It is inevitable to think about where and how investment is going. For SEO, if it doesn’t work as the defined objective, the investment becomes a liability. A Pay for Performance Strategy comes here with a smart solution.

Pay for Performance SEO works as a payment model that allows you to pay according to the results you observe. It guarantees the client to only pay for SEO services once they start observing the results.

Well, it is a great policy but watch your steps while implementing it. Although it is a client-oriented strategy, there are several risks. This guide will help you to minimize those risks and extract the best from the Pay for Performance Plan.

What is Pay For Performance SEO?

Pay for Performance meaning is an SEO pricing model in which the client pays only when the agency or SEO professional delivers the promised results. Working on the strategy that is No results = No Payment, this strategy is generally short-term oriented.

Professionals or agencies that work with this type of payment method, usually focus on objectives for improving rankings, traffic, or revenue. The client only pays when the manifested rankings and KPIs are achieved.

Payment for Performance Policy never lets you pay for poor results, this also seems a win-win situation. You just need to pay for what you get, and your investment is assured of good output.

Although this model has several risks, the professionals might find less motivation to work and consider short-term milestones. In the end, they want money, thus they try to find shortcuts for achieving desired results. We have briefed every aspect.

How Does Pay For Performance SEO Work?

Wondering how pay for performance works? Here’s a step by step process incurred by professionals and agencies to implement the SEO in the payment model

how it works - pay for performance seo

Step – 1 – Analyzing the Industry 

As a primary step, they start with analyzing the industry, business type, competition, and consumers of the industry you work in. This will help in making the content and keywords relatable and suitable.

Step – 2 – Analyzing the Competitor

For pulling up the website it is important to make the website better and more visible than others doing the same project. Before implementing they set the data according to its fight ability against the competition.

Step – 3 – Complete the Website Audit

Professionals incur a complete analysis of all the elements that can affect a website’s visibility on the SERPs. It gives insights into any website’s work.

Step – 4 – Researching Keywords

Implementing and including a good set of keywords is an important and integral part of the SEO process. The PFP model primarily focuses on good keywords.

Step – 5 – Backlinks Acquisition

Also, called inbound links, they represent another website’s traffic that is redirected to your website. With the Pay for Performance model, professionals emphasize this.

Benefits of Implementing Pay for Performance SEO

Before going further let’s understand how Pay for Performance is beneficial. This will help you in resonating why you should use Pay for Performance SEO.

benefits of pay for performance seo

1. No investment for Contracts

The price here is determined based on the rankings for the keywords used and strategies used. Otherwise, you have to pay for the number of keywords used or the strategies implemented. Also, the cost of contracts is minimized.

Long-term contracts have their benefits, but they sometimes have severe fallbacks. If you have short-term work that can be completed with lesser effort, Pay for Performance is the best way to go with it.

2. Assurance of Results

Payment based on permanence makes the SEO professionals work their best because they get paid for the results they show. So you have to don’t worry whether the agency will be focused or not.

As pay for performance works for payment only after the deliverance of a promised work, you can be assured of the desired outcome. For instance, if the professionals could not comply with their manifestation, you can cut off their charge.

3. No Charges for Cancellation

As a client, you can cancel the services anytime. Based on your satisfaction with performance and results, you decide whether you want to continue or not. It is better to specify everything while you take up the order.

Even if the situation arrives in which they fail in completing the task as promised, you can cancel the order at any time without any charges. It saves a huge chunk of your investment, as compared to other payment methods.

4. Importance for Ranking and Traffic

The pay for Performance model gives importance to gearing up the popularity of a website. Good ranking and thus good results are the primary objectives for the professionals. Because it’s the condition on which they will get their payment.

At the time of signing the contract, you can make your requirements clear. The clarity of requirements will help them have a pre-decided goal and you can also decide the charges according to it.

5. Conversion

Conversion rates for visitors to consumers are also guaranteed. Pay for Performance also focuses on converting visitors through engaging content. The professionals promise to provide several conversion rates.

They are bound to their manifestation, if they fail to serve it you can easily cut their payment. This thing motivates them to concentrate on the short-term objective of working for a good conversion rate by engaging content and Call To Action.

Possible Fallbacks of Pay for Performance SEO

It is good to know both Advantages and Disadvantages of Performance SEO.  as you have gone through why you should use this model, what cons you should keep in mind. Here is the list of possible fallbacks of implementing Pay for Performance SEO.

1. It Engages Narrow Focus

Performance-based SEO is likely to focus exclusively on getting higher rankings through a few good keywords. With a higher ranking, there are many other things one should take care of.

2. Works with Short-term Outlook

With a pay for performance model, agencies are demanded to get quick high rankings. The quicker the higher rankings the more financially worthwhile it is for them. SEO should focus on a long-term strategy which is generally avoided in the PFP model.

3. Involves Black-hat Tactics

Agencies might use shady tactics for quick ranking results. They might use shortcuts to get successful fast results. Google and other search engines are getting better at catching black-hat tactics.

4. It Disturbs the Partnership Approach

The Best SEO results are observed when the agency and client work as partners. This relation is quite disturbed because of the pay for performance model. It doesn’t support the dynamic and pulls you back from achieving overall business objectives.

Tactics You Should Avoid for Implementing SEO Through the Pay For Performance Model 

Wondering how you can minimize the effects of these fallbacks? Here’s the list of SEO tactics you should avoid in any case. Surpassing these hurdles will help you in having successful and without risk implementation of SEO using the Pay for Performance Model.

Tactics for Pay For Performance SEO

1. Paid Links and PBNs

Private Blog Networks and Link building are some of the most abused aspects of SEO. They are widely used for this payment model. However, it is good to not use this strategy to avoid the possible risks of the Pay for Performance model.

2. Using Irrelevant Keywords

Now no one can get away with Stuffing keywords that are not even relevant. The search engine can detect simple signals of keywords density. The practice is pointless as Google easily differentiates keywords that make sense to the content and the ones that don’t.

3. Cloaking

This one is an outdated SEO practice because of technological advancement. In cloaking the content, the content presented to the search engine crawler is different from the one presented to the user’s browser. It can help the developer to get better with the search results. However, now with better technology of crawlers on a search engine, cloaking the content is risky.

4. Vanity Keywords

For the pay for performance model, the professionals tend to use long-tail keywords. These might look good for a while but fail to attract a measurable volume of traffic. For good-quality keywords, one should avoid this.

How is Pricing Done in the Pay For Price Model?

Let’s understand in brief how pricing is implemented for SEO that uses Pay for Price Model. Primarily, this model pays only after the manifested results are observed. PFP guarantees Return On Investment.

As a client, you only have to pay for the results you observe. Unlike the traditional pricing model for SEO, the Pay for Price model depends more on the several factors included.

The price cannot be determined before the project. It can only be decided when the project is completed. If the agency succeeds in getting you on the first three search pages of Google, they charge accordingly.

With improved rankings, the charge increases, and if there aren’t any measurable rankings and results, there are no charges.

Why Should You Choose Auxano Global Services for the PFP Model?

Pay for Performance is a great model, but it can have several shortcomings due to its nature. For leveraging a minimal number of fallbacks, the SEO Service Providers should be dedicated and professional with their work.

After knowing the fundamentals of the PFP model, you might be wondering where and how to find a reliable company. For incurring amazing benefits from this model, the SEO service provider company should be well-established with a success ratio.

Auxano Global Services is here with the best Search engine Optimization Services. We have professionals who are experienced in the industry and know the value of work given to them. They are punctual, dedicated, adept, and work with superb dexterity.

Building a website with complete SEO tactics, where our experts manifest for complete deviation to the work. We not only work for money but the reputation we have established for years.

We also provide the best available SEO Package in the market. The budget template is decided considering your requirements and business needs. The costs are briefly evaluated and implied by perfect market research.

Take Away Note

You will hear many people talking about how the Pay for Price model is a bad choice. But, every coin has two sides, thus, observe each side carefully and then make a decision. If you implement this model wisely it can be turned into a good choice.

Working with good objectives, elements and hiring a good agency helps you in main the SEO practice successfully with the PFP model. The current market situation demands quick results tied up with long-term objectives. A conscious set of procedures can help you to win through this payment model.

Hope this guide has fulfilled the required knowledge for the Pay for Price model in SEO.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Why is the Pay for Performance Model Criticized?

    Due to its short-term and money-oriented procedure, it is widely believed and proved that the PFP model makes professionals work for money. Therefore, delivering poor and unsustainable results. However, if you take good steps and agency you can have a fruitful PFP model for SEO.

  • 2. Is the Traditional Model for Payment Better with SEO?

    The choice depends on the factors and requirements of the website, no one can make out which one is generally better. Both of these models have their advantages and disadvantages, you can smartly compare and implement them according to websites’ demands.

  • 3. How Can I Know More About Pay For Performance SEO?

    Our professionals will help you out on this journey. In any query please feel free to Consult Our Experts.

  • 4. Can a Good Agency Help in Pulling Out the Possible Fallbacks?

    Yes, possible fallbacks are just because of a poor professional or agency. You should look for a good agency to roll out the possibility of disadvantages.

  • 5. Where can I Find A Good Agency That can Have Engaging Nature?

    Well, you are at the right place. At Auxano Global Services, we work with a complete partnership approach. Think of us and choose the correct agency for the PFP SEO model.

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