On-demand platforms have become the recent trend in the mobile app industry. Various essential services are already available on an on-demand basis through intuitive apps. Uber, UrbanClap, and Swiggy are some of the leading on-demand applications in the market.

Another top-notch platform gaining an impetus in the industry is Housejoy. With the targeted demography of India, Housejoy is seamlessly penetrating every user device and growing every day.

Launched in 2015, Housejoy has become increasingly popular in the subcontinent. It has a massive user base that expands almost every month.

Besides, Housejoy is generating immense revenues and has become a successful business idea in the application industry.

Such victory compels more investors to develop a Housejoy-like app from scratch and replicate the success generated by the parent app.

Indeed, it’s a tedious process and you are required to consider multiple factors.

So, what should you keep in mind when developing an on-demand app like Housejoy?

Costs! Yes, you’ve read it correctly. Before jumping into developing a mobile app like Housejoy, you must ensure that your budget is enough for such projects or not.

Don’t worry! We’ll help you calculate the exact expenses required to build classic Housejoy-like apps.

Hey, wait! Let’s look at some of the fuming statistics that will inspire you before diving into the details of your project.

  • Users annually spend around $57.6 billion on on-demand apps.
  • More than half (51%) of on-demand service providers had better financial situations than before.
  • The on-demand app industry attracts around 22.4 million users per year.
  • The Housejoy app has 87,100 total visits to date.

Did these statistics inspire you? You should wait no more!  “Auxano Global Services”, one of the best on-demand app development company is right here to help you develop premium on-demand experiences like Housejoy.

Now that you are more intrigued than before, it’s time to discuss the deeper aspects of Housejoy-like app development.

Let’s get started, shall we?

What exactly is Housejoy?

What exactly is Housejoy?

First things first! Housejoy is a relatively new app in the industry. You might not be knowing much about the application.

So, it’s better to have a walk-through to an introduction to Housejoy before we move to other aspects.

Let’s dive in!

Essentially, Housejoy is an on-demand app. It offers multiple services on an on-demand basis and has become a renowned platform in India. Users can book and pay for domestic, beauty, commercial, construction, and renovation services like house cleaning, spa, interior decoration, and whatnot.

Since it offers several on-demand services through a single platform, Housejoy is a one-stop app for all your queries. It is continuously expanding and improving to offer a better user experience through the comprehensive platform.

Now that you know about Housejoy, let’s spare some moment to understand the working of the app.

Look down below!

How does Housejoy work?

How does Housejoy work

So, you have decided to build a Housejoy-like app. All you need is to invest in developing such apps and replicate Housejoy’s work.

Alas! You don’t know the working of Housejoy. Isn’t it? Don’t worry! Here’s how Housejoy works and has become a massive platform over time.

Housejoy works by aggregating several vendors on its platform, from house cleaning to self-care and construction. They offer their services to potential users through Housejoy and attract more clients in a short span.

Users join Housejoy by registering with the platform. They navigate the menu or search for desired services on the app whenever required. Furthermore, the application maps the users with relevant service providers and allows them to select a desirable schedule.

Now, Housejoy ensures that professionals reach their destination on time. Also, the price breakdown on the app remains transparent to avoid any disputes and confusion during a transaction.

Housejoy charges some commission on all transactions. It’s the revenue model of the app.

That’s how Housejoy works. You can easily replicate such functionality to produce similar apps for massive success among users.

Let’s explore more checkpoints in our discussion.

What are the benefits of a Housejoy-like app?

Housejoy has several irresistible benefits that you cannot avoid. Believe it or not, these advantages have provided a competitive edge to the application, propelling it to become what it is today.

Are you having second thoughts regarding developing an app like Housejoy? You should go through the benefits before going anywhere. Let’s take a look!

What are the benefits of a Housejoy-like app?

1. One-stop solution

Housejoy is a comprehensive solution for all on-demand requirements of an app. The platform offers the desired services to the users and solves problems through multiple vendors. You can search for all services on the platform and book the desired ones according to your schedule.

2. Convenience

Housejoy offers optimum convenience to the users. It allows booking multiple services from home and seeking professionals using the app. Furthermore, you can pay the vendors via Housejoy and simplify your task.

3. Online Payment

As discussed, you can pay the vendors using Housejoy. It holds numerous secure gateways that allow you to transfer money to the service providers in a few taps. This allows you to manage your payments via one app – Housejoy.

4. Timely Services

Housejoy lets you schedule the services according to your timeline. It ensures that professionals reach you on time and offer desired services according to your chosen timeline only. Thus, you can plan the jobs and manage your activities when using Housejoy.

5. Access to more customers

Earlier, we were discussing the benefits offered by Housejoy to the users.

What’s in store for the vendors?

Housejoy offers a massive user base to the vendors. They can join the platform and Housejoy will match them with users searching for similar services as offered by the service providers. So, Housejoy is an intriguing platform for users and vendors.

Housejoy is a beneficial app for all. However, these benefits might not be desirable enough to strike an investment from you.

Are you looking for some unique perks of investing in Housejoy-like app development? Take a look below!

Why should you invest in a Housejoy-like app?

Why should you invest in a Housejoy-like app?

Now that you know about the benefits of an Housejoy-like app, it’s time to discuss what’s in store for an investor.

Everyone might be suggesting you invest in a Housejoy-like app. Should you do so?

Yes, you should! It can be a goldmine for your funds and you ought to dig into it to find diamonds.

You are in the best place if you have been looking for convincing reasons to invest in developing a Housejoy-like app.

Watch out for the points below!

1. On-demand apps are trending

It’s the era of on-demand apps. You might have heard about everyone discussing such concepts and optimally utilizing the relevant platforms for their benefit.

Housejoy is a multi-service app. It implies that users can access multiple vendors through the platform. Such a comprehensive app will find more demand in the industry than standalone ones.

2. People are using online platforms

Over the years, users have become more driven towards online platforms. As mobile applications have gained an impetus in the industry, on-demand apps have become user favorites.

Housejoy entertains a massive user base at all times. The population is expanding and will make Housejoy one of the most used platforms in a short span.

3. Vendors are looking for such platforms

Vendors wish to expand their business. They look for customers and want them to access their services to generate some income.

Your app like Housejoy can be a savior for such service providers. So, more vendors will join your platform and contribute to your revenue-generating process.

4. Higher returns on investment

Getting massive returns on investment is a piece of cake with Housejoy-like apps. These apps will not fade away in the future. So, you will get more ROI for your platform in the upcoming days.

Hopefully, you know why it’s better to invest in developing a Housejoy-like app. Now that you have decided to build an on-demand platform like Housejoy, it’s time to understand the look and feel of your application.

Must-have Features in a Housejoy-like app

Do you know? Users love Housejoy due to its features and interactiveness. You must leverage similar experiences on your application if you wish to outperform Housejoy.

Also, these features affect your bill and increment your budget accordingly. So, it’s essential to know about the must-have functionalities in your app.

Let’s take a look!

Must-have Features in a Housejoy-like app

1. Registration/Login

The Housejoy-like app offers convenient registration and login features to the users. They must register themselves with the platform to use the services effortlessly. Also, the app might have social login functionality for hassle-free entry to the app.

2. Explore Services

The users will find several services lined up on the app. So, it should have an app search feature and organized categories to allow the users to find the desired services in the blink of an eye. Also, the app can have intelligent filters to narrow down user searches for better experiences.

3. Booking

Once the users find the desired services, they can book the professionals according to their schedules. The app allows booking the vendors for future dates and managing a calendar.

4. Payment

The app should have a secure payment gateway for the users to book the services by scheduling the timelines and paying using the Internet.

5. Offer Services

This feature is for the vendors. They can register with the platform and offer their services according to the given categories. The app will find appropriate customers for the vendors in a short span.

6. Set Prices

Vendors can set prices for different services and change them at any point in time.

7. Availability Status

Service providers can set their availability status according to their conveniences.

Additional Features

The above functionalities are common in all Housejoy-like apps. You need to have an extra edge to lead the industry.

Apart from the above features, it’s better to have the following aspects in your application.

1. Chatbots

Your application can have chatbots to enhance the user experience with your platform. Users can post their queries and the bot will answer them using predefined templates.

2. Map Integration

Your app can have a map integration to offer live tracking to your users. The professionals can easily find destination addresses. Also, the users can detect the location of professionals on the booked day.

3. Reviews and Feedback

It’s better to have a review and feedback mechanism in your app. Your users can trust the services when they find positive comments and high ratings on your platform.

These are the additional features for your Housejoy-like app. You can build different versions of the application if you decide to set up a multi-boundary platform serving different nations at any point in time.

Besides the above features, we can think of more functionalities that can improve the user experience with your app.

Since we are the best Housejoy-like on-demand app development company, we can understand your user expectations and leverage innovative features in your platform.

Now, let’s address your mainframe question.

What is the cost to develop a Housejoy-like app?

What is the cost to develop a Housejoy-like app?

After having a deep discussion regarding Housejoy-like apps, it’s better to throw some light on the cost required to build such experiences.

Here, we follow a useful calculation method to determine the approximate expense of creating an app like Housejoy. By multiplying the time required for development with the rate per hour; we get the total cost of developing an app like Housejoy.

Creating an app like Housejoy takes 3-6 months to get completed. The cost depends on the location of developers and your desired features. You will have to make more investments if the functionalities are complex and a minimal expense will do when the platform has the must-have features only.

Based on the location of developers, the cost range is as follows: if hiring developers from India, then it would cost between $20 – $40 per hour; Australian developers may cost you between $100-$150 per hour; American developers cost between $110 -$170 per hour; European developers may cost you between $60 – $150 per hour.

The expense of creating such apps may fluctuate on the demands of consumers and companies. You can prepare your budget after knowing the expenses and jump into development right away.

Ideally, the cost to develop an app like Housejoy is anywhere between $15,000 to $30,000. As already discussed, your costs will vary depending on the preferred functionalities.

How can Auxano Global Services help you?

Are you looking for a company that can understand your requirements and build the best version of Housejoy? As a Top On-demand App development agency, Auxano Global Services is here to help you! We have the following features to assist you.

  • We have years of experience in developing on-demand applications like Housejoy.
  • Our team remains well-acquainted with multiple tech stacks and can assemble them to develop mind-boggling experiences for you.
  • We can leverage innovative features in your app to edge your venture in the industry.

Housejoy-like apps have the brightest future. It’s the best time to connect with a top On-Demand app development company and build such apps for your business. As we are one of the Best On-demand app development agency, we can help you with such queries. Contact us now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is a Housejoy-like app?

    Apps like Housejoy offer multiple services to users under a roof. It aggregates several vendors on a platform and lets users search for their services. The app maps the customers with a vendor according to the requirements.

  • 2. What are the benefits of Housejoy-like apps?

    Housejoy-like on-demand apps offer immense convenience to the users. It allows booking for several services online by scheduling a timeline and paying for the services using secure payment gateways. Users can access all types of services and search the desired ones using categories and a search bar. Thus, Housejoy-like apps offer a degree of at-home comfort to the users.

  • 3. Why should you invest in developing a Housejoy-like app?

    Investing in developing a Housejoy-like app offers premium benefits like access to a massive user base, higher returns, and unbeatable competitive advantages. Furthermore, these apps will remain popular in the industry generating continuous returns for the owners.

  • 4. What are the top Housejoy-like app features?

    The best Housejoy-like app features include online payment, map integrations, chatbots, push notifications, service booking, and setting availability by the vendors.

  • 5. Which is the best Housejoy-like app development company?

    Auxano Global Services is the best Housejoy-like on-demand app development company. Our experts have years of experience in building revolutionary on-demand apps and maintaining them for high-end business outcomes. Also, our on-demand app developers have immense industry knowledge in increasing customer engagement and traffic for your venture through post-delivery support services. Need our assistance in developing a platform like Housejoy? Get in touch with us now!

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