Selecting a reliable and efficient vendor is a tedious, time-consuming, and troublesome task though there are a number of software development companies in South Carolina, the U.S.

To help you in this scenario, we have researched on platforms such as Clutch. We looked through the company profile, portfolio, and independent reviews to provide you with a list of best firms that can offer web and mobile app development services to needs.

Below you can find the most trustworthy software development companies. We have placed them according to our overall study.

💥Best Mobile App Development Companies in South Carolina

1️⃣ Auxano Global Services

Auxano Global Services is a mobile app development company based in the U.S. The company provides outstanding solutions for startup and enterprise-level companies. Their technical expertise and knowledgeable insights help your ideas rise in the market. 

The firm offers mobile app development services for any requirements and budgets. They have rendered solutions to help many industries through their web and mobile app development expertise such as Construction, Healthcare, Fintech, Retail, Travel, Lifestyle, Entertainment, and eSports.

Auxano-Global-Services-Top-Software-development-companyAuxano Global Services nominated as the best mobile app development company by both Clutch as well as GoodFirms, the best platforms in the industry. We provide services for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups.

🔹 Founded: 2013

🔹 Company size: 49-100

🔹 Min. project size:$5000

🔹 Avg. hourly rate: $20-150 per hour

🔹 Website:

🔹 Areas and services: custom software development, web development, mobile app development, UI/UX design, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, & Internet of Things.

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This company is a digital product studio situated in Greenville, South Carolina. They specialize in providing rapid prototyping of new software concepts.



Their unique Psychology Driven Product Design process takes you from software concept to fully defined, designed, and prototyped product demo that is fully development ready.


🔸 Founded: 2013

🔸 Company size: 10-49 employees

🔸 Min. project size: $5000

🔸 Avg. hourly rate: $100-149 per hour

🔸 Website:

🔸 Areas and services: mobile app development, web development, and UI/UX design.


3️⃣ Fount

The company excels at building web and mobile apps. Fount is a studio of engineers and designers. Their team designs an interactive digital experience and develop apps for startups and established companies.



Their services and areas cover various verticals, which include consumer products, mobile games, enterprise services, and healthcare. 

🔸 Founded:  2015

🔸 Company size:  2-10 people

🔸 Min. project size:$1000

🔸 Avg. hourly rate:  $150-199

🔸 Website:

🔸 Areas and services: mobile app development, web development, and UI/UX design.


4️⃣ South Digital Agency

South Digital Agency helps you design your websites, mobile apps, and digital products to help you automate your work. They efficiently convert your ideas to function with ease.


They can be your go-to technical partner as they offer various services. They are transparent in their whole process and focuses on the client’s needs.

🔹 Founded: 2011

🔹 Company size: 2-10 people

🔹 Min. project size:$5000

🔹 Avg. hourly rate: $150-199

🔹 Website:

🔹 Areas and services: mobile app development, web development, and UI/UX design.


5️⃣ Kopis

Kopis is one of the most experienced software development firms. They have seniors with immense experience in the app development field. The team of kopis is excellent at handling large and mid-sized projects. 

KopisThey attract and retain the best talent by encouraging a balanced lifestyle and provides a rewarding and family-friendly work environment to their employees.

🔸 Founded:  1999

🔸 Company size: 10-49 people

🔸 Min. project size:$10,000

🔸 Avg. hourly rate:  $100-149

🔸 Website:

🔸 Areas and services: mobile app development, web development, and UI/UX design.


6️⃣ BlueKey

BlueKeyBlueKey is a full-service digital agency that specializes in responsive web design and development, content strategy, and digital marketing.

🔹 Founded: 2000

🔹 Company size: 10-49 people

🔹 Min. project size:$5000

🔹 Avg. hourly rate: $100-149

🔹 Website:

🔹 Areas and services: mobile app development, web development, and UI/UX design.


7️⃣ Riddle & Bloom

This company provides creative solutions to the clients and with the perspective of putting the audience first. They excel at fulfilling their clients’ expectations. Their solutions bridge generations and create valuable connections.

Riddle-&-BloomThey specialize in various verticals such as web development, marketing, mobile app development, and eCommerce development. The company has offices in Boston, San Francisco, Columbia, and Winston-Salem.

🔸 Founded:  2007

🔸 Company size:  50-249 members

🔸 Min. project size:$5000

🔸 Avg. hourly rate: $150-199 per hour

🔸 Website:

🔸 Areas and services: Marketing, mobile app development, web development, and UI/UX design.


8️⃣ CodeLynx

CodeLynx Inc. utilizes a collaborative approach to the entire software development lifecycle, including requirements gathering, architecture, development, product deployment, support, and maintenance.

CodeLynx-IncThe company has been providing custom software solutions, web development, and a wide range of physical security and audiovisual services for our customers.

🔹 Founded: 2003

🔹 Company size: 50-249 people

🔹 Min. project size:$10000

🔹 Avg. hourly rate: Not disclosed

🔹 Website:

🔹 Areas and services: Marketing, Mobile app development


9️⃣ Modulant

ModulantThe company focuses on data management, system integration, and software development. Modulant expertise and tools help businesses achieve their goals. They have a clientele base ranging from State agencies to Fortune 1000 companies.

🔸 Founded: 1989

🔸 Company size: 50-249 people

🔸 Min. project size:$2000

🔸 Avg. hourly rate: Not disclosed

🔸 Website:

🔸 Areas and services: mobile app development, web development, and UI/UX design.

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mobile app development companies in south carolina

In this article, we have listed the top 10 mobile app development in South Carolina. All the companies mentioned above have a strong technical background and can develop great digital solutions. Now it’s up to you to decide what mobile app development company you should pick. However, it’s better to choose a company that offers an affordable price and fulfills your requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Mobile App Development?

    Mobile app development is the process of developing mobile applications that are used in mobile devices. This process contains various steps, and you need a mobile app development company for this task.

  • 2. What is a Cross-Platform App Development?

    Cross-platform native mobile app development refers to the development of an application that can run across multiple platforms, and they give a look and feel of a native app on any mobile device platforms from one codebase.

  • 3. What is On-demand app development?

    The on-demand economy allows users to order services right where they want as per their demands. To develop an application that fulfills users’ demands exactly when they need it is known as on-demand app development. From ride sharing, food delivery, to any services that you need, today’s tech now has your back covered.

  • 4. What is Flutter App Development?

    Flutter app development refers to mobile app development in the Flutter framework. The framework is backed by Google and can be to develop apps for various platforms such as mobile, web, and embedded devices.

  • 5. What is React Native App Development?

    React Native is a mobile application development framework released by Facebook that is used to develop a cross-platform application that can run on various platforms.

  • 6. Do Cross Platform apps support all iOS and Android features?

    Cross-platform apps support almost all the native features of iOS and Android platforms. It depends on which framework you pick for your cross-platform app development.

  • 7. How much does it cost to develop an On-demand app in 2024?

    Developing the cost of an on-demand app in 2024 will start from approximately $20k depending upon the type of app. It also depends upon the features, the complexity of the project, the mobile app development company‘s hourly charges, and the region you choose for the development.

  • 8. How Much Does React Native App Development Cost?

    React native app development will cost you around $25k-$50k; it also depends upon the complexity of the app. Generally react native app development companies charge approximately $25 per hour.

  • 9. How much does it cost to build an app for a small business?

    The cost of developing an app for a small business will go around $15K to $25k. The price can vary as per the business requirement and app development company you choose.

  • 10. How much does app development cost?

    App development can cost around $10k to $50k depending upon the type of app, features required, complexity, and hourly charges of app developers.

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