Slot Games in Casinos are popular for hassle-free gaming spots. These games are not only limited to physical casinos, but people can even play these games online. When every industry is inclining towards the digital world, then why should casinos be left behind?

Slot games enable the casino to expand its diameter through the online platform. They can work as multicolor attractive machines, and engage users through digital mediums too. Slot machines in casinos have been attracting gamers for hundred of years, and since the 1990s, it has geared up on digital platforms too.

As slot games seem attractive, they demand equal efforts too. Professionals at Auxano Global Services can develop a definitive slot game with engaging UX and UI. Here we have collected information and explained how much does Slot Game Development Cost?


Before getting further with the information about Slot game development and its cost, let’s get to know its market position. Here we have collected some fascinating facts about statistics and industrial analyses of slot game development.

1. The market of the slot machine is projected to increase by 8.21 billion during the period of 2020 to 2024 with 10 of CAGR.

2. Slot machines are considered a vital source of income because they generate 85% of the casino revenue from slot operations.

What is the meaning of Slot Game Development?

Slot games are machines with spinning reels, which have different types of symbols. These symbols land randomly after a player places a bet and spins the reels. According to the game, if the player lands on what he bet on, then the game gives a prize. It is called the pay line.

Slot game development involves developing software for modern slot machines that use a computer program called random number generator, which determines the symbols of the pay line. The random number generator cycles through thousands of numbers per second.

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Types of Online Slot Games

There are generally 6 types of slot games used widely as a part of casino games. These 6 categories include several types of games played on slot machines. Here are the 6 major types of online slot games played.

Types of Online Slot Games

1. Classic Slots

Also known as three reels slots, these are the simplest types of online slots and are named one-armed bandit. The name is derived from traditional mechanical machines. This type has a leaver that players pull every time for initializing a spin.

2. Video Slots

Most popular today, these video slots are also known as five-reels slots. This type of Slot is completely digital and does not require mechanical reels or levers. A player just has to press a button and start the game.

3. More than five-reel slots

Here we have six- and seven-reel slots that are very finely challenging the working of traditional slots machines reels. They work by following the same grid structure as five-reel slots, but with more setups.

More the reel a slot game has, the more a player can create the combinations of symbols. Combining the working of six- or seven-reel slots with five reels slots creates an extremely engaging excitement for the game.

4. Interactive slots

Interactive slots incur multiply and multi-reel lines with different formats and allow the spinning of several combinations or participating in game-advancing experiences. These slots facilitate the features of modern computing devices and thus gives players the power to create their storyline.

Another crucial factor of this type of slot is that it plays with trigger bonus stages. Through these stages, the players can participate inline-game such as mini-golf. These mini-games give more opportunities for wins.

5. Progressive slots

Working on the format of jackpots, progressing slots are also known as accumulated jackpots. The player here makes a wager and part of the amount gets contributed to the jackpot. It depends on the time of gameplay and the number of other participants.

6. Virtual reality slots

VR slots facilitate a player with a virtual environment that creates a realistic experience that is similar to a casino. The virtual reality format gives the players a more realistic experience, compared to simple screen slot games.

These were the six types of slot games developed for online platforms. The future welcomes better and more diverse slot games.

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How does Online Slot Game work?

online slots have geared up the business of slot machines and have high scalability in the future. With the biggest payouts, the online slot games offer the most exciting and entertaining games at any site. Every slot game has its different types, but they have a similar basic framework.

Here, we have explained this basic framework of slot games.

How does Online Slot Game work?

1. It starts with Random Number Generator

The game is initialized and controlled by the random number generator mechanism which needs to be completely tested to ensure its randomness. The random number generator will determine the symbols appearing on the reel.

2. Different Symbols

The random Number Generators triggers distinct groups of symbols every time a player spins the reels. The main window brings multiple columns containing the symbols and shows the combinations.

Every spin is independent of the previous spin, because of the random number generator system. The RNG system utilizes new symbols in every reel, even if it seems to make a pattern, but it is completely random and based on luck.

3. Choosing the betting amount

Before starting the game and spinning the wheel, the player has to decide the amount to be kept for the bet. After deciding the amount to bet, the player can then start the slot machine or online game.

4. Player’s credit

The player has a wallet for the game, and over time a player bets the amount, the amount gets deducted from the credit. Every time the slot machine is played, the amount gets deducted. It’s the case when a player loses the game.

If the player wins a game by getting symbols from an alien, then he/she gets the best smooth possible victory.

Why develop a slot game?

Slot games are gearing up with immense popularity. For a century, the game has been one of the most favorite forms of casino games. With the revolution towards the digital era, the online machine also took up a charge in the online world.

With online Slot games, people can play them anywhere and anytime possible. With increased engagement and coming up trends in slot gaming, the future of this industry is bright. Many people are investing in developing games that engage people.

Online slot games are one of the highest scalable gaming businesses in the digital world. Enter into the market at the right time with the correct online slot game that engages people and brings the revenue back as early as possible.

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How to develop a slot game?

After understanding the relevance of developing slot games, let’s now understand how one can develop a slot game for enthusiastic players and engage them well enough. Developing slot games is not an easy task.

The slot games are immensely popular, but as they are simple to play, they are complicated to develop. There are certain guidelines to follow. So, here we have crafted a list of steps for developing slot games.

How to develop a slot game?

1. Setting a clear idea

Slot games are not only about gaming but creating competition for user experience too. To create an engaging slot game, the owner has to brainstorm ideas about the storyline, themes, colors, characters, graphics, and algorithms.

You have to do complete and thorough research to make sure your work is unique and places an exceptional market position. The research and analyses also help in indicating the path to walk on.

2. Drafting the strategic plan out

After research and analyses of the market and competition, you have to draft a complete plan for the project execution. This plan should have clear strategies that lead to the complete realization of the objective.

This plan includes the features of the slot game, storyline, theme, development process, coding language, the tentative look of the game, and general outcome.

3. Developing a prototype

After getting the idea on paper it is crucial to test its works as a full-fledged game. Also known as the cook-up prototype, it helps in indicating the relevance of the game developed to the plan and desired outcome.

The developer’s team at this stage checks the technical details, the game’s ability to be played, mechanics, usability, level of randomness, and many more. The prototype is not the final project but facilitates it analyzing the fallbacks of the game.

4. Coding a primary version

After the prototype stage is done and the developer has analyzed the possible fallbacks and how to overcome them, they develop a primary version of the slot game. This is the stage where bespoke game developers build a skeletal structure by addressing core elements to keep the game intact.

The developers have the opportunity to completely focus on the salient elements and develop the primary version of a complete game.

5. Design and Development

After a long pre-development process, the team now designs the app and then develops it. It is the most important stage, as it determines the final version of the software. They employ creativity to design perfect UX and UI.

The whole team works extensively on creating the slot game software with complete aesthetics and knowledge. The designing and development stage ends at optimizing, tweaking, and polishing the game to perfection.

6. The final test

After development, it is important to test the functioning of the slot game software. The developers at this stage continue the process of development by testing and removing bugs and glitches. They polish the game to the level that no seemingly possible imperfection is left.

Every stage has little amount of testing, but this stage is completely focused on testing a completed project and determining possible fallbacks to eradicate it.

7. Launch and marketing

After testing the game is ready to be launched before the gamblers bet on it. This Stage requires a lot of patience, as it is difficult to presume how the audience will react to it. however, you can leverage good results with a perfect planned marketing strategy.

8. Updates and Modifications

The app’s cycle doesn’t end with the launch, you also have to take care of updates and modifications to be made according to the demand of time and players.

Factors affecting the cost of slot game development

The cost of developing slot games depends on the number of features, level of functionality, and time. Let’s first dissect every factor that affects the cost of slot game development. These are the determining factors of the budget template.

Factors affecting the cost of slot game development

1. Ideas and concept

Brainstorming ideas is the fundamental determining factor of development. It takes efforts for research, market analyses, business analyses, and generating perfect themes. Business and Industrial competition describe the level of research needed.

2. Design of the UX and UI

Designing slot game software is all about determining how a user will experience it and interact with it. It is where ultimate creativity and sense for themes are executed. A Slot game designer can use different templates and make efforts according to the charges demanded.

The design of the slot game software is a crucial factor for determining the ultimate experience for the user.

3. Development

The Slot game development is equally important as the designing and requires similar efforts. The difference is in the way of conduct. Slot game developmental complexity can be observed in frameworks employed, features, and functionality.

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4. Testing

This determining factor is about rectifying and checking any possible fallbacks, glitches, bugs, or imperfections left in the slot game after development. The requirements of these factors determine the end cost.

5. Marketing and Advertising

This is the crucial factor after the slot game launch that should not be eliminated. It is important to make people aware of the game and its functionality. Therefore, the techniques employed, platforms of marketing used and channels for communication employed determine the budget template of slot game development.

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6. Location

The location of the professionals you have employed is a big factor in determining the cost of slot game development. A professional from the US charges more than half of what an Indian professional would charge.

7. Type of Professional

You can choose from Freelancer, in-house employees, or a game development agency. A freelancer generally charges on per hour basis, an agency has their budget template and when you hire an in-house professional they demand salary, insurance pay, and many more.

Cost to develop an Online Slot Game

The approximate cost of developing a slot game starts from $25,000 and because of the factors can go up to $2,00,000. You should focus on the relevant path of development according to your business requirements, and then compare for best prices.

The determining factors can guide you for the budget template, but the final price may vary according to the combination of these factors.

Why Choose Auxano Global Services for Slot Game Development?

Auxano Global Services is the Best Slot game development agency with extensive experience in developing slot games. We have developed several casino games and look forward to expanding the client base in a lot of game development.

Our Bespoke game professionals have hands-on experience in developing slots games with perfect User Experience and Exceptional User Interface. They also get updated to the latest trends in casino games and cater to the user’s demands through the games served to them.

We have a special team of consultants for integrating with our clients and understanding their perspectives on the project. We understand with such a huge investment, one expects an outcome that is not only perfect but also manifests their expectations.

The team of technician consultants will also help in better understanding the technical aspects of projects and make sure the developmental process is connected to the client’s expectations.


Slot games are popular for a century as a part of the casino, due to their usage of simplicity, excitement level, and engaging features. As it moved towards the online platforms the user base increased and it keeps increasing.

It is a good time to enter the market with the perfect strategy for a unique game. However, the development of slot games is not simple and requires expertise for determining and designing themes and executing them through development.

Auxano Global Services has professionals who can work extensively on the project and anchor desired outcomes. Our experts have fine dexterity at their work and the ability to understand what the client and situation demands. Aligning the years of experience with regularly updated knowledge, the experts at Auxano Global Services serve the best.

If you want to develop a slot game that stands out in the market, contact us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Why should I invest in slot game development?

    Slot games are the most popular ones from the group of games available in the casino. It is purely based on luck and is known for its transparent random nature of working. It is investable because of the surety of a good return on investment.

  • 2. What is the level of slot games’ scalability?

    It is high and is projected by various sources to be increasing. The future welcomes a good environment for slot games, especially online ones.

  • 3. Is maintenance needed after the game launch?

    Yes, regular maintenance and updates ensure a good presence in the market not only for a short period but a longer time duration with consistency. The needs of the market and consumer change frequently, that’s why it is good it includes the maintenance stage in the developmental process. you also leverage our maintenance & support services.

  • 4. How can I know more about slot game development?

    Kindly feel free to contact our team of dedicated slot developers for any kind of query or consultation for your slot game development solutions. They will be pleased to have contacted you and resolve every question you have about slot game development.

  • 5. How much does it cost to develop an online Slot game?

    The approximate cost of developing a slot game starts from $25,000 and because of the factors can go up to $2,00,000. if you want to know the exact price of slot game development, feel free to contact our slot game development experts.

  • 6. Which is the best game development agency for slot game development?

    Auxano Global Services is at your services as the best slot game development company. Our professional slot game development experts have extensive experience and talent to deliver the best project outcomes by understanding the client’s requirements.

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