As for 2021, if you step for launching the app for android then you would have 3.48 million competitors, and if in the Apple app store then 2.22 million apps in competition. These figures are expected to increase and increase. You have to surpass the competition and the way is App Store Optimization strategy.

More than anything else the fundamental concern during app launch is to enable people to discover it. App store optimization tools help you with it. ASO plays an important role in a company’s marketing strategy. A well-planned process helps you reach users sooner.

To understand the basics of the App Store Optimization Approach, here’s a step-to-step guide for assisting you in your ASO journey for 2024.


Before understanding the basics of ASO, let’s get its market status clear. This list of key data points, app view rate, and revenues are making you comprehend ASO’s current status and prospects.

ASO - Statistics

1. App store’s view to installing rate is just 33.7%, which is the app store’s average time on page 10 seconds.

2. 60% of the visitors won’t scroll beyond the first impression of the app and more than 50% make their decision based on the first impression only.

3. If you want to increase the install of an app rate by 25%, then add a video.

What is the meaning of App Store Optimization?

What is ASO

The process of improving the app’s visibility when searched on app stores is called app store optimization. This process helps in increasing the conversation rate among the app’s page and users. Also works for two things, one is ranking high in the app store results and increasing click-through rate.

Click through rate i.e., CTR is the rate of viewers who clicked and watched your app’s page. Through ASO you can increase the number of people coming to your website from the search results.

However, there are quite a few similarities between SEO and ASO, the basic objective is the same varying further process and place where it is to be used.

Marketing people in ASO focuses on ranking, impressions, shares, engagement, and downloads. These focus areas are somewhat similar to SEO.

Benefits of App Store Optimization

Benefits of App Store Optimization

When you have invested in creating the best application for your business, you should ensure to get discovered by the target audience. This is when ASO is used, Know the benefits of app store optimization before starting its journey. These are the advantages to your app and revenue from it, when you employ app store optimization.

1. Improved visibility

How would users use your application, until they see that there is one? It means that when someone searches the genre of your app, the app you launched should come in the top results. ASO here helps you through pulling your app into top ranks.

2. More Conversion

Another benefit of employing ASO services is to reach out to the targeted users who have shown some kind of interest before. The ASO team will search prime features to add an application and use the right set of details. Through this, the app becomes more discoverable and hence more conversion rate from a view to a consumer.

3. Saves money in long-term

Organic search results are the most common ways through which apps are discovered and downloaded. Investing in ASO will expose the app to its potential users. By achieving a good position and ranking in the app store, could have acquisition costs in the future.

4. Makes the app more sustainable in the competition

Compared to other forms of marketing, app store optimization is more dependable for generating consistent downloads. Undoubtedly, the ASO is a good long-term strategy to maintain the visibility and stability of an app at no extra investment. The app will remain prominent, relevant, and have downloads for years to come.

5. Increased brand awareness

The objective of app store optimization is to improve the app’s ranking, it also helps with brand awareness. As most searchers will find the new apps simply, easy discoverability will help the people who haven’t even heard of the app get to know about it and even download it.

Must-have elements for App Store Optimization

Must have elements for aso

After understanding what app store optimization is about, let’s get the App store optimization checklist clear and in hand.

1. Understand your consumer

Before launching the app, understand the target group of consumers you made the app for. It is important to know their language, clarifying the reason for which they will download the app, keywords that they use more often.

2. Understand the competition

With consumers, it is equally important to get in hand with the kind of competition you are going to face in the app store. Know exactly the number and type of competitors and also what they are offering.

3. Name the app correct

Just a unique name isn’t going to work, you also have to include relevant keywords in your title. For better results in-app store, include relevant keywords through which your app can be found easily.

4. Ensure to use the maximum possible keywords

With the app store, the approach with keywords also changes. App stores have a 100-character keyword field and exclusively use title and keywords phrases should be included in 100 characters. While Google play comes with an approach very much similar to modern SEO.

5. Write a compelling description

Keywords are for search engines, but the description is for your customers. The description should be a perfect call-to-action, that makes people download the app. The language of the description should be simple and concise. Ensure to include the unique benefits, features and compel the reader to download it.

6. Create an attractive and unique icon

The visual icon is the first impression any user will have about the app. There are endless apps on a single search results page, which ensure that the icon is worthwhile. To get an idea of previously designed icons of top apps, browse the top-rated apps and consider them.

7. Don’t forget about pictures and videos.

Visual representation is very salient for app store optimization’s success. Include the screenshots of the app in your description that can drive the downloads. Images can convey more and can bring the text discretion to life. Screenshots and videos help the viewer to predict how the app experience would be like.

8. It is better to localize the app listing

The app’s information and language should be well inclined with the needs of each audience segment. Brand communication should be in a way that is simply comprehended and accepted by the people. One app that fits all won’t work here.

9. With app store optimization, outside promotion is also important

On-page optimization is just one tool of a mobile marketing kit. Further, the more traffic you will be able to draw at your app page the more the app store will be able to rank it higher. One way to keep the traffic more is to promote the app through various mediums like social media.

10. Update without fail

Mobile customers engage with the app more than updates and modify itself regularly with time. Apps that are frequently updated are seen more often than apps that remain stagnant. App updates highly correspond to better views as each new version should attract more engagement than before.

11. Respect user’s opinions

Positive reviews serve as the highest possible validation of your app’s quality and one of the highest determinants of the ranking in search engines. Apps with a large volume of positive ratings dominate the top charts. Including it, that if not positive the reviews can also help you with what the audience perceives about your app.

Why is App Store Optimization Important?

Why is ASO Important

Thinking about how app store optimization can help you with the app’s success? Here’s the answer, in between many competitors, it is important to get in the eyes of your consumers. Without being in front of their eyes, you will not be able to make the best out of your app ROI.

App store optimization techniques help in making the presence of an app in an app store among many other apps observed and valued. In the year 2024, the competition will be more. Due to COVID-19 people have shifted to their mobile screens and use apps for every little thing.

Even as a small business or a big enterprise, App store optimization can facilitate your app’s brand awareness and increase its engagement. Therefore, app store optimization is important to attract more people to your app and it’s necessary for the app’s success.

Secrets of ASO


Wrapping it up

Trends with technology in 2024 are surely going to turn around. The pandemic has made people shift their daily activities to apps. From ordering food to ordering home essentials, from clothes to footwear everything is on apps now. 2024 will observe an increase in it.

As people have realized the fact that consumers are using apps more than ever, they are planning to launch their apps with fresh ideas in-app store. This immense competition can’t be won without app store optimization.

App store optimization will help you in making the app more successful. This step-to-step guide is here to facilitate your understanding and initialize your app store optimization journey in 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is App Store Optimization?

    Simply, App store optimization is the fine combination of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and CRO (Conversion rate optimization) for the app stores. The objective is to have better results for app listings.

  • 2. What kinds of App optimization tools are there?

    In the market, there are myriad tools available for researching and managing ASO strategies. The most common tools for ASO are App Annie, Senor tower, TUNE, Mobile Action, and search man.

  • 3. Is it better to hire an agency than housing in-app store experts?

    If you want to have all the services at your hand without much investment for infrastructure and per head cost, then the agency is the right choice for you. An agency mostly will also be adept in developing an app, so where people are experts with apps, they can more efficiently work for app store optimization.

  • 4. What is the cost of developing app store optimization?

    Well, it depends a lot on various factors. However, for an average app store optimization, the cost is around $500. It may increase with app store optimization requirements.

  • 5. Are there any possible fallbacks of App store optimization?

    Like any other thing, the app store optimizes its benefits with some fallbacks. But these fallbacks aren’t certain to occur. If the strategy for optimization is planned strategically and efficiently then there is minimal or no room for any fallback.

  • 6. Where can I find the best services for app store optimization?

    Auxano Global Services is here with the best services for you. We work with complete expertise and professionalism for every clearing. The agency here needs to understand your needs and demands, our experts can integrate and understand easily. We deliver what the client demands.

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