We all love to shop, regardless of the time and zone barrier. However, the busy life schedule we all go through daily has led us to get lesser time to shop.

The inclusion of digitization within the businesses has made eCommerce platforms to come into existence. This helps in shopping from daily groceries to clothes, with just a touch on our smartphone.

Today smart shopping via e-commerce online app portals has brought convenience and comfort at peak. Letting users spend their leisure time spending with their loved ones, rather spending on the chaos in markets, or queues at the billing centers. This sum up the benefits users receive from the eCommerce mobile app. On the other, to run a successful business, with an eCommerce app, there are few aspects to be considered.

Indeed the festive season is the harbinger not just for the buyers but for the eCommerce platforms as well. The never-ending traffic and purchases made on these portals pave a way for other businesses to consider e-commerce app development.

But not every E-commerce app, receives the same traffic, and some are even neglected by the users.

But why does it happen?

It happens largely due to that special essence that cannot be tested within the e-commerce mobile apps, leading the users to look for the competitors’ apps.

Although, if there can be the integration of the right technology and the strategies within the e-commerce mobile apps, then these apps, can regain their lost glory in no time, and can experience the glut of revenue generation.

Your users are passionate about experiencing something different and unique, and if they find your app boring, they never look back, on the other hand, there are some apps on which users prefer to stay hooked and cannot resist using time and again.

With this post, let’s try to find out that what are the latest ingredients which can make your e-commerce app development captivating and wanted by the users, and let’s get the answer for How to build an e-commerce app?

Essential features in the eCommerce app

👉 Simpler Registration Process

The app registration process needs to be as simple as possible. Keep minimal steps, and ensure that users can log in through their social media as well.

👉 Support Multiple Payment Options

Your app must offer a flexible payment model to the users. It must not be only with COD but imply other options such as Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal option.

👉 Push Notification

Include push-notifications to let the users know about new offers/discounts or any new arrival. This engages users more and helps you in increasing revenue.

👉 Social Media Integration

Capture your users’ attention on the wider grounds. Let the users integrate the app with their social media handles in no time.

👉 Review & Rating

Don’t be scared of any sort of criticism. Let your users post their reviews and ratings. This will help in creating a loyal user base for your app, and also you can improve your services, based on reviews.

👉 Easy Checkout

Ensure that the checkout process is simple and does not require many steps. Help users to save their card details faster and proceed with them towards the payment portal. Your virtual billing system must not create a ruckus, and force users to abandon the purchase.

👉 Include the latest technologies

Include Voice Search to elevate the comfort of users. This lets the users avail of the services of e-commerce by just using the voice. Also use AR to help users visualize, and get the idea that how their product will look at their office or home before buying it. This improves their buying behavior.

These are some of the essential features to be included in the e-commerce mobile app development, but when you finally launch an eCommerce app, you realize that the app is getting the buyers on its page, but very few of them are picking the purchase.


It happens largely due to some of the factors which are missing from your app portal, and your app cannot sustain the pressure of the users’ buying decision for long.

There are a few essentials, if you would include in your app, can enhance the potential of the app immensely.


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Bonus Tips

📝 The image for your said products or services, hold the significance to capture the users’ attention. Hence you need to be extra cautious and careful in picking the set of images.

📝 Make sure image quality and resolution is high and does not get pixeled on being zoomed.

📝 Keep the background white, so the image can reflect its features.

📝 Try to use the images, which show your product in use.

📝 Keep the description as clear as possible.

📝 Include pictures from different angles to show around the product.

📝 Add relevant keywords in the content to help it get searched.

📝 Mention the technical specifications

📝 Add the social proof of purchases by showing the snippets of reviews and overall ratings.

Your e-commerce app can only be optimized fully when you decide to integrate the above-mentioned factors into the core business of the mobile app. To achieve this seamlessly get your app developed and designed from a top mobile app development company.

Aspects to be considered

Your app is a waste if it does not attract the targeted audience and fails to grab the attention of potential user base in the market, which is waiting to avail your services through the mobile app platform but your mobile app fails to craft an impression on the users.

Believe me no matter how much you invested? What was the app concept? What all features and the functionalities are there in your app, or what exactly your app plans to showcase to your targeted audience, but if your app is unable to withdraw users’ attention then it directly hits the panic button which ends up in getting the app uninstalls from the users.

So before taking a plunge into the eCommerce app development, just take care of these aspects:

⚜️ Understand your buyers, and conduct market analysis. You should know what is troubling your audience, and what better you can offer.

⚜️ Study your competitors, as no other can bring you the best information than your competitors. You should learn from them, that what is working for them, and what is not. Help your portal to grab the best details from them.


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⚜️ Choose the right technology, as the budget of development, can grow massive. So you must know the inventory and select the CMS, database, framework, and other technical details to get a seamless solution.

⚜️ UI/UX of the eCommerce app must be given the utmost importance. App navigation should be smooth and comforting. You need not design an app as per your taste, but the app must reflect your users’ expectations.

Now the very troubling must be revolving your mind constantly is that what does it cost to make an eCommerce app???


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The e-commerce mobile app development cost in India can vary from $50,000 to $120,000. And it all depends on the features, functionalities, technology, third-party APIs, payment gateway and the outsourcing company.

How Ecommerce app development help to grow business?

So pick up the efficient app development company, finalize the right set of functionalities & features and help a sustainable eCommerce app to come into existence.

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