Regardless of how large an inventory you have, the consumers will filter out their search by type, brand, colour, and size and make purchases from the narrowed down collection only. So, the optimization of each enlisted product on your eCommerce website is necessary for reaching out to the targeted consumers and elevating your sales. The retail industry is growing wings with the leveraging of the eCommerce SEO packages.

The surging digital wave has changed the business scenarios, bringing something distinctive on the platter for every industry. For the retail sector, the digital transformation is aiding the consumers in making more informed buying decisions. As high as 81% of the consumers go for thorough online research before buying. Consequently, implementing eCommerce optimization services to your business can make significant differences.

Below is a detailed discussion on the meaning, benefits, and essence of retail SEO.

What is Ecommerce SEO?

ecommerce seo

An eCommerce website comprises thousands of products and separate pages designed for each product. Instead of landing at all the pages, your potential customers will visit only those pages that match with their filtered searching criteria.

In the eCommerce sites, every product page has a title, product description, meta tag, and media. Now, for appearing in as many targeted searches as you can, the product page content must be optimized fully and should be revised according to the newer algorithms. Here comes the role of retail SEO. Ecommerce SEO is a straightforward method of improving the visibility of your products before the targeted consumers.

Your website’s visibility increases further with the search engine rankings. The better the rank of your website on the search engine, the more is the website traffic, resulting in maximized sales. Interestingly,70% of the consumers tend to click on the search URLs appearing on the first Search Engine Result Page. So, bringing in the best SEO services for the eCommerce/retail industry has unexpected business benefits.

ecommerce seo

What are the Benefits of Retail SEO?

Optimizing every product page improves the probabilities of appearing before the potential customers. Although retail SEO is somewhat hard to achieve and demands an investment of time, efforts, and extensive research. Still, eCommerce SEO has the benefits of screening your competitors and pushing your website among the high-ranking search engine results. Let’s glance over all the benefits of SEO for the retail industry.

Benefits of Retail SEO

1. SEO Increases the Number of Clicks

Among all the search engine results, the top three searches take away 75% of the clicks, indicating that the users are interested in the first few search results only. The customers do not prefer scrolling down to the last searches or reaching on to the concluding pages. So, if your website links are appearing among the end search results, then they are unlikely to capture massive user-interests.

On the other hand, implementing SEO on your website pages brings them on the first SERP, which, in turn, increases the number of clicks on the URL and maximizes the sales.

2. Lesser Burden on Your Pocket

Retail SEO enhances the visibility of your website before a vast number of target audiences, eliminating the need for organizing paid marketing campaigns. Moreover, do you know that organic search churns higher revenues than paid search? So, you get to kill two birds with one stone. Along with falling lighter on the pocket, you get to access over a highly efficient organic traffic and broader audience.

3. Build Enhanced Credibility

The search engines work with the sole motto of providing quality search results to the users. So, users have begun to comprehend that the highest-ranking search results are of the highest quality and believe that quality decreases down the pages.

According to the above user perception, your high-ranking website will be considered supreme in quality than your competitors. So, SEO assists in building enhanced credibility and authority over all other providers in the niche.

Retail SEO

The curation of strategies of SEO for online store consumes time and demands experience. Once laid well, implemented flawlessly, and continuously scaled with the advancing algorithms, SEO provides impeccable business benefits than any other marketing channel. Know that the highly targeted keywords keep changing with time. So, the retail SEO strategies, and so the website content, must be changed periodically just as new SEO algorithms come into play.


What are Some Retail SEO Tips?

Irrespective of whether you own a brick and mortar business, or an online one, your store has the potential of giving you sales worth millions of dollars only if the users discover your website. By now, you know that retail SEO improves the visibility of your eCommerce store and includes it among the high-ranking search results.

Retail SEO is not a cakewalk. It takes experience, expertise, commitment, and dedication to bring out the best eCommerce SEO services for your website. If you are a freshman into the world of SEO, then considering the following valuable tips will help you in improving the search engine ranking of an eCommerce website.

ecommerce seo

1. Research for Keywords

Keywords are the most powerful retail SEO tools for your campaign. A successful e-commerce SEO strategy for the retail industry begins with researching the relevant keywords. Think about how the search engine users will search about your products on Google, Bing, and other websites, and get as specific as you can. Instead of incorporating general and broad-spectrum keywords like “kitchenware” and “footwear” go for specific keywords like “wooden spatula” and “white sneakers”.

To address the specific product searches, optimize your pages by incorporating relevant keywords into the title, descriptions, specifications, media, tags, and other searchable content of your products.

2. More Pages, Better Rank

Do you know that the number of pages on a website has a direct impact on its search engine ranking? Well, the websites having a greater number of pages tend to rank higher among the search engine results. Since you belong to the eCommerce business, you have the advantage of incorporating a host of pages on your website.

Blogs, customer testimonials, and product pages – design as many pages on your website as you can. Since consistency improves or maintains the search engine ranking for your website, keeping your pages updated with fresh reviews and latest descriptions portray a better image about your business to the search engines and rewards your website with continuously upgrading ranks.

Though an increased number of pages benefit the SEO campaign for your website, the unnecessarily created pages can bring down the quality, resulting in decreased search engine ranking.

3. Image Optimization

Apart from impacting the decisions of the buyers, the product images play a pivotal role in boosting the rank of your website on the search engine result pages. While working on the SEO of your website, neglecting the optimization of the site images might cost you expensive.

Keywords are not only restricted to texts but also must be included in all the image descriptions and texts on your website. Such optimized descriptions, file names, and texts of the images enable the search engine to better understand your business and promote your website towards a higher ranking.

4. The Content must be Shareable

Shareability has a lot to offer in driving organic traffic from social media platforms. When users find some of your website content interesting, they might intend to share it among their friends on social media. If their friends like your content, they might revert to your site, navigate, and make purchases as well.

So, by using easy social sharing widgets on your website, you have the chance of attracting quality organic traffic from social media as well.

Use shareable widgets with unique and visually attractive images, as such media captivate a broader user base on social media. Put in other words, shareable widgets are bait to attract socially available organic traffic.

5. Mobile Optimization

Mobile shopping is gaining an impetus along with the increasing number of smartphone owners. The eCommerce market has MCommerce as a significant contributor, and anticipations are that MCommerce will grow its share in Ecommerce to 72.9% by 2021. So, satisfying mobile shoppers can skyrocket your business.

Having a mobile-friendly version of your website and optimizing your website for mobile users are firm steps in attracting mobile shoppers. While optimizing your website for the mobile buyers, keep the texts legibly large, high-quality graphics, simple and easily navigable layouts, and large call-to-actions for encouraging the users to make a purchase.

6. Local SEO

While optimizing your website for generating higher sales, do not undermine the local SEO. When a user searches some of the phrases related to your business niche on the search engines, local search engine optimization helps the search engines display all the businesses to him that are in and around his locality.

To achieve such locality-based eCommerce SEO services India, ensure that your business is enlisted in all the local business directories. Moreover, make sure that the descriptions, information, and services about your business are mentioned in the directories correctly.


SEO for Amazon Sellers

Standing as the largest eCommerce platform, Amazon is a busy marketplace of more than 2.5 million active sellers. Such shopping statistics might compel you to think about the ways of distinguishing your business from your competitors. Well, digital marketing for amazon sellers is your answer. Here are some proven tips for excelling at optimizing the Amazon product pages for the sellers.

  • Amazon allows the sellers to add a title of up to 200 characters. Utilize the character-limit wisely for adding optimized product titles including the product name, brand name, product specifications, and distinguishing features.
  • While framing the title, use ‘and’ in place of ‘&’ and arithmetic numerals like ’15’ rather than ‘fifteen’. Also, capitalize the first letter of all the words in the product titles, and refrain from using self-promotional words like ‘best’ and ‘superior’.
  • Add high-quality images of your product through different views. Include utility videos, whenever necessary. Incorporate as many product images as you can. Remember that a larger number of images aid the buyers in making a better decision about your product. 
  • Use bullet points to list down all the essential product features.
  • Research out relevant keywords about your product, and optimize the product descriptions by adding those high-target keywords.
  • Amazon Marketing Services allows the sellers to advertise their products on the platform. If you are a seller, then Amazon lets you display your products on the side and bottom of the Amazon search result pages.
  • Right after listing your products on Amazon, focus on gathering positive user reviews, as they can propel your sales multi-fold. Striking studies reveal that 90% of shoppers are reluctant to buy an Amazon listed product that has earned less than three stars. So, you can justify the relevance of user reviews on Amazon.
Retail SEO

Irrespective of whether you own an eCommerce site or not, a seller profile on Amazon multiplies your sales and keeps up your business throughout the test of time. All the above points make up the SEO strategies and the Amazon ranking service, offered by some digital marketing companies, for the Amazon sellers.

Invest time and efforts, conduct quality research for finding all the relevant keywords, and add the best titles, descriptions, and images to your product pages for excelling at the Amazon marketplace.

Retail SEO

Why Choose Auxano Global Services As Your Digital Marketing Agency?

Though SEO for the retail industry is a sure-shot way to boost the business and escalate the sales, the implementation process is difficult and demands a higher order of expertise in the niche. You might conquer over some of the retail SEO aspects, but lagging in some other verticals can affect your business drastically. So, if you are to avoid all the risks, and invite success in the eCommerce SEO horizon, then collaborating with a top E-commerce SEO Company is what you need.

At Auxano Global Services, the leading Ecommerce SEO Agency, we house an experienced workforce who are well-acquainted with the nitty-gritty of retail SEO and skilled enough to curate specific SEO strategies according to your business. Our professionals blend their experience and extensive research on your business domain for analyzing your competitors and identifying your site’s shortcomings as well.

Based on the insights, we implement our SEO strategies for hiking your rankings, increasing the number of clicks on your URLs, and promoting your sales. Our flawless eCommerce SEO proposal will blow your mind, as we have a demonstrated history of working and succeeding in the retail SEO domain.

Retail SEO

Unlike other eCommerce SEO companies, we do not end our services here. Once we analyze your website and that of your competitors, we scale up your site for appearing at the highest rank on the search engine result pages. Since the ranking algorithms keep varying, and the performance of your site depends on its freshness, consistency, and latest searching trends, our team monitors your site performance throughout and generates valuable reports. Based on the analytical reports, we identify the weaker areas, or the poorly performing metrics of your site, and tweak our SEO strategies accordingly.

But what makes us different from the crowd? With a host of distinctive retail SEO services like the local SEO services, Amazon SEO services, Auxano Global Services stands as the best Ecommerce SEO agency out there. Contact us now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Retail SEO?

    Retail or Ecommerce SEO is a straightforward method of improving the visibility of your products before the targeted consumers. Your website’s visibility increases further with the search engine rankings. The better the rank of your website on the search engine, the more is the website traffic, resulting in maximized sales.

  • 2. What are important SEO tips for Ecommerce SEO?

    There are some important SEO tactics to rank higher on Google such as keyword research, quality content, more pages, local SEO, mobile-friendly pages, image optimization, and shareable content. Off-page SEO also works better for the retail industry.

  • 3. What are the benefits of retail SEO?

    The most important benefits about SEO is, it will boost your visibility on SERP, that simply means more customers and more sales. Other benefits are credibility and authority enhancement, and an affordable way to promote your business.

  • 4. How Retail SEO works for Amazon Sellers?

    Amazon allows the sellers to add a title of up to 200 characters. Utilize the character-limit wisely with targeted keywords. While framing the title, use ‘and’ in place of ‘&’ and arithmetic numerals like ’15’ rather than ‘fifteen’. Also, capitalize the first letter of all the words in the product titles.

  • 5. Which is the best SEO agency for Retail SEO services?

    Auxano Global Services is a leading digital marketing and SEO agency for retail SEO services. Our dedicated SEO experts have ample expertise in eCommerce SEO services. We offer local SEO services, Competitors analyze, optimize code for the website, rich content, keyword tracking and improving results. Contact us to be in the first rank of Google organic search results.

  • 6. Where can I go for more information about Retail SEO services?

    To know more about our Retail SEO services and to hire dedicated SEO experts, contact us at or can call us at +1.209.736.5046.

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