The rise of app development solutions has been a recent most prominent business trend. Mobile app development presents an excellent opportunity for startups to get their products and services directly into the hands of their customers.

However, with the number of mobile apps currently available, startups must consider the best ways to approach their app development and ensure that the end product stands out.

If you’re searching for the best app development ideas for a startup that will help you create a successful mobile application, this article is for you. This comprehensive guide will walk you through highly efficient and trending mobile app ideas to help you make a splash in the app development world.

Before diving into the ideas, let’s check out some statistics to understand the mobile app market and its potential.



1. According to reports, global user spending on mobile apps was around $129 billion in 2022, and it’s expected to grow by multiple times by the end of 2024.

2. An average smartphone user engages with roughly 30 apps per month, and users also use at least nine to ten apps daily for their work and leisure lives.

3. Approximately 85% of the time spent on smartphones is actively spent using different types of apps, but the time is not evenly divided into apps. For example, An average US customer spends 13% of their time on Facebook, 12% on Google apps, etc. The interesting fact is that giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple only account for over 30% of the total time spent.

4. According to reports, an average American smartphone user will check their phone once every 10 to 13 minutes. This percentage translates into 96 times per day. Moreover, 66% of US users check their smartphones around 160 times daily.

5. By the end of 2023, mobile app revenue will surpass $201 billion. This market will grow with a CAGR of 19.5%, and by the end of 2025, the consumer app market will reach around $270 billion.

Revenue Of Mobile Apps Worldwide 2017-2025, By Segment

Revenue of mobile apps in Worldwide segment
Source: Statista

Top App Development Ideas to Try for Startups in 2024

Looking at these statistics, it’s clear that the mobile app market is very lucrative and full of potential. The key is to identify an excellent idea for your startup and execute it successfully. Here are some of the best mobile app development ideas for a successful startup in 2024.

Whether you are planning to hire a bespoke mobile app development company or do it in-house, these ideas are worth checking:

1. NFT Marketplace App

NFT Marketplace App

NFTs are still rising and offer an excellent opportunity for startups to tap into this booming industry. A well-designed NFT marketplace mobile app can be built with features like token trading, management of digital assets, and other related services.

The purpose of this app should be to enable users to safely and securely buy, sell, and trade digital assets. As the competition in the NFT space is still relatively low, this is an ideal opportunity for startups to get ahead of the curve and develop an NFT Marketplace.

The following are the must-have features that should be included in the mobile app:

1. Secure and safe transactions

2. Real-time tracking options

3. Integration of payment gateways

4. User profiles and portfolios

5. Auction feature for limited edition tokens.

2. Cloud-based Documentation App

Cloud-based Documentation App

It’s among the best app ideas for a startup that provides users with easy access to their documents anytime, anywhere. It allows users to store and organize documents in an organized way and also share them with multiple users. The cloud-based document management app helps businesses to store and maintain their documents, eliminating the need for paper documentation.

Several monetization models are related to such app ideas, like premium versions and pay-per-use services. The demand for documentation apps is higher because of the shift to remote working.

In your documentation app, some of the key features to include are:

1. File storage and sharing options

2. Organize documents based on the categories

3. Advanced search options

4. Document versioning and metadata support

5. Advanced security measures.

3. Social Media Content Curation App

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, and it has been estimated that there will be more than two billion users by the end of 2024. People use social media for various reasons, but one thing is sure, content consumption is on the rise, and consequently, content curation apps are becoming popular as well.

The idea here is to create a content curation app that allows users to browse and search for the most relevant content on social media platforms. The app should be able to aggregate posts from multiple sources, categorize them, and present them to the user organizationally.

Below are some of the practical features that this app should have:

1. A search option with advanced filters

2. Categorization of posts based on topics, keywords, hashtags, etc.

3. Embed videos and images option

4. Option to interact on published posts

5. Real-time notifications of new content.

4. AI-Based Face Animator App

AI-Based Face Animator App

Capitalize on mobile app development services to build an AI-based face animator app that can bring faces to life with expressions and 3D animations. This type of mobile application will allow users to express their emotions without actually speaking a word. The use case of such an app can be highly beneficial across various social media networks and platforms.

You can build this AI-based face animator app to allow users to create personalized avatars and use them across different platforms. The app can be programmed to recognize expressions, gestures, and motions and then use them to animate avatars. This type of app has great potential due to its usage on various social media platforms.

You can include the below features in your face animator app:

1. Customizable avatars for users

2. Real-time face tracking and animation

3. 3D facial expressions, gestures, and motions

4. Integration with AR/VR technology

5. Tools to create and export videos.

5. Cannabis Delivery App

Cannabis Delivery App

Cannabis delivery apps have been gaining traction in recent years due to the growing demand for cannabis products and services. The app would allow users to purchase their favorite cannabis items from various vendors and deliver them directly to their doorstep. You can charge a commission for every sale or offer it as a subscription-based model.

Depending on your region, check for the regulations and laws related to cannabis to ensure your app complies with them. Moreover, you can also add more features like online payment options and order tracking to make your app stand out from the competition.

Create A Cannabis Delivery App Like Eaze

Include the below features in your cannabis delivery app:

1. Cannabis inventory selection

2. Online payment options

3. Real-time order tracking

4. Delivery confirmation & notifications

5. AI-based product recommendations.

6. Multi-puzzle Game for Kids

Mobile-based puzzle games are among the evergreen mobile app ideas. A multi-puzzle game based on a theme or storyline would be great for kids and adults. You can design puzzles with different difficulty levels to add another layer of user engagement. Some popular themes for multi-puzzle games are fairy tales, animals, nature, and geometry.

The most significant advantage of developing a multi-puzzle game is that you don’t need to worry about copyright or trademark issues. Also, this type of game requires minimal effort but can be very engaging and addictive.

While building your puzzle games for smartphones and tablets, keep these features in mind:

1. A simplified user interface

2. Interactive graphics and attractive visuals

3. Unique gameplay with different levels of difficulty

4. Incentives like rewards, points, and leaderboards

5. Monetization options like in-app purchases and ads.

7. Social VR Games

Social VR games refer to virtual reality games that allow players to interact with each other. These games are becoming increasingly popular as they offer immersive experiences that traditional games can’t match. This is an excellent opportunity for startups to create unique and engaging VR mobile apps that can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

Virtual Reality Game Development Cost

In 2024 when 5G mobile networks start to roll out, VR gaming is expected to become more mainstream, and this presents an excellent opportunity for startups. You can build a unique and engaging VR game that users can enjoy with their friends.

Your social VR game can have features like:

1. Multiplayer mode allows players to play with their friends

2. Leaderboards and achievements give players something to strive for

3. Immersive graphics, audio, and animations make the game more enjoyable

4. In-app purchases for players to buy new levels and items

5. Different modes like racing, combat, and adventure.

8. Messaging Application with 3d Avatars

It’s among the trending app development ideas right now. This kind of app allows users to create an avatar, which they can use in the messaging interface and uniquely interact with others. This can be done through 3D animation and augmented reality technology, creating a more interactive messaging experience.

These 3d avatar apps will stay relevant in 2024 because they offer an entertaining and unique way to interact with people. They also have the potential to be monetized through in-app purchases. In addition, they can also be used for marketing and advertising campaigns.

You can add the below features to your 3d avatar messaging app:

1. In-app purchases

2. Game integration

3. Augmented reality effects

4. Voice recognition and synthesis for better interaction

5. Customizable avatar design options.

9. Esports Live Streaming App

Esports Live Streaming App

Esports live streaming is among the highest engagement gathering app ideas for a startup. Esports streaming apps connect gamers and allow them to watch live streams of their favorite games from anywhere in the world. As the popularity of esports continues to grow, this could be a great idea for your startup.

Esports live streaming is getting popular because of the rise of mobile gaming. With the increased use of smartphones, gamers can stream their game for others to watch and comment on, giving them more exposure and making it a great way to build a community. Furthermore, there is no limit to the type of games that can be streamed on these platforms.

Are You Ready to Leverage The Rise of the Esports Industry

While building your Esports live streaming app, consider these features:

1. Live streaming with commentary

2. In-app purchases

3. User-generated content

4. Dedicated space for streams and highlights

5. Ad monetization options.

10. VR and AR-based Healthcare App

In the medical industry, augmented and virtual reality have gained traction over the last few years. By leveraging this technology, startups can develop mobile apps to provide better medical services. For example, a healthcare app can provide 3D simulations of diagnoses and treatments for patients to help them understand the process better.

The healthcare industry is set to be disrupted by mobile apps in the coming years, so investing in this idea now could be an excellent move for startups. In addition, as more smartphones come with hardware support for AR and VR, this idea will become even more appealing.

Add the below features to your VR or AR-based healthcare app:

1. A medical encyclopedia to help patients access information about conditions and treatments

2. The educational content in videos, quizzes, and exercises helps patients understand their condition better

3. A consultation feature that allows patients to connect with doctors for real-time advice

4. A tracking feature to help users keep track of their medical records

5. Robust encryption and authentication to ensure healthcare data security.

11. Home Fitness Workout Trainer

Home Fitness Workout Trainer

With people trying to stay fit in the light of the post-pandemic era, home fitness workouts are all the rage these days. A mobile app dedicated to helping users find the perfect workout routine according to their body type, schedule, and goals can be very successful. Users should also be able to access videos and exercises with detailed instructions on how to do them.

You can also help users track their progress and set reminders for workouts. Additionally, you can integrate the app with wearables like smartwatches to help users monitor their health data better. It’s a great idea to invest in an app that allows users access to certified fitness trainers who can help them with their workouts.

In your home fitness workout trainer app, add these features and make it a success:

1. Real-time progress tracking

2. Video tutorials for exercises

3. Reminders for workouts

4. Integration with wearable devices

5. Certified fitness trainers on demand.

12. Telemedical App for Vets

In this digital age, telemedicine apps are gaining a lot of traction. Veterinary services can benefit from an app that allows pet owners to communicate with veterinarians from anywhere and get prescriptions or advice for their pets. The app can also be used by vets to keep track of patient records and appointments.

These apps are always in demand because there are very few solutions that are specifically designed for the veterinary industry. A successful telemedical app can help bridge the gap between pet owners and veterinarians and provide a convenient way to get pet medical care.

To make your vet telemedical app stand apart from others, below are some features you can include:

1. Appointment scheduling system

2. Secure payments gateway

3. Synchronized contact list of all vets

4. Digital records of treatment history

5. Push notifications for appointment reminders and new offers, etc.

13. On-demand Video Consulting

On-demand Video Consulting

You can hire mobile app developers to create a video consulting app. With this app, users can easily connect with experts from different fields on demand. This kind of app has the potential to become extremely popular as it allows users to get access to specialists from anywhere in the world at any time.

You can also implement this idea in any niche-specific domain to make it even more successful. For instance, if you are in the medical industry, you can create an app that allows users to connect with doctors and other medical consultants on demand.

Below are some of the cutting-edge features that you can implement in your on-demand video consulting app.

1. Real-time video chat with experts

2. Secure payment gateway integration

3. Customizable user profiles

4. Automatic language translation

5. Integrated calendar for booking slots.

14. Apps to Control Smart TVs and IoT Devices

As the demand for intelligent devices grows, so does the development of IoT (Internet of Things) applications. Smart TVs and other connected home devices can be controlled with mobile apps, making customizing their use and performance easier. This type of app is an excellent way for startups to make money by charging subscription fees or providing in-app purchases.

Cost To Develop An IoT App

The advantage of developing a mobile app to control smart TVs and other IoT devices is that it is not necessarily limited to one device. It can control multiple devices, making it a highly scalable and profitable business idea.

If you’re planning to enter the IoT industry, then below are the features to stand apart from the existing apps.

1. A powerful and secure connection with the device is a must. Make sure your app provides an easy pairing process with minimal configuration

2. The app should be easy to use and intuitive. It should have a simple UI with all the necessary features

3. It should offer a high degree of customization for the device. The ability to customize settings is an important feature that will make your app stand out

4. It should have a powerful analytics system to monitor user engagement and device performance

5. Add personalization features to provide a unique experience to the user.

15. International Mobile Commerce App

Mobile commerce apps are one of the most popular app development ideas. With the rapid growth in internet penetration, mobile users across the globe have started to look for a more convenient way to shop online. International mobile commerce apps allow customers to buy their desired products from different countries with just a few taps on their phones.

With the advent of globalization, businesses have started to expand their reach beyond the local market, and an international mobile commerce app can be an excellent way for startups to tap into this new market.

If you’re planning to build an international mobile commerce app, make sure to focus on the user experience and the following features.

1. Secure payment gateway

2. Integrated customer loyalty programs

3. End-to-end shipping tracking

4. Multilingual and multi-currency support

5. Digital wallet integration.

16. Voice-only Social Media Application

Audio-based social media applications are becoming increasingly popular as they offer an exciting way to interact with friends and family. Such apps allow users to record and share audio messages instead of text, making conversations more engaging, personal, and spontaneous. Currently, a real-life example of a voice-only social media app is Clubhouse.

Cost To Develop Audio Based Social Media App Like Clubhouse

You can also introduce other features, such as audio-based games and podcasts, to stand out from the crowd. This type of app is ideal for people who want to make conversations more natural and engaging. Moreover, it can also provide a platform to all creators willing to promote their audio-based content.

Add the below interactive features to your voice-only social media app to make it more interesting:

1. Live streaming audio conversations

2. Audio-based games and quizzes

3. Podcasts and music streaming options

4. In-app messaging service for audio conversations

5. Option to send voice messages to friends and family.

17. Fantasy Sports App

Use professional mobile application development skills to create a fantasy sports app. This type of app allows users to make a virtual team, compete against others, win points & rewards, and earn real money. The fantasy sports industry is booming and is estimated to double by 2024. Currently, many fantasy sports apps are available in the app stores, and it is an excellent idea for a startup to join this lucrative market.

Cost to Build a Fantasy Sports App like DraftKings

You can either focus on a single sport or build a multi-sport app that covers several sports. Ensure to provide an interactive user experience and offer exciting rewards to the players. In addition, use innovative monetization techniques such as in-app purchases, subscription models, and ad placements to generate consistent revenue.

In your fantasy app, consider adding the below features.

1. Real-time scores and updates

2. Live chat & social media integration

3. Detailed analytics & insights

4. Friendly user interface and intuitive navigation

5. Secure payment gateways.

18. Construction Management App

Construction is a huge industry and one of the most challenging processes for any construction company. With custom-built construction management software, companies can streamline their operations with features like job costing tracking, resource planning, asset management, task scheduling tools, etc.

Several challenges, like multiple stakeholders, tight deadlines, and budget constraints, can be solved with the help of a construction management app. As the industry is rapidly modernizing, a construction management app can help companies to keep up with the latest mobile app trends and optimize their operations.

You can dive into the construction industry by incorporating features like:

1. Job scheduling and cost estimation tools

2. Resource tracking and management

3. Asset visibility and control

4. Time tracking for workers

5. Custom reports for stakeholders

19. Lotto Game App

Lotto Game App

A lotto game app that allows users to play mini-games and win prizes can be a great way to engage your audience. This type of app has the potential to become an instant hit if it’s marketed correctly, as people will always look for ways to make money quickly. This app is the right market fit for startups looking to monetize their apps.

You can use several monetization models, such as ads, in-app purchases, subscription plans, and even offering user access to exclusive games on a pay-to-play basis. Moreover, you can also add a referral system to help drive more users to your app.

To make your lotto game app more interesting, add these features.

1. Daily/weekly draws

2. Struggle games (matching two symbols to win)

3. Virtual scratch cards

4. Puzzle games with multiple levels

5. A leaderboard to show the top players.

20. eLearning App

eLearning App

Education is an evergreen industry, and eLearning apps are an excellent way for startups to tap into this market. With the rise of technology, users now expect all kinds of courses, classes, and tutorials at their fingertips. An eLearning app can be an excellent resource for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs seeking knowledge in specific areas.

It’s easier to scale and reach a more extensive customer base with an eLearning app than with traditional methods. You can also monetize your app by charging for certain courses or offering subscription-based access. The concept of gated content will also benefit your app and help you to generate more revenue.

How To Develop an E-Learning  App like Udemy

To grow the eLearning app and scale it efficiently, below are some of the key features you must include.

1. Video lessons, tutorials, and lectures

2. Gamified learning experience

3. Automated progress tracking

4. Interactive learning tools like quizzes, polls, and assessments

5. Offline access capabilities.

21. Mental Health app

Mental health is a major concern; almost everyone needs help coping with it. A mental health app that offers users access to counselors and therapists through a mobile application can be extremely helpful. You can also add features like goal-setting, task reminders, and more to create an all-inclusive user experience.

How To Create a Meditation App like Headspace

You can also combine mental health with AI technologies to offer personalized insights and feedback. However, while building such an app, you will need to ensure enough safety measures to protect user data.

In addition, adding these features will help you make the app more value-driven.

1. Mindfulness activities and meditation

2. Sleep tracking and monitoring

3. Mood tracking and journaling

4. Stress management techniques

5. Self-care reminders and encouragements.

22. Virtual Assistant App

The virtual assistant app will help you with day-to-day tasks and make your life easier. The app can be designed to help you by automating tasks like scheduling meetings and appointments, organizing your calendar, reminding you of important events, and other such activities. Moreover, it can also be used to communicate with your customers and support them.

To gain an edge, add features like natural language processing and virtual reality to create a more interactive experience. This will also help you reach more people and make your app stand out.

To make your virtual assistant app more useful and practical for most people, consider adding these features.

1. Voice recognition and AI-powered search

2. Send text messages, calls, and emails automatically

3. Integrate social media accounts

4. Integrate calendar and task management tools

5. Set reminders or alarms.

23. AI-based Food Recipe App

AI-based Food Recipe App

AI-based food recipe apps are becoming increasingly popular. This app uses AI to recommend simple, easy-to-prepare recipes based on the user’s dietary requirements and preferences. Users can also get tips for healthy eating, grocery shopping, and nutrition information.

Moreover, users can input the available ingredients and get a tailored list of recipes they can make with their existing supplies. This app type will surely be a hit with health-conscious users who also prefer convenience.

To make this AI-based recipe app more fun, add the below features.

1. Meal planning and grocery list creation

2. Customizable servings to accommodate different family sizes

3. An in-app chatbot to answer users’ queries

4. Food delivery services integrated into the app

5. Image recognition for instant ingredient identification.

24. Dating App

Dating App

One of the most popular categories of mobile apps is dating apps. People are always looking for new ways to meet and connect with potential partners, so this could be your chance to create an innovative solution to help them find love. In 2024, virtual dates and video chat features will become more popular.

Businesses can also benefit from a dating app as it can help them find new customers and generate leads. Additionally, you can use this opportunity to monetize your app by integrating advertising and in-app purchases. Furthermore, a subscription-based model could be an exciting way to monetize your app.

If you’re wondering what features to add to your dating app, below are some suggestions:

1. Profile creation and matching

2. Chat features with filters, emojis, stickers, etc

3. The ability to upload and view photos/videos

4. Location-based services

5. Integration with social media platforms.

25. AI-based Language Learning App

AI-based Language Learning App

Language learning apps are very popular, and the demand is only increasing. An AI-based language learning app can help users learn a new language in a fun, interactive way. The app can use AI and machine learning algorithms to personalize the content for each user and provide them with a customized experience.

Go for professional custom app development services to create a secure, high-performance AI-based language learning app. A language learning app will always stay in trend, and it is a great idea for startups who are looking to make a successful entry into the mobile app market.

Include these features to make your language-learning app stand out from the competition.

1. Gamified lessons for an immersive user experience

2. AI-driven virtual teachers to provide personalized learning sessions

3. Speech recognition technology for pronunciation practice

4. Voice translation to help the user understand and learn the language better

5. Integration with popular translation services for easy access to new words.

We Can Help You Turn Your App Idea Into a Reality

26. Blockchain-based Content Protector App

With the growing number of cyberattacks, content creators need to protect their digital assets. This can be done with the help of a blockchain-based app that allows users to store and manage their digital content securely. The app would leverage blockchain technology in order to validate each transaction that takes place within the system and ensure that only authorized users have access to the content.

Moreover, this app is also useful for copyright protection as it allows content creators to register their digital assets on the blockchain and monitor any unauthorized activities. In addition, users can also encrypt their digital content and ensure that only certain people have access to it.

Make your blockchain app more robust with the below features.

1. Full control of access to files

2. Copyright protection with blockchain technology

3. A user-friendly interface

4. Real-time tracking of content modifications

5. A decentralized platform with enhanced security.

27. Hyper-local Deals App

This type of mobile app allows users to discover deals, discounts and offers that are available in their location. The app can be connected with nearby stores, restaurants, cafes, etc. so that users get notifications whenever there is a special deal or discount at any store near them. This is one of the most innovative mobile app development ideas for startups.

In your hyper-local deals application, you can earn money by selling advertisement spaces to local businesses. You can also charge a fee from the businesses for listing their offers on your app. Moreover, you can also offer a membership plan in which users pay a monthly fee for exclusive benefits and discounts.

Drive more traction to your hyper-local app by incorporating features like.

1. Push notifications to alert users about new deals and offers

2. Filters to help users search for specific items/offers

3. Loyalty point systems

4. Seamless payment options

5. Option to share discounts on social media platforms

28. AI Travel Assistant App

AI Travel Assistant App

This app will allow users to plan their trips and find the best deals on flights, hotels, restaurants, and other activities. The AI-based assistant will offer personalized recommendations and provide real-time information about the destinations. The travel industry is booming, and with the help of AI, companies can make their services even more efficient.

With your AI-based travel app, users can easily plan, book, and manage their trips in one place. Moreover, the AI algorithm will prepare multiple itineraries for them to choose from and save them time and money.

Try adding these features to your AI-based travel assistant app.

1. Easily compare and book flights

2. Find the best deals on hotels and restaurants

3. Get personalized travel recommendations

4. Plan and manage multiple trips at once

5. View real-time updates on flights, hotels, and activities.

29. Finance Management App

Finance Management App

A finance management app can be an invaluable tool for those who want to keep track of their finances. The app should have a budgeting feature that allows users to set and manage their goals. Additionally, the app should offer users the ability to monitor their spending, categorize expenses, track investments and check credit scores.

This kind of app will help users to stay on top of their finances and make informed decisions about their future. Moreover, this app could be a great way for startups to monetize by offering users additional features like automated saving and investment options.

To make your finance management app more successful, you can add features such as.

1. Payment reminders

2. Debt tracking

3. Real-time stock market updates

4. Personal finance management tools

5. Mutual fund tracking.

These were some of the best mobile app ideas for a successful startup in 2024. With the right idea and execution, your app can greatly impact the market. You will need to hire an experienced app development company like Auxano Global Services to gain an edge.

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Wrapping up!

These were some of the best app development ideas for a successful startup in 2024. We hope this article has helped you gain insights into the trends in this domain. If you are looking for a reliable mobile app development agency, We are here to help. Contact us now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are the best mobile app development ideas for a successful startup in 2024?

    Some of the best mobile app development ideas for a successful startup in 2024 include finance management apps, healthcare apps, e-commerce apps, education apps, and more.

  • 2. Is It Worth Investing In Mobile App Development?

    Yes, investing in mobile app development is worth it, as it can help you reach a larger audience and increase revenue. Additionally, having a mobile app for your business can also help you build brand loyalty.

  • 3. How much does it cost to create a mobile app?

    The cost of building a mobile app depends on several factors, such as the complexity of the project, the features required, and the design. Generally, the cost of developing an MVP ranges from $10,000 to $50,000. If you want to develop an app with more complex features & functionality, the cost might be $50,000 to $120,000 or above.

  • 4. What are the benefits of hiring a bespoke mobile app development company?

    When you hire a bespoke mobile app development company, you get access to experienced developers and designers who can help you craft a unique app that meets your requirements.

  • 5. Does it take a long time to develop an app?

    The timeline for developing an app depends on the complexity of the project and your requirements. Generally, it takes anywhere from 6 to 8 months to develop an app.

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