Undoubtedly, online games are becoming popular every day. They have an ever-growing user base and generate massive revenues annually. Among all games, Teen Patti has a specific place. Teen Patti is one of the most played games with numerous active users.

Since its existence, the Teen Patti game has not registered a downfall. It kept on growing and became one of the most successful game models in the world. That’s why many investors invest in Teen Patti game development!

Are you planning to invest in Teen Patti game development? You might be worried about the cost to create a Teen Patti game before building a strategy and developing the Teen Patti game.

Don’t worry anymore! Auxano Global Services is here to help you. As ranked one of the Best Teen Patti Game development companies having years of experience in game development, we know what it takes to build a Teen Patti game. So this article will reveal the exact cost required to create the Teen Patti game.

Before we unveil the Teen Patti game development cost, let’s have a look at the various game statistics right below.

These statistics are fuming. Aren’t they?

They might have made you more interested in developing Teen Patti games. So let’s explore various aspects of teen Patti game development in the article.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Overview of Teen Patti game

Teen Patti is a poker variation. Unlike poker, users do not play Teen Patti on board. It is a popular platform, especially among South Asian countries.

Teen Patti is nothing but card betting. You might have played or heard of Teen Patti in bars and clubs. Generally, three members plate it to six players and use 52 cards.

However, they don’t consider the ‘joker’ cards in Teen Patti. All players in Teen Patti play with three cards.

Before managing the cards and starting the game, the boot sum should be decided and gathered from all Teen Patti players.

As the game gains an impetus, the pot cash will increase. The victor of that hand wins the entire pot cash. The champion remains in the game till the end. Also, he has the best or most unique hand according to the card positioning fundamentals.

Top Teen Patti Card Game Variations

Teen Patti card games have several variations. They do not restrict to one type. You can build various types of Teen Patti games, provided they have the fundamental idea of the conventional game.

Do you know? Players are more interested in trying the Teen Patti game variations. So, knowing the new games and building one from scratch will benefit you. Let’s understand the top Teen Patti variations right below!

Top Teen Patti Card Game Variations

1. Joker

It is one of the most popular Teen Patti variations involving the concept of wild cards for more fun and thrill.

2. Revolving Joker

The Joker changes every time a player folds. That’s the fun of the revolving joker game.

3. Lowest Joker

The thrill has a new name with Lowest Joker. It is a Teen Patti variation where every player’s lowest card can get converted into a Joker to increase their winning probabilities.

4. AK47

A bunch of Joker cards helps the players win the game of AK47.

5. Teen Patti 4x Boot

As the name suggests, it has more boot amount than conventional Teen Patti games.

6. Faceoff

Only 6 players can play this game at a time with more cards than usual.

7. 999

It is a popular Teen Patti variation where the hand having a figure closest to 999 wins the battle.

8. Muflis

The player with the weakest hands wins the Muflis game easily.

9. Auction

In the Auction, the players bid on the game while playing the traditional Teen Patti match.

10. Banko

The dealer has three cards in Banko – two open and one hidden. The player who guesses the third card wins the game.

Benefits of developing Teen Patti game

Teen Patti has numerous benefits for investors and developers. Let’s look at a few advantages of developing Teen Patti game in 2024.

Benefits of developing Teen Patti game

1. A popular game

Believe it or not, Teen Patti is one of the most popular games in India. Investing in such game development is bound to generate profitable outcomes.

2. Growing user base

Every day, thousands of new users join the Teen Patti platform. So, the Teen Patti game will never witness a downfall.

3. Simple architecture

Teen Patti is simple to develop. It has a less complicated structure making the entire development process affordable with the shortest turnaround times.

4. Profitable monetization model

Teen Patti has the most profitable monetization model. You can invest in such game development to churn higher returns in a short span.

How to develop a Teen Patti game?

As an investor, you should know all aspects of the Teen Patti game. And the development steps are a part of it.

So, let’s look at the steps a developer would take to develop an elusive game like Teen Patti.

How to develop a Teen Patti game?

1. Audience research

The first checkpoint in the development journey is audience research. Understanding the players is essential to developing an experience they would love.

2. Strategy building

Once you know what your audience wants, you can develop a fail-proof strategy. This blueprint will remain in the foreground during the entire development process.

3. Specification analysis

Now, you must brainstorm the features you will include in the Teen Patti game. Preparing this specification list will speed up the development process.

4. Hiring Teen Patti game developers

Once you have chalked out everything, it’s time to hire dedicated Teen Patti game developers. These skilled professionals can help you to transform your dreams into reality.

Looking To Hire The Best Teen Patti Game Developers?

5. Starting the development process

Now,  your Teen Patti game development process is also set to start. The Teen Patti developers might emerge with a prototype soon and seek improvement suggestions from you.

6. Game testing

After you approve the Teen Patti game, the Teen Patti game developers will subject the product to rigorous testing. Testing ensures that your Teen Patti game has no errors and glitches.

7. Market release

Once your Teen Patti game becomes error-free, you can roll out the Teen Patti experience into the market. Furthermore, you can invest in digital marketing strategies to make the platform more popular among players.

Top 10 Marketing Ideas For A Successful Business Launch

Features of Teen Patti game

Features influence your Teen Patti game development budget. So, it’s better to get a glimpse of the most popular Teen Patti game features.

Features of Teen Patti game

1. On-time updates

The game gets updated automatically whenever a new version emerges from the developers.

2. Attractive and User-Friendly UI

The UI is kept User friendly and attractive for users to enjoy and access all game features. So, Teen Patti game designing consumes a significant part of your budget.

3. Multiplayer mode

The Teen Patti game can have multiplayer modes. Users can play alone or invite their friends to experience the platform collectively.

4. Play with bot

With this feature, players can choose to play the game with computer bots when real players are not available.

5. Cloud game server

Integration of cloud game servers in the Teen Patti platform ensures seamless game upgrades at any point in time.

6. Several variations

You can create several Teen Patti variations to attract users and offer them a unique experience every time. It is one of the most popular features in the Teen Patti world.

Additional Features For Teen Patti Game

Apart from the typical Teen Patti features, there are a few more functionalities to enhance your game. Consider the following Teen Patti features to create a better experience for the players.

Additional Features For Teen Patti Game

1. Chatbot integration

Adding chatbots has become a norm to increase customer experiences. So, you can integrate a chatbot into your Teen Patti game to help players get answers to their questions.

2. Admin dashboard

It’s better to add a comprehensive admin dashboard with all features and controls integrated into a single place for more supervision on the platform.

3. In-app purchase

In-app purchases have become a sure-shot model to increase revenue from games. The latest Teen Patti games have in-app purchases to bind the audiences and get more ROI.

4. Multi-language support

Not all your players know the same game language. It’s better to serve the game in multiple languages to the users. So, multi-language support is a must-have for Teen Patti games.

Technology Stack Used

Developing a flawless Teen Patti game requires assimilating numerous technology stacks for a unique experience.

So, here are the technologies that your developers will leverage in the Teen Patti game.

Technology Stack Used

Factors affecting the cost to develop a Teen Patti game

We have already discussed several technical aspects of the Teen Patti game. Now, it’s time to understand the factors influencing your Teen Patti game development budget.

Factors affecting the cost to develop a Teen Patti game

1. Location of developers

Developers residing in different countries will have various service charges. Some nations’ game developers have higher development costs than others. It’s better to make a wise development location choice before proceeding.

2. Features integrated

More features imply a higher Teen Patti game development cost. So, you can calculate your expenses by analyzing your desired Teen Patti specification.

3. Platforms chosen

You will require spending less if the Teen Patti game targets either Android or iOS. However, developing a cross-platform game will increase your budget.

4. Technology stacks

If your game developers use premium technology stacks, the Teen Patti game will be a robust experience. However, your budget will significantly increase in such a scenario.

5. Game designing

You require allocating some budget to design an elusive Teen Patti game. So, prepare yourself for the game designers as well.

Looking For The Best Teen Patti Game Development Company? 

Moving on, let’s address your mainframe question.

Cost to develop a Teen Patti game

Teen Patti game development is not a challenging job. However, it might be tedious to develop a proper game strategy and plan your budget.

Good news for you! You can simplify the job and manage your finances with an idea of the cost required to develop a Teen Patti game.

Besides, you already know the factors that hike your Teen Patti game development cost. So, you can strategize to minimize your expenses by focusing on game development services.

Generally, a feature-rich Teen Patti game development costs around $15,000 to $20,000.

However, the estimate varies according to the above factors. For instance, you can access Indian game developers to reduce your development costs compared to US developers.

Here’s a brief rate chart for your reference.

Cost to develop a Teen Patti game

How can Auxano Global Services help you?

Auxano Global Services is the leading Teen Patti game development agency. We have worked with numerous investors and developed premium Teen Patti games that rule the industry.

Here are the top features of our company that set us apart.

  • We have proficient developers to work on your project, understand your requirements, and develop better than expected Teen Patti games.
  • Our agency has prolonged experience merging numerous tech stacks and creating robust Teen Patti games for our clientele.
  • We offer support and maintenance services to keep your Teen Patti games flawless and maintain User experience even after product delivery.
  • We let you hire skilled Teen Patti game developers against flexible engagement models to develop premium Teen Patti games according to your convenience.
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Teen Patti game development is all the rage these days. The pandemic brought an impetus to the Teen Patti game’s popularity. As a massive user base has already entered the industry, Teen Patti games will grow more in the future.

Do you want to develop a premium Teen Patti game? Reach out to us to collaborate with the best Teen Patti game development company out there!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is a Teen Patti game?

    Teen Patti is a poker amusement. It involves choosing an amount and collecting from all players. Furthermore, cards are distributed to all players, excluding the ‘joker’. As the game grows, the pot cash increases. Finally, the winner takes the entire cache and withdraws it using secure wallet apps.

  • 2. What are the benefits of developing a Teen Patti game?

    Teen Patti games have a well-built audience. It’s a popular game that won’t register a downfall in the years to come. Also, Teen Patti game development is simple with minimal turnaround times. So, your investment will generate profitable returns in a short span. All these reasons justify developing Teen Patti game from scratch.

  • 3. What are the factors affecting the cost of Teen Patti game development?

    Numerous factors affect the cost of developing Teen Patti games. For example, the location of developers, chosen platforms, required features, desired game design, etc.

  • 4. What is the cost to develop Teen Patti game?

    The cost to develop Teen Patti games falls somewhere between $15,000 to $20,000. Furthermore, you might require spending more funds to incorporate the desired features and design in the Teen Patti game. if you want to know the exact cost of developing the Teen Patti game then Feel free to contact us at admin@auxanoglobalservices.com

  • 5. Which is the Best Teen Patti Game development agency?

    Auxano Global Services is the best Teen Patti game development company. Our experts have years of experience in leveraging tailor-made features and design to build successful Teen Patti games for our clientele.  Also, we are proficient in choosing the best technologies and platforms to develop exciting Teen Patti games at the best price. We combine all such understanding to bring the best for your venture when it comes to Teen Patti game development. Get in touch with us now!

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