The demand for esports app development is growing in 2024. Fantasy sports apps like Dream11 allow users to build their teams based on player performance and compete against other players online. The concept of fantasy sports is popular among sports enthusiasts and has the potential to be a lucrative opportunity for businesses.

The cost of developing a fantasy sports app like Dream11 depends on various factors, including the complexity of the feature set and design. This article will explore the cost of developing a mobile application like Dream11. Before we dive into details, let’s look at some of the exciting statistics.

Fantasy Sports Games Statistics:

Statistics - Fantasy Sports App like Dream 11

According to reports, the global fantasy sports games market was valued at around $ 24 billion in 2021, and it will touch the mark of $78.5 billion by the end of 2030. This lucrative industry is growing at a CAGR of around 14% between 2022 and 2030.

India is the biggest fantasy sports market in the world, with approximately over 130 million users. In upcoming years, this number is expected to grow by multiple times.

The most played fantasy sport in the US is football, where around 45.9 million users actively participate in fantasy contests.

Looking at the statistics, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that investing in a fantasy sports application can be beneficial. On this note, let’s explore why these apps are gaining significant popularity among internet users.

Why Are Fantasy Sports Mobile Apps Gaining Popularity?

The popularity of eSports game apps has seen a massive surge over the past few years. This is partly due to their convenience and accessibility, as they are available on mobile devices that people carry with them everywhere.

Why Are Fantasy Sports

Let’s look at some of the prominent reasons why fantasy sports mobile apps are gaining popularity.

1. Low Entry Barrier

One of the primary aspects that make fantasy sports apps so appealing is their low entry barrier. The majority of these apps are free to download and easy to use, enabling users to set up their teams and join leagues quickly. The low entry barrier also makes it possible for new players to participate without investing a large sum of money.

Furthermore, some fantasy apps also offer free trial periods to entice new players. This provides users with the opportunity to check out the game and find out if it is something they would like to pursue further.

2. Monetary Prizes

Another reason why fantasy sports apps have become so popular is the monetary rewards they offer. Many apps feature leaderboards that rank players based on their performance and provide cash prizes to the top finishers. This incentive encourages many users to take part in the game and strive to reach higher levels to earn more significant rewards.

Moreover, many apps also feature bonus challenges and other promotions that offer additional rewards for completing specific tasks. This encourages users to continue playing and competing in order to maximize their potential rewards. The urge to win and stand out from the crowd is a major driving force behind the success of these apps.

3. Social Aspect

The social aspect of fantasy sports apps is another major factor in their success. Many of these apps feature chat rooms and other forms of communication that enable users to connect with each other. This makes the game more engaging as players can discuss strategies and tips or have a friendly conversation.

Furthermore, many fantasy sports apps also allow users to create or join private leagues, enabling them to play with friends and family members. This helps to create a sense of community among players, further enhancing the appeal of these apps.

4. Variety Of Games

Fantasy sports apps feature a wide range of different game types, offering something for everyone. This variety of games encourages users to try different styles and explore new gaming experiences. Players can also join leagues that interest them and compete against other players worldwide.

Compared to traditional sports, fantasy sports apps provide an immersive gaming experience with exciting challenges and various game options. This is why they are becoming increasingly popular with both casual and professional gamers.

After exploring the benefits of developing a fantasy platform, check out how to develop a bespoke eSports & gaming tournament app.

How To Develop A Fantasy Sports Mobile App Like Dream11?

Before you step into this exciting industry, it’s crucial to understand what makes a successful fantasy sports mobile app. As the features of the fantasy app can vary, it needs to include some essential components.

How To Develop A Fantasy sports app

Here are the points you need to consider when developing a fantasy sports mobile app.

1. Establish A Core Theme

The heart of your app should be the essence of fantasy sports. It must have a unique theme and features to make it stand out among other apps. A well-defined theme can help to focus the design and development process on building a successful fantasy app. Do extensive research regarding the features that your app needs to have.

To stand out from the competition, your app should have a unique design, keeping all the features of a fantasy sports game intact. All the user-interface elements must be intuitive and straightforward. The user should be able to understand the game easily without any guidance.

2. Decide All Features Before The Development Process

To compete with big platforms like Dream11, you need to come up with creative features. Think of unique features that can make your app more interesting and lucrative. Also, decide all the features you want in the game before starting the development process. Choose wisely, as these features can make or break your application’s future in the market.

Consulting with an eSports tournament service provider will help you decide on the features to make it stand out. Also, keeping track of the competitors’ apps will give you ideas on how to refine your app.

3. Wireframing All Screens And Features

Before the development process starts, it’s important to map out all the screens and their functionalities. Wireframing is an essential process that helps to identify all the components of the app. It allows you to visualize how a user navigates through the application and how each feature will work in different scenarios.

Wireframing is also a part of the development process as it helps to refine and optimize the user experience. Using platforms like Figma and Adobe XD for creating wireframes can help you to create a perfect representation of the app.

4. Choosing The Right Technologies

Choosing the right technology stack can make or break your fantasy sports app. A reliable development team is essential for this phase to build a successful product. Most development teams are skilled in modern technologies like React Native and Node.js, as they’re best suited for developing mobile applications.

React Native offers faster development time with high performance, while Node.js provides a secure and robust environment for the app. Also, make sure to choose the proper database technology, as it will determine how your app stores data. It can be either MongoDB or MySQL, depending on the complexity of your app.

5. Creating An MVP

Creating a Minimum Viable Product or MVP is an essential step in the development process. An MVP helps to determine if your app is market-ready or not. It allows you to test all the features and identify potential problems before releasing them on the market. Also, it helps to build user trust as they get a chance to use the app and provide feedback on how it can be improved.

You can save on the high cost by developing an MVP instead of a fully-fledged app. It also helps to reduce the time needed for development as you can test out all features quickly and improvise them.

6. UI /UX And Backend Development

Once the wireframing is done, it’s time to start the actual development of the app. The user interface and user experience are some of the most critical elements of an app. It’s essential to get this step right so that users can enjoy their gaming experience. Designers create all the visuals for your app, including buttons, icons, menus, and other interactive elements.

The backend development process includes writing code for the server side of the application. It’s essential to create a secure environment for the app to prevent any potential data breaches. Also, regular maintenance and updates are necessary for a smooth user experience.

7. Testing & Deploy

Once the development process is complete, it’s time to test out all the features of your fantasy sports mobile app. Testing helps to identify any bugs and errors in the code. This helps to ensure that your app is ready for deployment to the market.

Deploying an application on various app stores and marketplaces like iOS App Store and Android Play Store requires specific guidelines. It’s essential to adhere to all the requirements for a successful launch.

After exploring the complete process, let’s jump to the next section, where we will explore the must-have features of your custom fantasy gaming app like Dream11.

Must Have Features For A Fantasy App Like Dream11

Before hiring fantasy sports app developers, it is essential to consider the features and functionalities necessary for a successful fantasy sports app.

Must Have Features For A

Here are some must-have features that a fantasy app should have:

Seamless Registration And Login

The registration process should be simple for users, with an option to log in using either their email address or social media accounts. It is also important to provide an intuitive and secure login process with options like two-factor authentication and password reset.

Custom Landing Pages For Different Contests

Creating custom landing pages for different tournaments and contests lets users easily choose the one they want to join. It also engages them with attractive visuals and a comprehensive contest description. Also, offering users the ability to filter and sort different contests based on criteria like entry fees, duration, etc., will make it easier for them to find the best contest.

Real-Time Data And Analytics

Providing real-time data and analytics makes it easier for users to track their performance and monitor their team’s performance. This also helps them make informed decisions while choosing players for upcoming matches. On the other hand, the admins should be able to get an overview of the tournaments and contests to adjust their strategies.

Secure Payment Gateways

The fantasy sports platform should have secure payment gateways like PayPal, debit cards, and credit cards to process transactions quickly and securely. This will ensure that players can top up their balance and make withdrawals without any hassle.


Adding a chatbot to the fantasy sports app will help users find quick solutions to their queries. It can also be used for promotional activities like offering alerts about upcoming contests and details about rewards points.

Now, it comes to the monetization strategies that can be implemented in the fantasy sports app. In the next section, we’ll look at the different strategies that should be in place to make it profitable.

Monetization Strategies For Apps Like Dream11

Monetization Strategies

Participation Charges: The most common and effective way to monetize a fantasy sports platform is to charge users for participating in tournaments or contests. The charges can be either fixed or dynamic, and you should also offer incentives like reward points or discounts to attract more players.

Advertisements: Placing advertisements on the platform can generate revenue from the user base. You can offer sponsored content to users or integrate third-party ads in exchange for a certain amount.

In-app Purchases: Offering in-app purchases like virtual goods and premium features will also help generate revenue. Moreover, you can offer users the option to purchase additional coins, boosts, and other perks.

Subscription-based: You can offer subscription plans to users in exchange for access to exclusive content, discounts, and other benefits. This will help you generate revenue from a recurring user base.

Affiliate Programs: Affiliate marketing is also an effective method to monetize a fantasy sports platform. You can offer referral links, coupons, and other incentives to attract more users.

Commission-based: You can also charge a certain commission for every transaction on the platform. This will help you generate additional revenue and ensure that all platform transactions are safe and secure.

Let’s look at how long it takes to develop a bespoke fantasy mobile app for your company so that you know how much it’ll cost.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Fantasy Mobile App Like Dream11?

Various factors influence the time to develop a custom online fantasy sports app like Dream11. The app’s complexity, design, features, and functionalities included, the platform chosen for development, etc. All have an impact on the total time taken.

Generally, it takes at least 3-6 months of development time to build a custom fantasy sports app like Dream11. This requires complex game logic, user accounts, payment systems, team formation and competitions, leaderboard functionality, etc.

All these features need to be integrated into the app for it to function properly, and a lot of time is needed to design and develop the user interface.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Developing A Fantasy Gaming Mobile App

The cost of a bespoke game development service will vary widely, depending on the level of complexity, features, and quality desired. The most expensive elements of development can include 3D rendering, audio engineering, and artificial intelligence.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Developing A Fantasy Gaming Mobile App

Additionally, the cost of acquiring licenses for content such as game engines, music, and artwork will also add to the total cost. Below are key factors influencing the cost of creating a fantasy gaming mobile app:

App Platform

The app platform chosen to develop the fantasy gaming mobile app will have a significant impact on the cost of development. iOS and Android apps have different requirements, making iOS more expensive to develop. If you’re going native, the development cost could go high as you will have to build two separate apps for iOS and Android.

On the other hand, if you’re developing a cross-platform mobile app, you can save money, as the same codebase can be used for both platforms. Using technologies like React Native, Ionic, and Flutter can reduce the cost significantly.

Game Design Complexity

The complexity of the game’s design, such as the number of levels, characters, features, and more, will influence the total cost. Games with complex levels and varied environments usually require more resources to build and, thus, are more expensive.

Furthermore, the cost of integrating third-party services into the app can vary greatly depending on the platform and services used. For example, integrating with Facebook, Game Center, or other payment gateways can add to the total cost.

The Number Of Developers And Location

The cost of game development also depends on the number of developers involved and their location. Hiring a larger team or developers from an expensive region can add to the cost significantly.

Additionally, outsourcing your development project is a smarter way to reduce costs. You can find experienced developers and teams from countries like India, Ukraine, and more, who offer competitively priced mobile app development services.


If you are using any third-party game engines, such as Unity or Unreal Engine, the cost of licensing can add up. Additionally, the cost of acquiring licenses for content such as music, artwork, and other media will also need to be taken into account.

Therefore, when developing a fantasy gaming app, it is important first to decide what licenses are needed and then set a budget for them. It is also important to factor in the cost of ongoing licensing subscriptions if you need access to specific content.

After exploring the factors that affect the price of the fantasy game mobile app development, it’s time to understand the cost aspect of the app.

Cost To Develop A Fantasy Gaming Mobile App Like Dream11

The cost of developing a fantasy gaming mobile app like Dream11 depends on various factors discussed above. On average, it costs around $35,000 to $80,000 to develop an MVP of a fantasy gaming mobile app.

Further, developing a full-fledged app for users takes around $80,000 to $200,000. If you are looking for an MVP, it is best to choose a cross-platform mobile app development platform and take advantage of its cost savings.

However, if you want to develop a more advanced and feature-rich app, then native app development may be the way to go. Thus, hiring a professional app development company like AGS is important to ensure the best quality and results.

Why Hire Auxano Global Services For Fantasy Sports Mobile App Development?

Auxano Global Services is a creative game development company with years of experience creating high-end mobile applications. We have a dedicated team of game developers, designers, and testers who are experts in their respective fields.

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Our experienced developers can create a feature-rich and engaging fantasy sports mobile app like Dream11 from scratch or help you upgrade your existing app. We understand the importance of quality and security, so we use the latest technologies and standards to ensure our applications are secure and reliable.

Wrapping Up!

Developing a fantasy sports mobile app like Dream11 requires an experienced team of developers, designers, and testers. The cost depends on various factors such as complexity, number of developers, licensing, and more.

On average, it can cost around $35,000 to $200,000 to develop an MVP or full-fledged fantasy sports mobile app. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced development partner to help you with your project, then Auxano Global Services is the ideal choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What Are The Factors That Affect Fantasy Sports Mobile App Development Cost?

    The cost of developing a fantasy gaming mobile app like Dream11 depends on complexity, number of developers, location, licensing, and more.

  • 2. How Much Does It Cost To Develop An MVP?

    On average, it costs between $35,000 and $80,000 to build an MVP of a fantasy gaming mobile app. Furthermore, the cost of developing a complete app starts from $80,000.

  • 3. Why Is The Fantasy Mobile Gaming Industry Booming?

    The fantasy sports industry is booming due to technology and gaming. It has created a unique experience for gamers by providing an immersive and interactive gaming experience. Additionally, fantasy sports apps provide gamers with a platform to compete with other players worldwide.

  • 4. How Long Does It Take To Develop A Fantasy Gaming Mobile App?

    Developing a feature-rich fantasy gaming mobile app takes around 6-8 months. The exact timeline, however, depends on the complexity and scope of the project.

  • 5. Is It Worth Investing In A Fantasy Sports Mobile App?

    Yes, investing in a fantasy sports mobile app is worth investing in, as the industry is growing rapidly. Moreover, fantasy gaming mobile apps are also popular amongst sports enthusiasts who wish to compete in a virtual arena.

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