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eCommerce Platform.

An eCommerce platform to revolutionize the conventional shopping experience.

  • Time 7 months
  • Team 8 members
  • Platform Web App
  • Industry Education
  • Type Learing

About the Project

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    Project Overview

    Demse was a local shop that was based that we help transform into an incredibly user-centric eCommerce website. Here you can shop for antique d├ęcor such as carpets, and you can also purchase apparel through their store.

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    Target Audience

    The client wanted to target its country Canada. Hence we targeted the Canada location and helped this business reach every nook of the country.


Requirements by the Client

  • The client approached Auxano Global Services to build an eCommerce Solutions and website to manage the shop online.

  • The client required features like filter and pricing feature to provide a better user experience.

  • AI-enabled search feature to recommend relevant products to consumers.

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Modified Image

Key Featurelist

1. Product Page

The product page was designed to convert scrollers into buyers. Custom-designed image holders for the carpets to showcase the rugs without zooming functionality.

2. Order Process

We created a system to automatically detects when a shopper picks up an item and calculates the approximate date and time of delivery. The shopper has the option to manually enter their zip code to calculate the date and time of delivery.

3. Shipping Tracking

Here, users can track all package delivery points from the time it leaves the facility to where it's delivered to customers.

4.Mobile Screen

We developed a fully responsive web application with native features and quality in mind.

1. Add/Remove/Edit Products

The basic functionality is to add/remove/edit product or their descriptions according to the demand.

2. Order Summary

Tracking and Managing all your Orders are more accessible than ever. Order Summary gives you better insights into orders like Ordered Product Details, Customer Details, and Payment information.

3. Ordered Product Detail

Admin Receive a Summary of the Product ordered by Customers with Multiple Product Name, Quantity, price, Taxes, Total Amount, Inventory, etc.

4. Customer Details

Customer Summary shows Customers Name, Shipping and Billing Address, Email, and Mobile Number. Customers can create an account to automate future transactions.

5. Payment

You can view the payment details with your preferred payment methods and know have you received the payment or the payment is pending.


Challenges-3 Challenges-2 Challenges-1

1. Customized shipping method

The client wanted to calculate the shipping rate according to the distance.

2. Secure login via OTP

The client wanted to improve the login method to ensure that their customers enjoy a secure purchase journey

3. Add products to a wishlist

The client wanted to add products to the wishlist.

Demse-Solution-Device-1 Demse-Solution-Device-2 Demse-Solution-Device-3

Our Solutions

Our developers implemented a rate shipping method and customized the shipping process as per the client's requirements. The client now has a smooth shipping technique that can enable timely delivery to customers.

Our team made provision for secure login procedures to enjoy a smooth shopping experience on the client website.

We created a functionality in the cart and checkout page with customizations to add products in the wishlist on removal from the cart.

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