Since SEO became a mainstream marketing channel, the technological websites gained impetus to reach where they are now. The modern SEO services have unveiled the potentials of the search engines, leading to every technical website racing towards providing an enhanced user experience and getting a higher rank on the Search Engine Result Pages. In 2017, even 57% of the B2B marketers stated that technology SEO churns majority leads.

So, what is technical SEO? Technical SEO identifies the loopholes of your technological website, leverages high-target technology keywords in your site, and prepares it for appearing among the top search engine results. Broader reach, brand awareness, more clicks, and genuine leads – SEO delivers a host of benefits for your technical website against these inputs and an affordable cost structure.

For the SEO efforts to hit the bull’s eye, some underlying aspects in your technical website need to be smoothened and streamlined according to the best practices. Is that so easy? Well, no! The success and impact of your technical SEO campaign depend on how professionally the efforts have been made. And when it comes to professional SEO experts, then Auxano Global Services gets recalled as the best technical SEO company, offering a bunch of top SEO services.

Technical SEO

How Do We Do?

Apart from housing a great team of SEO experts, we have a demonstrated history of working in the technical SEO niche and have taken numerous technological websites to the heights of SEO marketing success.

At Auxano Global Services, the top SEO company, we believe that professionalism, knowledge, experience, and expertise speak loud in the field of SEO marketing. Having said that even our working methodology reflects these aspects. So, what lies at the backbone of our working? And, how do we leverage technical SEO so flawlessly? Let’s take a look.

Technical SEO

1. We Resonate with Tech

We have well-excavated the subtle aspects of the technology domain, which have made us familiar with the challenges in your business. The search engines get to know your business better only when the SEO team integrates a great user experience, easily navigable entities, and all those components in your website that distinguishes your business from the others. Displaying certifications, recognitions, testimonials, and working profile provide an impeccable edge to your website and persuades the customers about your work.

Once each of the above aspects gets scaled up to optimization, the search engines receive a clearer picture of what is your business, and what are the services offered. Based on this, the ranking and visibility of your website get enhanced.

2. We Are Familiar to Your Audience

A successful technical website boasts two features – technical language and SEO phrases. When your website entails modern technical language, convincing your customers about the business becomes way easier. Whereas, with the right SEO language, the search engine understands your website better and features it among the top search results. So, a delicate equilibrium between customer-targeted and SEO-targeted languages is necessary for skyrocketing your digital marketing campaign.

3. We Flow with Advancements

We know that you belong from such a business vertical, where advancements and modifications are common. Technical businesses face the challenge of modifying, scaling up, optimizing, and re-optimizing their websites with the advancements, repeatedly. Don’t worry, we realize the turbulence in your sector and tweak the SEO strategies with the latest technology trends.

No matter how significant the advancements are, our team monitors your website performance, curates new SEO strategies, and leverages them in your unbeatable website.

Understanding the technical sector fully works as the working skeleton behind achieving success in providing the best SEO outcomes to our technology clients. Since we know your business, its challenges, and your potential customers, working with us lets you access our comprehensive wisdom and utilize it to achieve massive SEO success.

Technical SEO

What Do We Do?

Before the empowerment of your website for entering the first SERP and become one of the leading results, you need to address certain technical aspects. The technical website needs to be streamlined and improved for the search engine to allow better crawling, grant a higher ranking, and improve its visibility to the potential audience.

Now that you know what lies at the backbone of our working methodology, you must be intrigued to know about what we do for optimizing your website. So, here is an elaborated list of all the technical SEO services that we offer to bring out the best optimization of your website.

Technical SEO

1. Technical Site Audit

First things first, before getting deeper into the technical SEO, auditing your website to identify possible code errors and skeletal loopholes is a must. Our team begins analyzing your website, brings all the shortcomings on the table, and fixes them to get a clean slate for beginning the optimization process.

2. Analyzing the Competitors

We analyze your competitors to understand why they stand ahead of you in terms of search engine ranking. We focus on which SEO parameters provide them with the leading search engine position and improve your website accordingly.

3. Content Strategy

Content makes an important ingredient to the recipe for a successful SEO campaign. Right after analyzing the shortcomings in your website and the strengths of your competitors, we start curating a remarkable SEO content strategy for your technology business.

4. Image Optimization

Images and media are the most captivating elements in your website. These entities influence the time spent by the customers on your website and their retention as well. Optimizing the image titles, descriptions, tags, and every discoverable component allows the search engines to understand the context of the website media and showcase them to the right audiences.

5. Backlinks Analysis

Backlinks play a pivotal role in the success of an off-page SEO campaign. We offer a thorough analysis of the backlinks, stating all the backlinks, their source, and their landing pages as well. A backlinks analysis is necessary to highlight all the link-building opportunities where backlinks can sweeten the fruits of SEO outcomes.

6. Local SEO

Our affordable SEO services comprise local SEO as well. Local SEO can assist you to target all the clients residing in and around your locality and searching for technical support. From incorporating local SEO keywords to building your profile on the local business directories and optimizing the title and description of your business on the listings, we do it all for you.

7. Mobile Optimization

Google registers 58% of all the searches through mobile platforms. Since mobile users form a major part of the web users, targeting the ease of navigation for the mobile community boosts up the SEO outcomes further. We aim at restructuring and optimizing your website layout for the mobile, and integrate interactive entities as well.

8. Speed Enhancement

Do you know that 32.3% of site visitors bounce off if site loading exceeds to 7 seconds? Most of your valuable customers will bounce off to your competitors if your website takes too long to load. Moreover, an increased bounce rate decreases the ranking of your website on the search engines. So, we provide a speed test of your website and analyze the factors that leash down the loading speed of your website.

Based on our analysis, we take the necessary steps for improving the speed of your website, decreasing the visitor bounce rate, and improving the search engine ranking of your technical site.

Technical SEO

The above-mentioned SEO services overview was a part of our offerings. Beyond these services, Auxano Global Services resonate with the development and alteration in the searching algorithms. We perform a continued keywords analysis, keep creating content for improving your website ranking, and track the performance of your website throughout.

Our team understands the trends in your technology sector. We also know the expectations of your customers and the factors that provide a technical company with a fine edge over the competitors. Such a modern approach, comprehensive knowledge, and work experience make Auxano Global Services the best SEO optimization company. Contact us now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is a Technical SEO service?

    Technical SEO delivers a host of benefits for your technical website against these inputs and an affordable cost structure. It identifies the loopholes of your technological website, leverages high-target technology keywords in your site, and prepares it for appearing among the top search engine results.

  • 2. How image optimization can help website ranking?

    Optimizing the image titles, descriptions, tags, and every discoverable component allows the search engines to understand the context of the website media and showcase them to the right audiences. Image and media files play a major role in technical SEO services.

  • 3. Which is the best SEO agency for technical SEO services?

    Auxano Global Services is a leading digital marketing and SEO agency for technology SEO services. Our dedicated SEO experts have ample expertise in technical SEO services. We offer local SEO services, competitors analyze, optimize code for the website, rich content, keyword tracking and improving results. Contact us to be in the first rank of Google organic search results.

  • 4. Why choose Auxano Global Services for technical SEO requirements?

    Auxano Global Services is a renowned name in the IT industry. We are familiar with technical terms, thus, expertise in keyword research. Our dedicated SEO experts offer site audit, on-page optimization, back-link analysis, local SEO, image optimization, killer content marketing, and timely reporting.

  • 5. Where can I go for more information about technical SEO services?

    To know more about our technical SEO services and to hire dedicated SEO experts, contact us at or can call us at +1.209.736.5046.

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