Among the many big fat turbulences in the modes of entertainment consumption, the blend of app development is mainstream nowadays. The giant entertainment companies are brewing their content on OTT video streaming platforms as the new normal. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and several other OTT platforms seem to take over the business of conventional entertainment modes.

Walking down the timeline, the scenarios were pretty contrasting. Just a few years back, even the big players were a bit hesitant towards investing in OTT app development. Breaking the stereotype, Disney dashed the market with its premium video streaming service. The Disney streaming app gained wildfire popularity in almost no time and stood as one of the most downloaded apps in a stipulated time. There is no harm in stating that Disney kickstarted a global trend of OTT streaming app development and consumption.

The swift success of the Disney video streaming app served as a classic instance of high returns on investment in OTT platforms. Disney seeded an inspiration for many other mass media and entertainment companies. Consequently, numerous streaming services emerged and continued henceforth, leading to multitudes of increase in the size of the OTT app industry.

The massive buzz about OTT streaming apps is getting even bigger. It is safe to conclude that now is the right time to harness the potentials of video streaming services for any entertainment provider. Are you thinking of getting an OTT app for your business but feeling intimidated by the budget allocation? Worry no more as Auxano Global Services, the best online streaming apps development company is right here to enlighten you on the cost of Disney streaming app development.

🔰 What Sets Disney+ Apart?

Disney+ is the OTT streaming platform by The Walt Disney Company itself. Founded in 2019, Disney+ achieved numerous milestones and established a wide audience base. The Disney streaming app serves a myriad of entertaining content in Australia and New Zealand, the Netherlands, the USA, and Canada. Disney+ owners have curated the blueprint of expanding the reach of their streaming services in Europe and several other nations as well.

Although many video streaming services are prevailing in the OTT industry, Disney floats on the creamiest layer. So, what sets Disney+ services apart? Disney brainstormed into developing a comprehensive video streaming app entailing the following exclusive features.

What Sets Disney+ Apart

The total of all these features is the reason behind the unbound success of Disney’s streaming service. Halt! Are you getting second thoughts on Disney-like OTT app development? Let’s fix the doubt first.

💱 Is It Profitable to Develop a Disney Streaming App?

Consumers are hunting for exclusive video content at their convenience. Netflix, HBO Now, Disney+, and similar OTT platforms are satiating the quest for video content, and churning tremendous revenues. Even the small players are investing in OTT app development to replicate Disney’s move of reaching the top.

Considering the wide gap of video entertainment, serving unique content to the consumers is a profitable business. If you are thinking of getting an OTT app developed for your company, keep the thoughts fresh and alive!

OTT Platform development guide

🔰 What is the Technology Stack Behind Disney+ Like Apps?

The success of any Disney clone app development relies on the tech stack used. A catchy interface, interactive features, and large libraries of exclusive content – all are the outcomes of efficient technology leveraging. The popular OTT platforms have similar cutting-edge technologies running at the back. Here is a list of the generic stack off the shelf for developing video streaming apps.

Technology Stack Behind Disney + Like Apps


💥 Buzzing Features for Disney Streaming App

Disney+ app boasts stunning features that can win hearts. The developers behind Disney streaming app kept the layout crisp and clear, vehicle incorporating captivating entities and features.

As there are a host of OTT apps in the store, the consumer base knows what to expect from the OTT platforms. Regardless of the age of video streaming platforms, they must serve the following must-have features to their audiences.

Buzzing Features for Disney Streaming App

1️⃣ User Profile

All apps should have a user registration portal. Even the OTT apps should present the facility of viewing the user profile for the audiences. The user profile section should allow the users to head into the app by signing/logging into the streaming platform. The user profile must contain the following features:

🔹 Watchlist

🔸 Account Settings

🔹 Display Settings

🔸 Login/Signup Window

2️⃣ Search

The search pane allows users to explore your app library. Now you have two options for searching features – category searching and complete library searching. If you have an elaborated list of video content, you can provide category searching to the users. But in the initial stages, when your OTT library is not that big, you can stick with complete searching.

3️⃣ Languages

The variation language options and regional content depends on the geographies you wish to serve. If you aim at reaching out to multiple nations and worldwide users, then your app must be multilingual in terms of both app and content languages.

4️⃣ Social Sharing Buttons

Social media plays a pivotal role in spreading the word about your platform content. Leveraging social buttons in the app ensures that the users can share the content on their social handles.

5️⃣ Screen Mirroring

The primary reason behind the massive success of OTT platforms is the convenience offered. Talking about the convenience, streaming the content on multiple devices is essentiality. Screen mirroring allows your app to work on several devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and televisions.

6️⃣ Notifications

You can inform your users about the upcoming launches and the trending content on your platform through notifications. So, convince your users to push notifications and weave them around your platform for a longer span.

7️⃣ In-app Purchases

The cost structure for your OTT app subscription is essential for the users. A good OTT platform should have a portal to accept payments via cards and wallets.

💰 How Much Does It Cost To Develop an App Like Disney+?

Phew! A plethora of technicalities just went by. Now, it’s the time to unveil the most-asked part of Disney-like app development – the live streaming app development cost.

The design of OTT apps should be such as to support a large library and buffer-less video streaming. The best OTT apps boast a firm back-end, interactive features, multiple languages, and compatibility with various platforms. The approximate expense for developing a fully-functional OTT app is around 💲40,000 – 💲80,000. A breakdown of the cost-driving factors of Disney app development is mentioned below.

the cost-driving factors of Disney app development

Getting a unique OTT app for your company is the best way to stay in the heat. Leveraging the cutting-edge technologies and driving out essential features is not a cakewalk unless working with Auxano Global Services, the top mobile app development company. Contact us now!