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Living Care

Transforming eCommerce through Multilevel Marketing Approach

  • Time 4 months
  • Team 7 members
  • Platform Web App
  • Industry Education
  • Type Learing

About the Project

  • About-Icon-Overview

    Project Overview

    The main aim of developing the 'Natural Living Care' web app is to provide a platform where the user (Customer) will do the network marketing through online purchase of the product. This WebApp is a combination of network marketing and eCommerce. Here, the user can also earn points on purchases which will help them to reach different grades (Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum). The member can also make some commission by selling products online.

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    Target Audience

    The target industry for the project was eCommerce & network marketing, and the client wanted to target the entire globe.


Requirements by the Client

  • The client wanted us to implement a placement tree in which there will be two legs left & Right.

  • The client required a bonus generation logic to provide a bonus to stockists.

  • Only members can purchase healthcare products from NLC.

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Modified Image

Key Featurelist

1. Add member on his right and left leg

Members can add members below them to their right or left leg.

2. Show hierarchy of the members

Add members while maintaining the hierarchy. This feature helps you in maintaining it.

3. Show own bonuses

You can see your bonuses earned through this feature.

4.Online purchase from a stockist

You can purchase products from a stockist only.

1. Place order behalf of the member

Stockists can place an order on behalf of the members and can earn the bonus.

2. Purchase product from admin

Stockists can directly request products from the admin also in case of unavailability.

3. Manage orders

Through this feature, stockists can manage the orders and can see and alter the order details.

4. Manage members

Also, get to manage members under them. They can remove or edit also add members.

1. Able to see bonus reports

Admin can see the bonus generation for the leadership as well as for stockists and members.

2. Manage orders of members and stockist

Admin can edit/remove the orders placed by stockists and members under them.

3. Manage hierarchy of members

Can manage the hierarchy. Also, can add or remove members and stockists from the hierarchy.

4. Product Management

Admin can edit/remove/add products to the list and can update the status of the products.


Challenges-3 Challenges-2 Challenges-1

1. Implementing MLM Logic

Implementing the placement tree for stockists was really challenging. It needed a node structure.

2. Bonus Generation Logic

The bonus for members and stockists generation was really complex because there are different ways you can earn the bonus.

3. Dashboard Requirement

Both stockists and admin needed a dashboard to manage the eCommerce website due to member and leadership addition.

NLC-Solution-Device-1 NLC-Solution-Device-2 NLC-Solution-Device-3

Our Solutions

With fundamental logic and custom MLM logic implementation, we boosted productivity by expanding the client's network. The more the network grows, the more the product sells, and the more one promotes the scheme, the more one earns.

We developed a custom eCommerce solution for an eCommerce platform and custom solutions to optimize the bonus generation.

Our developers created custom dashboards for both Admin and Stockists to manage the entire process. These dashboards are customized according to different needs for both roles.

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