The world has moved to digital space and with this people love the experience of virtual betting games. The games are theme-based and allow the consumers to bet on their favorite sport or game with a simple game structure.

This is a profitable business because of its usability, retention rate, attractiveness, and popularity. The betting game has been popular for many years for easy money and entertainment, with the advent of the internet the interest shifted from physical to virtual betting game development.

It is a competitive world where virtual betting game leaders like Betway Sports, Spin Sports, Bovada, and Spin sports exist. Even in this competitive market, you can excel with the correct team of developers. At Auxano Global Services, we have 10 years of experience in game development. Consult the dedicated virtual betting game developers.


Before moving ahead, let’s have a look at the market analytics of virtual betting games. These statistics will help you in understanding the profits and future of the industry.

Factors affecting the cost of Virtual Betting Game Development

Determining the budget template of virtual game development is difficult without complete details of the business needs and client demands. But we have gathered a list of factors that influence the cost of virtual game development.

To make your understanding easier, we have outlined two groups of virtual game development cost-affecting factors. These two groups are dominant factors that affect the final cost of virtual game development.

The first group is the type of developer you choose, and the second is the type of game development you choose for.

Let’s have a look at the Types of Developers.

Types of Developers

Freelance Virtual Game Developers

Virtual game developers who work without any contract on an independent basis are freelancers. Generally, freelancers charge according to an hourly basis. The more the complexity of a task, the more time they will need and will charge accordingly.

Freelancers have their own benefits and downfalls, it depends on your virtual betting game requirements. Charges of freelancers compared to other types of developers is less but there are issues of long-term commitment and maintenance.

In-house virtual game developers

Another option is to hire your virtual game developer if you are willing to invest a lot of money in it. an in-house virtual game developer costs maximum because of a defined salary with or without that much work, insurance, infrastructural charges, etc.

Big firms usually opt for hiring a full-time virtual game developer working under them. But this has its cons as finding the suitable one is a difficult job and also managing several employees is an increased task.

Outsourcing the game developers

Working like Freelancers, these game developers have a different nationality than yours. These developers are hired because of comparatively lower hiring costs to the native country of the client, and more options available.

The prices for outsourcing virtual game developers depend on their geographical location. For example, a developer in the United States will charge nearly double that of a developer based in South Asian countries.

An Agency for Virtual betting game development

Freelancers are at the lowest rates but question long-term commitment, whereas in-house developers are best in commitment but are very expensive to hire. Now, there is a middle way between these both i.e., hiring a virtual betting game development agency.

There are many perks of hiring a Virtual betting game development agency, they have filtered experts, years of experience in the competitive industry, affordable prices, client commitment, and manifested group of services.

Type of Virtual Game development you choose

These factors are the main determinants of the final cost of virtual game development. The final costs are calculated by checking these factors. The list of the determining factors can be decided by the business requirements. So, let’s have a look at these

Type of Virtual Game development you choose

Themes of the game

The theme of a virtual betting game determines the complexity of features and many other parts of the game. Virtual games are ideally theme-based with a particular storyline. Several themes are there and you can create, even come up with some, or even the developer can help in outlining a perfect theme for your virtual game type.

Virtual Game’s Operating System

Choosing from iOS or Android is not just a technical choice but even a market choice and a price-determining factor. The development of these operating systems is quite different from one another, even the launch system demands different price ranges therefore, the final price differs a lot and depends on the operating system choice.

Hybrid app development is also a choice, where both operating systems can be included in the development. The choice depends on your market demands.

Features to be included

Themes that determine a part of features, business requirements, virtual betting game type, and many other things decide the complexity of the features to be included. The functionality of the game is dependent on the features.

The features are usually divided into two groups in a virtual betting game. One is the Admin Panel and the other is the user panel, it is important to determine the features through research and analysis.

Marketing and Advertising

No matter how much a virtual game is entertaining and attractive, it is important to market the game and let the consumers see it. without advertising the users won’t be able to know the functionality of the game.

Marketing and Advertising help your virtual game to reach gamers. However, different types of strategies incur different types of costs. Digital marketing cost is a lot different from traditional marketing costs. It is important to deter marketing strategy.


The maintenance requirements are there in any type of betting virtual game. Although the complexity of features and functionality of the game determines its need for maintenance and industrial competition determines the frequency of updates. Many agencies include maintenance costs on their budget template.

These were the cost-affecting factors of virtual betting game development. Others might be included based on the app requirements. In the coming section, we will have a look at the price of virtual betting game development.

Virtual Betting Game Development Cost

For understanding the cost of virtual game development, let’s first understand the process of virtual betting game development. Comprehending the different stages of virtual game development is important for understanding the price range.

Different stages of Virtual betting game development are: –

Research and development

This stage includes an in-depth understanding of the market and business requirements and helps in determining the softer virtual game development.

Themes and ideas

After research the development shifts to determining the theme stage. With time contributed to research, themes, and ideation can be completed.


This is a pre-development stage to gain a clear idea of the app, the developer conceptualizes the whole design and framework of the virtual betting game.


Designing UI and UX are integral parts of virtual betting game development. The designer through various techniques creates themes of the game.


With codes, and frameworks this stage is carried out after the designer determines what the game should look like. This stage and designing one are usually the longest and incur the maximum cost.

Virtual Betting Game Test

Testing is important after development, the price of this stage is dependent on the flaws of the game and the changes required.

After Delivery

The post-development stage is very crucial to make the virtual game survive in the market. With regular maintenance and update, the virtual betting game can excel in the competition.

These stages influence the time of virtual betting game development. The hours behind a development usually determine the final cost of the game development. Let’s have a look at the per hour charge in different countries.

virtual betting game per hour charge in different countries

  • North America – $60 – $250
  • Australia – $50 – $150
  • India – $10- $80
  • Eastern Europe – $15- $140

These are the estimated rates, by consulting urn experts you can also get a perfect budget template.

Considering the average of every factor we saw above, the stages we noted, and the per hour charge, the final approximate cost of virtual betting game development is $25,000 – $45,000.

virtual betting game development cost

Why choose AGS for Virtual Betting Game Development?

Auxano Global Services is the top virtual betting game development company with more than 10 years of experience in the game development industry. Our experts have proven themselves to excel in their work through satisfied client history.

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Virtual betting game development demand is increasing with the increase in its popularity. due to COVID-19, a rise has been observed in the usage of virtual betting games. With time many businesses are coming up with attractive themes and features.

This is a perfect time to enter into the industry through a proper strategist. With Auxano Global Services you can have extraordinary virtual game development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is virtual betting game development beneficial?

    Betting games are popular among several groups of audiences and their online mode has boosted their usefulness. The virtual betting game development industry has grown immensely due to lockdown. The future of virtual betting games is completely beneficial.

  • 2. Should I invest in Betting game development?

    Investing in betting game development will benefit in many ways because the business is scalable. The Return on Investment is quite leveraged through profits incurred by various groups of consumers.

  • 3. Can one develop a Virtual betting game without a professional?

    Yes, there are many websites available with ready templates and easy designs. One can develop it on their own but with certain limitations of ready-made templates which can’t be edited more than certain restraints.

  • 4. How can I know more about Virtual Betting Game Development?

    Our consultants are there to solve your queries, please feel free to contact us anytime with any question related to virtual betting game development.

  • 5. Which is the best agency for Virtual Betting Game Development?

    Auxano Global Services has proven itself to be the topmost game development agency for 10 years. We have professionals who can develop cutting-edge virtual games with exceptional themes and storylines which attract and engages people.

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