Magento online stores are excellent and profitable. Since the platform’s inception, everyone seems to sing praises of Magento.

Can you fetch all the values from the Magento storefront as expected?


Something’s wrong with your store!

Despite selling valuable and unique products, your store isn’t getting popular. That’s the case of an unoptimized online business.

Or, more precisely, you need to optimize your Magento store as soon as possible to unlock higher worth for your venture. Can we optimize a Magento store?

Hell yes!

Magento SEO is a buzzword in the eCommerce world. Leading Magento-driven businesses are breaking the ice by optimizing their stores through search engine best practices.

You might be thinking that Magento SEO is a crux. No, it isn’t! Magento SEO is not a special theory of relativity, and you can master it in minutes!

Auxano Global Services brings the ultimate Magento SEO guide to identify your store flaws and unlock massive conversions.

But, here’s a bumper!

Before diving into the advanced layers of Magento SEO, let’s spare some time digging into numbers for some more inspiration. Have a look!

  • Magento drives around 1.2% of websites on the Internet. That’s an immense competition!
  • Organic search brings around 53.3% of website traffic.
  • Only 0.78% of Google users click on website links of the second Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Woah! Impressive, right? Now, let’s learn everything about Magento SEO and tweak your storefront accordingly.

Magento SEO – What is It?

Magento SEO - What is It?

The new term, Magento SEO, is not rocket science. It’s simple and practical and unlocks a myriad of advantages for eCommerce owners.

But, what on earth is Magento SEO?

Essentially, Magento SEO refers to a bunch of techniques to optimize an eCommerce store to enhance its visibility on search engines, award higher ranks to it, and drive massive organic traffic towards your business.

All in all, Magento SEO implies extensive conversions, brand awareness, profitability, and whatnot. You need to identify the crinkled aspects in your store and streamline them according to SEO best practices. That’s it!

So, without wasting any second, let’s jump into understanding more about Magento SEO in the guide below.

What are the Irresistible Benefits of Magento SEO?

Still, scrolling to find the best benefits of Magento SEO? Don’t worry anymore! Here are some of the most irresistible advantages of Magento SEO, making everyone go gaga behind.

Let’s learn the Magento SEO perks before mastering the techniques!

What are the Irresistible Benefits of Magento SEO?

1. Better Rank on Search Engines

Your users have no intentions (and time) to make it into even the second SERPs when searching for an offering like your products.

They will likely hover on the first page, find the best eCommerce store according to them, convert, and never return. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Sadly, it is what it is.

However, there’s a trick. You can leverage Magento SEO techniques in your store to improve its ranking on search engines.

Eventually, you will make it into the first SERP and attract all the traffic that converts.

2. Build Immense Brand Credibility

The top search results on Google or any other search engine are reliable. Don’t you think so?

Well, most of your customers think similarly. They prefer engaging with the results on the first page thinking them to be highly credible.

Through Magento SEO, your store will push it through the first Search Engine Results Page. Consequently, it will attach the credibility tag to your business, compelling more audiences to convert dramatically.

3. Organic Leads at Your Doorstep

Are you craving to get organic leads for your online business?

Magento SEO is here to satiate your appetite if that’s the case.

Magento SEO efforts align your site according to search engine algorithms. So, you can claim all the organic traffic yours over time. This traffic comprises high-quality leads that are willing to convert with your business.

4. Compatible with Marketing Campaigns

A unique aspect of Magento SEO is that it stays compatible with all your marketing campaigns.

Adding to your delight, marketing strategies give a boost to your Magento SEO efforts. Isn’t that interesting?

So, you can fetch all the internal and external traffic for your business, and access leads who wish to move down through your sales funnel.

Besides the above points, more benefits make eCommerce owners crazy and hungry for conversions.

Now, should you invest in Magento SEO? Let’s figure out the best answers to your legitimate question!

Should You Invest in Magento SEO?

The straightforward answer to your query is YES.

No other investment will be as profitable to your business as Magento SEO. Don’t believe us? Check out the reasons below to concrete your thoughts.

Should You Invest in Magento SEO?

1. More Conversions are Achievable

Higher ranks and enhanced brand visibility present your business before a massive user base.

What’s the impact? It brings better than expected conversion to your business and hikes the profitability meter dramatically.

That’s all you wanted to achieve, after all.

2. A Cost-Effective Technique

Ever happened that your team went crazy behind immense advertising expenses?

Indeed, other methods are expensive and can be a massive hole in your pockets. Does that mean you can never join the top competitors?

Hell no!

There’s an affordable and convenient method for you – Magento SEO. Interestingly, this cost-effective technique can bring even better results than paid methods.

3. Results for the Longest Term

Unlike other limited period techniques, Magento SEO results stay there for the longest period.

In a way, Magento SEO is a one-time investment, producing the sweetest outcomes in the long haul. So, it can be a non-depreciating asset with values increasing throughout.

4. Enhanced CX to Retain the Customers

Getting conversions is not a big deal. However, retaining the customers with your business for a long time can be the hardest nut.

Luckily, Magento SEO allows streamlining your storefront and embedding factors that the customers love. So, they are likely to remain loyal to your brand and bring more conversions in the future.

Are you convinced of investing in Magento SEO? Cheers if it’s a yes! Now, let’s not wait for a second and jump into learning the sure-shot techniques right below.

Killer Strategies to Master Magento SEO

Yes, Magento SEO makes your brand more visible, brings more conversions, and does everything.

But, the question of the hour is “how to SEO your Magento store?”

That’s easy! All you need is to leverage a handful of Magento SEO hacks in your store and you’re good to go.

Let’s understand the measures that can make your Magento store SEO-aligned.

Killer Strategies to Master Magento SEO

1. Audit Your Website Before the Go!

The knowledge of what’s wrong with your website is a must before you can fix it.

So, perform responsible audits to identify the deviations in your Magento store. You can pick a few aspects like meta tag optimization, sitemap submission, and so on.

Before diving into anything advanced, you need to streamline these aspects and make your store up-to-the-mark.

All these aspects will help search engine crawlers penetrate your website and understand the value it brings to the customers. So, keep a list of such unattended issues in hand.

You need to solve these concerns before diving into the advanced aspects of your Magento store. And that’s it! You’re already halfway through it.

2. Find Your Keywords

Keywords are the essence of any SEO drive, even for a Magento store.

So, begin your journey by understanding the best keywords for your campaign. You can embed them in your page titles, description, product headings, and content.

You can leverage several robust and free tools available out there to extract high-target keywords in your niche and throw them into your store for the search engines to understand the intent behind your business.

Remember that short keywords are not the only drill. You need to find some long-tail keywords as they can help you rank the Magento store in voice searches.

3. No Escape from Competitor Analysis

Let’s admit that the competitor websites are your store benchmarks.

You need to create a more meaningful Magento store for the customers to leave them and join your clientele.

How will you craft a better experience without understanding what they are doing? Sounds impossible, right?

So, competitor analysis is the need of the hour. You need to spend considerable time understanding the best efforts of your competitors in terms of SEO.

Once you have the data, your roadmap becomes obvious. You can plan an even better strategy giving your store the advantage it was craving for eternity.

4. Categorize and Optimize Your Products

Navigability is the key to an outstanding Magento store.

And there’s no better navigability asset in your online shop than categorized products. These are not only better for user experience but also help crawlers get a better picture of your business.

Besides categorization, here’s how you can take the product pages to the next level.

  • You need to curate crisp titles that describe the products and boast keywords.
  • Write a compelling product copy to connect with the audience.
  • Use optimized images and videos for your products.
  • Add image captions to each page as the search engine will index them.
  • Optimize the meta title and description of each product page for added impacts.

Besides, you need to embed additional pictures of your products for the customers to get a 360-degree view. However, using low-quality pictures will break the game. So, never step back from implementing premium and high-definition media in your Magento website.

5. Use Bulleted Points

Believe it or not, your customers are in a hurry.

Do you think they will spend time reading paragraphed product descriptions? No!

They will simply scan through your pages and consume whatever comes into sight. So, they risk missing out on essential features of products.

What can you do now? Leverage bullets to strike out the features and advantages of your products from the remaining description.

Trust us, it will boost your sales dramatically.

6. Sell Advantages and Not Features

Those who sell features become laggards.

That’s the universal law!

What should you do instead? You can sell the advantages to edge over the competitors.

Customers seek products that solve their problems. So, write a product copy that helps them understand how your products solve their concerns.

All you need is to promote advantages over features. You can even use bullet points for the visitors to get a quick glimpse of the benefits of your product pages.

Also, try to arrange the advantages in decreasing order of importance. Such an arrangement will help the customers extract your Unique Selling Point (USP), compelling them to move down through your sales funnel.

7. Optimize Page URLs

A complex URL is difficult to rank on search engines.

So, you need to edit the permalinks and declutter excess terms to create shorter descriptions for your pages. Here’s how you can do so.

  • Use ‘-’ to separate words and create a legible URL.
  • Avoid using ‘and,’ ‘a,’ and ‘the’ in URL as they consume excess space.
  • Use at least one keyword in the URL.

These efforts will make the perfect URLs for your pages. Now, crawlers can get the best picture of your website and rank it higher on SERPs.

8. Optimize Website Speed

No one likes an eCommerce website that takes too much time to load.

So, you need to check if the website performs satisfactorily regarding speed. Buckle up if it doesn’t.

You need to identify the heavyweight aspects in your Magento store. These elements like HD graphics and underlying code errors will delay your website from loading.

You can approach a leading Magento SEO company like Auxano Global Services to improve the website speed for a better user experience.

9. Measure Your Store’s Mobile Friendliness

You need to cater to your mobile-based customers. There’s no escape to it!

So, understand the degree of mobile-friendliness that your store possesses. Is it accessible from a mobile device? Can the users read the website text? What about navigability?

You need to ask these questions to decide the mobile-friendliness of your Magento shop.

One deviation and you will require external assistance to remodel the website for a high mobile-friendliness. You can check this via Google Mobile Friendliness Test.

Need Experts to Help You in Magento Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

The experts are here!

Auxano Global Services is the best Magento SEO company with years of presence in the industry.

What makes us stand out from other companies? Here are the reasons!

  • We have years of experience in curating high-performing Magento stores for our customers.
  • Our experts have an in-depth understanding of what works in the Magento SEO industry.
  • We have a diverse portfolio of helping Magento store owners belonging to various industries.
  • Our team remains up-to-date with the latest changes in the industry and leverages them on your website for additional benefits.

Magento SEO is not difficult, provided you can leverage the techniques correctly. However, the technicalities might overwhelm you when it comes to implementing them.

Do you want us to assist you in leveraging Magento SEO techniques in your store? Contact us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Magento SEO?

    Magento SEO refers to a bunch of techniques to make a store more visible to customers and rank higher on search engines. It brings higher profits and conversions to the business owners.

  • 2. Why is Magento SEO so essential?

    Magento websites are abundant on the Internet. So, competition to rank on the first SERP increases. However, stores leveraging Magento SEO can edge out the competitors, get more website traffic, and generate higher sales. All these consequences make Magento SEO essential for eCommerce business owners.

  • 3. What are the top Magento SEO techniques?

    All Magento SEO techniques are essential. However, auditing the website and conducting a competitor analysis are necessary as they are the building blocks of the entire strategy.

  • 4. Why invest in Magento SEO?

    All your competitor websites, not necessarily Magento-driven, invest in SEO best practices to stay at the top. So, it becomes necessary for you to invest in Magento SEO and sustain your business. Besides, it brings massive conversions to your doorstep which you cannot overlook.

  • 5. Which is the best Magento SEO company?

    Auxano Global Services is the best Magento SEO company. We have proficient SEO experts who have brought immense value to the eCommerce sellers over the years. Besides, we have an extensive understanding of what works in the SEO industry and craft compelling strategies for your online business. Contact us now.

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