Sports betting is not just an enthralling game, but it requires a knack of making predictions to earn money. Gamblers have been involved in many trivial betting games. As technology has advanced and several companies are deploying online games, sports betting has also reshaped.

Online betting game applications and software are a reason for the sudden surge in the game development companies offering similar services.

Dime and dozen companies are developing online betting games. But, if you are a wager enthusiast you would want your betting game to be perfect. You can hire mobile game development company to deploy a game you want.

However, to make a game that stands among the best betting games, you need to develop it through clone scripts.

Auxano Global services are the top-notch mobile game development company to hire sports betting developers. We, at Auxano Global Services, are experienced betting clone script developers who are well-versed with the game development process.

We provide you with an outstanding open-source clone betting game application that stands as one among the applications like Betfair, Drafting, and Bet365.

Top Sports Betting Games Worldwide 

Sports Betting Clone Script Development

Undoubtedly, a sports betting game has a strong capability to add value to your business. We are a profound sports betting clone script development company in the USA dedicated to developing the best betting game by using the Bet365 script.

Our team develops an interactive and immersive wager game that can engulf the players for hours. The honed mobile game developers at AGS ensure high quality and reliable game development. We assure a user-friendly yet highly engaging gambling script. Besides, we customize the game application to meet your needs with innovative solutions.

Benefits of Our Sports Betting Clone Scripts

Sports Betting Clone Script Development


With the surmounting demand for online betting games and the tendency of investing in digital platforms, we provide world-class services at a very accommodating cost. In a very feasible amount, we offer the best and hassle-free betting experience and help you increase your productivity.

Live Testing:

We provide live testing of our services just to be sure, you do not have any confusion regarding the betting criteria. Payment is based according to the wager set in the game itself.


We leverage the clone scripts of top-quality betting software and add innovative solutions for providing the best in class betting clone script in a short span of time.

Keep a track of work performance:

With a clone script betting game, you can always keep a track of the performance of your betting application. You can be assured of flourishing your business by knowing the work performance.

SEO Friendly:

Our team keeps in mind to engage the best SEO tools to make your betting game stand a top. It helps in reaching the appropriate audience and attracts more players to your game.

Quick Launch Feature:

Our dedicated team of developers thrives to provide you with the easy and quick launch betting games. This keeps up with the players and makes them stay on your game for more time.

Key Features of Our Sports Betting Clone Script Application

Sports Betting Clone Script Development

One-Touch Betting:

We make online betting easier with one-touch betting. You can simply tap online and get live with trouble-free betting.

In-App advertising:

In-app ads are a great way of making a profit. We provide you with strategically placed ads that do not interrupt the gameplay but benefit your revenue model.

In-App Purchase:

Our betting clone scripts are inspired by sportsbooks and support in-app purchases. You can use multiple payment gateways to make purchases while betting.

Virtual Currency Betting:

We believe in offering a convenient betting experience to the players. Our modules provide support for betting with virtual currencies like bitcoin or cryptocurrency which can potentially help in adding to your business profit.

Bet on real matches:

The reason behind our solutions being the best is the real-time playing feature. We provide the best set of betting clone scripts to bet and give our users a chance to earn the most.

Social sharing:

A ranking of your bet winnings is maintained which can be used to gain a bit of vanity on social media sites. It will help you gain some attraction in your community too.

High-tech security:

Our game rooms and betting platforms are highly secured and foolproof to avoid any kind of fraud or discontinuity. We keep our security on the top of the shelf priority.

Multiple betting supports:

Our clients get an option to bet on various matches simultaneously at a time, thus increasing their chances to earn a profit out in a given time.

Live Score:

Betting is much more fun when you get live updates on the game scores. We make use of cutting edge technology to show live scores that will aid you to strategize your gameplan.

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Why choose AGS for Sports Betting Clone Script Development?

Auxano Global Services is adept at developing the first-rate sports betting clone scripts. Our expert team of mobile game developers ensures to bring out of the box solutions to the best Bet365 script. Here are the reasons to rely on Auxano Global Services for your betting clone script:

  • Deliver real-time betting solutions
  • Includes numerous betting games
  • Advantage from top-ranked betting scripts
  • High-quality betting solution
  • Easy to understand games
  • Support betting with virtual currency
  • Guarantee 24×7 customer support 
  • Regular updates as per customer needs
  • Affordable betting clone script development

Auxano Global Services is the leading mobile game development company having expertise in sports betting clone scripts development. We earn a strong foothold in engaging mobile game development worldwide with trusted services. Contact Us for decoding your complex idea into masterpiece mobile games.

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