Live streaming apps are a buzz point in 2022. Video live streaming allows users to reach their large audience in real-time. After the pandemic,  it’s the only way to reach and interact with people, but unfortunately, there are only a few live-streaming apps that have enough features. that’s why investing in a live streaming app development is not only profitable as well as sustainable idea.

Being a top live streaming app development company, we have an immense understanding of live streaming app features and video apps cost. Our dedicated app developers are inquisitive about the latest technology and tools of live streaming. That’s why we are explaining how to create a live streaming app that surely succeeds.

You might be wondering:

What is the difference between video streaming and live streaming apps?

Normally, video streaming apps allow users to record, edit, and post videos on the platform. But, live streaming is a real-time online video streaming service that enables uncut and uncensored videos direct to your audience.

Top Live Streaming Apps Worldwide:

Top Live Streaming Apps Worldwide


Live streaming is mostly used for audience interaction purposes, live events, and other stuff. Nowadays, professional gamers also use live-streaming apps to interact and play games with the audience.

Why Develop Live Streaming App in 2024?

🔸 As the PR Newswire states, “The video streaming market is expected to grow to $70.05 billion by 2021.”

🔹 EMarketer stats, “Streaming statistics show that 63% of Millennials have watched live video content, while 42% have participated in creating this type of content.”

🔸 “Live content on social media like Facebook receives 10 times more engagement than regular videos.” – by Business Insider

As mentioned in the above statistics, it clearly shows that the live streaming industry is booming nowadays. The current time is perfect for creating a live streaming app, that’s why if you are looking to create a live streaming app then all you have to do is hire top live streaming app development companies such as Auxano Global Services.

Why Develop Live Streaming App

Future of Video Content

As we all concordant on a point that people find interesting to watch video content rather than blogs. (we’re glad you’re reading this article, though!) According to research, above 80% of the Internet traffic prioritize video over written content. Video is more interesting as well as easy to understand, therefore, live streaming and video apps are the most popular apps.

Live Events & Branding

It’s very interesting that people love to watch live event streaming of their favourite brands. Most of the brands offer live events i.e. product launch events directly to their audience. It creates faith and transparency between consumers and brands. Live streaming helps brands to showcase their products as well as creates interest among customers.

Business Marketing Tool

As per HubSpot Survey, “52% of marketing professionals worldwide say that video is the type of content with the best ROI”. Around 85% of businesses use live streaming as a marketing tool. As mentioned before video content is much popular and shareable on social media that’s why businesses use it as a marketing strategy. You may notice some brands start their social media campaign and advertising using live streaming videos.

Paid Streaming Services

Live streaming is not only used for entertainment purposes but it can be used for earning too. Actually, live streaming offers a platform where streamers and viewers interact, chat, and respond to instant feedback. Paid streaming is also popular and provided for multi-purposes:

Paid Streaming Services

Live Sports Broadcasting

The sports industry is the first to adopt live streaming for broadcasting. It’s very relevant for audiences to watch live sports such as Football or Cricket matches during travel. Also, professional gamers use live streaming to chat and play with the audience. There is no doubt that live streaming will grow parallel with the sports industry.

The above benefits are ample to believe that live streaming is in demand and you have to create an engaging live streaming app. People are craving a better live streaming app because technology is changing every day, therefore, you have to create a futuristic mobile app.

📝 Things To Consider For Live Streaming App Development

So, you’re ready to develop a live streaming app. Now it’s time to research some important things to consider before live streaming app development.  There are many valuable points including types of streaming app, choosing an apt operating system, and business requirements.

🔰 Types of Streaming App:

Types of Streaming App

Now, you have to decide what kind of streaming apps your business need. All kinds of streaming apps have their own pros and cons, thus, it’s all up to you. On-demand video streaming apps also known as OTT platforms are popular nowadays but we will suggest you create one app that can provide all kinds of streaming services to users.

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Mobile Operating System

Choosing the right mobile operating system is a crucial task for every app owner. Mainly, there are two options in native app development i.e. Android or iOS. Android OS has a huge user base as well as iOS known for better features and app integration. iOS app development is costly compared to Android app development. You have to choose one platform as per your business requirements and targeting audience.

Mobile Operating System

Sometimes, a business needs a live streaming app in both operating systems but it can affect overall app development cost. What if you can create a live streaming app in both OS without spending extra cost? Sounds interesting, right? At Auxano Global Services, our cross-platform app development services including React Native, Kotlin, and Flutter are fully customized and affordable. We have ample experience to develop the new app in another platform reusing existing app code.

Research & Market Analysis

Research is the most important part of any successful mobile app. One should be aware of market trends and the latest technology before creating live-streaming apps. The research and market analysis part includes the following factors:

Research & Market Analysis

Targeting audience and competitor analysis always helps app owners in developing amazing products. You can find out your targeting audience as per the business requirements, region, and mobile operating system. Also, you should optimize the market scale of live streaming mobile apps.

Technology Enhancement

You should be aware of the latest technology enhancement and the kind of technology involved in streaming app development. There is some common technology used for particular functionalities such as CDN for content server, AWS for web data server, Amazon S3 for cloud hosting solutions, and Node.js for API server.

Technology Enhancement (1)


MVP App Testing

It good to test app features and make sure that your dream app will be perfect for users before developing the actual live streaming app. All you have to do is create an MVP app with minimal features and test it. Check the workflow and gather feedback from users, it will help you to create an extraordinary live streaming app.

💥 Must-Have Features For Live Streaming App Development

As we all are concordant on a point that most of the people lost interest in television due to the internet and on-demand video streaming apps. So, it is quite obvious to invest in live video streaming mobile app development. Before diving into the depth, let’s take a look at live streaming app features.

Features For Live Streaming App

Do you know?

Twitch, one of the most popular live video streaming apps, uses a donation system that announces real-time donation messages in different voice tones. You can also add a live donation feature for viewers to support aspiring streamers. It will help your app in order to attract more quality streamers and viewers.

Live Streaming App Monetization Method

Creating an awesome video streaming app is worthless unless it’s unable to earn money. The ultimate goal is to create a futuristic app that will be successful in money parameters. Being a top live streaming app development company, it’s our duty to help you out in developing a live streaming app that surely earns a profit.

Types of Monetization Methods:

Types of Monetization Methods

The above-mentioned revenue models are apt for any live-streaming apps. The art of improving the customer’s experience while making a profit is somewhat what every app owner strives for. You can create a paid app, where users have to pay some amount to install the app.

Also, you can craft a freemium app that consists of two versions, free and premium. In the freemium app, users will only pay for premium features, they can use the app at zero cost. The subscription model is also popular in video streaming services where the user has to pay the subscription fee as per the time duration to watch uninterrupted videos.

Here’s the deal

You can earn a profit by using “influencer marketing”. All you have to do is create a channel of top influencers (streamers) on your app and insist them for paid promotion of sponsored brands. It will be the best of both worlds for streamers and sponsors.

How To Create a Live Streaming Application?

It‘s obvious that you need industry experts to create a live streaming app for Android or iOS. You can simply search “app developers near me” and get relevant resources as per your requirements. If you are also looking to create a live streaming app, then all you have to do is hire dedicated app developers or choose a renowned live streaming app development company such as Auxano Global Services.

Hire Mobile App Developers

At Auxano Global Services, we understand your business requirements and we offer a flexible hiring module. You can hire dedicated resources as well as a professional project manager for your live streaming app development. Our flexible hiring process includes daily reporting, dedicated resources, technology enhancement,  industry experts, and lots more.

You can hire freelance video streaming app developers as per

hire freelance video streaming app developers

Hire Live Streaming App Development Company

If you’re looking to hire a live streaming app development company, then we are the best source. Auxano Global Services is a synonym of excellence and successful app creation. With having 8+ years of experience, we have immense expertise in mobile app development for various industries including the entertainment industry.

Why choose us

Our vast portfolio vouch for the same as well as client satisfaction. Our dedicated developers strive for better results that’s why we always revere client’s requirements to create something beyond expectations.

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💥 Our Live Streaming App Development Services

live streaming app development

💰 Live Streaming App Development Cost

Phew! The most obvious question by your side, how much does live streaming app development cost? To be honest, it’s very tough to calculate the exact video streaming app development cost because it depends on various factors.

🔹 Development Time

The overall app development cost depends on the number of developers and overall app development time.

🔸 Live Streaming App Size & Scale

Bloated mobile app indirectly means lots of features and increasing the overall cost.

🔹 Advanced Functionalities

Advanced features require third-party integration that means additional cost.

🔸 Frontend & Backend

Overall live streaming app development cost also relies on app UI UX design and backend configuration.

🔹 App Testing

App testing is necessary and it will affect the final app cost.

🔸 Maintenance

App maintenance cost can’t be calculated because it depends on the kind of uses and deployment time, but it is also a deciding factor of app development cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Streaming Service Like Netflix, Disney+, Hangouts, Or TikTok? [2021]

As mentioned above there are plenty of factors available that affect the overall cost. To give a rough estimation, the overall live streaming app development cost is 💲50,000 – 💲80,000. Auxano Global Services, a top live streaming app development company provides result-oriented as well as cost-effective solutions that perfectly suit your budgets.

Still, Have Any Query?

Talk to our experts and feel free to discuss your app requirements in detail. Crafting futuristic technology and developing a next-gen live streaming app is not a piece of cake unless working with Auxano Global Services, the best live streaming app development company. Contact us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are OTT platforms?

    OTT is an abstract form of Over The Top technology, which simply means users can stream any kind of on-demand video streaming content via the Internet. This technology enables TV and film content over the internet as per the individual viewer’s requirements.

  • 2. What are the differences between video vs live video streaming apps?

    Video streaming apps allow users to record, edit, and post videos on the platform. Video streaming apps are mostly used for watching OTT movies, TV shows, and web series. Without downloading them. On the contrary, live video streaming apps work in real-time without any video editing or censorship.

  • 3. What are the top live video streaming apps?

    The most popular live video streaming apps are YouTube Live, Vimeo Livestream, Facebook Live, Periscope, and Instagram Live.

  • 4. How much does it cost to make a live streaming app like Periscope?

    The overall live video streaming app development cost depends on various factors such as app UI, live streaming feature integration, frontend, backend, technology enhancement, development time and so on. So it is tough to calculate the exact Periscope clone app cost, to give a rough estimate it costs around 💲40,000 – 💲80,000. Talk to our expert for detailed live streaming app development costs.

  • 5. Which is the top live video streaming app development company?

    Auxano Global Services is a renowned live video streaming app development company having 10+ years of experience in entertainment app development. Our creative developers are inquisitive about the latest technology and tools to create something beyond your expectation.

  • 6. Where can I go for more information about live app development?

    To know more about our live video streaming app development services and to hire dedicated app developers, contact us at or can call us at +1.209.736.5046.

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