Ridesharing apps are the life-savers in the ever-busy metropolitan cities. As the smartphone network continues to grow in urban locations, ridesharing apps are witnessing exponential growth. Due to being such an outshining landscape, many businesses and industrialists are willing to invest in ridesharing app development and churn a massive ROI upon releasing them.

If you too wish to play your cards in the ridesharing app industry, then now is the time. Developing a comprehensive and feature-rich carpooling app isn’t a cakewalk at all. But with the assistance of the best ridesharing app development company, Auxano Global Services, such a well-converting app comes alive.

Why Investing in Ridesharing App Development?

Why Investing in Ridesharing App Development?

Are you experiencing second thoughts before jumping into taxi app development? Well, the ridesharing app industry is gaining an impetus as a voluminous user-base is getting interested in the services offered. The below points prove that investing in ridesharing app development can be a game-changing decision.

Millennials Tendency:

Mostly, the millennials are bound to keep shifting from one city to another, making it difficult for them to house a permanent asset like a car. Consequently, the ridesharing apps are solving the conveyance-problems for the millennials without investing in such long-term assets.

Expected Growth:

Even after witnessing such massive popularity, the ridesharing apps will continue growing and benefitting the investors and developers in the forthcoming years.

Customer Preference:

Ridesharing apps are becoming daily-usage apps among users. The customers prefer booking a cab using carpooling apps and by-pass the complexity of parking their vehicles at a safe place and driving responsibly.

How Do Our Ridesharing Apps Work?

How Do Our Ridesharing Apps Work?

The apps we develop work similar to the renowned ridesharing apps like Uber. We embed easy-to-use features and effortless payment gateways in your carpooling apps. Such easily-navigable apps guarantee to become widely popular among your customers in almost no time. The working of these apps entails the following six steps broadly.

1. Pickup Request:

The app starts working when the user requests to book a cab. After fetching his location, our app provides a list of cab services along with their prices to the user.

2. Assigning a Driver:

The ridesharing app chooses a nearby driver and matches with the requesting user.

3. Driver Acceptance:

The chosen driver is notified about the incoming passenger and provided with options to accept or decline his request.

4. Ride Begins:

Once the driver accepts the request, he picks up the passenger from the fetched locations and begins the ride.

5. Transaction:

During the ride or after reaching the destination, the passenger processes the already-calculated payment either in cash or digitally.

6. Rating and Review:

After leaving the cab, the user gets an option to rate and review the ride and driver on our app.

How To Create An App Like Uber - Cost And Features

Our Ridesharing App Solution

Auxano Global Services offer a comprehensive ridesharing app suite, aiding your business with an impeccable digital edge over the competitors.

Custom Ridesharing App Solution

Get a tailor-made and highly-customized ridesharing app solution that resonates with your objectives and suits your requirements.

Efficient Matching Algorithm

We enrich your ridesharing app by adding an efficient matching algorithm at the core of our solution. The smart algorithm matches all your users with nearby drivers and streamlines the app workflow.

Active Geolocation

Our team levels up your ridesharing app with active geolocation features, aiding in precise pickups, distance calculation, and destination guidance for both the users and drivers.

Hassle-Free Payment

We integrate a bunch of local payment gateways in your app for seamless transactions through multiple modes.

User Experience

Take away premium experience for all your users with a mind-boggling app interface and easily-navigable entities, specially curated by our team.

Global Reach

Offer finest ridesharing service across multiple countries with multilingual and varied currency support. We will embed every functionality into your ridesharing app for extending your reach internationally.

Support and Maintenance

Team Auxano Global Services stays ever-ready to troubleshoot all your maintenance issues and support your app in all endeavours.

Features in Our Ridesharing App

Features and functionalities are the primary assets for wooing your audiences. We integrate all the essential and good-to-have features in our ridesharing app so that it can sustain the scorching competition. The most-loving passenger, driver, and admin features in our carpooling apps are as follows.

1. Passengers

We design our ridesharing offering to optimize the passenger experience, encouraging them to keep using the app.

Passengers | Features in Our Ridesharing App


The users can connect with your taxi app by registering themselves with the service, and providing the essential details quickly.

Ride Now or Later:

Users can book a cab immediately for riding at the moment or schedule it later conveniently.

Ride History:

We add a panel in your app for the users to manage their previous rides and the upcoming ones as well.


Users can choose from a host of payment options and make hassle-free payments.

Fare and ETA Estimation:

Before booking a cab, users are provided with precise fare and expected time of arrival estimations. Even during the ride, the app keeps updating the route traversed and the time left in reaching the destination.


Keep your users updated with the latest notifications and alerts, preventing them from missing out on critical announcements.

Contact Driver:

Our ridesharing app provides the users with the driver’s contact information for a streamlined pickup.

Cancel Booking:

The users can even cancel the booking in case they don’t require the ride anymore.

Rate Driver and Co-Passengers:

After the ride is complete, the app encourages every user for feedback on the drivers and co-passengers.

2. Driver

A separate panel for the drivers enables them to use the app in a better way, providing an enhanced riding experience to the passengers.

Driver | Features in Our Ridesharing App


Drivers get a tab on the app where they can view their entire driving history with your company and manage all the upcoming rides and payments as well.


The passengers’ ride requests populate the drivers’ request tab, offering accept and denial options for the drivers.


The app allows the drivers to share their cabs with other passengers en-route.

Trip Details:

Right after the driver accepts a request, he gets all the information regarding the trip and fellow passengers.

Maps Navigation:

Google Maps integration keeps updating the drivers with road traffic, shortest routes, ETAs, and much more.

Contact Passenger:

The driver can communicate with the cab passengers using in-app chatting features or by calling them personally.

Rate Passengers:

The drivers can rate the passengers and give feedback on their profiles to build a healthy and safe community.


Our ridesharing app offers an interactive portal for supporting the drivers on probable queries and FAQs.

3. Admin

In our fully-functional ridesharing app, even the admins get their separate panel for monitoring the business and invigilating the operations.

Admin | Features in Our Ridesharing App

Admin Dashboard:

Access all the key features and admin-level controls in a single place through the robust app dashboard.

Authorized Login:

Login safely to the app as authorized admin, and monitor your business at the highest level.

Manage Drivers and Users:

Admins can manage all the drivers, passengers, profiles, and activities through a single panel.

Manage Fleet and Tariffs:

Add or remove fleet, adjust the tariffs, and turn on the surge pricing feature automatically.

Track Trips:

Track all the trips, monitor the routes, and troubleshoot grave issues from the admin level.


Get meaningful insights and report on your ridesharing business, and tweak your business strategy accordingly.

Technology Stack Used in Our Ridesharing App

Our flawless ridesharing app is the outcome of leveraging cutting-edge technologies in the development process. We rely on the following are the next-gen stack for curating your carpooling app.

Technology Stack Used in Our Ridesharing App

Ridesharing apps will not see a decline in the recent future. The busy-bee lives are compelling everyone to use these able applications and find a settlement between owning a vehicle and traversing long distances easily. With our technical guidance, your business gets nothing less than the best ridesharing apps developed on trending and modern tech stacks. Contact us now!

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