answer this, we are unveiling the future of mobile app development. I believe in stating facts and figures more than anything else. According to Statista prediction, by 2020 mobile apps will be worth approximately 189 billion U.S dollars in revenue.

Gone are the days when phones are just used to make calls. Today the usability of phones has overextended its wings. The current shift in technology is spelling great news in the future of the mobile application world. In this blog, we will understand the potential future of the mobile world in light of technological advancements. While none of us have a crystal ball, that doesn’t stop us from doing educated prophecies. Let’s dive in to discover the new horizon of the futuristic mobile application world.

1. The future is Innovation. Future is Automation

What do you expect from the smart future?

I can imagine a world of intelligent apps!!!

Modern apps are not just created with a point of view to automate routine tasks. The focus for making apps smarter is to make them understand the logic and sensations to improve their intelligence. According to my future view of proffering smart services through applications, developers will use predictive insights by analyzing consumer’s demands and requirements. This can be possible by blending big data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence technology.

With the help of AI, we can learn the behavior and also can find out the user’s references to make these sessions better and even more abundant inexperience. AI in the area of mobile app development pledges to magnify the overall experience of the users. According to Constellation Research, the market of artificial intelligence will reach a value of $100 billion by the year 2025.

Possibilities are endless such as maybe sensors will be that smart with the help of AI they will be able to read human minds and much more. It’s just we have to keep ourselves ready to savor the world of smart apps.

2. Defining the trends of the future.

The advanced technology development in the mobile application will bring many dramatic changes in the processes of enterprises. The focus has been shifted from improving the experience on one channel to providing even smarter experience across a wide range of channels.

This will incorporate technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data analysis, IoT, AR, and VR in the list but the focus will be more on the customers not only on technologies.

Technologies develop faster than ever. According to Gartner’s prediction, by the year 2021 leading trading businesses will implement visual and voice product searches to their platforms.

Another study found that by the time of 2020, more than 70% of the entire software interactions will take place through enterprise mobility solutions.

The business world will be ruled by enterprise mobility management. Enterprise mobile app development will be highly adopted by most of the big enterprises and organizations. 

3. Welcome to the Future world of M-Commerce.

According to market researchers over the next few years, more consumers will embrace m-commerce as their preferred means. We can imagine that one day we will have the ability to make all the purchases without using physical cards.

The swiping will replaced by just tapping or apps will automatically deduct the money without even using the phone. As M-commerce will continue to evolve, significant apps will be designed to assist the customers.

Not only this, m-commerce will take a different shape by combining with the wearables that can process payments. As the world adapts to become mobile-ready, by businesses plunging to grow and successfully withstand the competition in the market by implementing futuristic applications.

4. The future is bright as the future is light.

Yeah, if you haven’t heard of it yet, then you better brace yourself up. The low code platforms will gonna rule the app development market. These are the future of app development because it’s easier, faster and even more efficient. It’s fantastic news because it will push developers to give their best.

The future app development process will be more accurate, and the app development will also consume less time. There will be no room for sloppy code or lengthy development process.

We can only rely on the predictions of the market right now, but maybe the low-code platform would consist of two parts; a language which will be syntactically similar to human-like language and another is WYSIWYG interface. These simple changes will transform the app development.

5.Infinite Opportunities with Unpredictable Possibilities

Though no one can predict the future with certainty, we can analyze the past for reference to assume what lies in the future. But this is true that no matter what future roles out the app industry will become an integral part of our global economy. Technology addiction will also help people in their day-to-day life and will become an inseparable part of their lives. 

The mobile app development industry will be going to rule the world with new innovations and technological solutions. So for app development companies, it’s time to hold on the grips with a new form of technology and adapt to the business and consumers need to shine in the future. So if you have a company or you are planning to develop an app be sure to discuss the future of mobile app technology.


Will App Development Companies Ever Rule the World?


Ultimately the future holds the fusion of technology and the demand of the market. In fact, we can say that the future is not far off. We are already witnessing a glimpse of the future. So brace yourself, get excited and be prepared for the significant change in the app development industry. Everything will be different, and I am sure that this change will bring out the best out of the technology sector. Just be open and get ready to relish the enormous possibilities.

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