Technical SEO techniques help your site rank in such a way, that if you use it, you have a ranking website, otherwise no rank at all. It’s the most fundamental one of your website building processes. Without Technical SEO components other strategies of SEO will lose their effect.

It is good to be proficient with SEO basics, but what makes you adept is extending the knowledge to Technical SEO activities. These activities cover up all the technical aspects of the website that affect the user’s experience and engagement.

Good hold on Technical SEO Tools, which help you achieve the set goals. These tools undertake all the technical aspects like hosting, site speed, XML, Sitemaps, and meta robot tags. With this guide, you will have a step-to-step introduction to technical SEO.

Statistics for Technical SEO

The below-mentioned facts and surveys show how important technical SEO is. Although it is difficult to learn, by knowing Technical SEO basics you can go further.

1. As one survey suggested, 59% of SEO buffs named technical on-site optimization as their most effective SEO strategy.

2. Big enterprises, noted 65.4 of them to be agreeing to the fact that technical SEO is the most effective strategy.

3. Understanding the technical SEO’s importance 47% of site users usually expect the page to load in two seconds.

4. Even if 2 seconds, extending more than 1 second will increase the bounce rate to 123%.

5. 40.61% of pages have meta descriptions to truncate.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is about improving the technical aspects of a website for increasing ranking on search engines of a website. It works by making the website faster, easier to crawl, and easily decoded by search engines.

Being a part of on-page activities, technical SEO focuses on improving elements on the website to get higher rankings. The techniques of this SEO include website and server optimization that ultimately leads to helping the search engines spider crawl and index your website more effectively.

Best Practices to Consider for Technical SEO

Some of the key considerations you should be well aware of, to excel in the field of technical SEO. These are the Technical SEO best practices.

1. Use a Flat, Organized Site Structure

The site structure is how all pages on your website are arranged. The structure should ideally be in a way that the links of different site pages be just a few links away from one another.

Going further, the structure is better to be well organized. There should be no orphan pages. Orphan pages are the ones left with no internal links guiding them. You can get a clear interactive look at your site’s architecture using a visual site mapper.

A flat site with a well-organized structure makes it easier for Google to find it.

2. Consistent URL Structure

Different and markable URLs for all the pages and sections of your website help the visitors understand where they are on your site. Also, putting the pages in different categories helps google find you with more context about your site and each page.

3. Breadcrumbs Navigation


This feature is super SEO-friendly because it automatically adds internal links to categories and subpages on the website. It helps you to get in Google’s index, as it has turned URLs into breadcrumb-style navigation in the SERPs.

4. Performance


With higher site speed, responsive design, and considering UX, you have a complete check on the site’s performance. It is very important to know how your site is working as a bad performance will invite negative impacts.

5. Crawling and Indexing

Concentrate on how your content is and with technical SEO, you can regularly monitor the Index Coverage report and crawl stats. To increase your reach you have to keep a considerable amount of effort on crawling and indexing.

Benefits of Technical SEO

Understanding Technical SEO benefits is important as it provides you with substantial reason to take care of the technical aspects of the website.

1. Increased Reach Across All Channels

Technical SEO can help you increase potential sales and engagement by increasing reach across different channels. The content is created in such a way that it makes it easier for the search engine to find the website, index it, and display it before more people.

2. Higher Search Engine Ranking

If the search engine finds you faster by easily understanding the content. Then there is a better chance of appearing higher in search results. Adding to it, the website can also be featured within the “people also ask” and “featured snippets” sections.

3. Rich Snippets in Search Results

rich snippet

When the content appears higher in search results, a short description is always better with the title. The short description should be attractive in a way that it invites the viewers to the website.

4. Better Display and Layout

Through technical SEO, you can automate the process. This eliminates the issue of the wrong image or text snippet when the content is shared across social media.

5. Reduce the Investment Requirements for SEO

Use a sensible defaults approach to automate meta tags rather than paying a high amount of money to an SEO agency.

6. Also, Reduce Editor Overhead

Automating reduces the workload for your designers and writers. So, they have enough time to generate great content. Also, this great content through technical SEO can be easily found, indexed, and presented.

Why is Technical SEO so Important Now?

Great content is nothing if it’s not found, read, and reviewed. Technical SEO comes here in the picture. With the increase of search engines’ efficiency at crawling, indexing, and understanding information, they also need some technicality to find the website.

A Technical SEO expert can help you with this.

Basic Elements Vital For Your Technical SEO

Consider this technical SEO checklist important for your website. If you plan to develop a website with rich technical SEO, these elements are a must to be added.

1. Website Speed

The less time a website takes to load, the more engagement it will have. Through technical SEO, keep in mind to have a considerably good website speed. You can do this by keeping your templates simple, Optimizing visuals, and Limiting the redirects with including browsers cache.

2. It is Important to be Mobile-Friendly

Equally important as website speed, mobile-friendliness will ensure more visitors. People prefer to watch websites on different screen types, ensuring that your content fits everywhere well.

3. Site Architecture

As we have mentioned above a good and organized site structure is very important for an SEO-friendly website.

4. Avoid having Duplicate Content

The major role of technical SEO is to have a look at website errors and ways to avoid them. Duplicate content is one of the major issues. It can cause a lot of problems to be aware of.

Cost of Hiring Technical Services

Average monthly SEO consulting services costs about $1,000. Further, it can also extend up to $5000 for high-end websites. The costing depends a lot on what are the requirements of the client.


Technical SEO is a continuous process and a difficult subject to understand all at once. This guide might help you with technical SEO basics, but it’s always prescribed to consult an expert. This informative blog will initialize your journey.

As we have understood how important technical SEO is for the website, you should leave no room for error in it. A good technical SEO can boost up your site’s engagement and reward you with greater sales and consumers.

Auxano Global Services with the best technical experts can guide your technical SEO journey with complete expertise and professionalism. Here we work with traditional and proven methods aligning to trending and in-demand ways. Enter the market of technical SEO with an agency that can provide everything you need from consulting to developing and launching to marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is a Technical SEO audit?

    Technical SEO audit is the process during which you can check and verify the technical aspects of your website’s SEO. It checks the health of a website and clears out any kind of errors present.

  • 2. How Technical SEO makes money?

    Technical SEO helps in increasing the engagement rate, through more visitors you can have more consumers. It increases your sales that scales up your profit.

  • 3. Isn’t technical SEO outdated for 2024?

    Technical SEO can never be outdated; however, you need to upgrade the tools and techniques you use with time.

  • 4. How can I know more about Technical SEO?

    Please feel free to consult our experts, they are always ready to answer any query or questions.

  • 5. What about after employing technical SEO, maintenance?

    Don’t worry about maintenance and long-term commitment when working with Auxano Global services. Anything you will demand we will get it done, be it before delivery or after that.

  • 6. What is the best agency for employing technical SEO?

    Choose Auxano Global Services, and choose the best ones. We here provide what you demand with complete understanding, integrity, and professionalism.

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