Poker is a widely played card pack game for gambling or even more entertainment. Poker games date back to the 16th Century and still rule the gambling industry. With digital advancement, people can play the game anywhere and at any time.

Poker games are popularly played online and usage has increased with the help of digital mediums. Poker game development is complex and for more functionality, it requires more expertise in designing and development.

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Here are some market analytics that will help you in understanding the current scenario of online poker games and future scalability. These will give you potential reasons to hire a poker game developer.

1.Before the lockdown was imposed, around 40 million people were used to playing Poker games on a regular basis. The 40 million is 6.8% of the adult population.
2. Although the first-time Poker players increased by 255% compared to earlier first-time players during the lockdown.
3. The effects of lockdown, the players shifted to online poker games, and the poker gaming market increased by 43%.
4. The global online market is projected to increase by 127.3 billion by 2027.

Due to the imposition of lockdown and social distancing people have stopped playing physical poker games. Not perfectly stopped, the amount of people playing on the ground has decreased, and are inclined more towards online poker games. This transition shows a great future for online poker games.

What is the job of a Poker Game Developer?

A poker game developer is responsible for coding ideas, themes, designs, and storylines into the software with Complete User Interaction. A professional developer knows how to utilize codes and frameworks to develop a glitch-free poker game.

The developer also helps in deciding the type of game and themes with experience.

Types of Poker Game Developers

You can hire four types of poker game developers according to your business and poker game requirements. The different types of developers serve differently and also their pricing style differs.

Types of Poker Game Developer

Here are the types of poker game developers you can choose from: –

1. In-house Developer

These types of developers come with the highest level of commitment for the long-term project as they are a part of your company. These developers work as an employee for your company and serve on a contract basis.

They demand salaries, infrastructural requirements, insurance, and many other legalities. Most expensive type of developer due to various sources of charges and payments. Adding to it hiring an employee is a big commitment and requires a lengthy process of searching filtration, interview, and legalities.

2. Freelance Poker Game Developer

A freelancer works independently without any contract or long-term commitment. They usually work without a team and are their boss. Freelance poker game developers work independently, choose their style and time of work.

A freelance poker game developer charges according to work done, generally on a per hour basis. They don’t require infrastructure or any other legalities. Also, maintenance and updates are difficult with freelancers as they don’t commit for long.

3. Poker Game Developer Agency

An agency works as a team of experts ready for you to serve every need and phase of poker game development. A poker game developer agency has all types of experts such as developers, designers, marketers, researchers, and consultants under a single roof.

Compared to freelancers the agency charges more but serves better, also it charges less than an in-house employee but is beneficial as they have professionals already hired. For several reasons, a Poker game development agency is the best choice for most businesses.

4. Off-shore Developer

This type of poker game developer gives you an option to establish your game in another country, or outsource the poker game developer. Many businesses outsource game development for both freelancers and agencies.

With the perspective of pricing, some countries charge less compared to other countries. For an instance, a developer in the USA charges double what a developer charges in India. It gives an opportunity to expand, save money, resources and get better results. However, for hiring these types of developers one needs to have a conscious focus on many factors to avoid downfalls.

Every type of developer mentioned above has its benefits and downfalls. Therefore, the choice completely depends on your game requirements and budget. You should consider both requirements and budget equally to determine the most suitable type of developer.

Benefits of hiring a Poker Game Developer

There are several platforms from which one can develop their own poker game without any consultation and high development costs. But, developing a poker game without an expert has its limitations. The game cannot meet its complete potential.

Benefits of hiring Poker Game Developers

Thus, to give you concrete reasons to hire a poker game developer, here we have listed the benefits of hiring one.

1. Professionalism and Expertise

A developer is experienced in coding the game with the perfection that minimizes chances of glitches and fall downs. Hiring a developer allows you to have professional poker game development with complete expertise and industrial experience.

It is important to develop a poker game that appeals to the masses, and a developer knows how to create UX and UI that attaches people to the game.

2. More Creativity

Hiring a developer gives you more opportunities to show creativity as you don’t have to rely on the ready-made templates and frames. The developer knows how to code your ideas into a game.

A professional poker game developer can help you in coding a poker game that engages people and gives you an amazing return on investment.

3. A Better Path to your Goal

A developer might cost more than developing a poker game on your own through readily available templates and frameworks on various platforms, but a developer gives you the perfect direction to guide.

How to Hire Poker Game Developer

Hiring a suitable poker game developer is the first step in the game’s success. A developer guides your project and helps in completing it. Before finalizing a developer there are various steps to find the right one in measurable time and making sure of its skills and knowledge relevant to the project.

Hire Poker Game Developer

Here is the step-by-step guide to hiring a suitable poker game developer from a crowd out there.

1. Clear your Objective

Research about the type of online poker game you want to develop and point out your objective of the project. It helps you in deciding the right type of developer and looking for the correct set of skills.

Know and make a list of the business requirements, competition in the market, some history of online poker games, market analytics, and target audience.

2. Decide an Approximate Budget

After research, draft a budget template that you can invest in hiring a developer. Prices vary a lot based on the choice of the operating system on which the game is to be launched, the location of the developer, the type of the developer, and the developer’s expertise.

A clear budget template helps you in narrowing down the findings for the poker game developer and you can focus on the group that suits your project objective and budget outline.

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3. Find the Candidates

For instance, if you decide to look for a freelancer, then many sites help you in finding a freelancer. For an in-house employee, you can start uploading information about the vacancy with your expectations. If you want an agency that there are many available on a single google search, you can have a look at them.

Want to Hire the Best Poker game developers

4. Filter them out

After finding a group of suitable candidates, filter them out by observing their history of records, client history, skillet, area of specialization, and success ratio. You can also observe their communication skills and integrity level.

Finalize some of them for the next step of the interview.

5. Interview

This step helps you in understanding the candidate thoroughly through face-to-face interaction. You can also clarify your expectations about the project. Ask questions that test the candidate’s knowledge about poker games, online game development, their soft skills, and commitment to the project.

6. Practical Test

After the interview and before finalizing a candidate, take their practical test by giving a task that tests their skills and dexterity in coding and game development. Observe how they work and mark if they can keep up with the deadline given.

These are the 6 basic steps of hiring a poker game developer before finalizing the most suitable one. Without vague hiring, it is better to have a clear path that leads to the desired destination.

Must have skills in the Poker Game Developer

Many states in the hiring process such as Filtration, Interview, and Practical test require a clear checklist of technical and soft skills. A poker game developer should have these skills to develop an exceptional game.

Here is the list of must-have skills: –

1. Teamwork and Integration
2. Programming dexterity
3. Hands-on Experience with gaming
4. Animation skills
5. Time management and respect to deadlines
6. Problem-solving skills
7. Analytical mind
8. Communication skills
9. Knowledge of contemporary trends

This list of skills will help you in finding the correct poker game developer.

Why hire AGS for Poker Game Development

Auxano Global Services has 8+ years of experience in the game development industry and our experts have a fine grip over developing gambling games. We develop games with unique themes and a storyline that attracts and engages the users.

Our team includes adept researchers, designers, developers, and marketers. These professionals know how to do their job in the best way possible and utilize the time given. The experts have been chosen to form the industry with very fine filers of the skills mentioned above.

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We also have a consultant for communicating with clients on a regular basis and solving their queries. They interact transparently and know how to apprehend the client’s demands.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Why Should I Invest In Hiring A Poker Game developer?

    A poker game developer helps you develop an exceptional poker game. A developer knows how to direct the project in the right direction. Thus, a developer leverages a good return on investment for the poker game.

  • 2. How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Poker Game Developer?

    Hiring a poker game developer might cost you around $10,000 but the figure depends on the type of developer you choose, and the features you want to include.

  • 3. Is It Better To Have An In-House Developer Or A Poker Game Developer Agency?

    The choice depends on your business and project requirements, but an agency needs less time and money investment. Hiring an in-house developer demands more time for the hiring process, more money for salary, infrastructure, and legalities.

  • 4. How May I Know More About Poker Game Developers?

    You can contact our consultants and get your doubts solved. Our professionals will be pleased to have been contacted by you. You can contact them through email and other contact details mentioned.

  • 5. Which Is The Best Poker Game Developer Agency?

    If you are looking for a top poker game developer agency then consider Auxano Global services like the one. Thank our experts who have brought the agency to this level with their handwork and perseverance. 

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