Health is the most critical aspect that we all should focus on. As we all know, we have been practicing social distancing for a while; still, we should maintain our health chart or take the prescription from doctors timely. 

The technology has left no stone untouched to leverage the benefits it offers. This revolution has impacted various industries across the globe and provides various opportunities to create a custom solution for specific challenges. The medical field has also leveraged the benefits that technology has offered. And medical applications will always survive in the market no matter what situations come on the way because maintaining good health will always be the priority.

If you wish to develop a medical app that can help people and can survive in the market search for the best medical app development companies and review them and pick the one you think is the best fit. 

Now let’s discuss further regarding the medical applications.  

What are medical apps?

The applications that are developed for the medical field, such as telemedicine apps that can help people get medicines, the emergency app that gives you instant medical support, health monitoring apps, fitness apps, etc. all these apps come under medical apps and are often considered as mhealth apps. 

We all rely on our mobile devices to simplify our lives, and by developing a medical mobile app to help monitor your health condition and to maintain your nutrition levels, we can provide more people with access to the basic healthcare facilities through technology. Through the medical mobile app development, you can help people get professional medical consultation directly from their devices. 

Do you know that the digital health market is expected to reach $206 billion by 2020, specifically mobile and wireless tech? 

Before indulging deep, let’s find out the types of medical applications.

Types of Medical Applications

Types of Medical Applications

Before creating a medical application, you should first know the main types of healthcare apps. It will help you to make the right decision to choose which one you want to develop. There are many types of healthcare apps, but let’s find out the most popular and helpful ones for your custom medical application development. 

Medication Tracking Apps:

Often patients forgot to take their pills on time, which can be dangerous in case of severe disease. Here comes the application that can help patients stick to their medicines on time and to keep up with their regime. These apps help track overall doses, so the patients always know what medication they have to take, when, and how many times per day. The reminder application that reminds people of their appointments, tests, and medications also falls under this category. 

Healthy Lifestyle Apps:

In this type, there are a lot of applications that befall in this category. These apps are focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Such as fitness applications, doctor’s appointment apps, telemedicine apps, food regimen apps, and so on. Apps that monitor the fats, carbohydrates, proteins in the food also come in this type. 

Remote Monitoring Apps:

With technology advancement, you can now create a medical remote monitoring app. These apps enable the monitoring of patients no matter wherever they are, such as in the home or any other remote area, which increases access to care. These apps include live scans for patients with diabetes, remote heart monitoring, ECG viewing, oxygen level checks, and telehealth. 


Electronic health records and electronic medical record apps have become very popular and helpful for people. The EHR apps store all disease data of each patient in the health records as official information for clinics, hospitals, etc. Whereas the EMR apps store the information about a particular disease, and it works as the electronic copy of the disease history. 

Emergency Alert Apps:

These applications cover the emergency alert and are designed to be convenient. It gives alert to the nearby hospitals, clinics, and the ambulances and also shares the location of the patients who are in danger. If the user feels critical, they can just press the button in the app or can reach out to the number provided. These apps can save a life if developed wisely. 

Besides these categories, there are other kinds of apps such as medicine reference books and symptoms containing ebook apps, apps for caring elderly or ill (on-demand apps), informative apps for pregnant women, forums & health portal apps, etc. 

What are the benefits of Medical Application?

There are many benefits, and the primary one is that you are helping people by providing them easy and convenient access to medical facilities. Besides this, let us reveal the other sides of healthcare mobile app development and why you should have one.

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Convenient Medical Help
  • Time-Saving 
  • Personalized access to best doctors
  • Cost reduction 
  • Life-saving 
  • Higher Productivity
  • No restrictions
  • Monitors health personally
  • Reduces the risk of the wrong diagnosis
  • Help can reach anywhere through mobiles.
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Better clinical decision making
  • Helps people maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Allows doctors and nurses to reach a larger audience through apps
  • Provides better user experience
  • Enhanced doctor-patient communication
  • Features that you must include

We will not share all the features here, but we will share a few unique features that can make your medical app stand out. Now let’s figure out what features you will require in the custom medical app. Also, at Auxano Global Services, we try to implement new trends to enhance your app. 


Yes, the location sharing and map integrating can be very helpful for the patients to find the clinics and hospitals nearby them when they require. So integrating Google Map API can be beneficial for patients. We can also include any third party map that you want to implement. 


While developing a medical app, make sure to integrate the reminder feature. This will help patients get reminders about medications, regimens, and doctor’s appointments. 


It is better to include a real-time chat feature in the app to let the patients and doctors communicate smoothly. Our mobile development team can assist you in integrating more such features faster. It will help you in providing unique features to improve the relationship between doctor and patient. 

Payment Gateway

You can pay your doctor for the services right through your app. We integrate the payment integration by taking all security measures. This payment feature can also be added to on-demand medicine ordering applications. 

These are a few unique features that you should consider adding to the application. The medical apps should first know what functionalities the end user requires and then should focus on delivering all the functionalities along with great experience.

What other features you should focus on including:

Features that you must include
  • Accessibility to the electronic medical records
  • Can view the doctor’s schedule
  • Book, modify and cancel appointments
  • Get lab results in the app
  • Prescription refills
  • Notification for the latest hospital news and events
  • Download and upload reports such as X-rays, MRI scans, etc.
  • Track and monitor health through weight and height changes, glucose & cholesterol level and other indicators
  • Emergency help assistance 
  • View profile, reviews, publications of doctors

Medical Compliance

We help you to make sure that you get your product with all the legal parameters met, guarding both user and product.


We will check whether the product comes under the USA Food and Drug Administration, then will take necessary changes to get the approval.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act set a few standards for sensitive data protection. We will follow the rules and will help you through it. 


Electronic Health Records allow cooperation between healthcare providers and organizations. With our skills and expertise, your products can utilize EHRs. 

The medical app should comply with all the specific and legal regulations as it processes personal data along with other personal information such as payment details. And as the best medical app development company, we abide by all the standards as per the regions for your acquaintance and particularities to publish apps on the App Store and Google Play Store. 

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Medical App?

Want to develop a medical app and know the cost factor? Are you searching app developers near me to get your medical app? Then we will advise you to reach out to the experienced healthcare app development company. They will guide you through the entire process. 

As a medical app development company, let us help you know the cost. The cost factor in developing a medical app depends on various factors such as app interface and design, category and complexity of the app, functionalities required, monetization of the app, the platform you want your app on, etc.

If you want a flourishing medical app, then hire dedicated medical app developers from Auxano Global Services. Our skilled developers have experience creating various healthcare applications that helped doctors and hospitals. So don’t wait further just give us a call and let’s discuss how we can make a unique medical app for you at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is medical app development?

    Medical app development is a process in which an app is built with the intent of helping patients and users maintain a healthy lifestyle or to help provide access to healthcare services for mobile devices, such as telemedicine apps and fitness apps. The process of developing such an app by mobile app development companies is medical app development. 

  • 2. How to create a medical app?

    To develop a medical app, consider these steps:

    • Finalize the category and requirements
    • Pick a platform for your app
    • Hire an experienced mobile app development company
    • Monitor the development process
    • Launch app 
    • Get feedback from users
    • Enhance the app 
  • 3. How much does it cost to create a medical app?

    The cost factor in developing a medical app depends on various factors such as app interface and design, category and complexity of the app, functionalities required, monetization of the app, the platform you want your app on, etc.


  • 4. What are the benefits of medical app development?

    With the current situation, people seek convenient choices to make, such as mobile apps make life simpler, and they often choose apps over going out to do something. Without a doubt, people will choose clinics or hospitals that are providing access to the medical data and ease of reaching out to their doctors through the application, where they can get all the necessary information and can make an appointment or view the test results without leaving home. 


  • 5. Why should you hire app developers from Auxano Global Services?

    Hiring app developers from Auxano Global Services helps you bring your project to life without investing in the cost of hiring resources in-house, and we offer a very flexible and affordable price structure. Besides, our experienced developers are available to you whenever you need them, and before hiring, you can interview them and test their abilities. Feel free to reach us for your hiring demands.  


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