The App development industry has pillars deep to its utility. Even the wave of the pandemic wasn’t able to break it down. What does it require to be used? Just a device and network. The app’s business doesn’t ask much from the consumers, rather it caters to their demands for convenience.

However, developing an app for your business is quite a daunting task. The most crucial aspect is to understand what trends to follow and which features will be best for the business. The audience wants functionally-rich and user-friendly apps.

In between the competition, it is important to deliver the best among all. So, what this year is bringing with it for better technology for a more comfortable and better User experience. Here, Auxano Global Services has brought a brief guide for Mobile app development ideas for 2023.


Before getting into New app development Ideas for 2023, let’s have a look at statistics of the market and consumer group you are going to face in the year.

1. There are more than 3.8 million smartphone users

2. 92% of the times while on mobile is spent on apps.

3. More than 92.3% of smartphone users are predicted to use voice assistants by 2023.

4. Due to COVID-19,  home is the epicenter of social and working lives. Adding to it mobile will drive 43% of the at-  home activities.

5. The global mobile workforce is predicted to grow by 1.87 billion in 2022.

Best Ideas To Follow In 2022 For The Type Of Mobile Apps

2022 is going to see the digital revolution, as mobile app ideas and usage rate has changed all around the globe. Due to enthusiastic mobile app ideas, the technological world is observing a great change and COVID-19 has escalated the demand for a digital space. So, here is the list of the types of apps you can consider for Mobile App Development Ideas 2023.

Some examples of apps you can develop in 2022 will even enhance usability due to COVID-19. Live Video Streaming App, Scan and Shop apps, Peer-to-peer self-storage app, Virtual Health app,  Fitness app, Social media apps, EHR application, Food Donation app, Internet-based Community app, emergency alert app, Suicide prevention app, Stress Relaxation app, symptoms tracker app, Telemedicine app, Mental health app, and Health and nutrition app.

These are the app ideas you can follow in 2022. Apps are beneficial for business, but the apps mentioned above are going to have the highest usability and demand because of the Pandemic and related issues.

Now let’s have a look at a broad category of applications, that will streamline a wide array of apps for your understanding. We have segregated the apps into broad 6 categories.

1. Lifestyle Mobile Apps

Lifestyle Mobile apps

By creating Lifestyle mobile apps you’ll contribute to helping in making the user’s life better. For getting started with Lifestyle mobile apps you have to get a complete picture of statistical and analytical data on three levels:-

1. Information about the technical infrastructure

2. Data for the mobile apps in the market

3. Study on the application market of the lifestyle category

There are several ideas in which you can create lifestyle apps.

Mobile apps for Weddings and Dating

1. An app for parenting and guidance

2. Health care, Nutrition or Diet planning mobile apps

3. Navigation app

4. Fitness and Weight management apps

5. Music and video streaming apps

These are just a little sample of ideas according to the current scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic and consumer demands. People have a great inclination towards the digital space for their lifestyle and daily routine.

These apps assist users in their routine activities, people can use them for finding the next song, restaurant, or destination. Users find these apps on their own for fulfilling their necessities.

Popular Lifestyle Mobile apps – Get the Light Out, Yahoo! Weather, Moovit, Outlook, Slice, SwiftKey, and many others.

2. Social Media Apps

Social media apps

Think about the most popular type of mobile apps and you will come up with Social media apps. These apps build social networks that are fun and fast. Continuously integrating and expanding features, these platforms have made the lockdown easier to bear.

People have started sharing more about their lives than ever before. As a result of COVID-19, users have more inclination towards social media for interacting with other people.

Social media will also become the heart of post-pandemic shopping and E-commerce. Before the pandemic, online shopping was an alternative and a flashy opportunity for innovative businesses. but, due to lockdown, online shopping has geared up.

For a better user experience, you can incur new technologies like Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality. These new digital advancements attract users to an extreme level. It soothes the use and experience of applications.

Popular Social Media Mobile appsFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, WhatsApp, and other countless apps helping people to connect.

3. Mobile Entertainment Apps

Mobile Entertainment Apps

Entertainment apps are a wide range of interactive activities that people are using widely. These are free applications, some of them take charge for membership. These applications provide entertainment, live streaming, video calls, music player, video streaming, OTT, and socializing.

The widely used mobile entertainment apps are:-

1. Music – Apps for music provide online songs, players, and space for streaming playlists, and music artists. For some added features apps like Spotify and Gaana charge based on the tenure of subscription.

2. Videos/ Movies – the audience has observed a little shift from cinema to mobile entertainment like Video Streaming and OTT platforms. These provide on-demand shows by charging some money.

3. Books and Literature – Readers have away with this entertainment mobile category. They can search and read a wide array of books. Also, people might want to listen to it even if they are not into reading. Audiobooks come as a solution for the non-readers, they can easily listen to the audio of books and know about it effortlessly.

Popular entertainment appsNetflix, Ted, Dubmash, Audible, Pandora Music, Hotstar, and Many others

4. Games Mobile Apps

The gaming category is huge and competitive. Gaming apps are the most popular among developers, as they bring the users back multiple times in a defined period without much effort. The most successful game apps have a higher frequency and more length with a diversity of options in them. Graphics increase the user Experience and hence have better retention.

Let’s have a look at the trending mobile game genres:-

1. Hyper-Casual Games – these games focus on a single core mechanic. Generally simple to play and doesn’t require any specific skills, so it looks ahead at a great amount of popularity and continuous growth in 2023.

2. Shooter Games – the central attention is on speed and reaction, enhancing the user experience through comprehensive characters and scenes. Social features dominate in these games and these features increase player retention.

3. Role-Playing Games – Players assume a role of a specific character and it incorporates social features, exciting quests, and fantasy characters. RPGs increase the UI through Team Battle and multiplayer possibilities.

After COVID-19, people have increased the use of mobile apps, but some mobile apps have ruled over the fanbase. One Of these apps is gaming and entertainment applications.

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With gaming apps, entertainment apps have witnessed a complete revolution during the pandemic. It has resulted in massive growth in consumer demand for OTT platforms and on-demand entertainment rather than cinema’s entertainment platforms.

This period presents to you a challenging but valuable opportunity to expand streaming services to several consumer bases. You can take advantage of this situation and start streaming services through the implementation of a holistic approach growth marketing strategy.

One of the recent digital advancements for entertainment apps is group sessions. These group sessions allow the users to interact and watch the same program parallelly with their friends or family. This is just the digital version of sitting together and watching shows and movies.

Popular Gaming appsCandyCrush Saga, Roblox, Garena Free Fire, Pokemon Go, PubG Mobile, etc.

5. Productivity Mobile Apps 

Productivity Mobile Apps

This one is the most popular type of mobile app. It helps the users to accomplish a task quickly and efficiently. Through this, you can help your user accomplish a task more easily and in a streamlined way compared to your competitors in the market.

Productivity apps have great potential in upcoming years, as people look at their mobile screens for every possible regular task. Making their screen time an efficient and rewarding period can take your business to a next level.

With the help of digital advancements, you can cater to modern user demands. Pandemic has contributed to the leverage of productivity apps. Famous examples of productivity apps are produced mostly by google and apple:-

    1. 1. Docs
      2. Sheets
      3. Wallet/ Pay

Popular Productivity AppsTo-Do list, Calendar app, Project management app, Note-taking app, Writing app, Habit tracker, Active Time tracker, and several others to boost up productivity and efficiency.

6. News/ Information Outlets Mobile Apps 

News Information Outlets Mobile apps

These types of apps are straightforward, they supply their users with the news and information. With an easy-to-understand layout and streamlined navigation, users can have a lot of things they want to know about quite easily.

During the lockdown, physical newspapers ceased to be delivered and many people were dependent on news through digital platforms. This time boosted up the use of news mobile apps. It is a good time to invest in news mobile apps.

For your reference, here are some news and information mobile app giants

1. Buzzfeed
2. SmartNews
3. Google News and Weather
4. Feedly
5. Flipboard
6. Yahoo News Digest
7. Reddit

Most Popular News and Outlet appsApple news, the Week, Google News, Flipboard, Smart news, Ground News, Alt news, etc.

These were the categories for a buffet of ideas for the year 2023. There are many mobile app project ideas, and due to COVID-19, the requirement for mobile apps has increased to a great level. Mobile apps are now a necessity not just some luxury people can use in their free time.

Trends To Follow For App Development

Trends to follow for app development


Developing an app starts with considering technologies and features to utilize for it. consumers demand the latest advancements in the app they use. To excel in the market and pull the audience towards your app, follow these trends for developing an app in 2023.

1. Progressive Web Apps

These are a mix of web pages and applications. They are web pages that have the functions of a mobile application. They are easier and faster to develop. Not just for the initial phase but these types of apps can be easily updated.

Abbreviated as PWZ, is simply a website that looks and behaves just as a mobile app. The objective to build is to benefit from native mobile device features and the end-user doesn’t need to go to the app store for the app. Instead, it can be located with a search engine query and the user can directly access it through a browser.

PWA content is downloaded progressively, which gives a better User Experience, it also eliminates the need for business owners to develop multiple native apps separately for different OS.

2. Wearables

Global Pandemic helped the activity and health trackers companies like smartwatches to have the forefront of app development. The wearables can monitor physiological data in real-time. Therefore, app ideas that work seamlessly on mobile, desktop, and wearable have a stronger trend in the year 2023 and upcoming many years.

It’s a technology that consumers wear on their body parts or clothing, connected to the internet. It works by exchanging data from the wearable apps to the device for performing tasks and monitoring bodily functions.

From GPS shoes to wristbands, there are medical wearables too to detect and monitor heart rates, blood pressure, sleep cycles, and much more.

3. AI and ML

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence reduce errors on tasks and repetitive processes. Both AI and ML help companies to customize their services and app features. Therefore, realizing the importance more and more applications are unitizing the AI and ML functions. 2023 is a good year to get started with yours.

AI and ML benefit companies with an efficient workforce, Natural Language Processing, Better Cybersecurity, Hyper Automation, enhancing creativity, Scalable growth, and better control.

The AI and ML can also facilitate no code and low code development. Also, helping with Metaverse, which is a virtual world like the internet where users can work and play together and have an immersive experience.

4. Blockchain

This helps in securing data, be it transactions or records. The global pandemics led many organizations to use blockchain for tracking, data-sharing, and record-keeping. Your app ideas should leverage the benefits of blockchain.

It is a technology that is decentralized, and distributed ledger recording the provenance of digital assets. It remains unalterable and transparent through the use of decentralization and cryptography.

The simplest example is a google doc, which creates a decentralized distribution chain that gives everyone access to the document at the same time and the owner can decide the level of allowance. All modifications, if allowed, are recorded and done in real-time.

5. Foldable Devices Apps

Phones using flap mechanisms and related utility is one of the popular mobile app development trends. With more digital advancements, smartphones came up with new features having touchscreens and variations.

These have a fold-in display that segregates two portions of the display. Two possibilities for foldable are Flat and Half-Opened. For the flat one, the surface can be opened entirely flat, giving experience as a single screen.

Half-opened has two logical areas and can have more. It can have two positions depending on the orientation of the fold. One can be tabletop mode with horizontal fold and the other is book mode with vertical mode.

By 2023, the developers and creators have to comply with smartphones’ display of touch screen displays. The year is going to witness the trend of foldable devices and their utility.

6. 5G Technology

5G technology adds to a better customer experience. As a part of this trend, the speed and efficiency of the device are predicted to increase to a great extent. Mobile app development is heading towards modern advancements by boosting traffic capacity.

The basic idea of 5g is having a single network that is flexible in handling a variety of different users. It will lead to a growing division of network connectivity and services. For 5G Mobile network operators need to build a dense network with a massive amount of network nodes.

The future 5G applications are Driverless vehicles, Cloud Computing, and Wireless medical/ healthcare services.

7. Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR have proved excellence in the gaming segment of mobile apps. It works from motion tracking, environmental understanding, and light estimation. Industries like healthcare, retail marketing, education, and tourism are using AR-based apps for enhancing the User Experience.

It helps in superimposing images in the real world or brings users into an artificial digital experience. You can witness this technology in the Snapchat lens, gaming headsets, and many more coming up.

It can provide data in real-time with engaging users, and stimulating real-life experiences by providing extreme details and information. Thus, it has a great potential to work for governments and transform their services and citizen interactions.

These are the trends in mobile application development for 2023. These basic trends will help in your thinking and planning for the upcoming mobile app for your business. Following these trends will attract more consumers and better app utility.

Agency For Your App Aevelopment In 2023

After getting to know the ideas and trends to follow in 2023, you might be wondering where this can all be utilized. Well, you can have a look at the top bespoke app development company for developing cutting-edge technology and exquisite apps in the year 2023.

Professionals at Auxano Global Services work with a key insight into new trends of digital advancements and technological development. We provide complete service starting from research to maintenance.

A glance at the service provided by us for app development:-

1. Consultation for client understanding
2. Market research and consumer analyses
3. App development with backend and frontend development
4. App Design suitable to the business requirements
5. Sample app testing
6. Marketing
7. App launch
8. Maintenance and support services

We work with experts that are experienced in their field and stay updated with contemporary user demands and trends of technology. We have a brief record of working with distinctive clients and delivering the best of the services.

 Final Note

App development is not everyone’s cup of tea. People fail miserably if they underestimate the power of the market and consumers. Consumers won’t set themselves up as the app you deliver, you have to shape an app that complies with the demands.

To cater to these demands, you can’t have superficial ideas and knowledge. Reality-based ideas help you in delivering the best of the app in the market. Especially after COVID-19, the app development industry is immensely profitable if you know which ship to sail into.

Auxano Global Services is the top bespoke on-demand app development company that has been in this industry for a brief period. Our professionals have fine dexterity in developing apps that excel in the market and make the business tend out in the crowd of competitors. We believe in developing customized, business requirements fulfilling, and customer-oriented apps.

If you want to develop an app in 2023 that excels and leverages success in the upcoming year, then contact us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What Is App Development?

    It is the process of creating a computer program or a set of programs for performing different tasks for fulfilling business requirements.

  • 2. What Are The Types Of App Development?

    There are three types of app development. One is front-end development, the second is back-end development and the third is cross-platform app development.

  • 3. Who To Hire For App Development?

    You can have three options while looking for professionals to develop an app with. You can have an in-house team, but if you want to save a huge amount of investment then you can go with freelancing or hiring an agency.

  • 4. What Skills To Look For In An App Developer?

    Analytical skills, communication skills, Creativity, Problem-solving, and programming languages are the basic skills every app developer should have.

  • 5. How Can I Know More?

    For knowing more please feel free to consult our experts, they have fine integrity skills and will ensure good communication and output of your reach out.

  • 6. Which Is The Best Agency For App Development?

    Here, we are the best agency for app development. Our professionals and experts have proven Auxano Global Services as one of the top app development agencies. The experts here can help you in following the latest trends coming up in 2023 and cater to the user demands in the best way possible.

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