Are you aware of the brand-new competitor in the e-learning industry? Yeah, it’s about WhiteHat Jr.! No one can turn away from the massive popularity the platform earned in almost no time. Nowadays, WhiteHat Jr. has become a fierce competitor to already-established players in the marketplace. Are you wondering what drove immense success for WhiteHat Jr.? Well, it’s the platform’s unique approach to transform kids into coding geeks with an enjoyable and one-to-one learning model.

Analyzing WhiteHat Jr.’s tremendous growth, you might be intrigued to develop a similar app that drives high profitability. But before even laying the developmental foundation, you would require planning an appropriate budget for your project. Sounds intimidating? Don’t worry! Auxano Global Services gets you covered with an ultimate guide to estimate the cost to develop a coding learning mobile app like WhiteHat Jr. Let’s get started!

Top Features of WhiteHat Jr Mobile App

WhiteHat Jr is an Edu-tech platform that helps children aged 06-14 years to learn coding with an interactive one-on-one online experience, founded in 2018 by Karan Bajaj. Now, acquired by one of the top Edutech platform BYJU’s.

Top Features of WhiteHat Jr Mobile App

Factors Driving the Cost to Build a Mobile App Like WhiteHat Jr.

Much like any other mobile app, the cost to design a product like WhiteHat Jr. depends on multiple factors. So, before jumping into discussing the price ranges, let’s walk through the crucial aspects that build your e-learning app development bill.

Factors Driving the Cost to Build a Mobile App Like WhiteHat Jr.

1. Business Model

You might be wondering how revenue-generating business models affect your bills? We would resolve your concern, don’t worry.

Apps like WhiteHat Jr. have four business models – paid certificates, paid courses, subscriptions, and affiliate models. Depending on your choice, the app developer will integrate different architectures to offer hassle-free learning to your target audiences. Also, the business model decides the developer-level alteration frequency in your website, affecting your budget further.

2. UI/UX

UI/UX can make or break your e-learning business in the blink of an eye. For instance, if your app serves children, you might be required to design an engaging and interactive learning platform. Based on your target audience, your developer will brainstorm a complementary interface and invest time accordingly.

Designing a kids-oriented app will require more responsive features and captivating designs. On the other hand, the one for teenagers and adults will take somewhat less time. Consequently, your budget will fluctuate and reach the highest value when designing a UI for children.

3. Gamification

A learning app becomes a user favourite when it associates some perks at crossing each level. Such features offer a sense of achievement to your users and encourage them to interact with your platform further. How much gamification should you leverage? Well, that depends on your business model and custom choices.

If your app entails minimal gamification entities, your developer will charge you less. In contrast, if your platform remains full of responsive aspects, you will pay a heavier bill to your developer.

4. Features

The more the features, the higher the budget! Remember the golden rule when planning to develop an e-learning mobile app. Sticking with a handful of basic features will keep your bill at the lowest point. However, with each additional feature, your sum will keep increasing indefinitely. Besides, your expenses will further hike according to the extent of personalization that you expect from developers.

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5. Tech Stacks

The technology used to develop your crucial apps influence your budget dramatically. Frameworks leveraged to devise the platform’s front end, backend, and cloud integration remain the primary contributors to affecting your bill. Moreover, the payment gateway integrated into your coding-learning app will reflect your expenses. Similarly, many other stacks working behind your product decide your final payable amount.

6. Outsourcing vs. In-House Developers

The choice of an in-house team for your project or outsourcing the task to a vendor will affect your costs. If you wish to avail of the most minimal price rates, it’s preferable to outsource the e-learning app development task to a credible third-party team.

7. Developer Location

The region where your developer resides will alter your budget. Outsourcing your coding platform development project to developers living in an inexpensive zone will favour your bill. However, if you wish to onboard a team belonging to an expensive region, it will increase your budget.

8. Maintenance

After development, maintenance plays a pivotal role in pushing your budgets. A team offering lower maintenance charges will fall budget-friendly whereas an expensive firm will drain your pockets.

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How Much Does It Cost To develop E-Learning Mobile Apps like WhiteHat Jr.?

So, you are already familiar with what factors drive your e-learning app development bill. Now, it’s time to unveil the real expenses. Roughly, you can expect an amount within $40,000-$80,000 for MVP. However, if you wish to create a mildly complex experience, you will get an approximated bill within $75,000 – $1,50,000.

It’s the era of mobile apps like WhiteHat Jr.! With a complete understanding of the app development cost, you are all set to build a custom coding learning app for yourself. Keep a wise balance between functionality and budget-friendliness, and the final product will leave no stones unturned in satisfying you and your audiences simultaneously.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Whitehat Jr and why is it used?

    Whitehat Jr is an Edu-tech startup delicately working for kids. It’s an online 1:1 coding learning platform for kids. The best part of this mobile app is the easy-to-use user interface. This platform is designed to empower children (6-14 age) and make them tech-ninjas.

  • 2. What are the top features of the Whitehat Jr app?

    The top features of the Whitehat Jr app are classified coding courses for different children, interactive one-one online experience, gamification to make coding easy, easy-to-use user interface, provides niche-based courses, progress tracking, level badges, and fast navigation with accurate filters.

  • 3. What could be the best business model for code learning apps?

    Apps like WhiteHat Jr. have four business models – paid certificates, paid courses, subscriptions, and affiliate models. Depending on your choice, the app developer will integrate different architectures to offer hassle-free learning to your target audiences.

  • 4. What are the key factors for coding learning app development cost?

    The Whitehat Jr like app development cost depends on various factors such as business models, tech stacks, gamification, features, UI/UX, developers location, and app maintenance.

  • 5. How much does it cost to develop a code learning app like Whitehat Jr?

    Roughly, you can expect an amount within $40,000-$80,000 for MVP to create a code learning app like Whitehat Jr. However, if you wish to create a mildly complex experience, you will get an approximated bill within $75,000 – $1,50,000.

  • 6. Which is the best e-learning mobile app development company?

    Auxano Global Services is a leading e-learning app development company USA having vast experience in online code learning app development. We have developed similar platforms, therefore, our dedicated developers have expertise in the latest technology and next-gen features to create futuristic code learning apps for all ages. Contact Us Now.

  • 7. Where can I go for more information about Whitehat Jr like app development?

    To know more about our Whitehat Jr like app development services and to hire dedicated offshore app developers, contact us at or can call us at +1.209.736.5046

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